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Got7 is my most favourite band ever. They are so talented, cute and ugh... I can't find he words to describe them. They are... Perfect!

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22Leo VixxV1 Comment

They are so amazing and popular it think it shouild go on top and they work hard to get success and to go on top of kpop male gruops

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24Lee Jung Hyun

She is an amazing singer, her voice is great and she has talent.
I love her new single: V

25Jang Geun Suk

He is the most passionate singer I've ever heard. He is a gem of an actor with a beautiful, angelic face and amazing dancing abilty... The one actor who can bring tears in anyone's eyes... Totally daebak!


She is known as 'Have a Drink', 'For a Year', etc. And, She also have pathetic and ringing voice.


I love sistar. !

28Miss AMiss A, stylized as miss A, is a South Korean-Chinese girl group based in South Korea formed by JYP Entertainment in 2010. Their group name stands for Miss Asia and the highest rank, A.The group consists of three members: Fei, Min, and Suzy.

Kim hyung joong is the leader! Best band their is. Their love as a group shows off in their songs and their awesomeness and cuteness in their dancing. Its radicall! Once in a lifetime! ^. ^

34Lee Hong-gi

From FT ISLAND! He's the best! Has a powerful voice. Super cute and funny


I think they are the cutest band. They are the leading band having more international fans. They sing really awesome. So please vote for BOYFRIEND.


Hyolyn (of Sistar) is very talented. Look up her version of Let it Go and tell me she doesn't have a unique and beautiful voice.

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39Fanny Fink
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