Best Learnable Skills In Breath of Fire 3

This is a pretty cool RPG where your characters can learn skills from masters as well as enemies.

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Does insane damage to one enemy, plus a property of holy makes it ideal for devil enemies. Learned from the master Ladon after 9 levels. - NuMetalManiak


Another physical attack that deals a very powerful blow to an enemy. It also has 100% accuracy, so it's good for a character like Momo. Learned from the master Meryleep after 5 levels. - NuMetalManiak


Very powerful lightning spell that does massive damage against one enemy. Nina learns it at level 37 and Rei learns it at level 38, but you can teach this skill to someone under the master Deis after 8 levels. - NuMetalManiak


Another elemental spell: flame&wind. Good spell against groups of monsters weak against fire. Learned by Nina at level 33 but also taught by Deis after 11 levels. - NuMetalManiak


Just like Sirocco, except ice. Learned by Nina at level 28 and taught by Deis after 5 levels. - NuMetalManiak

6Triple Blow

Good physical attack skill that serves as a good alternative to Shadowwalk. Learned by examining Death Bot or Vampire enemies late in the game. - NuMetalManiak

7Double Blow

Like Triple Blow except two hits. Can be learned early in the game from examining Nut Troop enemies, and there are other enemies who use it too. I gave this skill to Ryu. - NuMetalManiak


This skill completely kills undead monsters. Very useful should you run into groups of them. Garr learns it at level 26, and it can be taught by the master Hondara after 5 levels. - NuMetalManiak


An attack all fire spell. Learned by Garr at level 30 and taught by Deis after 2 levels. I don't use it much though because Sirocco is better. - NuMetalManiak


A useful defensive spell that renders the user invulnerable. Good if you don't want a certain character to die, but it can only be used by the caster on himself/herself. Taught by the master Fahl after 6 levels. - NuMetalManiak

The Contenders


A level 3 fire spell that hits all enemies, Lavaburst is a low-cost skill that you can obtain early in the game.(Mt. Zublo) (Vulcan hit with fire spell/attack).


One of the first skills you can learn. Examine a BossGoblin when it uses the ability to learn it. This skill is extremely useful at any point in the game because it works on all goblins, and also most goos. Another reason for it being so useful is for when you have the berserk skill, it will direct the uncontrollable character to attack the chosen enemy(or ally).


"Can be learned from Cockroaches in McNeil Manor, can be devastating, and has no cost"

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