Top Ten Metalcore / Deathcore / Screamo Bands


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The Top Ten

Bring Me The Horizon
The BEST of the BEST. Have immensely powerful bass guitars that pumps the blood. Songs like Chelsea Smile will never be forgetten...
anazing guitar, and ollie sykes is amazingly gorgeous!
they have a good guitar leads... have a powerful vocals... and insane lyrics... and oli sykes is hot...
[Newest]This band is just amazing and I'm glad they are first

2Suicide Silence
Lyrically, they have greatly matured from there early EP, to life lessons and they way to perceive the world
This band has turned into a seasoned veteran of Deathcore
Suicide Silence is one of the deathcore bands that got me into screaming and this type of music at age 9. Lyrically, they have improved the most out of any other band in this music genre. I believe this band should be at least in First, Second, Or Third.
extreme band, very much enjoyable.
beneath the sky is also good.
[Newest]They changed my life

3Asking Alexandria
Good balance between singing and screaming,
Killer riffs, brilliant breakdowns,
Heavy, but still melodic and catchy.
LOVE this band.

Plus, british accents are pretty rad.
These guys.. Enough said glad Asking Alexandria came to be it showes UK still isn't done with their talent and still can compete, they earned my vote wish I woulda known about this sooner ;D this list isn't bad I don't agree with the order, but I'm just one vote.
They are amazing. I love Danny's scream. One of the EPIC screamo song they have. A Prophecy and A single moment of sincerity are one of them. I just love their breakdown.
[Newest]These dudes suck...point blank! Garbage!

4The Devil Wears Prada
This is my favorite band how is this not already on the list
The Devil Wears Prada is the greatest band alive! They have continued to make incredible music and changed their style among their different albums. They deserve to be #1.

5Killswitch Engage
These guys are sick there last album disarm the descent is the most played album I have @ the moment
Don't tell me you have forgotten this one.


come on... this should be right at the top behind as I lay dying

6Lamb of God
They are the best Screamo band I'm not gonna say anything you can hear by yourself if you wanna something Cool not so heavy hear 11th hour of you wanna screamo hard song hear black label if you wanna good riffs hear walk with me in hell if you wanna good drums hear ruin! Lamb of god are kings of screamo bands and the guitarist will be the next Kirk!


They are in none of these genres. They are groove metal.


King Me is killing ME!

I'm just going to vote for Slipknot because they're awesome. But seriously, "deathcore/metalcore/screamo" is such a broad and undefined classification that you might as well just put your favorite modern mainstream metal band on the list. METAL FANS: IT'S ALL METAL AND IT'S ALL GOOD.
Slipknot.. They are gods of nu metal. Just... Go and listen.
This list should be slipknot first and then suicide silence
[Newest]Love them my mom used to listen to them and now I do

8As I Lay Dying
This band is seriously talented! They have good lyrics, good singers, good drummer, and awesome guitarists (Nick Hipa) no other bands should be compared with as I lay dying. they have the great talent. Also, they are awesome at live concerts
Its the sound of truth, nothing left, through struggle, morning waits and so on tat makes tis band my best
the best metalcore band! no doubt about it


[Newest]100% As I Lay Dying The Best!

9Parkway Drive
Amazing band great guitar, drums and vocals, also some amazing lyrics and some of the best breakdowns ever. My favourite band.
These guys are insane
If anyone had heard these guys they would have 100% of the vote!
[Newest]Australian band the best from my country in all genres, listen to idols and anchors and carrion. Actually the whole horizons album is epic

10Bullet For My Valentine
Incorporate screaming into their songs well, with good use of both Matt Tuck and Jason James with screaming. Mean guitarists with both Matt Tuck and Michael Paget being able to play anything and everything, and then Michael 'Moose' Thomas tops it off with epic drumming that goes well in their songs.
Best Metalcore band, Tears Don't Fall, Your Betrayal, Suffocating under Words of Sorrow.. ♡

The Contenders

11All That Remains
this band is awesome and the vocals sear into your skull
Best band ever, I like the old albums as much as their new one and a can't and will not stopp listening them.


Phil Bozeman is an amazing vocalist. His screams are some of the coolest and most talented I've ever heard, and the band is very talented with amazing riffs and solos, by far the greatest deathcore band ever
Best band I have ever heard. Meaningful lyrics and Phil really knows how to bring out the emotion in all of his songs


They are brilliant and these got me into screamo
[Newest]Great breakdowns + great vocals

14August Burns Red
Much metalcore-bands sound too whiny and cloned. there are few exceptions, but these are very very awesome bands, like as I lay dying, parkway drive, trivium and of course august burns red!


15Avenged Sevenfold
Only first 2 albums



16Chelsea Grin
Chelsea Grin Yeah! It's the greatest band here! Come on guys vote for them! This band is pure awesomeness! Chelsea Grin rule! Woohoo!
These guys should be at the top, not the 25th. They have an amazing sound way better than the others
Chelsea Grin is the best scream ever
[Newest]Best screamo band ever!

17The Architects
It's not THE Architects! THE Architects is a really annoying old rock band that sounds terrible and, by the way, they're NOT BRITISH!

18Memphis May Fire
Great music, great band lyrics are meanfull. Good drummer, guitarist and singer. Loverscreamo.

19Motionless In White
My favorite metalcore band. They changed so much about my live. They are just amazing, so beautiful. Chris, Joshua, Angelo, Ryan, Devin, Ricky. They are all perfect. Ricky is one of my idols, and I remember when they played upcoming for AA in Copenhagen I met Ricky. He is so cute. I couldn't live without Rihanna, Evanescence or Motionless In White! Seriously.
I can see the pain in Chris Motionless songs, amazing Lyrics, YOU GOT TO LOVE THIS GUY, Seriously, this band is going to be the greatest thing since Misfits and Marylin Manson, they songs have a nice combo between industrial metal, screamo and old school goth and metal bands.
MIW are an amazing band who I can't go without listening to, they've progressed so much over the years and just keep getting better and better with every release
[Newest]How the hell is Motionless behind Black Veil Brides? Motionless In White is 100% better than Black Veil Brides

Alesana is the best screamo band I've ever knew its better for increasing the female vocals in every songs, it will be great to heard
This is the best Metal core band out there.
Amazing lyrics Super Screamos and amazing guitar deserves to be number 1! Well actualy no.2 as I lay dying is the best one :P
Because GooD band for me favorite matel

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