Top Ten Metalcore / Deathcore / Screamo Bands


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The Top Ten

Bring Me The Horizon
The BEST of the BEST. Have immensely powerful bass guitars that pumps the blood. Songs like Chelsea Smile will never be forgetten...
anazing guitar, and ollie sykes is amazingly gorgeous!
they have a good guitar leads... have a powerful vocals... and insane lyrics... and oli sykes is hot...
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2Asking Alexandria
Good balance between singing and screaming,
Killer riffs, brilliant breakdowns,
Heavy, but still melodic and catchy.
LOVE this band.

Plus, british accents are pretty rad.
These guys.. Enough said glad Asking Alexandria came to be it showes UK still isn't done with their talent and still can compete, they earned my vote wish I woulda known about this sooner ;D this list isn't bad I don't agree with the order, but I'm just one vote.
They are amazing. I love Danny's scream. One of the EPIC screamo song they have. A Prophecy and A single moment of sincerity are one of them. I just love their breakdown.
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3Suicide Silence
Lyrically, they have greatly matured from there early EP, to life lessons and they way to perceive the world
This band has turned into a seasoned veteran of Deathcore
extreme band, very much enjoyable.
beneath the sky is also good.
Suicide Silence is one of the deathcore bands that got me into screaming and this type of music at age 9. Lyrically, they have improved the most out of any other band in this music genre. I believe this band should be at least in First, Second, Or Third.
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4Bullet For My Valentine
Incorporate screaming into their songs well, with good use of both Matt Tuck and Jason James with screaming. Mean guitarists with both Matt Tuck and Michael Paget being able to play anything and everything, and then Michael 'Moose' Thomas tops it off with epic drumming that goes well in their songs.

5Lamb of God
They are the best Screamo band I'm not gonna say anything you can hear by yourself if you wanna something Cool not so heavy hear 11th hour of you wanna screamo hard song hear black label if you wanna good riffs hear walk with me in hell if you wanna good drums hear ruin! Lamb of god are kings of screamo bands and the guitarist will be the next Kirk!


King Me is killing ME!
They are in none of these genres. They are groove metal.


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6The Devil Wears Prada
This is my favorite band how is this not already on the list
Daniel Williams, mike hranic, and Jeremy depoyster they are amazing

I'm just going to vote for Slipknot because they're awesome. But seriously, "deathcore/metalcore/screamo" is such a broad and undefined classification that you might as well just put your favorite modern mainstream metal band on the list. METAL FANS: IT'S ALL METAL AND IT'S ALL GOOD.
Slipknot.. They are gods of nu metal. Just... Go and listen.
Slipknot is beast, they're the best band now since nirvana!
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8Parkway Drive
These guys are insane
Amazing band great guitar, drums and vocals, also some amazing lyrics and some of the best breakdowns ever. My favourite band.
If anyone had heard these guys they would have 100% of the vote!
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9Chelsea Grin
Chelsea Grin Yeah! It's the greatest band here! Come on guys vote for them! This band is pure awesomeness! Chelsea Grin rule! Woohoo!
These guys should be at the top, not the 25th. They have an amazing sound way better than the others
Chelsea Grin is the best scream ever
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10Of Mice and Men
OF MICE & MEN should be at the top. Their songs have a great combination of hardcore screams and clean vocals. Their latest album was so amazingly intense I loved it so much. They also wright some of the most extreme and inspirational songs that make you either just think or just scream along with Austin.
Best screamo band, they're such genuine people, Austin's vocals are killer and their music is so catchy! Also their lyrics are inspirational but also can be fun and uplifting too.
They have amazing vocals whilst still being able to have clear vocals when they are singing, Of Mice & Men will never be even close to being beaten by any other band.
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The Contenders

11All That Remains
this band is awesome and the vocals sear into your skull
Best band ever, I like the old albums as much as their new one and a can't and will not stopp listening them.

12As I Lay Dying
This band is seriously talented! They have good lyrics, good singers, good drummer, and awesome guitarists (Nick Hipa) no other bands should be compared with as I lay dying. they have the great talent. Also, they are awesome at live concerts
Its the sound of truth, nothing left, through struggle, morning waits and so on tat makes tis band my best
the best metalcore band! no doubt about it


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13Black Veil Brides

Seriously though, this band has helped me through so much. Not meaning to sound cheesy, but my life has been nothing but Rejection due to ADHD and resulting anxiety disorder that is a living hell, and this bands songs have always helped me get through these hard times. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for these guys.
Yes! Everyone hates BVB because they think that they aren't 'metal enough' but hey, they've come so far and they aren't half as metal as other bands, so obviously they're doing something right. (no this is not coming from a twelvie, its coming from a 16 year old)
Honestly, bvb is awesome! The fact that they've made it this far into the metal category, without death metal riffs and screaming, is impressive. And the vocals are great!
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14Motionless In White
My favorite metalcore band. They changed so much about my live. They are just amazing, so beautiful. Chris, Joshua, Angelo, Ryan, Devin, Ricky. They are all perfect. Ricky is one of my idols, and I remember when they played upcoming for AA in Copenhagen I met Ricky. He is so cute. I couldn't live without Rihanna, Evanescence or Motionless In White! Seriously.
I can see the pain in Chris Motionless songs, amazing Lyrics, YOU GOT TO LOVE THIS GUY, Seriously, this band is going to be the greatest thing since Misfits and Marylin Manson, they songs have a nice combo between industrial metal, screamo and old school goth and metal bands.
MIW are an amazing band who I can't go without listening to, they've progressed so much over the years and just keep getting better and better with every release
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15Killswitch Engage
These guys are sick there last album disarm the descent is the most played album I have @ the moment
Don't tell me you have forgotten this one.


come on... this should be right at the top behind as I lay dying
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16I See Stars
I may sound like the average "biggest fan" here, but ISS did just about everything right in their album, New Demons: amazing breakdowns, powerful lyrics, and don't forget about the terrifying screaming. Pick your poison, but there is no wrong choice in listening to an I See Stars track.
Hands down the best electro-core/metal core band of their time.

Alesana is the best screamo band I've ever knew its better for increasing the female vocals in every songs, it will be great to heard
This is the best Metal core band out there.
Amazing lyrics Super Screamos and amazing guitar deserves to be number 1! Well actualy no.2 as I lay dying is the best one :P
Because GooD band for me favorite matel
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18Miss May I
I just saw these guys live and they were outstanding. Wicked guitar mixed with Melodic Metal vocals and screams you can actually understand from a great front man. should be much higher on this list!
Agreed, this should be higher on the list.
Too good to be down here
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You guys seriosly they might not be much meta/death core but number 15!

20Dream On, Dreamer
BEST BAND EVER. Never heard anyone else so talented before. All five of them are amazing. Love the song in august. Jhsbs just down right awesome.

21Escape the Fate
I totally think Escape the Fate should be above most of these bands! Craig's vocals are incredible! His cleans blend perfectly perfectly with the music, and his very few screamers can match how shrill his shrieks are. Robert's bass drum skills are intense, and the guitar work is insane! One of the best aspects of ETF is their guitar solos! Barely any of the bands here use guitar solos, they just replace them with intense breakdowns, which takes a lot less talent. Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of the bands on this list, but talent wise, ETF is a winner, save a few bands. All in all, ETF is coming back as one of the biggest, and is one of the best!

Slapshock outranked Infant Annihilator in screaming? Haha.. Laugh out loud
Anyway.. My vote goes to this band cause I'm a Filipino, I admit they're not the best but I have no right not to vote them... (For those who are unfamiliar with them, you gotta listen to Agent Orange if you want Rap Metal, Wake Up if you want groovy riffs and Carino Brutal for good screams..
English or Filipino songs, they can scream lyrics with no trouble.


Slapshock rocks they can scream and growl slapshock can perform anywhere they really rocks
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23The Ghost Inside
These guys know how to make good music

24I Killed The Prom Queen

25The Architects

26Hollywood Undead
They are not metal!

27Protest the Hero

Excuse me if this isn't metalcore/hardcore/screamo (I'm not big into this music). From what I've heard... these guys are my favorites.


28I Set My Friends On Fire
They sound so serious, but if you know the lyrics they're hilarious xD

29We Butter the Bread With Butter
These guys are insanely talented and have the best pig squeals of anyone even though they aren't heard much on the recent stuff but they are so talented especially in the vocals and guitar department. Should be #1
These guys are insanely awesome you seriously need to put them number one because even though their vocalist isn, t as good as most, the music behind it gives the real feeling that gives you real chills while listening to it. This band is the best deathcore band to ever exist

30August Burns Red

31Forget My Silence

32We Came As Romans
How the hell is blood on the dance floor above these guys

33Dead by April
Come on guys! 73?! This should be at least at 10
Dead by april
Is best

34Valley of Chrome
Should be #1! I Love this band! Hell yeah screamo..
Another great metal core band from the Philippines.


Phil Bozeman is an amazing vocalist. His screams are some of the coolest and most talented I've ever heard, and the band is very talented with amazing riffs and solos, by far the greatest deathcore band ever
They have some good songs, but they are very chuggy. Their new album though is really good and a major improvement. I highly recommend this band.
They are brilliant and these got me into screamo
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Best metalcore out there.

Silverstein is one of the best bands ever! The band is a combination of singy songy and screaming. They're songs are so catchy! Their new album This How the Wind Shifts is amazing!

38Attack! Attack! (US)

39Falling In Reverse

40Beneath the Sky
These dudes kick serious ass listen to 7861

41The Acacia Strain
Only 40, Come on, Acacia Strain are a great band, and their live shows are killer. With intense guitar and drum work, and low heavy vocals plus Vincent Bennet's IDGAF attitude is accurately portrayed in the lyrics. The only gripe I can think of for this band is that the music is a bit chaotic for people who aren't really into that sort of music, I'm pretty sure there's not a single line of melodic singing in any acacia strain song but other than that they are a fantastic band

42Infant Annihilator


44Honour Crest
This band seriously deserves the #1 spot on this list.

45Sworn In
The best band ever!

46The Ghost Of A Thousand

47Black Tide

48Woe, Is Me
Number[s] is a genius album
Woe, Is Me é uma banda estadunidense de metalcore formada em 2009 de Atlanta, Geórgia, o grupo é atualmente assinado com a Rise Records e sua subsidiária Velocity Records.

49Sky Eats Airplane

50Capture the Crown
My favorite band by far sould be in top 10

51The Plot In You
Great band, thourughly because the vocals are sick! And the music and imstrumentals in general are chilling, give you shivers. Also the lyrics are deeper than most, exlcuding motionless in white.

52Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Best band ever. I need not say more.


This band is too great.

55Texas In July

56Within the Ruins

57Louder Than Quiet

58I Prayed for An Afterlife

59Enemy Ac-130 Above

60One Year Later
This band is amazing you won't believe how much potential this band has to take music and squeeze every bit of creativity it beholds.
This band kicks way more ass than any of the "Screamo" bands on this list!

61The Drake Equation
Check out this and all the amazing bands at Creation Artist Development!

62Surviving the Charade

63Beyond All Recognition

64Alive, in Standby

65Destruction of A King

66Your Last Descent

67The Color Morale
They have an amazing sound, especially with the way they sound now. Garret's voice is kinda raspy in the unclean sections, but in the cleans his voice is especially unique and just the band as a whole sound great and they don't sound like other rise artists and aren't super generic like all these scene core kids today like issues, of mice and men (not since their last album), and bands like SECRETS.

68Make Me Famous

69I, the Breather

70Our Last Night

71All Shall Perish

72Glass Cloud

73Salt the Wound

74That's Outrageous!

75Knights of the Abyss

76See You Next Tuesday

77Oh, the Irony

78The Classic Struggle

7936 Crazyfists

80To Each His Own

81City In the Sea

82This or the Apocalypse

83MyChildren MyBride

84The Autumn Offering

85After the Burial

86We Are Danger

87Deception of a Ghost



90From Atlantis

91Provoke, Destroy

92Our Last Sun Rise

93For the Broken

94Rings of Saturn

95Shadows In Our Mind

96The Stranger Beside Me

97Hollow Like Me

98In Dying Arms

99Atlanta Takes State

100Skip the Foreplay

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