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Chris Tomlin
wow!.. everytime I'll listen to his worshiping songs, I felt my spirit is filled with holiness through God.
This artist is very awesome..!
Chris Tomlin songs aren't loud or have dynamic instrumentals, but hold this quiet strength that gives hope through God-praising lyrics and soft melody. It's one of those songs that catch you off guard and have a impact on your day.
I don't think I have heard a song that I haven't liked by Chris Tomlin. I love listening to his music. I love the words to his music. His songs all sound different, he's just one talented artist. God gave him a gift and he is using it. Had my sister (who doesn't listen to Christian music) listen to one song of his and now she is hooked.
[Newest]Saw him in Irvine last night amazing

The best rapper/singer in the Christian world! He does songs with some of the best, too. He can do fun music, sad music, happy music, worship music, relationship music, soft music, rock music, rap music, and more! He is the complete package in Christian Singers.
I have heard Athiests tell me that christians have the worst songs ever and then say that their songs were the best (if I were them, I wouldn't brag about songs like "california girls", those are terrible songs), then I have them listen to songs by tobymac and then they take back what they said about christian songs being terrible (sorry if I spelled words wrong, I am not the best speller in the world.)
He is the awesome at singer ever. I love his music. It sounds like any contemporary song except it packs a powerful message all throughout it. He is by far one of the greatest christian singers of all time. Rock on toby Mac
[Newest]I don't like him

Skillet is the best band of ALL time...! No comparison to any other band this is definitely the BEST..! and to tell you the truth I never really like "god" music but this band got me into it


Great band. They get the message of God and Jesus across to people who find the other stuff boring. Love this band!
Without Skillet, I wouldn't be saved. It's easy to mistake them for a secular band, and when you find out they're Christian, it blows your mind, and you see a new perspective on everything
[Newest]They should be number one! They got so many great hits!

4Britt Nicole
I love Britt Nicole! She has inspired me so much and many others going through hard times. I love her and what to meet her!
She has an amazing voice.
She has great music style
[Newest]Britt Nicole is the best singer of all time

In Christ Alone... Amazing song. They are really really great. I love the newsboys. Their songs are astoundingly moving. They easily deserve top three
He Reigns was an inspiration to me and its this band I must thank for helping me get my life straight
They are awesome love there music
[Newest]I went to a concert and was just absolutely amazed at how good they are being the first time I've heard them

6Casting Crowns
Because his songs makes me Alive and he is a good singer.
May God bless them!
Praise you in this storm heart touching song
A fantastic band. One can clearly see the passion they have in their faith through their music

7Jeremy Camp
He is a great singer and has a beautiful voice!
"The Way" is awesome song, Chris Tomlin and Jeremy Camp far ahead of competition.
"Would you take the place of this man? Would you take the nails from his hands? "

Lecrae's songs can easily equal, or even beat songs by secular music's top artists. Because I am a die hard rap fan, there is no question in my mind that Lecrae is not only the best Christian artist, but the best artist there is today. With his powerful lyrics and strong, energetic beats, Lecrae should definitely be the top on this list.
He's obviously the best rapper, he was rated this by many different websites. He has good songs like background, joyful noise and Don't waste your life. He has good beats and his raps are solid, even my non-christian friends like him.
[Newest]Amazing Christian, lyricist, and rapper I have ever heard, he should be #1

Songs like "I Can Only Imagine" and "Word of God Speak, " indeed -- speak for themselves.
Yes I have some of their CD's/Wonderful Artists!

10Jesus Culture
Some of the most visceral Christian around
They have really beautiful songs like "You won't relent" - it's simply amazing; "Light of Your face", "Holy" and so many more.
They have great worship music that so many people can enjoy!
[Newest]These guys are so worshipful!

The Contenders

11Third Day
Awesome in concert. Total pros in every way.

12Matthew West
This man's music started me following the lord. Scanning the radio stations one day and herd next thing you know. That's been at least 13 years ago.
Matthew west changes peoples lives all over the world and I am one of those people, he is my favorite singer and I vote him for top ten.
I love Matthew west!
I just love all his songs he...

Wow! Just Wow! I can't believe Red is at number 8. They Should be in the top 3. Before you vote for Skillet or Tobymac go listen to these songs by Red, Breathe Into Me, Ordinary World, Mystery Of You, Never Be the Same, Not Alone, Feed The Machine, and Faceless.
RED should be NUMBER ONE. Way better then Switchfoot, Newsboys, Casting crown and Skillet. Christ Tomlin can compete. But RED is NUMBER ONE. Even non Christian band... NUMBER ONE -:O Praise GOD and GOD bless.

14Tenth Avenue North
Tenth avenue north has something to offer.. Their songs are deep.. The lyrics are wonderfully woven into one song.. Behind the songs are also very powerful and empowering to every christian.. Their new released album shows the struggle of every christian but at the end it's always about Jesus still, making the band more shining to me is that they reflect and make Christ the star of every song... Praise God..

I think Starfield is another great band.. They have piercing emotional lyrics which makes you feel much more wonderful in Christ.. Like a reminder.. I think both bands have the same concept..
There is no way that Ten Avenue North could be 17th! They have the most inspirational songs and lyrics! They should DEFINITELY be in the top 3!
They have the most inspirational songs, and have a good beat!
[Newest]Helped me through a lot

15Jamie Grace
I just listened to one of her song and it is awesome! I love it once I heard it! It really cool! You guys really gotta try to listen to her songs
Awesome artist from holding on and you lead, I made my friends listen to her without knowing its Christian music haha. Love her
She has such a gift, and it's just marvelous the way God uses Jamie. GOD BLESS USA!
[Newest]She is so sweet and great

Kutless is by far the best Christian band! There music is incredible!


18Colton Dixon
He rocked American Idol, and he chose the Christian path of music which is inspiring! His music is radio type music but with godly lyrics!
Never Gone is awesome.



20Hillsong United
Not "Christian music." This is the best church worship music for teens and adults alike. They definitely have the best variety of songs, and should be number one by far. If they are ever performing near you, buy tickets no matter what.
Cannot be compared to any other Christian band out there - so many anointed songs, nobody else compares. My brothers and sisters in Christ, this is music from the throne-room of God!
I like them too much. The way they compose music, that sound so amazing it makes me cry.
[Newest]These guys do okay music although what they support is NOT cool.

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