Top 10 Greatest Moments of Undertale


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1Saving everyone in the final battle against Asriel, including Asriel himself

Especially the ending.. When they met the sun. - PeachyBlast

I'm going to be honest, during this part of the battle, I cried. to be honest I was crying tears throughout the whole battle, but I cried especially during this part. And not tears of sadness, either. Tears of pure, utter joy. It was a really weird but beautiful feeling.

The ending was beautiful. Just beautiful. - Delgia2k

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2Sans' boss fight

I did the whole geno run for that SONG.

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3The Iron Mettagiant
4Sans' opening monologue to his boss fight

Literally the most overrated thing ever - izayaorihara

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5Mettaton transforms into Mettaton EX

Is it weird for a 13 year old girl to find him hot

I don't know why that was so beautiful, but it kinda was

Who needs arms with legs like these? - izayaorihara

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6One-hit KO on SansV1 Comment
70.0000001 HPV1 Comment
8Naming your character John CenaV1 Comment
9Toriel baking you a pie in the Pacifist endingV1 Comment
10The Giantess Toriel X Asriel scene from Alphys VS Undyne

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?Alphys X Francis Rule 34 art
?Finding out that Alphys and Undyne are actually both female

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11Alphys' deepest, darkest secretV1 Comment
12Sans pretending to spare youV4 Comments
13Papyrus tracking footprints through the correct path of his own invisible maze
14"But nobody came."
15Listening to all of Napstablook's song tapes even though practically all of them are literally the exact same five-second song loop
16Cooking with Undyne

This is easily the funniest part in the game. I love this scene so much! It needs to be higher.

*Papyrus jumps out the window the cooking burned the house down

AW come on, down here! BEST. MOMENT.

Best part ever

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17Flowey transforms into Omega Flowey

YES. Omega Flowey is epic. Vote if you agree.

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18That one question in Mettaton's quiz: "Who does Dr. Alphys have a crush on?"
19Burgerpants' facial expressions

Haha, the faces he makes are scary

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20Stretching Lesser Dog's neck until it goes all the way up and down the screen

* Lesser dog has gone where no dog has gone before.

This should be number 1! This makes me laugh every time!
*Lesser dog is unpettable but appreciates the attempt - meppifier

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1. Saving everyone in the final battle against Asriel, including Asriel himself
2. The Iron Mettagiant
3. Sans' boss fight
1. Sans' boss fight
2. Naming your character John Cena
3. Toriel baking you a pie in the Pacifist ending



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