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21 The Gummy Bear Song - Gummibear The Gummy Bear Song - Gummibear

Okay this song just makes me hungry and I'm trying to diet but my sister had this song BLASTING when I'm even trying to sleep. LIKE JUST STOP MAKING SONGS ABOUT FOOD. Honestly I'd maybe listed to Justin Beiber

The other class was playing this song so loudly that my French class could hear it While we were taking a test and a classmate goes "my ears are now bleeding"

This song is one of the worst. You just go, "I'm a gummy bear" for like 500000000000000000 times. My ears are seriously bleeding. I think Dora is better than this damn song.

Ringtones do not make songs, and even as ringtones they still suck

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22 (It's Time To) Beat Dat Beat - DJ Pauly D (It's Time To) Beat Dat Beat - DJ Pauly D
23 Axel F - Crazy Frog Axel F - Crazy Frog

Honestly, how is this not on the list. It is the most irritating thing I have ever heard in my life!

No wonder they call Crazy Frog "The Annoying Thing"! I still can't stand this "song"!

Hearing this does remind me of a frog being burned by a blow torch.

SO Annoying it will turn you into a psychopath on second listen.

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24 The Final Countdown - Europe The Final Countdown - Europe

This song is amazing! Who vote this song in here? Only they who vote this song in this list have a bad taste in music!

At first sight, these top tens were looking true and the comments were funny to me. However, when some people began bragging about their favourite bands in the comments... I started realizing that this site can be entered by anybody, whether you got good music taste or not... - AfroSphynx

I love this song why is this on here? - OhioStateBuckeyes

Who the hell put this song on this list? This is one of the most epic songs ever made, it has an awesome beat makes you feel energetic, great to work out to, and it has a vibe that gives you a thirst for adrenaline. If you think this song sucks do us a favor and strap yourself to a rocket that's destination is the sun

It's only famous because of the commercial.

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25 Cruise - Florida Georgia Line Cruise - Florida Georgia Line

Great song, but probably not the best hit song - Nick-brick8

My parents played this all summer in 2013, and it was aggravating

What y'll talking bout this song represents the soul of the south yeehaw

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26 Royals - Lorde Royals - Lorde

This is another one of those songs like All About That Bass, Single Ladies, Thrift Shop, that made it to the top of the charts and I'll never understand how or why. People always come up with some dumb a-- reason to like a song. "Oh, it's an anti-bling song" (in other words anti- materialistic for the older crowd on here) that's why I like it " Who cares what it's about, its still a dumba-- song!

This song is incredibly BORING. Lorde is incredibly BORING, Her voice is incredibly BORING and the Music video to the song is also INCREDIBLY BORING. yawn!

This song is so boring and annoying! BAH! The same Thing over and over, so BORING!

This song love to death

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27 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Okay so the final countdown is higher than this? Oh my god there goes my faith in humanity.

Actually I thought the song was pretty good. The music video however, ruined it. Honestly. A naked piece of crap on a construction equipment? Can you not be cliche?

This song ruined women artists more then ever, and yet people find the final countdown more annoying? Someone get me a wreaking ball I have some peoples houses to destroy

Her music video is equally disgusting with the song.

I do not think this song is annoying. However, I do not like it.

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28 Boyfriend - Justin Bieber Boyfriend - Justin Bieber

Any song created by this low quality bum is retarded.

And Aretha Franklin is higher than this HOW?

This song tortures me, I can't stand a second of this cheesy song. Most cheesiest song ever.

So he was singing to a girl, doesn't he already have a boyfriend

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29 Lips are Movin' - Meghan Trainor Lips are Movin' - Meghan Trainor
30 Poker Face - Lady GaGa Poker Face - Lady GaGa

Wait, there are 2 White Stripes songs on this list, and they're above this? Faith in humanity = 0.

Is she even speaking English, and on that not does she use any sort of recognizable language in any of her songs

It's really meaningless and annoying, with no vocal capability whatsoever, which I know Gaga has.

This song is stupid I hate lady gaga

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31 Footloose - Kenny Loggins Footloose - Kenny Loggins

This song is just plain fun and I'll never get enough of it. If only more songs these days were like songs from the 80's

Take this song off of here it should be on BEST SONGS EVER!

I was not alive in the 80's and I LOVE this song

Don't bash on the 80's, it was the last great decade of music and this song is no ecseption. It's just plain fun, and great to dance to

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32 Summer - Calvin Harris Summer - Calvin Harris

This guy's voice and the music you find in everyday modern music gets really old really quickly. - Songsta41

I think he sounds like a bullfrog. A BARFING bullfrog

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33 Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha

How can a one singer encompass every thing that is annoying in one song must actually take some work! Ke$ha song Blah Blah Blah is the most slutty and annoying thing I've ever listened to. I would vote for Crank That by Soulja Boy, but that song didn't make me want to kill puppies! - masongilbert74

For goodness sake. Kesha can't sing and her white girl trash rap irritates the hell of me.

She can't sing... And no! I've never heard her live... Studio version is enough!

This tramps music (if that's what you want to call it) makes me want to puke!

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34 Respect - Aretha Franklin Respect - Aretha Franklin

What's so annoying about THAT song?

It's hideous. Aretha considers herself Motown, but nobody growing up in me..during the Motown days would listen to her. So she can spell. Big deal.

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35 Crazy Bus Theme

You nailed it people! Thanks for putting in list

This is from Arthur, this isn't even a real song...?

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36 A** - Big Sean A** - Big Sean V 3 Comments
37 Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silento Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silento

I don't get why this song became so popular. It's just a crappy dance song that makes no sense. No meaning, nothing.

I hate this song. Seriously, it keeps playing over in your head, I hate it so much.

My whole class does this song all the time it drives me crazy

I keep hearing this song at my local gym. The manager should know better

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38 Celebration - Kool & the Gang Celebration - Kool & the Gang

There isn't anything bad about this song - kmyeakel

Not a fantastic song, but not a bad one or an annoying one.

39 It's a Small World - Robert and Richard Sherman

I always sing it when I am on the ride at Disney world I sing it with my big sis

Aw this song is cute. I like to sing it with my mom and sister.

Just. Too. Overused. Also, went to Disneyworld and the Small World Ride broke down, oh no. That was the nail in the coffin. The song just kept playing over and over and over...

I sing it with my little sis

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40 Jump - Van Halen Jump - Van Halen

First of all, nothing by Van Halen should be on this list of crappy pop artists. Eddie Van Halen is a guitar God enshrined in the Rock'n'Roll Hall of fame and is responsible for some of the best guitar riffs of all time.

I am not a Van Halen fan, but this is another of those terribly overplayed 80's songs. When I hear it now, it's even worse...god awful.

How can people hate this, they need to jump off a building cause this song is awesome

This song is too awesome to hate!

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