Most Annoying Things About Video Games


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1Bad Controls

Family Party: 30 Great Games - Obstacle Arcade has bad controls.

Can companys just try to make a game


Trolling is fun to do, it's a human desire. However, that's annoying without a doubt.

TROLLING IS awesome IN Minecraft!

getting trolled by getting killed? HEY NOOB I CAN RESPAWN!
getting trolled by diamonds? TOO OVERRATED THAT I don't GO IN THEM!
getting trolled by lucky blocks (mod)? STILL don't CARE

Getting trolled by jumpscares? UGH SCREW IT I'm NOT PLAYING FOR A YEAR
Getting trolled by losing all items?...*hangs self*

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3Numbered Series
4No End Reward
5Interactive CutseensV2 Comments
6Unskippable Cutscenes

I don't like long cut scenes that take up game time - beatles5

There's this game I have that has a very long unskippable cutscene that's not important to anyone in the world except for the game developers :@


What's wrong about music? I don't care if music is in video games.

8Long Respawn Time

I hate this! I had this one game where it took like 30 secs to respawn and the map was so tiny you could cross it in 10

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9Long Loading Screens

Sonic 06 has bad loading time

10Little Kids OnlineV3 Comments

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11A.I. Brains
12In Game Cut Scenes / Set Pieces
13Overpriced DLC
15Critical Hit

Yup. You hit someone 10 times with a sniper, almost no health lost... then they hit you once with a Tactical SMG and it's a headshot. f me

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16Repetitive One-Liners

A master at this is Lego Marvel Super Heroes, especially during the final boss.

17"This Game Uses an Autosave Feature" Before You Start Almost Every Game Every Time

In a perfect world, developers would shove that into the FIRST TIME a game is saved.

18Overpowered Weapons

It's So Darn Annoying

20Babies Keep Grabbing Your Controller
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