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1 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim gives you a living world with epic atmoshphere. So many quests, stories, places, characters, items in it.

Not only is this the best open world game it is easily the best game ever made.

I don't know how could someone dislike this game. It's legendary!

2 Red Dead Redemption

I am really upset to see this as number one. this game is fun this game is great but best open world definitely not yeah there is a lot of fun stuff to do but for the most part is just big wide open deserts with nothing in them. and I am really upset that ocarina of time is not in the top ten

This game has so much things you can do. I feel that you could never get bored with it. I find myself returning to it more often than any other game on this list.

I think it's the worst! I think its terrible! By the way this is only " my " opinion!

3 Grand Theft Auto V

It should be number 1. It is THE BENCHMARK for all open world games that have released or are yet to. Be it the graphics or the gameplay this game excels everywhere.

I've never seen anything like this before & this game deserves more than number 1 because it is super duper way big ultra mega ultimate Grand Theft Auto game! it's truly amazing & excellent.

Best open world game ever. And one of the best games ever.

4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It's better than skyrim that's for sure. Skyrim's combat was so choppy and dull. Even magic sucked. Witcher's combat is not perfect either, but it's a less complicated version of Dark Soul's combat is how I see it. Side quests all feel like they had a lot of time and effort put into them, and that's not counting the extreme quality of the main story or the DLC's story's. The world is as densely packed and fun to explore as any Grand Theft Auto, Red dead, or Fallout game. But what I like the most about the Witcher is the feeling it gives you. You're on a quest, for money primarily. Geralt's job is to kill monsters, but why do anything you're good at for free? That sense of already knowing that every decision you make will have a permanent impact on the world is also really really cool.

It Took me awhile to actually sit down and play this game. I always made excuses, because I'm not all that into RPG style games, I prefer a more believable open world, like the red dead redemption series, but once I got into this game I have to say it really keeps you hooked.
There's always something happening in the open world outside of the story. You can't travel more than 50 yards without some monster coming out to fight you, or seeing some ingame event take place, the game is very dynamic for an open world. Aside from that the story is very interesting, if the open world isn't what gets you, it's the story or even the magic/spell mechanics, that does. Even the side quest have characters with their own story to tell. I always disliked playing side quest in video games, but in this game their quality is on the same level as the main story missions, most of the time I can't even tell if I'm playing the main story or not, which is pretty impressive in my opinion.

Extra by the way: I have no idea why gta 5 gets so much praise, because aside from missions, it's a pretty empty and repetitive game. Sure the world is big, but what good is size if it lacks content and replayability? And the online is basically a cash cow simulation, lol. To each their own I guess

5 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V should have topped this list.

Its big and progressive. New features came out from every mission.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is best video game of all time!

6 Just Cause 2

Pure chaos, explosion, grappling hook and infinite parachute. It's Michael bay dream come true!

7 Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag

Good. And its open world. But it should be on top 7 from my point of view.

Shark Hunting was a very enjoyable thing. Plus the sea.

8 Fallout 3

This game is awesome but I am still stuck in the town with the bomb.

Should be higher

9 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Every open world games are inspired from this series. If this series was not created in the past then all present open world games wouldn't exists in the world.

Not only is this the best Zelda game I've ever played, but the best open-world game I've ever played. And not only that; this is the best video game I've ever played.

The exploration is absolutely unprecedented by anything other than Dark Souls. There is so much to explore and there are absolutely no restrictions.

10 Far Cry 3

What! This game has to be number 1!

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11 Saints Row: The Third

Definitely the best open world game ever, it actually feels like an open world game, the gameplay and combat are fantastic, missions are fun, creative, and stand out from other games such as the second mission of the game, just amazing and customization is key in that game, the fun is just endless in SR3.

This is one of the most underrated games out their.Seriously this game has the best character customization which lets you choose from thousands of clothes which also lets you chooses from all kinds of presets which means you can make your character however you want.You can make him/her look like peter griffin from Family Guy,Mysticque from xmen etc.
But without the customization the game would still be amazing.

One of the best, if not better than Grand Theft Auto 5, but at least it should be no.2.
The game dialogs, missions, story and gameplay is awesome.
Everyone should try it.

12 Borderlands 2
13 Saints Row 2
14 Fallout 4

This game is not higher on the list because it is so new. But it is stupid that PS4 has not had mods yet. But at the time it came out the sales were record breaking.

I love this game

15 Assassin's Creed

The Best Action-Parkour game that I ever played...

16 Minecraft

Oh my gravey! Minecraft is the absolute bomb!, I love the sky rim and the festive and the plastic and the cartoon and all of the other texture packs! The only thing is that they need to ad command blocks!...! ! They are adding that already?!

What are you talking about that Minecraft is boring it's my 2nd favorite. Game number 1 is Pokemon have no taste of style! By the way I'm a female pro gamer and I got so far in Pokemon that I literally got bored and reset.( I hate me self now. I had all of the forms of arceus and a shiny arceus! ( I also had Mewtwo mega X and Y. Wait a second?! I'm so off topic!

I would have chose this but skyrim is just better. It is a fun game to play with friends but when your alone it can get kindd of boring. But if your good you can make some awesome stuff and make others in that case playing alone is for you

17 Batman: Arkham City

Arkham city is so fun to explore with subways, buildings, and the streets ruled by the most dangerous inmates and super villains. The story is great containing almost every single batman villain you know. And the dlc packs are also really good, having different story's and playable characters. A truly must own.

This is one of my favorite games! Perfect story and dlc packs, great graphics, Must have!

Perfect open world game...

18 Saints Row
19 Sleeping Dogs

Greatest Open World Game of all time.I am saying without any single doubt that this game is on the same level as others legendary open world games like Red Dead Redmeption 2,Grand Theft Auto V,Saints Row 3,Grand Theft Auto IV,Saints Row 2.

Wow that fighting scenes...

Sleeping dogs is the "DAWG" of the open world games.Best figts best graphics but driving is a serious LETDOWN. Besides it's a GREAT game,for sure.

20 Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This game can be played forever because you can get new enemies to kill as you die, and each one is different

21 Assassin's Creed 3
22 The Sims 3
23 Mafia II

Should be number 10

24 Saints Row (2022)
25 L.A. Noire

This game evolved graphics and emersions by having realistic facial movements and storyline as well as cars and weapons.

It wasn't very open world. But unlike many games, this is one of the fewest open world detective games.

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