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No only is it the heart of the Mediterranean, it was also the heart of the Roman Empire. It's not only filled with historical landmarks and medieval/early modern villages, but its boldly rolling hills and colorful landscapes make it one of the most beautiful countries in the world, environmentally and historically.


Here you can read this type of comment on Italy: "Variety of landscapes, art ( 70% of the world Heritage)"

1) Landscapes in Italy are really not various compare to US or other.

2) 70% of world heritage: Are you killing us... WHo can belive that, that means only 30% for the rest of the world, for the 196 other country. Only Cambodia has at least the same level or world heritage of Italy.

That is really an Italian behavior and we cannot accept that.
Not so famous, overestimated, should be not more No 100.

World it's plenty of really beautiful country.
Italy is called a modern country, but it's only old fashion, bad infrastructure, dirty cities, rubbish everywhere in countryside, only Italian food that demonstrate a really bot open country.
Migrants have no jobs and are only wandering the streets lost, and Italian are so rude, so unpolite, so arrogant.
Number 1 yes, but number 1 of the worst country.

When you are in Japan, you see a great harmony between human culture and nature.
Yeah. Mountains and rivers... And hot springs and... So many places to visit! And Mt. Fuji! That is the queen of the mountains! And sakura cherry trees in spring!
Nature and Culture in Japan will show you moving face to you. Please visit us.
[Newest]Japan is natural beauty

3New Zealand
The sea, the forest, vulcanos, mountains, lakes, islands, and great cities. And the wildlife... NZ got the awards for greenest country, and guess where The Lord of the Rings was filmed... NZ! Great country.
The whole country is so beautiful.. it could be a big natural park
The whole country is beautiful. It has beautiful mountains and the greenest grass I've ever seen. Now I know why they filmed the Lord of the Rings here. It has amazing wildlife also.
[Newest]Most beautiful place in the world... No doubt about it!

4United States
US is beautiful. We have freedom, liberty, democracy, beaches, oceans, mountains, volcanos, tundras, of course trees but we do have one of the tallest trees in the world, history, grasslands, deserts, tropical places, forests, rocks, great technology, amusement parks, national parks, beautiful styles of buildings, sightseeing places and fun, natures, snows, weathers, hiking, rivers, lakes, entertainments, a lot of people, rich country, powerful, big, successful, and even more, you can think of, U.S. has everything you could do to enjoy, it's a popular country, that's why US is the most beautiful and the greatest and the best country in the world.


U.S. A is very beautiful country. I like this very much
You can see varieties of landscapes: from oceanic view to mountains, from everglades to deserts.
[Newest]USA is the land of the free and the home of the brave. Very lovely.

Its immensity, its freedom, its diversity, its future potential, its everything!
Canada is beautiful! Nature is SO abundant. You can almost feel the lands heart beat. Please visit Canada some day. Its beauty is open to anyone. <3 '-'
one day I would love to go 2 canada 4 a vacation cause its so beautiful


[Newest]Not so naturally beautiful country..

There are some cool places but India in general is VERY UGLY, trash everywhere, ugly buildings, very overpopulated


Goa is one of the best place to visit there. famous for its pristine beaches and wildlife.
visited by many foreigners.
its really good
There is something so majestic about India, some quality not found in any other place on the globe. For starters, the atmosphere is serene and full of harmony, even as giant elephants and camals share the road with cars and bycicles. The cultural value of India is endless, being as fathomless as it is breathtaking with its colorful clothing, spiritual music, and its art of dance as not only a means to have fun, but also a means to connect with something greater than yourself. The land, too, was crafted to radiate tranquility and picturesque peace. India is truly a Jewel.
[Newest]India is beautiful country but Indian people are terrorist

The most beautiful country of the whole world! The contribution of Greek culture in the entire western world is undeniable. The Greek culture is the cornerstone of what is called today European civilization. Starting from the ancient Greek history, an intelligent man observes that all grounded in our time science come from those distant years. Due to the internal need of the ancient Greeks for observation and questioning of life and of the world, physical and metaphysical, came the rise of philosophy! People like Socrates and Aristotle are known worldwide for their contribution to the universal intellect.
Plenty of Sciences was created from the ground thousand years ago. The legal science, medical science, engineering science, architecture, biology, pedagogy, psychology, politics and many others... Then first developed ideas such as democracy, liberalism, equality before the law, respect the rights of the weak, solidarity, unity in front enemies from people who had no common territorial interests... Also the offer of the ancient Greek civilization to arts is unsurpassed! The well known to all of us art of theater would not exist without the tragedies and comedies of people like Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides, Aristophanes and others.. The art of poetry thrived by Pindar and Sappho! The art of sculpture! Literature was founded by Homer and exquisite metrical works the Iliad and Odyssey! Nations like France based their entire revolutions on Greek ideals! Laws and constitutions states currently considered as the most liberal, exemplified the U.S. based on humanistic ideals that were developed by ancient Greek thinkers! Sport as ideal started from Greece and in particular from the ancient Olympia, in which first created the Olympic festival and developed the idea of noble competition among athletes! Nobody can understand except the Greeks themselves what is this element that makes this nation so great. The spiritual and mental abilities of human resources of this country are such that make founder of the ecumenical development! Rather blame that we are happy people. Rather blame the much sun bathes us every morning when we wake up. Rather blame that we enjoy our sea and our beautiful islands all year round. Rather blame that we don't have the perception that other nations have "people should live for working". We're working to enjoy life. The Greeks know that life is short and should not be wasted meaningless! If you can not rejoice about your family, your friends, your lover, the beauty of your country then the quality of life you have! The Greek eats a lot, drinks a lot, laugh a lot, talk a lot, loves a lot, and generally feels α lot because knows that if not live his life, "a lot" will die and will not have live happy and full! That means be a Greek!
the most beautiful country I have ever visited (and trust me I have been to loads)! beautiful history, lovely beaches, hospitable people! simply the best
By far the most beautiful country in the world in my opinion. The culture, the people, the museums, the landscape, the coastline, the cities, the villages, the climate, the beaches, the nightlife.. It combines everything. Favorite destination for millions of people all over the world. Most Unesco sites, and 98% blue flagged beaches.. I was speechless. It's a paradise. You can even visit it in the winter, beautiful mountains and facilities during that season. Incredible. It lacks of deserts and jungles though if that's what you are looking for.
[Newest]Greece has the most beautiful water, beaches, buildings, artifacts, and most importantly the kindest, most hospitable people!

Philippines is a great country packed with beautiful landmarks. Fascinating and alluring beaches are provided abundantly across the country. Come and see what Philippines has to offer.
When you look up in the sky and you feel so lonely, just smile think about Philippines and you will find there's no place like Philippines... Awesome
Its a proof that Philippines have a nice place specially the Filipinos are hospitable regarding if their is tourist. In every places it surrounds the beaches... And many islands.
[Newest]I love this country of beautiful people, beautiful culture, beautiful heritage, beautiful sights and the friendliest people...
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Nepal is quite small, and an unknown country. The marvels that this country has are not found anywhere, and due to a really great altitude range, and mix of aryan and mongolian tribes along with hinduism and buddhism, Nepal is the most beautiful country in the world! Beauty stands as high as the himalayas here in Nepal... Land of beauty, grace, hospitality, discipline, wildness... Land of FUN
Country with diversity and beauty.. Ranging from low lands to highest peaks. The country itself s a world in itself, surrounded by the beautiful himalayas and biodiversity. Lakes rivers glaciers, that refreshing breeze and awesome warm welcoming faces all that makes Nepal a beautiful country. Its a country that is not only blessed by the natural beauty but also the kind hearted people who love to live in Harmony...
Less cheaters and great supporters.. You forget your tension with smile of people welcoming you in their place and you feel alive looking at gorgeous scenarios around..
Nepal definitely one of the most beautiful countries in the world..
Nepal is a nice place to be. The beauty through nature and culture reflects the country. Dynamic people in the sense that they are open and tolerable. And hungry for changes in the positive manners. Coming to Nepal after the Caos in India is rather settling. One will definitely have time for think and re-think one self.
[Newest]Ever best country for Nepali
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Indonesia clearly his heaven world, still lack confidence...
Just look on google and find how Indonesia's,
What do the people of Indonesia where ya,
Already the 4th largest country in the world, can not support their own country, V_V
no comment google it and you will know
So beautiful! If you enjoy hikes and nature, it's the place for you! The mountain towns, such as Zermatt, are beautiful, there is no place better than Switzerland!
[Newest]This is very beautiful country we love it

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Australia has lush and beautiful rain forests and remarkable beaches. It has snowy peaks and cold temperatures to dry and harsh desserts. The wildlife in Australia is unique and you wont find most marsupials anywhere else in the world. Culture in Australia is remarkable and the locals are very friendly. Cities in Australia are simply marvelous. The dining out and night life are fantastic and there are heaps of cultural pursuits of every conceivable type. In Australia you will find a diversity of nature and culture. It is worth going there!
Everything is beautiful in Australia. The wildlife is amazing ;Koalas, Kangaroos, beautiful birds and the most beautiful coastline with unspoiled beaches and great surfing. There is great shopping a good culture scene. The people are really friendly and will take the time to show you around. It is a fun place and visually stunning. Good day mate!
The wildlife, the different terrains and the friendly people, whether you want beaches, desserts, rainforests or cities, go to Australia because you can find all of them at once and more.
[Newest]Oh I wanna go to sydney

France is an amazing place to visit I never ever ever seen the place like France because it is the beautiful country of the whole universe and Pakistan is on number one its wrong because I think it is the dirtiest place in the world no cleanness France is very clean
French culture, history, gastronomy, language, landscape.. Everything is so beautiful in this country, if you don't agree you for sure never went there.
France should be Number One because they have 80 million people visiting this country! It means what it means.
[Newest]France is a very beautiful country and I like the French culture.

Breath taking-views in swat... A really beautiful country... Worth visiting.
Pakistan is safe and beautiful country. I request every one please visit pakistan. People of pakistan are good and open hearted and they give love to every one either known or unknown. God bless to pakistan natural beauty and every type of climate. There is no concept of relegion but it is islamic country every one live in pakistan independ. People of pakistan are very loving and they give love like family. Thank a lot
Pakistan is a beautiful country, especially its northern areas, but most of the world is not aware of it. Pakistan has the greatest concentration of the highest peaks of the world. It has 05 peaks over 8,000 meters including the world’s second highest peak K- 2 (8611m) 29 peaks of over 7,500 meters and 121 peaks of over 7,000 meters. Hundreds of peaks are still lying un-climbed. Pakistan alone has 52 of the world's 110 highest peaks, the largest glaciers outside the poles (longest glacier in Nepal is 22 kilometers long, longest in Pakistan is a 122 kilometers long)
[Newest]Pakistan has everything... It has mountains. Vast plains, deserts, tropical forests...

I love Germany so much. The landscape is very beautiful and the cities are so unique. I would love to go there again, and see more parts of it.
I was amazed when I visited this country. The stunning landscapes, the people, their culture and the cuisine. People living there must feel so privileged, but they don't because they dream of sunny islands which can get so boring after a while.
^ I don't like tropical countries, because only beaches & islands you can see there Germany have resorts, museums, historial monuments(10x better & many thn phil. ) and it has numerous castles. People are nice, and cuisine is superb! The culture is highly original & very germanic, unlike the filipino culture very hispanic & unoriginal. Choose Germany! It's economically rich, very clean place & people are very nice.
[Newest]Both the huge cities and huge landscapes are best in the world

Haha if Spain is the 34th.. This list is ridiculous! This country is marvelous! Should be nº 1
Spain is one of the most diverse countries all over the world.

It's the most beautiful country you can visit!. The thing that makes Turkey so special is that it feels like it's NY it's Japan it's Dubai.. You know what I mean?. I mean there is no West-East in Turkey. Because you can feel them all in one there. All cultures, all the history, the beaches and hot brunettes!. Antalia, Istanbul, Mugla, Izmir and Ankara.. Each of these cities gives you a different countries feeling.. Also it's the most visited country in Eastern Europe.

Kisses from Poland!
A piece of heaven, and the cradle of civilization with beautiful nature in many regions throughout the country. Many empires like Byzantine and Ottoman emerged from Turkey. The country has diverse culture with many ethnicities like the Turks, Kurds, Assyrians, Armenians, Arabs and Greeks.
Turkey is very beautiful. Turkey is best country in world.
[Newest]It's the most beautiful place in the world

With history and natural beauty. Who wouldn't like China. With friendly people and the food is just amazing.
I am from China and I think China is definitely one of the most beautiful nations in the world. China is one of the oldest countries in the world, so many interesting places to go and I think China is really attractive for foreigners as well.
Ever country has its own color and uniqueness and you are the one for me CHINA!

England is the best and most beautiful country in the world. A man who is tired of London is tired of life. England has much more to offer than any of those other countries could ever hope for. I know this, and I don't even live in England. Just acknowledge it and move on.
I come from America but I live in England and the landscape is beautiful and green and the forests are brilliant. You should see England in the summer time
My heart is with England and her people. I love it so much.

First time I was in Sweden I was chockt to see how beautiful this country is and how clean it was. The nature was amazing and the cities was incredible. Lots of love to Sweden from France and I will soon become Swedish myself, see you in Stockholm.
Beautiful country, almost everything is just amazing there.
Nice landscapes, beautiful people. And open minded. Bad weather though
[Newest]I was born there but I moved as a baby. I went there last year and it is so beautiful:) It shouldn't be number 26! :(

Taiwan is beautiful! That's why the Portuguese called "Ilha Formosa! " (Beautiful Island) when they first discovered Taiwan. Taiwan has a combination of natural scenery such as the densely packed high mountains (more than 100 over 3000m with the top being nearly 4000m) that make up 70% of the 36,000km squared land and volcanic islands (Turtle, Green and Orchid Islands) with fantastic erosion rocks and colourful corals nearly on all parts of the island's coastline. The Penghu Archipelago has the best beaches in Taiwan and has basalt columns found in very few places on Earth. Mud Volcano seen in not many places on Earth too and are found at the Southern part of Taiwan. Taroko Gorge in Eastern Taiwan is also spectacular and breath-taking. Kenting, the best surfing site in Taiwan and also a diving site with many recovered corals. Wulai has the best forest parks and waterfalls to relax with and can be reached easily. The hot springs in Jiaosi, Chiben, Beitou and Wulai are very famous and are pretty hot! Yushan National Park and Alishan Mountains are full of tall ancient trees. The mountains have different looks all throughout the year with each season changing to different colours. Mt Hehuan is one of the mountains tourists like to see as you can drive up there. The forest is misty and undisturbed and can see many different types of wild flora and fauna throughout Taiwan. Recently, due to mankind's development, some endemic species have gone extinct and this beautiful island should be known and be called out to be protected like many other places on Earth. Once you've been to Taiwan, you will be able to understand I think.

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