Top 10 Best Philippine Provinces

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1 Capiz

For me, the no. 1 best Philippine province is either Palawan or Cebu.

Capiz? I don't think it belongs in the top 2 to 5.

Our home province. Loyal we will be to Capiz.

Seafood capital of the Philippines.

2 Palawan

Palawan should be number 1. It is the only province with no earthquakes and rarely visited by typhoons.

The beach and the peace and solemnity of the islands in Palawan are marvelous.

It should be on the top list together with Cebu, Batanes, and Baguio.

It's not my favorite, but it's undeniably the best.

And why is Capiz no. 1?

3 Cebu

In everything, Cebu is first, from Christianity to modern times, from history and culture to food and infrastructure. It is the richest province in the Philippines. Viva Cebu! Viva Sto. Niño! Go Ceboom! It is the most populated province and has the most tourist arrivals next to Metro Manila. Cebu should be number one.

Cebu is the richest province, economically, culturally, and in every way. It's the center of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines!

CEBU is the best province, even ranked as the 8th design capital in the world!

4 Bohol

Bohol is undeniably a paradise. It's the most beautiful province that is yet to be fully known. Bohol has everything you wish to see on a tour: natural wonders, colorful flora and fauna, fine white-sand beaches, historical sites, and, most of all, the welcoming people.

Everything other provinces offer can also be found here in Bohol. See it for yourself. Come and visit Bohol, and I'm sure you'll be amazed by its breathtaking features. It is the only island-province that's a complete package for everyone. The best province ever among the rest.

5 Aklan

Aklan is not only Boracay. Aklan has much more to offer. Now, Aklan has the Pawa Windmills atop the high peaks of the northern part, overlooking Boracay island. It also has dozens of waterfalls in the highlands of Madalag and Libacao. Cold springs sprawl in Nabas, and a stretch of white sand shoreline extends from the far north of the province to Tangalan.

Walk a good distance within the serene, thick mangrove forest on a bamboo and wooden footbridge. Toward the end, you will be captivated by the blissful breeze and the peaceful sound of the sea. Not to worry, you will never feel too far from urbanity in Kalibo if you miss what a typical city offers, with its two drive-thru chains (Jollibee and McDonald's), a number of 24/7 convenience stores (7-Eleven), and other local classy restaurants.

Truly, Aklan has many places worthy of a stopover.

6 Pampanga

I love the province of Pampanga because every municipality and city has its own original food that you can only eat there.

They also showcase different festivals.

The Kapampangans have produced many Rajahs, Datus, four Philippine presidents, three chief justices, a Senate president, the first Filipino cardinal, one Huk Supremo, many Huk commanders and NPA cadres, and many personalities in public service, education, diplomacy, journalism, the arts and sciences, entertainment, and business.

7 Pangasinan

Pangasinan is the richest province and has the biggest economy in the Ilocos Region. It shares half of the total land area.

It hosts the largest power plant with the highest generating capacity - the Sual coal-powered plant - and the biggest dam in Southeast Asia, the San Roque Multi-Purpose Hydroelectric Dam.

And don't forget the Bangus!

Come and discover the beauty and shining glory of my Pangasinan.

More beautiful tourist spots.

8 Iloilo

Iloilo City tops the list of the most historic, cleanest, and most livable cities. It has many Spanish colonial-era structures that can still be seen around the city.

Iloilo City is one of the most accessible provinces in the Philippines, with a world-class international airport, known to have the most beautiful terminal building in the country, an international port, a RoRo pier, the Iloilo-Bacolod port, and good road infrastructure.

Iloilo City has the largest business park in the Philippines, the Iloilo Business Park, which offers world-class amenities. There is also the ongoing Iloilo City Center, another master-planned business area.

Iloilo City is known for having the "cleanest river in a city" in the Philippines. It is also home to the Ilonggo people, who are popularly known for being sweet and gentle.

Iloilo City is one of the safest cities in the Philippines. It is home to some of the richest people in the country, which you can easily notice by seeing the enormous mansions almost everywhere in the city.

9 Albay

This province is home to the world-famous Mayon Volcano, nominated as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Albay is considered the greenest province in the Philippines because the government prohibits the use of plastic. It is the only province in the Philippines that specializes in climate change initiatives.

I've been living in Legazpi City since I was born, yet I'm still amazed and fascinated by the scenic views in our province.

Visit here to see the wonders of our magnificent and colorful province!

10 Batangas

Batangas could be the highest income-generating province in the Philippines. It has two gas refineries, Shell and Chevron, plus dozens of petrochemical plants. This is evident in the number of banks in this region and the very high cost of living.

Batangas' roads and highways are way ahead of its neighboring provinces. Batangas to Manila is just a little over an hour's drive. This is very attractive to investors, agriculture, and other business segments.

According to studies, Batangas is included in the Philippines' Top 10 Richest Provinces list, and most of the people who live in the province have a high income. Statisticians suggest that if Batangas keeps its pace, it could easily outrun Cavite, Davao, and even Cebu as one of the best provinces to live in.

The Contenders
11 Northern Samar

The hidden paradise in the East.

12 Benguet

Located in the Cordillera region, Benguet is considered to have one of the highest standards of living in the Philippines. This province is known as the salad bowl of the Philippines, the strawberry capital, and the summer capital because of its cool temperature. It is also the flower capital and a producer of gold and other mining products.

Benguet offers many tourist destinations and attractions. You will also learn about its rich culture.

Benguet is known for its high standard of living. This province is the salad bowl of the Philippines, the strawberry capital, the summer capital, the flower capital, and a producer of gold and other mining products. Benguet offers many tourist destinations and attractions. You will also learn about its rich culture.

13 Camarines Sur

In my opinion, it is the religious capital of the Philippines because the people have been devoted to their patron, Our Lady of Peñafrancia, for centuries.

14 Ilocos Norte

It's really amazing. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Northern Gateway Paradise of the Philippines.

It's a place that brings you happiness and is really worth visiting.

Rich in historical sites. When I travel to this place, I feel so close to nature.

Looking forward to traveling to Ilocos Norte and witnessing its beauty.

15 Laguna

This province is well known for its private pool resorts that people enjoy a lot.

You cannot go wrong with this!

I like many cultural and historical places.

Laguna is the home of Jose P. Rizal.

16 Marinduque

One can walk around free from the threats of criminality. Marinduque is the second safest province in the Philippines, next to the Batanes group of islands.

Marinduque is the very center of the Philippines and the heart of the Philippine archipelago. It was marked by Americans as the Luzon Datum of 1911, being the center and mother of all meridians.

Aside from that, the province of Marinduque was ranked number one by the PNP and Philippine Security Forces as the most peaceful province in the country in 2013. It is also a site of natural and man-made resources. The famous Moriones Festival serves as the trademark of the province.

If you want to explore what is called "the Santorini of the Philippines," come to Marinduque, and you'll be amazed by its distinct and peaceful attractions.

17 Cavite
18 Ilocos Sur
19 Antique

Antique is a fast-growing province. It has a rich culture that embodies its history and people.

There are many hidden tourist spots with spectacular views. Recently, the province has been featured on TV, showcasing its best to Filipinos.

Antique is the first Malayan settlement in the Philippines, a clean and beautiful place. The beach is amazing, and the people are very hospitable.

It's a perfect place to relax.

20 Bulacan

Besides being the province with the highest income in the Philippines, Bulacan is very rich in history and natural resources.

No doubt about it. Let's abbreviate the discussion.

21 Isabela
22 Nueva Ecija

Nueva Ecija is considered the main rice-growing province of the Philippines and the leading producer of onions in the Municipality of Bongabon in Southeast Asia. It is currently the 9th richest province in the country.

Nueva Ecija also has natural wonders such as Minalungao National Park, hundreds of breathtaking views and mountains, high-class resorts, fun and thrilling adventures, and warm-hearted people.

23 Quezon

To be honest, I choose this province as the second most beautiful. However, I believe it needs more recognition to rise to the top 10.

By the way, my province belongs to the top 10 as the heartland of the Philippines for more than a hundred reasons.

In my own perception, our province is more progressive today than before.

Great province, home of Pahiyas, very diverse actually. Love it.

24 Bataan

Bataan is rich in history and showcases Filipino bravery and gallantry.

It has scenic mountain and seascapes.

25 La Union
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