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121Electric Angel

BEST SONG EVER! It's describe the time between the vocaloid and her/his master.

Why do you think this is so sad? this is one of the most happy, upbeat, cute, cheerful, sugar coma inducing vocaloid song ever.

The pv with Miku deleting herself to save her owner's life was so sad!

Electric angel isn't sad..

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122Wrinkles - Gumi

Oh my gush. Gumi's Wrinkle is so good. To be honest I love it.

If you listen to it, the beat and everything seems so good, and the best part is, when you look at the animations, you'll crave for it.

The story is that two highschool, girl and boy fell in love. They both texted, laughed to each other, holds hand, and both decided to be married. When they got married, the girl was so HAPPY (Of course the girl is the one who'll be happy) and she cried while smiling. Soon afterward, they got a baby, and they're so sweet. Until they got old... But even though they're old they still love each other, I don't know who died the girl or the boy.
But as long as I know... Gumi - Wrinkle does relate to the animation.

No matter you have wrinkles in your face. I will still love you.
Remember our wrinkles are increasing one by one.

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123Kimi Ni Uso

This is a Miku song where I believe both people love each other but split apart to follow their own dreams. Person A wants to tell Person B that they still love them but by the time Person A can tell Person B, Person B they find out Person B died.

124Blink of Goodbye

This has got to be the song to get the deep emotions inside anyone's heart to bleed out as you realize that, after a lifetime with someone, they need to go away, and as you wave goodbye, you remember the good times and the times when they were there for you...

Not depressing, but inspiring. This is the song I listen to when I'm sad or depress or just want to feel lots of positive emotions about someone...

This song made my heart strings tug and tighten. It made tears come to my eyes. This was an amazing song.

125Cruel ClocksV2 Comments
126Two Faced Lovers

I have to stop myself from crying every time I listen to this.

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127I Want to Be a Kind Person
128Kagami No Mahou - Kagamine Len

The story is really sad, and the second part is as tear jerking as the first one, plus it makes me remember the sentence
'not every fairy tale has a good ending'

129Orphan Keeper Song
130Cyber Diver

Cyber Diver is one of Haku's less popular songs, but even so there is meaning to it that can be hard to see. In the first verse of the song she is looking for a place where efforts and thoughts will be rewarded, and then finds that place, the sea of light. The second verse explains how the sea is her escape, and how she can finally can be properly understood by other people, and by herself. The bridge also imply this, as it says that she found truth, self confidence and hope, and that it will help her to move forwards with her life because of that. It is sad if you know what the sea of light is. So, what is the sea of light?

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132Steel Cage Princess

This is the first song in the Dark Woods Circus Series. This song is when Miku goes insane.

133Blue Ice Castle

This has to be the saddest Dark Woods Circus song (in my opinion.) it reveals that Miku was married before she went insane. This song describes her suicide by cutting off both of her arms and her leg. That is what the ice on them mean.

134Red Swamp Bottom

When Miku is sent to hell for killing herself in Blue Ice Castle.

Second saddest song after Guard and Scythe, I guess Machgerita always makes me cry

135Wide Knowledge of the Late, Madness

This is connected to the Dark Woods Circus series but isn't included in the series. This is when Miku is sent to a insane asylum. (If this were to go into the series I'm sure it'd be the second song.)

136My Everything, All of It to You - Kagamine Len

Go and listen, once you've done that, listen to To You, and cry rivers,
A sad tale about a friendship love that will never be

It's just... Len... When.. Rin... Ahgghh! This was the sequel to To You Kagamine Rin Len, which is just as sad... ;w;

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137Tell Your World - Miku HatsuneV2 Comments
138Remember - Piko Utatane

Jesus the lyrics! And the fact that Piko's voice is young sounding

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139Rain Dream Tower

Rain Dream Tower is sure have a emotional melody and lyrics. I usually gazing the sky while listening to this song. Brings a lot of emotional feeling, sad, angry, and somehow depressing.

140Hikari - Miku & Mikuo Hatsune

This song sort of taps into an old fear of mine, to live in complete isolation... No one ever being able to hear you and even if they did, dismissing it. Mikuo becomes Miku's little hope spot, but one that's cruelly yanked away from her. There's also a spot of fridge horror when you realized Miku probably will stop singing, and will be seen as bugged. Where do bugged programs go?

But hey, at least she'll be back with Mikuo, I guess.

It's kinda sad for me since I'm an avid fan of miku x mikuo it's about miku getting lonely of singing all alone and mikuo comes in and comforts her sadness but apperantly he was a "bug" that needed to be deleted in miku's voicebank he spends his moments with miku until they finally fell in love mikuo looked so sweet and charming singing in this song and the miku x mikuo moments... Gosh they were wonderful but I got sad when mikuo was gonna be deleted the last time miku felt him and he vanished and the way she tilted her head down... Man it was so sad she was lonely again this made me cry a bit since I very much support the miku x mikuo pairing

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