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1North Korea

These people make me sick. Well the gov really. I just feel bad for the people.

I watched a documentary about north Korea from a man that had escaped from a concentration camp. They jabbed at his testicles with an IRON POKER while hot and killed his MOTHER and BROTHER in FRONT of him. Don't get me started on the famines.

China or south korea just invade that place solve millions of peoples problems PLEASE. I'M GLAD KIM JONG ILL IS DEAD HOPE THE REST OF THE GOVERNMENT IS NEXT.

China wouldn't invade, North Korea they are allies. The whole reason the USA lost the Korean War was because of Chinese reinforcements. Though China is getting pretty fed up with them.

Restricted freedom of speech, heavily censored internet access (if they even have access at all), lack of outside media (as only state-run media is deemed legal), difficult to foreigners to enter (and when they do they're always followed by North Korean soldiers watching). And that personality cult surrounding the Kim family. Not to mention the stubborn behavior by Kim surrounding nuclear weapons, and the poor infrastructure and living standards in the country.

The camps are coo'

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Japan is the Most disgusting country ever...
They keep denying the history and never regret what they've done...
There's no future for the country that forgets its history!

Japan is to be commended for their efforts to contribute, to being a peaceful nation. Our countries people donated to Japan, when they had that terrible Tsunami.

I watched a program where a Japanese lady agreed to be a study, for the effects of the nuclear bomb. She said as a child it was ok, to be asked to undress for the examinations by doctors from all over the world. However, as she was growing up to a teen, she was terribly embarrassed. As a grown women she did this because, she said this must never happen in this world again. I admired her for her courage, as Japanese ladies are very modest. This was with a very great effort, this Japanese lady did this. This Japanese lady was never able to have children.

Japan did apologize for their treatment of the P.O.W. We apologized to the Japanese people for, taking all of their possessions and forcing them into internment camps. The people of Japan, still suffer the results from the nuclear bombs.

The Japanese people I have met are, always very gracious and very polite. Much more polite than I am.

What the hell!
Why are they say that dokdo is theirs land? I'm not understand

The grammar is atrocious, and the attempt at wisdom is pathetic. How the hell does this have over 2,000 thumbs up? - Caleb9000

They are really suck. They are always lie and dirty.

"They are really suck." That's one of the most idiotic things I have ever read. - Lasvegasxavier

Japanese are best two face in the world, they pretend to be the nice but inside look down on everyone. Most people do not know, everything Japanese is showing off to the world is what they stole from others, such as the so called Japanese Garden is consist of nothing from Japan, Japan's famous plants, koi fish etc, are all stolen from China but Japanese shamelessly claim to be their own. No other race on this planet is as big of a thief and liar than the nasty Japanese.

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3South Korea

They always trying to copy other country's culture and claim that is their culture. Many things from china and japan were copied by them. They very easily to get angry. Totally the worst Asian I know after china. I think north Korea is better than them

The ancient east-Asian culture flew from China to Korea and then to Japan (due to the obvious reason). Nevertheless, all those countries have developed some unique cultures. Does any Korean cultures (food/clothes/way of living etc) are exactly same as Chinese or Japanese or viceversa? All I can pick up is that some of their words have same meaning and sound. Their alphabets are completely different (you can argue that Japanese and Chinese alphabets look similar but that is because Japanese alphabets were influenced by Chinese letters. Koreans used Chinese letters in their earlier kingdoms but soon created a new language for themselves). You should get some proper educations before writing such inaccurate statements. Get real

They are really arrogant. They are equal to North Koreans.
They think that they are number one, while they really are far behind US, Japan and many other countries.
They educate their children to hate other countries such as Japan, China and US.
They don't educate their children to understand other nations, but just hate them. They are too stupid to understand their hatred education will undermine their own fundamentals of the nation.

They severely torture dogs before they eat them because they blindly believe that torturing makes dogs taste better.

They are number one racist against others except for white people. This is well known to whole world.

We don't teach the children to hate the other countries. We are trying to teach the history and let them not forget how our ancestors sacrificed themselves for us. You should watch the latest show programme called Bi jeong sam hoi dam (Abnormal meeting), where they have a meeting with 11 guys from all around the world and apparently, the most loved and famous guy is from Ghana. People think we are discriminating the people by colour but it is an old story when the Korean people barely see the people with different skin colour. I understand there must be other reasonable reasons for you to be hating Korean that much, but as I am from Korea I thought I should at least try to explain. I am sorry if there are grammar errors and hope you not be offended by my comment..

They easily break rules.
At the end of the soccer game against Japan in LONDON Olympic 2012,
a Korean player demonstrated a politic action. They claimed that an island, located in Sea of Japan, belonged to Korea.
They stole the island from Japan by breaking the international law.
More than 40 Japanese civilians were murdered by Korean army.

Crazy people, crazy sound

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4United States

People hate the U.S. cause we start wars, eat too much food, buy the newest stuff, care for only one religion, etc. We don't care for anybody

Yes US isn't US anymore look at our selves people are becoming gluttons by eating too much food I don't eat a lot myself because I am always in a hurry to play Clash of Clans and Boom Beach but we do get things we don't need we have lost ourselves we are not the people we once were so sad

Not the worst country in the world, but definitely the most hated. Maybe if we started minding our own business people would hate us less. Ron Paul 2012!

They love themselves so much that they fail to see reality they are $14 billion in debt but continue to spend more money and oil to get oil from Iraq

Sorry but there in a $15,000,000,000,000. They had to renovate the debt counter in New York because it was to big to fit in the counter

I love my country and I will die for it so stop being so mean about my country

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Think that they are the most noble race, and all other race are pigs and allowed to kill. Seriously if you think that they are nice to you, it just fake. They will stab you in the back.

It would appear from these comments the person has a real problem with themselves being brain washed and not any Israeli. You need to seek help from a good Jewish doctor in Israel.

Killing innocent people in the name of Judaism. Zionism is a disease that kills thousands of innocent people every few years. Israel is a rogue state with an arrogant population that is being breastfed by the US. Israel is today's equivalent of Nazi Germany.

Israel is a rogue state compared to what country, Iran, Iraq, and all the other Muslim countries? - criminaljustice1977

What has been said Israel is a nation that was created to torment the Palestinians for the sins of the Nazis they treat the Palestinians like second class human beings and do not want even to let them separate!

We do not need your evil in this world anymore, thank you.

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Only dislike China government, love China people.

Nor every Chinese people are good is truth, But some of the weaknesses are due to the bad government.

China, is a territorial thief! No wonder why everyone hates china here. Arrogant country!

China has no respect for human rights even if you put altogether the other cases committed by other countries.

They think they're the center of the universe, making fake and bad products that cause cancers and other deadly diseases. They don't respect any international law which they signed themselves, invading other Asian countries to earn benefits for themselves

Please give an example of them invading other countries other than the ones that should be theirs. Other than that, I can't argue with the crap products too much, except that they are slightly improving.

Nice phones these days

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Most European countries hate Russia, especially those countries that were in the Soviet Union, such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Soviets (nowadays Russia) brought a lot of pain to these countries and do not even bother repaying the damage.

They did not repay the damage because they could barely pay the damage of original Russia itself! After USSR fell, everything in Russia fell, it had to worry more about itself than other countries. It is not because Russia was selfish, but had to take care of itself before smaller countries.

Even today they don't realize how much pain they created, not only to their neighboring nations, but even more to themselves. Russian communism was one of the worst social experiments in the human history. They destroyed their own culture, religion, intellectuals and replaced it with some surrogate. The consequences are devastating: moral and social degradation, that creates high level of crime, alcoholism, corruption and social indifference.

Yes very idiotic comment. How do you know anything about Russians. They know perfectly well what they did, and regret communism. At least in communism they had morals and even a better school system and society than modern America.

Nothing really changed there. New cold war is coming soon.

Every greek lies it I'm sick of it

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8United Kingdom

800 hundred years of oppression from Britain to Ireland, 2 million people died in the Irish famine & 2 million people migrated Ireland's population has still not recovered thanks to British greed. They created the slave trade, they have oppressed more than one country in every continent and have been in more wars than any other nation!

But only because they were more successful than the other colonial powers. If any other country had had the same position as Britain, they would have done the same things. Colonialism was about competition and exploitation, and Britain did particularly "well"... - pirloandrea

The country which destroyed the whole world only for wealth.. Destroyed Indian ancient education system... Just Google Macaulay letter of India.. And

Stole many concepts of other countries like The real inventor of Marconi wireless Was Jagdish Chandra Bose and also the real Inventor of telephone

Northern ireland is every as irish as southern ireland, the quicker we have a united ireland the better all northern ireland loyalists, can call themselves british all they want but the fact is their accent is irish and they are born and raised in ireland the british government should stop wasting british tax payers money and let go of northern ireland, the british have lost most of their colonies and their empire is continuing to disappear into history to this day all empires are built and eventually become a thing of the past a united ireland is very much an eventuality

A NATO terrorist state. They deserve no right to possess Nuclear Weapons and also enforce their evil values on the rest of humanity, but cannot adapt very well outside of their own country of origin.

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Can't and refuse to speak any other language, extremely racist and the trouble makers of Europe.

Have you ever met a French? Most younger people speak English well enough, are really open minded and nice and definitely not racist, maybe patriots, but there's nothing bad about that! Get away from those stereotypes!

They think they are the best in everything and they can do whatever they want as they were the kings of the world. The truth is they are pathetic

That is only a stereotype. You probably don't know what you are talking about writing that. I lived in France for a year and I met very very nice people and barely any who were like that. - swrs1234

They are so bureaucratic that it's debilitating. They are also incredibly lazy and everything is closed on Sundays and for 3 hours in the middle of the week day.

Its full of pansies

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I hate the country, but love a lot of the people. Some of my best friends in university were Persians, and they were some of the coolest people around. Iran, the country itself, needs big changes. They need to separate the Islamic religion from their state, and put an end to the killings and human rights violations enforced by their religious doctrine. I don't want to see more people die simply because they are trying to live their life and find their happiness in their own way. Please question "if my god is truly loving, would he really want me to hurt, punish, and violate sinners, or would he want me to learn to forgive, and try to help them? "

I just feel bad for this country.
Their government treats it's people like trash and kills innocent people.
The stuff that happens there is horrible...

I'm Iranian so I know here better than you... Much better.. No innocent killing & no bad government... I love Iran and we don't have those problems that you mentioned... None of them... - Aliiiiiii

I think Persians are one of the most smartest people around the world.

Horrible nation. It should be nuked by the United States or Israel. Iran does not deserve to exist. - Libra888

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Today's government in Germany is said to have taken over Europe not military, but financialy. It is said that Merkel's government achieved through the financial and banking system what Hitler failed (thankfully) to achieve through his military.

Unfortunately this is true. Because Hitler, an AUSTRIAN, take power during a depression 70 years ago, we are evil people. There are more commies and nazi gangs and supporters in America than here

At least here in America we never allowed a loser like Adolf to come to power. Thank you Founding Fathers. Of course no system is perfect. Now we have Barry. But even he is not as bad as Hitler. I say that as a white person. However, overall Hitler did lots of great things. And Germany is the best! I am of English and German heritage. I prefer Germany in almost everything, except for allowing Hitler. But today Germany has a great democracy and I say Germany is the best country in Europe. When I go to buy my next car, it will be a Volkswagen MADE IN Germany. I don't trust workers anywhere else. Maybe the Japanese are good workers, but their cars are pathetic. Reliable? Sure, but still pathetic. Only German cars are great!

I've been living here for the last year and now I can say without hesitation that I would get the hell outta here as soon as I can. Germany is one the worst places in the world, and I've been in quite a few.

Funny thing is, I really liked Germany before coming here. Now, they can close the damned frontier because I will never step back in.

I lived there my whole life until I moved 2007 to the US. I am an American Citizen now and I refused to keep my German one. Germany is pathetic, they think they are always right, they know it all. They are so liberal they except everything and everyone but a different opinion! The media are lying constantly about the bad bad US. I hate that Country! No moral, too expensive and way too overrated. People are arrogant and feel superior. - Buratino

They have Nuclear Weapons, so they are a Terrorist State.

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For everyone who is reading this, especially the ones who have read the previous comments regarding Pakistan, kindly read this through instead of skipping it when you read the next few words that are: I am a Pakistani. In my defense for my nation, I would just like to say kindly stop hating US and start hating OUR GOVERNMENT. As previously stated, our country is the hotspot for corruption indeed. What I would say that the politicians here should be assassinated but tortured before. I even agree that in the whole world, Pakistan is the most corrupted country. "Oh sure blame the government" is probably, probably your first thought. And your second one, in this case, is definitely "horrible nation with killing, bloodshed and extremism". But have you ever thought what OUR (the civilians') fault is? Your accusation: Terrorism. Our answer: that is the government's job to take care of it. We can't really get weapons without warrants and if the government would kindly ensure that it is the only way to get weapons and throw anyone in a cell caught selling ANY weapon without a warrant. Second problem: extremism, MY reply: crap. These are just another religion manipulative group of terrorists who want to cause damage. Recently I visited an area in Pakistan; Swat, known for it's "Talibaan" (another terrorist group). A little discussion with the locals and it turns out most of the damage done by military. The "Talibaan" group is simply nothing more than a bullying gang which should be dealt with by the internal government and NOT OTHER COUNTRIES. With all due respect, other countries had been sending drones to destroy terrorists, right? Well how many terrorists have you caught other that Osama Bin Laden the creep? Several families including women and children mostly die and still you blame US for terrorism. We come at airports and are checked so strictly still you feel that we should be hated? We bear your criticism, but still you, considering all that I have read yet, feel no sympathy for us. Even though we are an extremely poor country who suffer a lot because of not only external but also internal reasons such as relief and terrain issues, climatic and natural problems I.E. droughts and severe floods. Sadly terrorism IS the only contribution of Pakistan in the world but then why do you accept it? There are ways in which this "contribution" can be eradicated and they involve talking not sending drones to blow ordinary SUSPECTED SUSPICIOUS houses and families to bits. These ways involve support not declaring an already neglected, poor and confused country hated. Kindly carry on despising Pakistan if you did not understand my message. Because for each and every blame, I can most probably defend and give an answer for it. If any of you ever get a chance to visit Pakistan do see our political system and criticize THAT.

Corruption is everywhere not just Pakistan, look at Libya, Syria, Egypt - why are you so boxed into thinking its just Pakistan?

I can't believe Pakistan isn't number 1

Only one reason of Pakistan's such situation is that there is discrimination between poor and rich, and it is so high that you can't catch a terrorist because he is working for a powerful politician, a wealthy landlord or he is a trained Israeli or Indian agent. with all these problems we have best armed forces of the world, best professional people working all around and a beautiful country with all varieties of seasons and terrain

They are a terrorist nation and responsible for so many bad things. They hosted Osama and hosted terrorism against India. Pakistan is a failed state in the modern sense of the word.

I feel sorry for ya, to the Pakistani guy. SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR Pakistan!

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Baghdad? One of the worlds greatest cities now in ruins because of Iraq

The most dangerous place to live on earth""'

Saddam Hussein was there.

The isis is there!

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I hate Canada because of Justin bieber. Laugh out loud!

I think Glenn Gould more than balances out Justin Bieber. No country is perfect.

I am Canadian and I hate this country. People are cold, individualistic and concerned only about themselves and their own interests. Most programs from municipal to federal levels seem to be designed in favour of new immigrants to the country and/or minorities. Programs for subsidized housing, education/training and job opportunities in many sectors make it easier for them to get than native born Canadians.

It seems that also most new immigrants to this country are very aware of all the programs available to them and this is what makes this country so attractive to them. I see and hear all the time, many immigrants are collecting welfare and taking advantage of all the benefits available to them financially while working under the table for cash jobs. All their extra money is sent back to their countries to support their families there. I know many of them do not claim earnings to avoid paying taxes and it seems easier for them to get away with such things. I also hear how much they hate life here and that they will eventually go back to their countries. That they will stay here long enough to qualify for the benefits.

I notice this a lot as myself and I know many people find it difficult to find a good job here and the cost of living is so high. I have been working overseas now for wages much lower than in Canada. But costs and taxes are a fraction of what they are in Canada. People seem warmer and more loving than here. I am very stressed here and I think lots of people suffer from depression and or stress related illnesses in Canada. There are many types of addiction and abuse. I believe people are lonely and frustrated here because of what I described.

Yes we are more civilized and developed than most countries in the world. We have laws and regulations and people are accountable for them. But I feel our government wants to much control and interferes to much. Taxes are high in order to support the high salaries of civil and public servants, because tax money is mismanaged and all the money that is needed to support new immigrants to this country.

I have nothing against other cultures most of my friends are from other countries as I seem to get along better with them than most native born Canadians. But like one of my African friends said to me 'Canada is good to immigrants but not its own people". I believe it. I also see that many people are struggling here. I have noticed the higher education is also free in other countries and are concerned about their own citizens life in their country. For now this is how I feel and I have been spit on in a parking lot, assaulted and even robbed by fellow Canadians with little consequence for this. We have different problems here.

Canada pretends to be nice but all the scumbags that were not caught by england and sent to "prison Australia" escaped to here; all the greedy riff raff from Europe that could not get into america ended up here; halifax burned out the black cannibals in apartheid style; prime ministers have be involved in mysterious exchanges of envelopes of cash; saskatchewan cabinet was caught in a huge financial scam and some had to resign; premiere of British Columbia had to resign; still paying for the montreal olympics because of quebec construction fraud oh by the way a few years ago there was a mere $300 million scandal in quebec again with government involvement; toronto mayor is crackhead but toronto lawyers were too stupid to have a way to deal with it; manitoba is broke so roads in Lebanon are better; Alberta wants to become part of isa; can only vote for one of two idiotic political parties nationally and provincially so the mess never changes : and this is why we allow fighting in hockey because of the foregoing, if it was not for hockey Canada would not exist.

I hate Canada because they act like its impossible to hate them.

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See what I mean? All these morons saying idiotic things such as "Australia is only racist because of the Asians that keep invading" are the exact example of what's wrong in this country. So because non-English speaking people move here, then it's justifiable to be a racist prick?

How about you all keep in mind that WHITE 'Australians' are the ones who invaded this country in the first place and stole it from the Indigenous people and are now claiming that it is their country.

The country is classless and full of stupid uneducated racist bogans because all the WHITE invaders came in here, descendants of convict white trash. The ETHNIC immigrants are the ones working hard and we are the most willing to work hard while you lazy ass white scum bludge off the dole on OUR tax dollars and openly talk to anyone who isn't white. That white superiority complex lies within all of you.

Australia is a big country with potential which is wasted on a lazy work ethnic and narrow minded people. Racism is too open here and too accepted by the white people. We have only a 22 million person population, so I don't care for this "F*** off, we're full" bull. I say let the immigrants in and accept them with open arms if they're the ones willing to work hard to make a life here and send all the dirty white trash back to England on the boats.

I'm over the white VS everyone else in this country.
White people all over the world need to learn to shut up when it comes to ethnicity.

I moved to Australia from Bangladesh 3 years ago. I go out a lot, meet a lot of people, but I never faced racism, even for once.

Look, there are some people who would punch you in the face when you get into an argument in a bar. Some people will get "a look" for sitting in a train seat that is only for the elderly. The thing is you only notice that when you are non-white. People think that they are facing racism but honestly, that happens to white folks as much as non-whites. It's a country where manner is important, rules are strictly followed, so isn't it our job that we follow them as much as others?

I will finish with an example. I worked in the city and I lived in clayton, that's about 20 miles from my work. I finish late and always have to rush for the last train and tram, can't miss anyone of them. unfortunately one day I did and I was running to behind the last tram when the police stopped me. They were both whites. They asked me for an explanation and I told them I just missed the last tram and I didn't have enough money to get a cab.

Guess what, they drove me home!

It's a great country with great people, just find the right friend for you, You'll love it.

Why does Australia have a reputation for being so friendly? I'm of ethnic background and grew up here and I have never seen so many narrow minded, ignorant, racist, and uncultured/classless people in one place before in my life. The majority of white Australians openly discriminate against all other races without bothering to get to know anything about them. Disgusting.

Many good things, but also lots of white racists.

Australia, must only be populated and genuinely anti-Zionist governed by and for Aborigines only. All the other invading racist and bigoted idiots who stole their country (thanks to their evil ancestors from England and elsewhere), should go back home where they originally came from, white and non-white. Australia, is in the Asian continent. Australia is no place for anyone of European or Asian background, only Aborigines.

You guys are very dumpy

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The first country to have a university in the whole world(takshashila university located north west region)

University was started to create a higher social status in their Caste System for the Fairer Ones - FreddieOng

India is a indeed a rich country. I LOVE India for its beautiful nature.

Ignorant, obnoxious and arrogant. They think the world is made up of India only.

Well yes The world is today only because if India. The whole world got its knowledge from India. You can debate on it.

I disown India, for all the bad and evil that they are. I represent myself instead.

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Racist hypocrites who never stop moaning about immigration even though there are probably 150 million of them scattered around the globe like explosive diarrhea.

There are no 150 million Brits around the world I don't know where you pulled that number out from and their immigration problems are very real, new coming immigrants refuse to adapt and to accept British culture and keep protesting so that British people adopt their culture and history instead of their own

I've lived in this dried up and miserable country all my life and I will be totally honest. The English still have not got it into their thick heads yet they do not run the world anymore. The politics is archaic and unemployment is out of control. They are far more atheist than they dare admit because they are mad for money and will never admit that either! They have NO culture and it makes me cringe when they demonstrate the pathetic remains of it on T.V. to whip up the old dream of a crumbling empire and stuck up stupidity. Of course there are good people I know here but most English are too envious and ambitious to really give a damn about each other and that makes me sad. Worse still they are total two-faced hypocrites who will lie like psychopaths to your face when being polite then insult you when your back is turned in a way they know you cannot do anything about. They are gutless, unenlightened and driven only by male-chauvinistic competition. They keep on complaining about immigration when their corrupt government is DELIBERATELY allowing immigration so it can employ cheap, foreign labour.

England is one of the most corrupt, boastful country in the world! First of all, the practically put their flag on everthing they destroy. They cause 79% of war rate globally. They alliance with America and make utterly stupid decisions and just say WAR! I'm Very annoyed that some websites say they are 7th for the worlds most generous countries! What! England is probably the most responsible country in the world and are powerful but they just let the Americans to match war with civil war elsewhere -that's not gonna do anything! This is why they are at the tip of the iceberg with exiting the EU commitiy. Also what the hell is the point of the Queen. I mean literally, she does pretty much nothing compared to the goverment. Nowadays, the stubborn government controls the UK and mucks it all up. I don't know why England is at 31 it should rightfully at number 1.

Over 95% of Anglo-Saxon's (neo-Nazi terrorist's in human form), would fail a Tolerance Test and suffer from a life-long inferiority complex.

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I agree with the American below. Our nation does look at them like they are inferior. No wonder we are the most hated. They put the rest of the countries on this list

Violent, heroin is a daily habit in this culture. The conscious decisions of the hostiles populations in this nation have taken the lives of so many innocent people around the world.

Drug use is not a cultural phenomenon but an effect of war, poverty, and distress. The hostiles you blame for deaths around the world have actually never launched any international attacks. The Taliban were a militia created and funded by Pakistan and US to fight the Soviets, who then decided to stick around and impose hell on the Afghan population.

Why would you hate a country that can't do anything, I think we should feel sympathy for it, it got invaded for something it didn't even do, just look at what Pakistan is doing to it.

What is Pakistan doing to it? The better question would be, what is the US doing to it?

Hometown of terrorists group

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19Saudi Arabia

Women there are treated like 5th class citizens, disgusting culture that doesn't respect human rights and freedom of expression

I hate when women are treated with disrespect! How would men feel if women would treat them in this way!

They treat foreigners like they are not people they don't let them work most jobs requires to be Saudi regardless of they actually pay thousands of money just to live in it because they don't have some where else to go.. Foreigner are not allowed to go to colleges even if they were born in Saudi Arabia they make... Them work hours and hours under the sun. They don't even treat them right especially indian people I don't know why... And lets talk about women they don't let them drive or dress they way they want or you will go to prison. Women should have a man be like a guardian or she can't do most things it doesn't matter how old or smart or career you have you will need a man... They don't teach girls sports in school they believe its wrong so don't be surprise if you saw a lot of fat saudi... You can't walk alone in the street everyone will stare and flirt even if you are wearing the veil so they are horny and stupid so you will have to be in a car with a driver cause you are not allowed to drive remember.. There is no where fun to go other than malls and malls and malls... Its really the most hated country I don't believe it's listed as 14

That mad me laugh but most of the women look underfed, so they don't in fact look fat despite being deprives of sports!

At the end of Antiquity, they took their armies and marched them across as much of the world massacring people and cultures who did not submit to their new islamic god. They burned libraries and tore down temples claiming them to be "haram" (unclean! ) and forced people be islamic either by force or subtle submission.

The worst thing is, they don't or will never admit what they did was horrendous. They have a sword on their flag... What else did you think...

Do not lie here. They did not massacre anyone except for few people. While they were PRAYING, the Christians there threw stones at their heads, threw knifes at them, and whipped them. I'm Muslim and Christianity as changed a lot. I'm not saying anything offensive to Christians as they are very nice people - bosssauce

Come to mid east and see

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World War 3 here folks...

I went there before the war.. & this is country is beautiful! People are so friendly & nice.. Every shop you go to is very welcoming & gave us lots of gifts..
The markets there r amazing, full of handcrafted beautiful things with great prices..
They are extremely self sufficient, everything there they made themselves & proud of that.. Lots of respect for them
So sad for what happened there

They might start a world war with nuclear weapons tell me is al-assad going to pull them out of his ass?

You hear it on the news a lot about bad stuff

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