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Japan is the Most disgusting country ever...
They keep denying the history and never regret what they've done...
There's no future for the country that forgets its history!
What the hell!
Why are they say that dokdo is theirs land? I'm not understand
They are really suck. They are always lie and dirty.
I just wanted to say, Korea is copying a lot from the US and Japan.
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2South Korea
They always trying to copy other country's culture and claim that is their culture. Many things from china and japan were copied by them. They very easily to get angry. Totally the worst Asian I know after china. I think north Korea is better than them
They are really arrogant. They are equal to North Koreans.
They think that they are number one, while they really are far behind US, Japan and many other countries.
They educate their children to hate other countries such as Japan, China and US.
They don't educate their children to understand other nations, but just hate them. They are too stupid to understand their hatred education will undermine their own fundamentals of the nation.

They severely torture dogs before they eat them because they blindly believe that torturing makes dogs taste better.

They are number one racist against others except for white people. This is well known to whole world.
They easily break rules.
At the end of the soccer game against Japan in LONDON Olympic 2012,
a Korean player demonstrated a politic action. They claimed that an island, located in Sea of Japan, belonged to Korea.
They stole the island from Japan by breaking the international law.
More than 40 Japanese civilians were murdered by Korean army.

They have eaten feces for a long time.


Koreans always lie.

Koreans are too stupid to recognize that they are too stupid.
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3North Korea
These people make me sick. Well the gov really. I just feel bad for the people.
I watched a documentary about north Korea from a man that had escaped from a concentration camp. They jabbed at his testicles with an IRON POKER while hot and killed his MOTHER and BROTHER in FRONT of him. Don't get me started on the famines.

China or south korea just invade that place solve millions of peoples problems PLEASE. I'M GLAD KIM JONG ILL IS DEAD HOPE THE REST OF THE GOVERNMENT IS NEXT.

Restricted freedom of speech, heavily censored internet access (if they even have access at all), lack of outside media (as only state-run media is deemed legal), difficult to foreigners to enter (and when they do they're always followed by North Korean soldiers watching). And that personality cult surrounding the Kim family. Not to mention the stubborn behavior by Kim surrounding nuclear weapons, and the poor infrastructure and living standards in the country.
Funny that they stuff all the commie bastards in this tiny place.
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Only dislike China government, love China people.
China, is a territorial thief! No wonder why everyone hates china here. Arrogant country!

They think they're the center of the universe, making fake and bad products that cause cancers and other deadly diseases. They don't respect any international law which they signed themselves, invading other Asian countries to earn benefits for themselves
This is most disgusting government in the world they wont bother about others rights but they worry about them such a cruel country if 3rd world war starts this country will be directly responsible that will be the future and this China government wont be in the world map...
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5United States
People hate the U.S. cause we start wars, eat too much food, buy the newest stuff, care for only one religion, etc. We don't care for anybody
Not the worst country in the world, but definitely the most hated. Maybe if we started minding our own business people would hate us less. Ron Paul 2012!
They love themselves so much that they fail to see reality they are $14 billion in debt but continue to spend more money and oil to get oil from Iraq
Don't consider others human being
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Think that they are the most noble race, and all other race are pigs and allowed to kill. Seriously if you think that they are nice to you, it just fake. They will stab you in the back.
Killing innocent people in the name of Judaism. Zionism is a disease that kills thousands of innocent people every few years. Israel is a rogue state with an arrogant population that is being breastfed by the US. Israel is today's equivalent of Nazi Germany.
What has been said Israel is a nation that was created to torment the Palestinians for the sins of the Nazis they treat the Palestinians like second class human beings and do not want even to let them separate!
Should let Nazis finish their job n nowadays fill with peace without Jews.
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Most European countries hate Russia, especially those countries that were in the Soviet Union, such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Soviets (nowadays Russia) brought a lot of pain to these countries and do not even bother repaying the damage.
Even today they don't realize how much pain they created, not only to their neighboring nations, but even more to themselves. Russian communism was one of the worst social experiments in the human history. They destroyed their own culture, religion, intellectuals and replaced it with some surrogate. The consequences are devastating: moral and social degradation, that creates high level of crime, alcoholism, corruption and social indifference.
Nothing really changed there. New cold war is coming soon.
They are liars. They lie about everything. Russia have in every country their spies and they are manipulate other people. Don't trust in any word from Putin's mouth. Russia is like cancer for the whole world but some countries don't want to realize it.
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I hate the country, but love a lot of the people. Some of my best friends in university were Persians, and they were some of the coolest people around. Iran, the country itself, needs big changes. They need to separate the Islamic religion from their state, and put an end to the killings and human rights violations enforced by their religious doctrine. I don't want to see more people die simply because they are trying to live their life and find their happiness in their own way. Please question "if my god is truly loving, would he really want me to hurt, punish, and violate sinners, or would he want me to learn to forgive, and try to help them? "
I just feel bad for this country.
Their government treats it's people like trash and kills innocent people.
The stuff that happens there is horrible...
I personally think this country should be ranked as #2 on our list for TOP RETARDED country in the world! However, the people that come from this country are very nice, smart, and know a lot more than a great deal of other countries in the world. BUT because of their political regime none of that is viewed!
It is very good country.
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For everyone who is reading this, especially the ones who have read the previous comments regarding Pakistan, kindly read this through instead of skipping it when you read the next few words that are: I am a Pakistani. In my defense for my nation, I would just like to say kindly stop hating US and start hating OUR GOVERNMENT. As previously stated, our country is the hotspot for corruption indeed. What I would say that the politicians here should be assassinated but tortured before. I even agree that in the whole world, Pakistan is the most corrupted country. "Oh sure blame the government" is probably, probably your first thought. And your second one, in this case, is definitely "horrible nation with killing, bloodshed and extremism". But have you ever thought what OUR (the civilians') fault is? Your accusation: Terrorism. Our answer: that is the government's job to take care of it. We can't really get weapons without warrants and if the government would kindly ensure that it is the only way to get weapons and throw anyone in a cell caught selling ANY weapon without a warrant. Second problem: extremism, MY reply: crap. These are just another religion manipulative group of terrorists who want to cause damage. Recently I visited an area in Pakistan; Swat, known for it's "Talibaan" (another terrorist group). A little discussion with the locals and it turns out most of the damage done by military. The "Talibaan" group is simply nothing more than a bullying gang which should be dealt with by the internal government and NOT OTHER COUNTRIES. With all due respect, other countries had been sending drones to destroy terrorists, right? Well how many terrorists have you caught other that Osama Bin Laden the creep? Several families including women and children mostly die and still you blame US for terrorism. We come at airports and are checked so strictly still you feel that we should be hated? We bear your criticism, but still you, considering all that I have read yet, feel no sympathy for us. Even though we are an extremely poor country who suffer a lot because of not only external but also internal reasons such as relief and terrain issues, climatic and natural problems I.E. droughts and severe floods. Sadly terrorism IS the only contribution of Pakistan in the world but then why do you accept it? There are ways in which this "contribution" can be eradicated and they involve talking not sending drones to blow ordinary SUSPECTED SUSPICIOUS houses and families to bits. These ways involve support not declaring an already neglected, poor and confused country hated. Kindly carry on despising Pakistan if you did not understand my message. Because for each and every blame, I can most probably defend and give an answer for it. If any of you ever get a chance to visit Pakistan do see our political system and criticize THAT.
I can't believe Pakistan isn't number 1
They are a terrorist nation and responsible for so many bad things. They hosted Osama and hosted terrorism against India. Pakistan is a failed state in the modern sense of the word.
They are madarchods benchods sending terrorists to India to bomb us.
Benchods don't have the guts to fight us face to face.
These madarchods caused 26/11 and 1993 Mumbai attacks.
Madarchod Pakistanis if all Indians went and urinated on the Pakistan border than your country would be flooded.

P S- I don't hate Muslims I just hate when you stsb from behind. Rendy ka aullads.
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Can't and refuse to speak any other language, extremely racist and the trouble makers of Europe.
They think they are the best in everything and they can do whatever they want as they were the kings of the world. The truth is they are pathetic
They are so bureaucratic that it's debilitating. They are also incredibly lazy and everything is closed on Sundays and for 3 hours in the middle of the week day.
France is a wonderful country. They are friendly. I visited, and it was perfect. When my mom lived here, it was fine.
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11United Kingdom
800 hundred years of oppression from Britain to Ireland, 2 million people died in the Irish famine & 2 million people migrated Ireland's population has still not recovered thanks to British greed. They created the slave trade, they have oppressed more than one country in every continent and have been in more wars than any other nation!
The country which destroyed the whole world only for wealth.. Destroyed Indian ancient education system... Just Google Macaulay letter of India.. And

Stole many concepts of other countries like The real inventor of Marconi wireless Was Jagdish Chandra Bose and also the real Inventor of telephone
Northern ireland is every as irish as southern ireland, the quicker we have a united ireland the better all northern ireland loyalists, can call themselves british all they want but the fact is their accent is irish and they are born and raised in ireland the british government should stop wasting british tax payers money and let go of northern ireland, the british have lost most of their colonies and their empire is continuing to disappear into history to this day all empires are built and eventually become a thing of the past a united ireland is very much an eventuality
Native British women, always feel very nervous and uncomfortable outside their own ethnic origin and ignore and never befriend/date non-white men (unless he is rich, masculine, confident and has power).
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Baghdad? One of the worlds greatest cities now in ruins because of Iraq
Saddam Hussein was there.
The most dangerous place to live on earth""'
Zero respect for human rights.
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Disgusting corrupted, filthy rapists, pedophiles, outrageous religious rituals, even the law are a bunch of rapist asses. It is full of filthy sick minded uneducated people. Way to many brutal rapes even of the youngest children. Incest. Men rape women whether they're accompanied by a male or not even if they're with family no girl/women/child is safe in this vile country.

Oh and I am a Indian saying this. I am sickened by this country. All the politicians need to be shot. The police are pathetic e useless filth as well.
Indians over confident and idiots nothing of their own just copying west..from bed time stories to bollywood movies everything copied, they even don speak their own native language to their children... How any one so ashamed of their own, can be called good
They only think of themselves and are inconsiderate to the others around them. Whatever they do is acceptable and whatever the others do isn't. They also have a sense of superiority over everyone for some odd reason. I shouldn't be making judgements from a few minor groups of people but I seriously have to say, that I hate Indians with a strong passion.
India, is always a stigma to Humanity.
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I agree with the American below. Our nation does look at them like they are inferior. No wonder we are the most hated. They put the rest of the countries on this list
Violent, heroin is a daily habit in this culture. The conscious decisions of the hostiles populations in this nation have taken the lives of so many innocent people around the world.
Why would you hate a country that can't do anything, I think we should feel sympathy for it, it got invaded for something it didn't even do, just look at what Pakistan is doing to it.
Prior to the 911 Mossad/CIA Terrorist attack in September 2001, Afghanistan is one of the four out of seven invaded countries that did not have a Rothschild Central Bank, in their own backyard.
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Today's government in Germany is said to have taken over Europe not military, but financialy. It is said that Merkel's government achieved through the financial and banking system what Hitler failed (thankfully) to achieve through his military.
Unfortunately this is true. Because Hitler, an AUSTRIAN, take power during a depression 70 years ago, we are evil people. There are more commies and nazi gangs and supporters in America than here
I've been living here for the last year and now I can say without hesitation that I would get the hell outta here as soon as I can. Germany is one the worst places in the world, and I've been in quite a few.

Funny thing is, I really liked Germany before coming here. Now, they can close the damned frontier because I will never step back in.
Most prostitute girls and women in history forever

Most prostitute girls and women in history forever

Most prostitute girls and women in history forever

Most prostitute girls and women in history forever

Most prostitute girls and women in history forever

Most prostitute girls and women in history forever

Most prostitute girls and women in history forever

Most prostitute girls and women in history forever
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16Saudi Arabia
Women there are treated like 5th class citizens, disgusting culture that doesn't respect human rights and freedom of expression
They treat foreigners like they are not people they don't let them work most jobs requires to be Saudi regardless of they actually pay thousands of money just to live in it because they don't have some where else to go.. Foreigner are not allowed to go to colleges even if they were born in Saudi Arabia they make... Them work hours and hours under the sun. They don't even treat them right especially indian people I don't know why... And lets talk about women they don't let them drive or dress they way they want or you will go to prison. Women should have a man be like a guardian or she can't do most things it doesn't matter how old or smart or career you have you will need a man... They don't teach girls sports in school they believe its wrong so don't be surprise if you saw a lot of fat saudi... You can't walk alone in the street everyone will stare and flirt even if you are wearing the veil so they are horny and stupid so you will have to be in a car with a driver cause you are not allowed to drive remember.. There is no where fun to go other than malls and malls and malls... Its really the most hated country I don't believe it's listed as 14
At the end of Antiquity, they took their armies and marched them across as much of the world massacring people and cultures who did not submit to their new islamic god. They burned libraries and tore down temples claiming them to be "haram" (unclean! ) and forced people be islamic either by force or subtle submission.

The worst thing is, they don't or will never admit what they did was horrendous. They have a sword on their flag... What else did you think...
Worst country with worst culture, no respect for women n outsiders
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See what I mean? All these morons saying idiotic things such as "Australia is only racist because of the Asians that keep invading" are the exact example of what's wrong in this country. So because non-English speaking people move here, then it's justifiable to be a racist prick?

How about you all keep in mind that WHITE 'Australians' are the ones who invaded this country in the first place and stole it from the Indigenous people and are now claiming that it is their country.

The country is classless and full of stupid uneducated racist bogans because all the WHITE invaders came in here, descendants of convict white trash. The ETHNIC immigrants are the ones working hard and we are the most willing to work hard while you lazy ass white scum bludge off the dole on OUR tax dollars and openly talk to anyone who isn't white. That white superiority complex lies within all of you.

Australia is a big country with potential which is wasted on a lazy work ethnic and narrow minded people. Racism is too open here and too accepted by the white people. We have only a 22 million person population, so I don't care for this "F*** off, we're full" bull. I say let the immigrants in and accept them with open arms if they're the ones willing to work hard to make a life here and send all the dirty white trash back to England on the boats.

I'm over the white VS everyone else in this country.
White people all over the world need to learn to shut up when it comes to ethnicity.
Why does Australia have a reputation for being so friendly? I'm of ethnic background and grew up here and I have never seen so many narrow minded, ignorant, racist, and uncultured/classless people in one place before in my life. The majority of white Australians openly discriminate against all other races without bothering to get to know anything about them. Disgusting.
Many good things, but also lots of white racists.
Australians seem they are empty headed and nosy and don't mind their own business. From my experience if your quiet they think you have problems. Not everyone is nosy like you guys. Your nice to only people who are friendly. You say New Zealanders number six sound like sex. Men say mate to woman. Why you don't show no class? Angry frustrated Australians. They seem to dislike Asians because they are racist due to their complexes.
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I hate Canada because of Justin bieber. Laugh out loud!
I am Canadian and I hate this country. People are cold, individualistic and concerned only about themselves and their own interests. Most programs from municipal to federal levels seem to be designed in favour of new immigrants to the country and/or minorities. Programs for subsidized housing, education/training and job opportunities in many sectors make it easier for them to get than native born Canadians.

It seems that also most new immigrants to this country are very aware of all the programs available to them and this is what makes this country so attractive to them. I see and hear all the time, many immigrants are collecting welfare and taking advantage of all the benefits available to them financially while working under the table for cash jobs. All their extra money is sent back to their countries to support their families there. I know many of them do not claim earnings to avoid paying taxes and it seems easier for them to get away with such things. I also hear how much they hate life here and that they will eventually go back to their countries. That they will stay here long enough to qualify for the benefits.

I notice this a lot as myself and I know many people find it difficult to find a good job here and the cost of living is so high. I have been working overseas now for wages much lower than in Canada. But costs and taxes are a fraction of what they are in Canada. People seem warmer and more loving than here. I am very stressed here and I think lots of people suffer from depression and or stress related illnesses in Canada. There are many types of addiction and abuse. I believe people are lonely and frustrated here because of what I described.

Yes we are more civilized and developed than most countries in the world. We have laws and regulations and people are accountable for them. But I feel our government wants to much control and interferes to much. Taxes are high in order to support the high salaries of civil and public servants, because tax money is mismanaged and all the money that is needed to support new immigrants to this country.

I have nothing against other cultures most of my friends are from other countries as I seem to get along better with them than most native born Canadians. But like one of my African friends said to me 'Canada is good to immigrants but not its own people". I believe it. I also see that many people are struggling here. I have noticed the higher education is also free in other countries and are concerned about their own citizens life in their country. For now this is how I feel and I have been spit on in a parking lot, assaulted and even robbed by fellow Canadians with little consequence for this. We have different problems here.
Canada pretends to be nice but all the scumbags that were not caught by england and sent to "prison Australia" escaped to here; all the greedy riff raff from Europe that could not get into america ended up here; halifax burned out the black cannibals in apartheid style; prime ministers have be involved in mysterious exchanges of envelopes of cash; saskatchewan cabinet was caught in a huge financial scam and some had to resign; premiere of British Columbia had to resign; still paying for the montreal olympics because of quebec construction fraud oh by the way a few years ago there was a mere $300 million scandal in quebec again with government involvement; toronto mayor is crackhead but toronto lawyers were too stupid to have a way to deal with it; manitoba is broke so roads in Lebanon are better; Alberta wants to become part of isa; can only vote for one of two idiotic political parties nationally and provincially so the mess never changes : and this is why we allow fighting in hockey because of the foregoing, if it was not for hockey Canada would not exist.
Canada is to blame for the Justin Bieber fangirls in the USA
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World War 3 here folks...
They might start a world war with nuclear weapons tell me is al-assad going to pull them out of his ass?
Syria is helltown come on this should be in the top ten. the reason why is al-assad
Bunch of thieves and liars!
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I just love philippine's I don't hate it.. I just wondered why they hate it.. It's so beautiful country I ever saw.. I would rather live to they're country than my country I know my my country have a rich governmant that can support our studies our health and other's but I want to have a smell of free country I don't want to say what country I came from.. Jsut want to say that I want to go to philippine but my mom didn't want so I wait until I grow up.. Wait for me philippine I go there promise and I will change my nationality :))
Hate the Government not the people. They always complain about the bad government but keep voting the corrupt ones. One thing I like about Filipinos is the word FAMILY. Don't have much to say. Well the nature wonder of the Philippines I guess is their strength.
(Stereotypes does not apply to every Filipino)

I live in the Philippines and I don't hate all Filipinos.. but.. But...

- Democracy is fake. Don't get fooled by it. It looks pretty on the cover but it never was on the inside. Democracy is a tool for politicians and elites to rule this country forever. Don't take crap from the "Yellows".

- Religious SH! @#T. Your religion came from Spain. Religion won't save you from burning in hell (if you're evil). Don't undermine other people's religion. It's rude! ! !

- The so called "showbiz industry" is stupid. They worship celebrities and bash people who don't like their idols. Respect other people's opinion!

- Most, even many among my Filipino friends, are prideful and self righteous. Filipino pride is disgusting. Why? Every single time their athletes take home the bacon, they go: "I'm so proud to be a Filipino! Filipinos are the best! " When stars with Filipino heritage (even 0.000000000001 percent *you get the gist) becomes famous, they go like: "That singer is talented because he/she has Filipino blood." Can they get any more worse?

- They worship the Whites (racism not intended). Whites refer to to Western powerhouses such as America and some countries in Europe. Give them the chance and they would do anything for a chance to get American citizenship. Talk about being proud of their country! They are also racist in so many ways (No need to explain).

- Don't blame your government for the corruption. You guys chose them. Stop political dynasty. Stop the stupidity. Stop being bribed. Stop feeling indebted to politicians for their help, it's not their money, it's the money from us taxpayers.

- Thieves Thieves Thieves everywhere. I can't go out a day feeling safe. Work your asses off. I understand that unemployment is hard to ignore, but to those who could work, do work. It would make all of our lives easier.

- The people are such gossips. Stop gossiping and focus on your own lives!

- They claim to be the innocent country that has been abused by everyone. Really? Claiming territory does not make you any better than the other Asian countries, that just makes you stupid and again, "self righteous".
I hate most of the pinoy online player, I only know some good pinoy (2 or 3 out of hundreds pinoy player). They spam, scam, rude, beggar at heart. They can't be help, I told them not to begging and spamming, they just say "oh sorry" then few second later... SPAM and BEG. When I kick them from party or guild, they're still wondering "why you kick me? " :S

In team, they're the worst, doesn't even care about command.
They love to brag themself and trashtalking other people.
And also I don't know why but the girl always saying thing like they're Asian queen.


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The problem with Mexico is the same with many other countries. They are unable to solve their problems with organized crime, unable or unwilling. Floods of illegal immigrants come across the American border every year to escape the country.
Drug wars. That's all I have to say about that.


One reason americans hate mexico is because of drug cartels...
Well they should look at themselves taking cocaine it not our fault.
All drugs go to you americans..
The government is very corrupt there, they claim that they capture criminals and help their country but those are all lies. And even worse, the government has ties with criminals and drug cartels, just to suck out as much money possible.
I know some Mexicans, they can be hard-working and compassionate, but their government is just making the country fall apart.
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Well, seeing how I've got Somalian heritage and been brought up with their culture and all I can definitely say that Somalia is the worst country in the world to come from and I even refuse to identify myself as Somali. I myself manage to get a good education (currently in university in Norway) but I can't say the same to 95% of the youth that are in Europe. Many say that second generation immigrants tends to integrate better than the first, I've seen how it really is first hand and I can definitely say that is wrong.

Most Somalis are violent and have a tendency to misbehave in society, and yet they refuse to acknowledge the fact that they're the ones in fault and have the discourtesy to actually blame the government for their misfortune, the same government that save them from a their wartorn country.

If you're reading this and thinking to yourself how a descendant from Somalia can hate his country to such degree, I tell you that it's because you love your heritage for the good parts, sadly the good parts are heavily shadowed by negative aspects of the country which any sane person would never to neglect.
Its proof that anarchy is a complete fail. More than 4 million people have been officially proved dead. That in only two decades.
Well, I am ethnically Norwegian and I would rather have the Germans come back with rifles in hand. Disgusting culture.
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Please read some history before writing these comments. The empire was in danger of armenians and other nations. Armenians said Turks killed 1,5 million people but there were 600 000 armenians in the whole country. And the deaths happened because of attacks, accidents and some illnesses at the forced migration. Empire just wanted to transport them but it didn't go well. Armenians and greeks killed Turkish people and plundered their villages because of Wilson Principles. It says the nation who has the most population on the area owns there. So, they wanted to scare Turkish people and tried take them off from their homelands.
Country has committed over numerous Genocides, It tries to change history so it always favors them, They should be number one, But only the few see the truth, Sadly
Turkey should be in the top ten of this list. Many generations of Turks have commited unspeakable atrocities towards the Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and the Kurds. Modern day Turkey still persists to torment (as if they hadn't done enough already) through Arson attacks. Long story short, Turkey and their ancestors have commited crimes against humanity for at least 500 years to innocent races that had settled in Asia Minor during Ancient times.
Awful people. Ruined the Balkan countries, especially Bosnia. They brought oppression and primitivism in the beautiful lands of southern Slavs.
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Graffiti everywhere... Rude people, no air conditioning anywhere, the food did not live up to the hype (American Italian is way better), Italians on the street groping women, ripped off constantly (especially in Venice).
I went to Italy on August 2012. When I hold my stuff around, some people I see, tries to steal stuff away from me by their various ways. They also can take people's money away.
You got to be kidding me why is Italy even on this list its a beautiful country to live in coming from a Jamaican man
Nobody hate Italy :(


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Bunch of criminals. Their economy depends on drug production and sex trafficking. They also steal a lot in Western European countries, and bring money to Albania. Not to mention ethnic cleansing in 1999.
Albania the black stain of Europe, corrupted, ran by mafia and the level of ignorance is just too damn high. I'm Albanian but my country is 5 centuries behind compared to the rest of Europe. I feel grateful I don't live there anymore
Country full of criminals and terrorists! They stole Kosovo from Serbia!
Now they will steal western Macedonia and south Montnegro!
Bunch of racist thugs
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Racist hypocrites who never stop moaning about immigration even though there are probably 150 million of them scattered around the globe like explosive diarrhea.
I've lived in this dried up and miserable country all my life and I will be totally honest. The English still have not got it into their thick heads yet they do not run the world anymore. The politics is archaic and unemployment is out of control. They are far more atheist than they dare admit because they are mad for money and will never admit that either! They have NO culture and it makes me cringe when they demonstrate the pathetic remains of it on T.V. to whip up the old dream of a crumbling empire and stuck up stupidity. Of course there are good people I know here but most English are too envious and ambitious to really give a damn about each other and that makes me sad. Worse still they are total two-faced hypocrites who will lie like psychopaths to your face when being polite then insult you when your back is turned in a way they know you cannot do anything about. They are gutless, unenlightened and driven only by male-chauvinistic competition. They keep on complaining about immigration when their corrupt government is DELIBERATELY allowing immigration so it can employ cheap, foreign labour.
England is one of the most corrupt, boastful country in the world! First of all, the practically put their flag on everthing they destroy. They cause 79% of war rate globally. They alliance with America and make utterly stupid decisions and just say WAR! I'm Very annoyed that some websites say they are 7th for the worlds most generous countries! What! England is probably the most responsible country in the world and are powerful but they just let the Americans to match war with civil war elsewhere -that's not gonna do anything! This is why they are at the tip of the iceberg with exiting the EU commitiy. Also what the hell is the point of the Queen. I mean literally, she does pretty much nothing compared to the goverment. Nowadays, the stubborn government controls the UK and mucks it all up. I don't know why England is at 31 it should rightfully at number 1.
I hate racism, it's full of racists, atheists and kids that know nothing about happiness, no sun, , it's cold and I hate it even it's smell.
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I got everything stolen then got an STD. FML
The country controls every aspect of life of their people and the tourist that go there,
Look what happen to Allen gross.
Got cheated on every occassion.
At least it views the United States of Terrorism (USA), as their permanent racist enemy but also doesn't have a Rothschild Central Bank in their own backyard. Cuba, shouldn't even be in this chart in the first place.
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28Vatican City
They have so much money they could feed whole Africa and more. Hungry people cannot digest prayers
It's not a real country, it's a hiding spot for the pope and other child molesters. The only good thing is the nice view.

Long life the great science!
just for joke, never mind
This racist and paedophile country, should be at number twenty. The Vatican has never made any positive contribution to humanity at any level, whatsoever.
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Not Because you met a bunch of bad people you could say that all the people are like this we are 90 million people do you think all of them are the same your fingers are not the same Egyptian people are kind helpful and noble by default and of course there are bad people name a country that doesn't have good and bad people This is life there is good and there is bad you could look at the good points and not because some people cheated you or stole you means that a whole country is like that and about education Egypt is the most educated country in Africa and The Middle East Please Think about what you say before you wright anything.
A bunch of back stabbing, lying cheats! Never ever trust anyone from this country! They are uneducated, immoral and corrupt. They will always remain the scum of the planet.
I am an Egyptian and I hate Egypt. The country itself is a great country and can be one of the best if the people in there were good, but the people here are really bad; no words can describe it. It's really hard for me to live here, hard to find someone who I can really trust and hard to find good friends.
Hey there, I don't think Egypt is bad I think it's perfect I swear, people are very kind, when I was los in in It people helped me and gave me food and clothes and I'm a girl by the way I went to England, america, Japan, thiland and even France but Egyptian people are the kindest, media are deceiving! I love it♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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They steal other countries' culture, mostly Indonesia. Even made fun of Indonesia's national anthem, that was so LOW of them. They claim Indonesia's culture as theirs and even they claim one of Indonesia's islands as theirs.

The prince of Malaysia married a model from Indonesia, and took her to his country. No - more like kidnapped. He abuse her, and not feed her, instead, he injected something to her body to make her look fat.

The government sickens me. I have a lot of friends from Malaysia, and they're nice. So the government is the one to blame.

And to the people who voted for Indonesia as the most hated country - well all I can say is you can't hate a country just because of the dirty beaches, places, or the stupid death glares you got from people, or the bad English they have. You don't know how many people can speak English here, better than Malaysia, Filipina, etc. You don't know the people here in Indonesia or even the Indonesia itself, you haven't walked in their paws.
The country is racist in general
Indian Chinese Malay are divided among the race, even the party in general election are based on race such country... Among the street it is so obvious that these races doesn't mix well and stereotypes such as "the chinese are richer" "malay are lazy" is very common

Malay in Malaysia means Islam, while in fact the Malay is a race based in Indonesia (for example javanese in johor, minang at negri sembilan is claimed as malay) and they see Indonesia which they claim so called "malay" being a non-Islamic state as heresy and condemned.

Not only that, they see the neighbouring Indonesia which have rich culture which is similar some part to the Malay cultural background in Malaysia. They claim the culture and make it as theirs, even some Malay complained about this stupidity by the government.
Rascals, they took our culture and are arrogant. I'm Indonesian but I don't hate Malaysians, only Malaysian government.
Malaysia is SUCK! I hate Malaysia because they always steal Indonesia's culture...
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Really arrogant country. They think they are in center of world.
Ignorant haters talking crap about serbia. Fyi serbia never started any wars nor was in a war with any of its neighbours. Hard to believe, I know, after all the hate you've been fed for political purposes. What is hard to believe for me, is how on earth serbia is blamed for the latest wars, when it was a croatian minister, acting as then yugoslav prime minister, who mobilised army in slovenia which started the war. None of which had anything to do with serbia, yet some people here like to pretend that we did not all watch the events unfold on T.V. all over ex-yugoslavia. And before that, in the 80s, every citizen, be it muslim, or croat, or serb... Applauded the special forces sent to establish order in kosovo. Anyway, you have your little countries invaded by jihadists now, just as you wanted, so how about you show some hospitality to them instead of whining about them too. After all, isn't that what you have been saying all along: serbia bad - middle east good. Enjoy.
Some of those things may be a fact, but you can't say that everything you hear in newspapers or T.V. or Internet is true. Then everyone who gathers informations only by medias is almost as stupid as a d***. It is even worse if one of them starts to correct intelligent people that studied those things (in this case history, politics and maybe even philosophy) and he doesn't know that he is maybe mistaking. He can't even imagine that some institutes of justice are made to do on the contrary some other thing and by that they are making their interests real. It is really clever how they wash their hands by killing those people who know the true and somehow those people get judged really quickly if they can be killed or it is so slow because they are to old and they can't be killed. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DISCUSS ABOUT THE THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING TODAY, YOU MUST IGNORE MOST OF THE NEWS FROM MEDIAS AND STUDY REALLY GOOD:
Serbia is great. Kosovo is Serbia. Greetings from you polish slavic brothers
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Loud people that can't fix their own country (unemployment, 13% immigration, lowly industrialized, great differences between North and South) and should give Catalonia and Basque Country independence.
Span. Gov. Have sell out their very own people. They don't give a sh.. Like most Governments and politicians worldwide..
Racist, Rude, and all still obsessed with the civil war that happened years ago!

They are takers.
Spanish people are racist and very rude towards Americans and people with darker skin.
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33South Africa
I urge South African Farmers & Doctors to leave the country and move to a better country where they skills and humanity are better appreciated otherwise they will be robbed, assaulted and most likely murdered by ANC (African National Congress) thuggish voters.

Let the consuming, race baiting people die of starvation or any fatal diseases. Let there be famine and deadly viruses in that corrupt, uneducated, and lazy country.
The people of south africa do mass injustices to each other when it comes to inheritance, murders, bad govenance, and so on the list goes. But the worst of all is, battling to get through the month with inflation rocketing every week. Am born south african but feel as if I'm only window shopping.
There's no telling when the bomb of violence will explode between tribes. God help us all.
A small part of white South Africans are racist, not everyone. Here the black South African's are racist for killing the white people.
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I am from Serbia and I don't hate croats or Croatia. But I give them vote here because they hate Serbia more than they love they own country. Croats get they own country and they need to relax and start enjoying and not be obsessed by Serbia. I will never forget day when NATO start bombarding Serbia (24.03.1999. ), on every single T.V. in Croatia they was so exited and proud about killing Serbs and destroying country, so full of hate, I was shocked about their reaction. Many people die in that period, and they broadcast every single day of bombarding and count how many people die. That is so sad and sick. They are full of complex about Serbians but I understand, after all, we have bigger d**** and their women are crazy about us, I know that from my own experience :)
Country full of neo Nazis, celebrating the biggest monstrums in history like Vjekoslav "Maks" Luburić, Miroslav Filipović and Mile Budak, and the state is openly, supporting convicted war criminals in Hague like Ante Gotovina, and celebrating an operation Storm, that is a act of genocide in international standards...
This nation is obsessed with Serbs. Their history revolves around hating and killing Serbians. Maybe if they took their heads out of their asses they might make something out of themselves ever since becoming an independent nation instead of still having so much hate towards one group of people. The serbs moved on a long time ago and it's time for them to move on as well
Ustashi crimes. enough said
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Greedy selfish pigs, just want to control everything and want what everyone else has.
And after all they still believe they are better...
Control freaks in a nutshell.
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Singapore isn't that bad. How could you say that the people are racist? They live in a MULTI RACIAL SOCIETY. Children are taught from a young age to respect one another no matter what race you are or which country you come from. In schools, they teach Civics and Moral Education. They aren't all rude or disrespectful to foreigners or those of a different race.
Country which abuses its own citizens. I don't care for the PAP government, they always ignore the people's demands. Disillusioned by the system. I will never forgive PAP for doing what they have done.
Singapore is actually a commie port city for the Chinese in south east Asia. rich Chinese around Asia pump their money into safe heaven tax free Singapore. king of money-laundering & stock manipulation.
The youth are so boastful of their military enlistment. meh!
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Look Bangladesh is kinda like my country, but Bangladesh needs more improvement. I mean like its like a great country but, the government is stupid! Some of the people are and aren't. Here are some of the following problems:
Government: Some of them are working hard for our country but, some destroy there plans so our country gets ruined! Killing people from all religions for no particular reason and shooting them down! Oh come on! Everyday I see a person getting killed on the news I always have to see a dead person!
Ads: I'm not being mean here but, ads such as "Fair & Lovely, Lux, Ponds, etc" They do "work" but not a lot of treatment is required in it. They show it like everyday and it never works for me... I'm not saying to get rid of it but, to change it make more improvements and Happiness.
The Homeless & Animals: This isn't the first country with homeless people but, there is too many! The little kids I see staring at me and asking me for food when they see me at least eating something! Not only them, but there is also pet abuse! They get abused all the time! I see one person kicking a dog, cat, fish, etc because they ate there food, water, broke something down blah blah blah. But your hurting them! They have life too! And so does the homeless they get treated like animals!
Rich vs. Poor: The poor who can't afford to do much gets kicked out an abused like they're nothing while, the rich goes to bars, makes fun of people, and show off. Yeah "show off" Not ALL though. Some people really care about there country like me... Sometimes I hear Pakistan kids or other country kids our Bengali kids who detests out country say " Bangladesh is stupid, Bangladesh has no life! " They're trying harder much hard as you do! Bangladesh at least tries hard as much as the U.S. A and U. K, etc. Its like they aren't they will one day...
I agree, Bangladesh is corrupt, even though I live here. But we don't bully other countries and we are quite friendly with foreigners. Yes we have many problems, but we are still developing, and many developed countries are corrupt as well, but people don't say anything because they are powerful and rich.
I am from Canada and I have a friend who is from Bangladesh I like him very much. But when I am around his friends I feel they are extremely rude, inconsiderate and bullies. I feel they get off being rude, are extremely arrogant and acting all superior like especially when they are in a group. Doing business with them is a bad idea as well they will waste your time, and expect favours from you for the rest of your life. They will try to get as much as they can from you and its never worth it dealing with them and best to avoid.
This must be the worst place in the world, when I see pictures of this country I begin to feel a smell to urine and poop
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I'm half Ukrainian and I am deeply insulted by some of these stereotypes! What you hear about Ukraine is often lies. To the person who stated that we are Russians without souls: Both Russians and Ukrainians have souls. Everyone has a soul, at least that is what I believe. Anyways, just because some terrible things have happened in Ukraine, they do not define the country nor the people.
Unfortunately there are many Russians who are mistaken for Ukrainians. Ukraine is a beautiful country and real ukrainians are warm, educated and hard working people. Russia wants to destroy their economy and take up the territories.
Unfortunately Ukrainians were associated with Russians for too long. Hopefully it will change now and Europe will build big and tall wall separating these two countries, so Russian influance will stop there.
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I am from Kazakhstan, and I assure you what you have wrote down below is lies. Kazakhs are very kind, friendly people. Kazakhstan's #1 enemy is Sacha Baron Cohen for creating the film "Borat". Kazakhstan has lots of natural beauty, and is an underrated country with lots of sights to see.
You will not find a single intelligent person in this country. They only take showers on weekends but still fail to utilise the brush-n-toothpaste routine. Very wild bunch of monkeys. The make Bevis-n-Butthead seem like intellectuals. I feel sorry for these people.
Kazakhstan is a beautiful country. How can you assume all Kazakhs are unintelligent? You can't! :)

Do not label people. Stereotypes are cruel.
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Yes, I am a nigerian that lives in europe, we have all it take to be the riches and the wisest country in Africa but our leaders have vowed not to develope and invest in the future, they loot millions of dollars everyday to different countries in Europe and America, if the money they have looted out of nigeria since our independent was invested in the country we would be very much ahead of many countries in the world because we are blessed with a lot of mineral resources like zinc, caol, oil and many more but only oil is been menssioned as our resources, the citizens are hardworking, everybody struggles to survive on his own without the support of the government and have a lot of secret billionaire without international recognisions.
This is the worst country on Earth, and everyone knows this. The can only steal, lie, kill, they are born to cheat and almost everyone is a criminal. They are disgustingly dirty, there is just nothing to like about Nigeria. They are even proud of this creepy place. Ridiculous.
This is Nigeria... Experience.. You can't imagine all of them
Nigeria's royalty keeps sending me emails requesting money. What an annoying bunch of people.
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This a somewhat uninformed opinion. The language of the comment speaks for itself. Icelandic minds, speaking from personal experience, are not the same as the English equivalents.

In 1918 they made terror act in Azerbaijan and moreover Armenian in 1992 make genocide in KARABAKH-KHOJALY CITY, and they occupy 20% of Azerbaijan lands and still they did not give back, and they did not apologize, instead apologize they put the blame to Azerbaijan. What they did in 20th century in just could not forgiven!
They caused the Turkish genocide and they still say the never started it.
Dumb Armenia why do you think land you has 1000s of years ago is still yours! And you still like Russia many of the ex-soviet nations are running away from the bear not to it you zombie.
Denying history of 2 genocides against azerbaycan and anatolian turks very arrogant people and they want their land back but the problem with that is that there are barely any Armenians in those lands...
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43United Arab Emirates
THEY ARE BIG LIARS THEY KEEP SAYING THAT AMERICA, Mexico, China, Japan, AND Korea ARE POOR COUNTRIES AND THEY AREN'T. Lets just imagine that United States are United Arab Emirates were in a casino and using a lotto machine and both won the jackpot but one night UAE sneaks into America house and steals his money. America becomes poor and seeks revenge on UAE. THEIR BUILDINGS SHOULD BE GONE, THE PALM ISLAND, THE WORLDS TALLEST BUILDING TODAY, AND SHOULD BE POOR FOREVER!


Countries that get there wealth from ( and only) natural resource IE oil then brag how good they are while every other nation pays them for the privilage of listening to there toxic religion and ways. NO UAE National works a full day, if they did it would kill them.
The way they treat workers would really be only surpassed if the Nazis had won.
Oh and I lived there for 10 years so this is not a drone beefing off about the place.
They think they have the most billionaires of anyone else, they think they can invent everything, they think they own the world with their palm island and 7 star hotel, and they think they have the worlds largest zoo!
This racist country, exploits workers from South Asian nations at $1 a day and forced to work 12 hours a day, six days a week. Europeans treat the UAE, as their playground and make no effort to learn Arabic and integrate with the natives and keep themselves to themselves.
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44New Zealand
They are a bunch a arrogant pricks who feel all high and mighty with their white quilt, and liberal anti-nuclear, anti-US sentiment, when the reality is that their existence is a byproduct of all the things they oppose. If the us wasn't there with its massive military, New Zealand would be New Guangzhou.
Nice nature, but the population is a bunch of retarded inbred morons
I am a New Zealander and someone said we don't have corrupt people in government come on we got a half Jew selling the country of for a few coins we have got some people in government who wouldn't care one way or the other homeless people just died of and ost of these idiots are in the national government
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Stealing history from Macedonia
They are selfish penny pinching lot
Macedonia, Turkey? They are against everyone. They can't change name of countries or change people.
They aren't even greeks just mix of nationalities, owns land to Turkey and Macedonia
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Arrogant and unfriendly people, who manage the worlds money. Also every single product is overpriced in switzerland.
Horrible climate, ever rising prices and ever decreasing life quality. Arrogant snobby locals who consider every non swiss inferior to them. Lack of security in daily life, used to be very safe and today less safe than many other countries in Europe. Life is very dull and uneventful. Everything shuts early and past 10 pm streets are deserted. Even the simplest tasteless sandwich will cost well over 5 eurOs
Arrogant, unfriendly, paramilitar, selfish. Europe's shame
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47Sri Lanka
Sri lankans is very very lazy.. I am working with a lot of sri lankan in my work. Every time I help them they will leave and talk to other sri lankans and they leave the job on me.. They talk too much. They are very talkative. They put there energy to their mouth.. And they really have a stupid mentally.. They upside down..
They committed genocide at this day and age!
However they are generally good people and it is a beautiful country
I don't like cylon because they killed my forefathers and they are indeed regarded as a blood suckers if they have original courage they should face our face alone they shouldn't have killed my forefathers
Exact replica of every other brown countries, especially India
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Sweden is a nation of middle class white people who are troubled by the fact that they are not American. They have an extremely racist attitude towards people who don't look or think like them. Non-blue eyed, or foreign looking people need not apply. Recently even the foreign minister of Sweden this concerning immigrants that are hiding in Sweden "..most of the people (hiding immigrants) aren't living with those who are blue-eyed and blonde.." like that was even remotely relevant to the debate. Apart from this extreme ethnocentrism, which has it's roots in the fact that Sweden has been relatively isolated from the rest of Europe. Swedes are also very nationalistic people, which bugs me because Sweden tends to have history on their side. One policy of a swede called Per Schlingman, who was responsible for the Swedish right party victory during 2006 was to brainwash the Swedish population with a unit inside the foreign department. Their job was to get good articles written about Sweden in major newspaper because the Swedish population believes news that are from foreign sources more than news from their own country. This is all a big ploy to lure the people into never leaving Sweden, and to make the discovery that people elsewhere are much more social, civilized and nice that coldhearted and selfish Swedes.

A thing that most swedes also don't know is that they destroyed large parts of the polish culture during a period known as the deluge in Poland. Swedish armies looted and destroyed thousands of villages, castles and churches during this period. Poland was at this time one of the richest and culturally developed, academical centres of Europe. Sweden was nothing more than a large land of poor peasants, because the state took all their money and invested in an army so they could loot and attack other nations. This was not exclusive with Poland but actually started with the thirty years war in Germany. If you go to a Swedish museum you will see that a lot of the object there on display are actually things looted from other countries during the 17th century.

Swedes have always been uncultured, uncivilized vikings without social manners and social skills, that think they are superior to everyone else. If Sweden was part of continental Europe and the Baltic sea was replaced by land. I think they would have had a very different mentality today. They would also all probably be speaking Russian or polish right now.
SO racist! I came with an IVY league diploma, and their employment-office offered me a cleaning job! I have worked for 3 governments as an analyst- but according to them, I should clean, since I am not Swedish! Lived there for 2 years, and NOBODY helped me with my kids stroller if I needed to get on the bus, nobody ever said sorry for bumping into me, VERY uncivilized people, and STILL they think that they invented technology, they only talk about how great they are. They BBQ EVERYWHERE, even on balconies, like next to your window, on the 6th floor.. It is like they came from caves, they just don't know how to behave around people- like Neanderthal-like creatures. They STARE at people, my husbands black friend felt so bad after a walk- they ALL stared, and even went after him in the shop so he wouldn't steal anything. They, or many, won't move even if you ask them politely. The girls sleep with anyone for a drink - like prostitutes really. They puke everywhere, and get drunk like it is still Viking era - they even pee outside on houses and openly. Women spit on the street, men too. They burp openly, in the middle of the day, on the street.. I have seen people in restaurants picking theur nose, and have been forced to leave a meal because a guy next to me tried to get out his snot trough his mouth- like clearing his trought by trying to get up this huge mucus ball- you could hear him getting closed to getting it up, but it kept slipping, he sounded like a pig, and eventually I just couldn't eat. The rest of the Swedes appeared to find it normal. It felt like I was in an unwellcoming place surrounded by stone-age people. It was like I arrived in year 1250 and people were from then, but somebody gave the some technology and modern clothes. Never seen a more backwards place in my life- and I have lived in India, Pakistan, Serbia and China. The most uncivilized country in Europe. And they can't dress, they have no mirrors in that God forsaken place - and to make it all worse- they all look the same and dress the same!
I like Swedish people, but I don't like the extreme level of the feminism in Sweden. It seems like Sweden is trying to screw the country by the unhealthy feminism.
Sweden never impressed me that much like other Scandinavian countries, just dull and uninteresting and they think they are the greatest in the world. Politically all Scandinavian countries SUCK!
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Thailand is a weird country, really. It's beyond worst that it's weird. I have a Thai friend and we had a little chat after his country just gotten an election, "yes, yellow shirt protest against red shirt while the other shirt protest both" and I ask "why? ", he said "the other shirt do not want protest so they protest to stop the protest" so I was like, "wait... Protest to stop protest? Laugh out loud, your country is weird " then he agreed "I know, Thailand is always weird ^^)". After that conversation I talked to myself, "what is WITH Thai people!? "

I don't get Thailand as much as I hate it. Is it playing around like a clumsy kid running around like an idiot? It's actually stop exporting products and kill my country's people that step into its country. Why would a developed country do that? Thinking so childish.

I'm from Cambodia and we fear Thailand for one good reason. That country tries to claim our temple as theirs, even it's officially ours. Whenever Thailand has an election, we always prepare for it, because new government means new strategy to claim our temple. I hate Thailand lied to their people that Preah Vihear is historically Thailand's, bunch of stupid liars. I hate you, Thailand.


Thais are very insincere people and extremely racist
Thais are dumbed down by their education system and their elite society which lies to them about who they are. They have basically borrowed almost everything in their culture from Khmer culture, and tried to call it "Thai". Thais are blood thirsty. They like to invade and take other people's land. A few year ago, they invaded Laos and were given a good lesson. Now, they want to invade Cambodia. Please do give them a very good lesson too. If Cambodia needs help, Laos can hit the north of Thailand while in the South, the Malay Patani are fighting for their independence. You can also ask Vietnam to hit the North-East. Inside Thailand, they are killing each other between Red and Yellow.
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Homogeneous, Brainwashed, Racist, Depressed, Cold blooded xenophobes who would not even notice if today all non Danes moved out. And by non Danes I mean anyone who doesn't look Danish ( yeah I know, how horrible is that! ) born in Denmark to non Arean looking parents = a life of being second questioned "yeah, but where are you really from? "
Who live in the most bland, boring landscape, in the worst planned towns and villages. What makes it worst is that they keep telling everyone how happy they are and how life in Denmark is amazing to revert from killing themselves in the 500 days of winter each year. Anything outside Copenhagen is Hicksville central. Come on Danes! Would it hurt to smile, say thank you, hold the door for others, use compassion instead of ze rules.
I find it difficult to understand the reason foreigners still live in Denmark. system excessively designed to exclude (social, economic etc) anything foreign. The moment you step your feet on Danish soil, you begin to feel unwanted. I studied in Aarhus University for 2 years (2011-2013) and I must say it was the worst time of my life. My friends born in Denmark to foreign parents admit that they don't feel like Danes but just another foreigner here to "leech" the system. For all those foreigners in Denmark, my heart goes out to you.
Most racist people, and boring. They think they r most claver people on earth and that everyone wants to be like them.
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Before Nazi Germany bombed Poland in 1939 and turned it into a cemetary Poland had been the home for most Jews for the last 1000 years! It was the only country in the world who showed that a Jewish people could live in peace and harmony among a Polish Christian nation. Thus Poles and Jews share a great deal of history and culture with each other, which is slowly being rediscovered by historians today. And some Israeli politicians today also share Polish roots, such as Israeli president Schimon Peres (Szimon Perski), who is a Jew with Polish ancestry. Nowadays however, most of the Polish Jews left Poland and either live in Israel or USA. There is also a great deal of Poles living in Germany and Britain. Poles spread around the world to immigrate, work hard and have a better life in other countries, while maintaining the love for their Polish homeland. This is similar to Jews who live anywhere in the world but love Israel as a home or base.
They used to be one of the most powerful empires in Europe hundreds of years back but then had it all ruined after one polish king split the country up in to 4 pieces and left each part to his 4 sons to rule after he died. Then the four brothers started fighting against each other which was a massive opportunity for other countries to invade them as they have only destroyed their own army (which had the most skilled and the strongest fighters) in the conflicts between the four parts of Poland. They have lost their independence for 200 years because of that. At the end of WW1, they got it back and immediately, they started a war against USSR in which Poland won. Then they got surprised by Germany and then soviets in WW2. Communism started in Poland after that. But when it collapsed, poles became extremely violent and racist against every race. Hooligan organizations formed in every city of Poland. These hooligans or "ultras" as they call them selves, have started wars and mass fights with each other. These groups promote vast racism, nationalism and anti-communism and other things. They have created bad views of polish people across Europe and rest of the world, and have made Poland one of the most feared and dangerous country just like Jamaica or sometimes even compared to Afghanistan. And because of all that, Poland is giving its unstable government a very hard time which makes them look vulnerable to larger countries.
Geez, someone here seems to be massively butthurt about Poland :D
Polish Guys are very very smart tall and muscular. I think their average height is like 6ft5. But despite that they are very rude. They hate gays Jews and Muslims. If they see gay or emo on the street they will kill him. Also NEVER INSULT THEIR COUNTRY OR THEY WILL LITEARLY KILL YOU ON THE SPOT. Overall it's a nice country with very evil and mean people.
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The home of Genghis Khan. A country that was once rich in empirical glory is now a little known forgotten nation, living in the shadows of China and Japan.
Now Mongol is kind and it's Russia's bro :D
Mongolians are mother of all of Asians.Do not prejudging Mongolia by seeing stupid behavior of gooks and HSBC.
Look at what Ghengis a Khan did, and this country doesn't even apologise! Outrageous!
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I hate the welsh with a passion! I'll give it the scotch, if they don't like you they tell you to your face, not like the snide welsh lot! What a pathetic bunch of people!
Yip agree back stabbing gits
Stink of dirty sheep arse
The reason Welsh people are so unhappy is because they have to live inthat dirt pit of a country
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Racist, sexiest, full of themselfs, herass everyone they see, Qatar is the main cause of so many problems around the world (including giving the islamists control of Egypt).
They r stupid people
Qatar is not a bad country, its good. they are good. just because Qatar is the richest country in Middle East some guys hate Qatar. you have to visit this place its awesome.
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This nation copy everything from their neighbors. Both Thailand and Vietnam get tired of them so much! They also claim other culture that's not different from South Korea do with China or Japan, their land are full of landmines and we don't think their government care about tourism security.
The ungrateful Khmers survive by aids from China and investments from Thailand and Vietnam, but they create conspiracy theory to bespatter Thailand and Vietnam. Khmers claim themselves as the artistic Angkorian's descendants without possible evidences and Cambodia is very stupid country with uncreative people, they just copied everything from their neighbor countries.

Long life to Palestine, I love you Palestine we love you Palestine, Palestinian you will win!
They're the most respectful, helpful, tender people I've ever seen, believe it or not always welcoming foreigner and try the best to make them feel comfortable and secure despite the war, I love them god bless them
Just laugh out loud.
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Worst country with lazy lousy people
Colorful painting behind dark days. clubbing while bombing
Althought smart, its people can't ger out of this vicious circle called :HAVING WAR CRIMINALS AS LEADERS.
Beautiful country if not for its political problems.
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Is this a country?
Yep! And it stinks to me.
IT was a great one until... The... wait I forgot who were they? Laugh out loud

Very fake people with a false sense of national pride.
There is a William Wallace statue in Stirling, Scotland except it's clearly not William Wallace, it's a statue of Mel Gibson in a kilt. Pathetic.
A nation of disgusting fatbodies. They eat worse than cattle, any nation that gorges on fried Mars bars or deep fried pizzas has no self respect (despite the false pride they desperately try to project to the world).
A nation of drunks who offer no benefit to the world. They're so helplessly dumb a lot of people there actually believe Scotland can be an independent nation and they spend all their time hating on England because they're jealous. Personally I hope they do vote independence, then the rest of the UK won't have to pay for their pathetic lives and the best thing is... The north sea oil will still belong to the UK
Constantly banging on about being 'geniune' 'friendly' people. It's just the same as anywhere else with some bad people and some good people. Plus William Wallace was a bloody and vicious criminal, not a hero!
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Being racist and denying colonizing and enslaving others. Imperialistic enforcement of their wicked ways onto previous colonized people. Robbing them of their culture still, like they did when they occupied them. Laugh and cry with you but stab you in the back if they get a chance. Covertly extremely racists. To them integration is to assimilate and humiliate.
Racist (remember apartheid in South Africa was originated by Boeren, from Netherlands), very hypocrite (judging other countries for inappropriate human rights practices, but denying colonizing and slaughtering of people in Suriname, Indonesia), egocentric, rude. If you give one, they will demand more.
They are rude, racist and small minded. I, myself, am Chinese but I was born and raised in The Netherlands. I understand more and more why my family constantly make fun of Dutch people. More often than not my Dutch "friends" would talk about not trusting those "foreigners" and I always felt like, even if they didn't talk about Chinese people, it's rude and they don't respect other people at all.
Thinking every country in the world loves them
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People who post derogatory and insulting remarks about Irish people saying that they are all thrash, drunkards etc are only proving to the rest of the world what they actually are.. Foul mouthed, foul minded and narrow minded ignoramuses who think they know everything, but in fact, know nothing. They think they have the right to say ALL the Irish are like that? An entire nation? Every man woman and child? They undoubtedly know nothing about Ireland and the Irish. If Ireland and it's people are so obnoxious, why then have so many foreigners made Ireland their home? I could go on, however that would take all day. You disgusting xenephobes are so unhappy and confused you don't even know your own faults but are always lashing out at others. Well, I've got news for you.. Ireland hates you too! We don't want you in our country, we don't want your tainted money, we'll recover our economy without your unwanted interference. We want nothing to do with you now or ever. Stay away from us. We want nothing to do with you. Don't come to Ireland, you're not welcome and you're certainly not wanted!
The only thing that is holding Ireland back is the fact thatsome loyalists in the north can't get it into their heads that all of Ireland would be a better place in the long run if Ireland was united as one individual nation.Protestants wouldn't be marginalised and proof of that is that there are a number of Protestants happily living in the south of Ireland. Also one of the key figures in fighting for a united Ireland, theobold wolffe tonne, was a Protestant so should religions that have so much in common really be such a major burden?
Ireland is a great country and whats with the comments saying they don't give anything to the world they are one of the highest countries to give charity even doh they are in a recession. When foureigners come here they are greeted with open arms especially americans. Not everybody is drunk either that is such a myth go uk, russia, poland and there is more violence and trouble there. They had a right to fight for independance to what are you on about they killed innocent people. British army personal had no right to be here so if they came here to kill innocent people they deserved to be killed in my opinion as would anyone who killed someone for no reason. They are in a recession at the moment but they are a new enough country only got independance in 1921 they will get trough it and come out a better nation. Has never been in a war with any country in the world not even two world wars only britain to get independance for which they were right to do.
Exactly what stupid countries hate us? Ok, we do have ignorant idiots in Ireland though

Ok, we do have people that drink, not many alcoholics though, so kindly f**k off with that stereotype please

If you ever come to our wonderful country, you have to watch Hurling, no Americans, not hurling as in vomiting

What we need is more and more people to support Irish unity and to try to acheive the 32 county state we are supposed to have, thanks a lot, Britain

If you come to Ireland, try not to come to Limerick, where I unfortunately come from. Ever hear of Limerick City?
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Unorganized country with lots of corruption and killings. Innocents in that country are always struggling.
Dictator and the people are miserable
No law, people are arrrogant, rude, stupid, boastful, liars, racist, corrupt, greedy

63Northern Ireland
Worst country ever, Big bunch of terrorist bastards. Come on the republic of Ireland, down with the prods. They started a big bunch of riots, all because of the worst flag ever was put down. UP THE REPUBLIC!
Whiny bunch of terrorist bastards.
The wee country is wee minded
This is a country of pathetic loyalists who are loyal to a place that isn't even on their land. The kids are brainwashed into thinking that it is good to hate Catholics and all the other 26 counties, even though we are all on the same land. Not all of them though, the good people of NI want a united and 32 county of Ireland.

The Twelfth, oh my God, the biggest waste of time you can possibly think of. For all those unfamiliar with The Twelfth, here is the jist of it.

It is a march on the 12th of July every year there where some retard loyalist clowns march who play music with their bands and wear orange to remember a battle that happened at the River Boyne, hence the name the Battle of The Boyne when King William of ORANGE, a Protestant, defeated King James, a Catholic, WAY back in 1690, yep, 1690! That was 324 years ago!

Basically, the loyalist Protestants/the RETARDS of Northern Ireland truly are idiot bigots and British wannabes
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They made holocaust to chinese in 1998.
I've lived in Indonesia for a year and a half now and can say a lot of the things on here are true for Java the main island, not Bali which is the only island most people ever visit (for good reason).

To start, corruption is incredible in the government that is focused on getting rich and not actually improving the lives of the citizens. The government hides its history including it's genocide of Chinese and suspected Communist Party members, and lies about a made up grand militaristic fight for independence when it was more of an abandoned colony.

The people have some of the unhealthiest habits. Almost every local dish is fried and chain smoking can start at an infant age. The infamous YouTube smoking baby is from here. There is cigarette smoke everywhere and people aren't educated enough to know it's bad for their health.

Garbage is thrown into the nearest river as means of disposal or burned creating poisonous plastic smoke. The local rivers are also toilets and baths for the poorer people.

The streets are pretty bad with lots of traffic and pollution in most major cities. There is an incredible amount of honking: honking at other cars, pedestrians, people on the roadside, animals etc. Throw in blaring calls to prayer, wedding, and a terrible invention called dangdut music and it's one of the loudest places ever.

The people can be the nicest most welcoming people or the most ignorant, selfish, uneducated people with a high opinion of themselves. Work ethic is not high due to corruption and people think they achieve things without working hard. There are even ghost legends to support this such as the Tuyul which is a small child ghost that steals from the poor to give to the rich. Jealousy is more rampant than I've ever seen in another country and successes are often blamed on Tuyul, witchcraft, or corruption. Also most people are afraid of the dark and sleep with either the T.V. or lights on.

All of this can only be expected really with a disintegrating school system where learning just isn't taking place. It's sad really. I believe this is only not higher on the list for the fact that so little people actually ever travel to or experience the real Indonesia. The country needs a serious change starting with education.
When I hear the word Indonesia, my brain would easily tell me that its all about corruption, terrorism, racism, prostitution and poverty. INDON people always say that they are best in SOUTH EAST Asia because they belong to the G20 and they got the highest economy. (of course, they have the highest population in SEA, thanks to their horny men and women. lmao) they always brag about their sea games medals ( where 206 medals out of 600 players wasn't a good thing). they always brag about something they are not and something they don't have. one experience we had with Indonesians, they brag about photos of foods and gadgets and claim it as theirs. then we just found out that they just stole it on Google, other fb accounts, and twitter. yeah. they're SOCIAL CLIMBERS. they love mocking other people's crisis, calamity and religion. they are the most warfreak race I've ever known! In pageantry, they bash and insult other country's delegates.. I don't know why, maybe they're just jeles and insecure because they've never won any title or crown in their entire life. they wont admit the fact that they're the ugliest race in Asia!
They still racist til this day. They worship their religion more than anything, yet they ready to abandon it anytime for money, women, and power.

I can say that the local people is stupid and ugly, but the minority like Chinese is smart as they run the economy there. I know how hardworker they are... while most of the local is so lazy.
Also what they did to Chinese in 1998 is unforgivable. They ashame their own country's motto "UNITY IN DIVERSITY".

Well, the country is rich and still developing, they can be a really (I really mean it) great country IF they can WORK together, not being a HYPOCRITE religionist, and STOP corrupting the young.


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I can kill Austria!
Austrians are the #1 complainers and they are constantly whining about everything. But to me they also seem to be the most honest people. Austria is also overrun by foreign hordes.
Many nice people here, but generally they are narrow minded and often think they are better than anyone else
I'm falling in love with Sebastian Kurz! (foreign minister of Austria).. Kyaaa.. (? )
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I'm finnish and voted for my own country. Kind of says it all
We suck. Please do not come here. We're full.
The most unfriendly and cold people! They are like zombies from "the walking dead", with one distinction: finnish zombies are belching and breaking wind all the time!
Formerly it was a part of Russia.
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They make territorial claims o places they are not entitled to. In the time of th Austro-Hungarian Empire they abused all the people which were not Hungarian or Austrian. Probaly the biggest player in what as called "The prison of nations. "
This list makes me sick. It's disgusting how people humiliate, and defile nations they not even know. It's a shame to know that there are people in this world who writes these disgraceful posts instead of live their own life happily. If I were them I would think my whole life over...
Hungarians are so square, that is almost sickening.. Rules and more rules.. And then they wonder why no-one likes them. Sad case Hungary, there are no smiles, there is no laughing. And the police seems to acts like in the best dictatorship. But seems they like it like that.. And yes, then there is the 'in Hungarian.. ? '. a Hopeless bunch
How come we are only 58th most hated country? This is an insult!
Come on rest of East Europe, get those votes flowing!
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Dirty, uncivilized and unfriendly people, especially Oran
Impossible to work without bribes
Algeria? What has it done to any country and it has the most peacefulness, people like the berebers in the mountains are like the monks and its beautiful too especially Oran
They are so Stupid and violent! And the government of Algeria keep taking the fortunes of this country; but the people don't talk because they are so uncivilized!
I'm Algerian but I love Algeria we are not unfriendky people an American actore was her in oran its arnold schwarzenegger he love Algeria he sad that he love the place and the Algerian people are so friendly
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Full of criminals, drug dealers, pimps and organ harvesters! I'm not Serbian for saying this but I am Irish and I refuse to sympathize with fake scum who pretend that they are innocent and the best when they do nothing but criminal things in European countries, they butchered many serbs/montenegrins/macedonians in Kosovo and took their land Kosovo! And they always lie that they are innocent lambs and that the serbs are the demons! He serbs only protected their own people and their country against these islamic terrorists who get support from NATO so that the muslim monsters can have a country that can supply USA heroin, trafficked women and organs! Kosovo is nothing but an criminal base for the americans! An european Colombia! They also hate the greeks and the macedonians? They want their lands as well? I say good luck to them and that they should not cry help to NATO when greeks, macedonians and serbs fight back at them!
Everybody hates albanians from kosovo
Very racist people. They always think they're better than everyone else.
KOSOVO IS Serbia. Greetings from Poland.
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70Democratic Republic of the Congo
Well, it is a little corrupt and people can be annoying at times but there is the odd nice thing to see
Poorest nation in the world

Very nice country, nice people, unlucky with there leaders, gipsies r making a bad image for them abroad
I love my country and I suffer when I see the image some people have about
Romania! People should visit Romania and learn more about it! They would be surprised to see how beautiful it is, and safe! It has a great nature and wellcoming people who love traditions and respect other nations and their culture! And Romania was the best in Europe last year in The Olympics in Maths (one of the best in Europe for years) and many years great in Gymnastics! I would be very surpised meet someone here who knows this! People can find many positive and real information about Romania and not only the dirty articles that destroy our image every day! Our history and our geographical position did not always helped us
And we've lost hope for a better future! Some of us left the country with
The heart in pieces! We don't need ignorant people to put salt on our wounds!
1st of all I'm Romanian and there is nothing wrong with Romania, it's a perfect and beautiful country and the scenery is nothing like in America or whatever, Romania is full of amazing gymnasts and stunning views, spectacular food, and not ONE overweight person, everyone there is decent. In Romania everything is special, and once your'e there you won't want to leave, trust me.
I am from Norway and we hate the Romanian gypsies, they invade our country with thousands of beggers and steal whenever they have the chance, they also pee and poo everywhere and makes the country look bad. They also kidnap babies and have their in their arms so they look more innocent so they will get more money. And the worst part I think is that they earn more a day than people in the poorest countries do a year, and they only use it on smoke, drugs etc
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They ruin our country (The Netherlands) with their immigrants, whenever something is stolen it's usually them. And every time I have been offended by a person its one of them because they think they are so though and better than the Dutch, they also never work and sit at home waiting for their "loan" which they get as help when they don't have a job and need money for food and stuff while they should be looking for a job instead of sitting at home whining about everything. I'm sure it's like this in other countries.
Main export product are violent "berber" immigrants to Europe. For that I hate this country
I can tell why its hated
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I'm from the South Sudan and still part of Sudan and proud to be, if you are not from their, you don't see that we are working VERY hard to fix our government. There is no need to call us lazy because we are up now. One of those days, we will be fixed, guaranteed. Its time that the world RECONIZE our power and people.
Beautiful country, lovely people -- too bad they're too lazy to do something about their awful government. Hope it all works out for you guys

This is a country I do not even have a word to describe it. They think that they are number one in Africa, while they really are far behind all African nations and even the poorest nation in the world. They under estimate neighboring country. All their life are lies and lies. The fought 30 years of the bushes because of timing and luck and political turmoil of Russia got their independence. Even though the ignore the fact that conspiring with the Tiray -Ethiopian Rebels and kill and defeat their own people who start the straggle. They are still proud for loss and miserable life since independence. The are very proud for the Achievement of the Fascist Mussolini accomplishment of art deco as it is theirs. The most corrupted people in the world. In Africa they start on the trucking business then sell drugs alcohol and traffic their women for money under the impression of Victory for the masses. I have maids they are so cheap. They can degrade their own brother and sister to make a white man happy. For them a white man is success. They have a government that is doomed to fail. The president is a very systematic assassin. Hiding behind the curtain add deceive is people. Alcoholic womanizer. From Middle east to Europe to America and Australia. All they do live in a welfare system, Cab drivers and Parking lot thieves. They Lie of their back ground. They are drunk by a false Nationalism. I feel sorry for those who lost their life for nothing. Those who are educated the try to distance them self from the diaspora. Trying to be like a white man claiming that they are different from the rest of Africa. Even-though they are a mix of Arab, Indian, Turks, African and Italian and Greek mix. For them a white man is Status of civilization. The Christians are very racist to Muslims and vise versa. But the Muslims are little bit kinder. There is a very dangerous animosity among them but they claim we are one heart and one nation. In reality thy are the most racist, regionalism, tribalism and ethnocentric society. I lived with them in South Africa, Germany, Sweden Sydney, Melbourne and the USA. I briefly lived in The Mangustu time and spent 4 Turing Eritrea. Country in the world and can do everything. Just because they gain independence, they think that they can host the Summer Olympics. They are also so hateful against Ethiopians tigray region. Even though the are Cousins.
Useless country with useless people. They create problems wherever they immigrate especially U. K, U.S. A and Israel. Their country is plague by a corrupt government, weak economy, and needy freeloaders.

Eritreans create ghettos in any country they immigrate to and need to be sorted out permanently. If there's one place to test nuclear missiles, let it be the crap hole that is Eritrea.
Let me put it this way.. Bunch of narrow minded people
I don't even know what Eritrea is...
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Bunch of spoiled brats that think their system works better than anyone else's, even though they would starve without their oil. Bunch of better-than-thou heathens...
They think that they are the greatest people on the world.
Spoiled and bratty, I say as a dane. Besides, they try to steal Faroe and Greenland from us ): They think they are so good.
This is a great country it had a wonderful and nice winter
And very good tasted food like the meetballs and the flamenco pizza
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I think most Beglians are unhappy with their life situation (High tax rates, governments that make them look silly, etc). It's eating them from the inside, but they don't tend to do anything about it which make them grumpy.
Belgium also doesn't really have much to offer for tourists. It has great history, but they don't maintain it so lots of it gets forgotten and won't be shown to tourists. To see them, you have more chance if you find alternative guides and not the official ones..
Most racist people I've come across (today) as if we are still living in past. Very rude, arrogant, and totally ignorant of the rest of the world.
I lived my whole life in this, luckily I'll move very soon to a real country. I can't put all the negative things in one comment because it is just to much. So I'll go with the positive ones, the food and beer are good... That's about it.
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It has war too much and has to much littering sorry vokes
I thought nobody knows about Turkmenistan O_o

They plagiarized Greek history, ignored their true Bulgarian identity, crush their minorities, and consider themselves descendants of Alexander the Great.
They think they are Greek but they are not... They present OUR history as their own... The true name of this name is Fyrom... Macedonia is Greek.. I am proud to be Greek and even prouder to live in Macedonia... The home of Alexander the Great...
Liars and thiefs.. They have no history and steal from others.
They try to create their identity by stealing Greek History. For the next 500 years they will still be called FYROM
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Corrupt government, one of the highest inflation rates in the world (54% this year), prices raise every day, doesn't produce anything, and imports it all; immense crime rate; only 5% of criminals end up in our overcrowded jails; traffic; drug dealers protected by the government, shortage of several basic need products; absence of free press; lack of dollars, overpriced flights; black market dollar is 10 times above the official dollar value; lack of medicines and serious flaws on hospitals and clinics; poor education system; political polarization; ever-growing favelas and invaded terrains; water supply problems; illegal guns all over the country; blackouts all over the nation, they blame raccoons or iguanas; expropriations and illegal occupations. The government does whatever they want, caring about their wallets and not the each time poorer citizens. Puppets of Cuba, they cheat on every election and nobody does much about it. And the rest of the world just sits there watching us rot. Thank you all,
This country is really full of drug dealers and pimps. Not only is this country a total mess, but it also makes Brazil lose its economy by manufacturing all kinds of drugs and shipping to Brazil!
In a dictatorship. Not a free country what so ever.
I can kill Venezuela!
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Burma is a multi-national country with many races but the majority is Buddhist and Buddhist people think Myanmar is only for Buddhist which is incorrect. They (Buddhist) are cleaning minority groups like Rohingya who are Muslim and Kachin who are mostly Christian and etc...
Buddhism is peaceful religion too but some Buddhist monks are teaching how to hate and kill other religions' people. Non-religion teach astray what I know but some people who care only their own lives they control innocent to them. This is actually Myanmar govt plan how to create problems in the country then military can control it. I really hate Wirathu and Burmese govt and their followers.
The mass murder of the minority Muslim population is absolutely horrendous and the complicity and lack of action from the authorities is criminal and inhumane. For this reason, at this moment in time, this behaviour of the Burmese people and government should be the most hated in the world.
Burmese government do with their minority like an animals.
Burma is a stupid dictatorship.
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These people disgust me

I am still angry about Greenland being more icy than Iceland. My entire life feels like a lie.
Laugh out loud! 1st of all greenland is not even a country, it's still under danish government ( still part of denmark) I'm not a danish but leaving here in denmark now and I hate greenlandic.They have small brain and just want to drink for the rest of their lives, they always complain that danish are too rude for them which is not true! They have many privileges because they are using danish passport but still not thankful of that!
The south Greenlanders are the nicest people in the world.
But the north Greenlanders are killers, hypocrites and selfish. They don't care about others only themselves.

Especially the polar bears and see seals.
Greenland is considered a country.
Not an offical country, but a constituent country.
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83Dominican Republic
Who am I to judge if I am always being judge without reason, I am not perfect but do my best to gain knowledge any way I can. Listen to the funny part I was Born in New York and Both of my parent is from Dominican Republic and have lots of family in PR P.S. my Sister, brother and best friend was born in PR. Every time I listen to a PR talking any smack on Dr I find them to be ignorant and Stupid, Same goes to Dr taking this Smack about PR Due to if we only take the name of DR, PR, CUBA, VNZL, PNM. They all Have a mixture of Mainly (Native Indian, Espanoles and African AKA Black) on the same percentage. Conclusion Know your history and remember every time you talk bad of your neighbor is the same as you talking bad of your own. I love Haitian cause they are my brothers and sister and every other country as well in the same WAY. (what does becomes of the world when you take there country names away, a world known as one where we are all the same and share the same Mother Earth.)
First off they think they are the best but they know they are not. They are out shinned by the rest of the Caribbean and wish they could be like some of them. They think they are the s*** but they truly can not be. They are only good at base ball but truly they are not, its only because its cheaper to buy Dominican players. They hate Puerto Rico but thousands of them swarm and die to get to them. They hate black people but most of them are black or mulattos and they are loud and obnoxious. And some of them are good but most are annoying and disliked by many for being hypocrites.


They are alright, very few of them are. They are proud of what? They haven't done anything and are out shined by the rest of the Caribbean, they just became popular. They hate on Puerto Rico but wish they can be like them, they hate blacks but act like black stereotypes, they are loud and obnoxious and think they are the best at baseball but its only because its cheaper to buy players from D.R. the Dominicans think they are the best but they truly know they are not that's why so many leave to other "Caribbean islands"
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Nazi country!
They are oppressing the Russian minority who just want to bring back Russian rule. People under West propaganda don't understand that, since Russia defeated Nazis, if you are against Russians, you are a Nazi. Latvia justify their horrible Nazism by telling that Russians deported and oppressed them under CCCP, but it is lies because CCCP was only bad to Nazis.

Little pussies that try to act tough but get killed by polish and Russians
I was there few times. Wonderful country with friendly and good looking people. The food is ok - lots of potatoes and milk products.
Small Nazi country who persecute ethnic minorities such as polish and Russian people who inhabit their country for hundreds years. Also during II world war lithanian (with German Nazi) killed* many polish, Russian and Jew.
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You only have the right to say all that stuff about Portugal if yo've actually been there and got to know it well because if you did, you weren't saying it. Perhaps most of the people who are against Portugal are portuguese. This country can have many imperfections, but has lots of good (and very often discredited) good things. Before you write anything, please make a search and form a right personal opinion about the issue. Thank you.
So Spain and France and England didn't conquer other countries? You ignorant fools, that's what colonization was about, so many countries did this, yes it was wrong but had it not happend the world we live in today would be different. No country was perfest but Portugal is a very old country with rich history, much like most of Europe. No country is perfect. And one more thing, the people here are not lazy, they are hard workers, what you hear are stereotypes, so many countries have them. And to the guy or girl who said to tell Spain and France to make Portugal parking, you are just dumb, justo so you know Portugal as it is today, with its borders and name is much older than Spain and France. So pick up a book and educate yourself, the Internet isn't just for troling.
Who is writing this crap! Portuguese army lazy people you fool! Who give you the right to talk about other countries! Who is racist now you dumb ass hipacrit!
Portugal? What's that?... Oh! You mean that thing beside Spain that was also Spain and speak a distorted Spanish?! Ha I almost forgot since they haven't been a REAL country since like 400 years ago!
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87New Jersey
I hate New Jersey because they don't let others to work freely, but they welcome offshore money!
New Jersey isn't even a country you moronic Richard Head!
Laugh out loud I was confused too.. New Jersey? Haha
I live in New Jersey, it's a state, not country idiot!
New Jersey is awesome, its not stupid
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This place is amazingly beautiful with wonderful people
Very beautifull country with nice people and old colture. Visit it.

89Saint Kitts and Nevis
This place is beautiful, whats so bad about it?

I have been living in jordan for more than 23 years and it is. Awful country, full of liars cheaters and corruption, they think that they have a good areas to be visited but to be honest with you nothibg here to be visited, amman the capital is more expensive than dubai and it is 1000 times worse than a city in sudan
People have nothing to do except stealing from forigners and tourists and from each other too.
High percentage of people carrying postgraduate degree but sadly illetrated at all
20% work in arab gulf as slaves for oil shakhs for a punch of pucks... Thanks for there honest government
Sold weapons to Iraq during desert storm then lied about it
Am already living here in jordan.. And am totally agree with guys... Nothing to visit in jordan, very expensive, no where to go. Fake history and fake people.. What else to say everything already said...
Jordan is a stupid Muslim country that help Palestine.
Their country is corrupt and and the government does nothing to stop the corruption.
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A country that has everything to make it an economic powerhouse but full of people without aspirations, dreams or a desire to make a difference. Ever complaining and wanting free things.

I am from Uzbekistan and.. It's just too scary to write anything bad about this country :) People thank God that you live in a different place.
Every Russia's bro is good.
Best country to live, not for working

They have great athletes and musicians. But other than that, they cause terror, crime, racial/cultural tensions/unrest, poverty, ghettos, white flight and more uneducated, sub-human disobedient children worldwide (just like Nigeria & the rest of West Africa).

Giving aid to Jamaica fuels more problems and they should learn to be more civilised and self-sufficient socially, economically & politically.

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe President, said "In Jamaica, they have freedom to smoke cannabis, the men are always high and universities are full of women. The men want to sing and do not go to colleges, some of them twist their hair. Let us not go there".

Stop giving aid to Jamaica. Period.

Otherwise they will breed more poor thuggish children. They start off as being helpless and vulnerable. But once they get aid, they will grow up to be sub-human, materialistic, race/religious baiting, lying, sexist pigs.
You all are racist jerks! You only know that its the highest drug company cause that's where you get your drugs from!
Their country is built upon harvesting marijuana and invented reggae
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94South Ossetia
South Ossetia isn't even a damn country.
They just self declared independence from Georgia, nobody should recognize these pigs.

The people who really d'ont know nothing about Brazil, usually say wrongs and stupid things like that of Brazil. Brazil is the best country to live in the world.
Corruption. Corruption. And if I forgot... Corruption. Beside that, people re really stupid, incompetent and materialistic. Government also is burocratic.
They destroyed the Amazon and they are the country with more deforestation
"The people who really don't know nothing about Brazil, usually say wrongs and stupid things like that of Brazil. Brazil is the best country to live in the world."

That's why.. just like mericu'
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This people copied the name of Switzerland, Why? Because it's "S" and has word "land"

97San Marino
Evil, devil-worshipping Italian wanna-bes whose only contribution to human history was their acquiescence in and agreement with the Trwaty of Santo Bannonanno in 1561.

Definitely the most corrupt country in the EU. Its not what you know but who you know here and how much money you have. They are the most ignorant and arrogant people you could ever meet! They have no standards whatsoever and customer service is a dirty word. Small island, small minds.

Mm people come on that Safarov guy killed a sleeping soldier with an ax... And you know he is treated there like a hero. So I'm not even saying about historical inhumanities they'd done, just look at what they're doing today and of all people they blame us in genocide... Well in 1000s years of our history we've never been aggressors and here you come and say, that one of the oldest nations of the world doesn't have a culture of their, it's out of any kind of logic, I mean, come on they don't even have alphabet of their own and speak about culture? Most of the people who live in this country lie, treat murderer as a hero, and doesn't have any sense of honor to be men and human beings and admit their mistakes and try to go forward. That's what I think, but I'm not sure they have a chance to have a bright future, if it is created with blood and lies. Anyway they hate Armenians and afraid of them, so while they have hatred in their hearts, nothing good will come out of it, for both of our countries.
They think they are the best country in the world and can do everything. Just because they hosted the 2011 Eurovision, they think that they can host the Summer Olympics. They are also so hateful against Armenians
They are not the best country in the world, they can't do everything and can't host the summer games just because they are so rich they aren't that rich they are dumb to understand that don't own Africa or America they suck anyway because they think other countries like America are poor. America is not poor they are so rich and powerful and can do everything good than Azerbaijan.
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100Equatorial Guinea
I hate this country! Because I don't even know here it located!

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Updated Tuesday, September 23, 2014

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