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The euphonium is great because it carries the baritone melody in a mellow and listenable way. Trombones and baritones came close in this category but they are too piercing and tend to solely carry the baritone line. While this is important, the euphonium carries the baritone line and helps it blend in so that it doesn't come out as piercing and unorchestral. The trombone and baritone may get the baritone line to be significant and regal, but the euphonium is the glue that keeps the baritone line together with the rest of the orchestra/band.

YES! Go Euphonium! Everyone said I was crazy or doing it, but SO WHAT!
You know, Euphonium means 'beautiful sound' according to Wikipedia. BOOM!

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Every band needs a tuba player, I mean seriously, it's practically the beat of the music! Also, the tuba goes lower than most or all instruments, so if you need to hit the low note, just point to tuba! It also is the most fun instrument to play. You get to do that awesome lip thing you did all the time when you were five. plus, not many people can get a sound out of tuba, so if you can, you should try it. Not many people do tuba, so you'd get a lot of attention from peers.


It is the foundation of a concert band. Without the tuba part, everything else is just noise.

The Tuba adds a nice low tone to a piece of music and is definitely important.

Without tubas everything sounds like wii music

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23Bass Clarinet

It is very unique and adds depth to the band supporting the low wood winds and brass


The bassoon is a hard but nice instrument. It has a low sound needed for a good band

It is a deep sound to the band
It is needed for the low woodwinda


This is important for Scottish rock and metal bands

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It's like a minnie guitar and has a slightly higher pitch. Very beautiful sound.

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I think that the viola doesn't even belong in a marching band to began with.


The percussion keeps the tempo together.

Percussion keeps the tempo together

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It's important in some types of genres especially rap rock and rap metal bands

31Snare Drums

Creates the beat and add interesting dynamics

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Very deep throated and beautiful. Accompanies the violins and give the piece a great mood/tone. All around a beautiful instrument.


Of coarse you need a singer! Bands have to have something other than just the music. There has to be some words in it!


They Might Be Giants!

35Baritone Sax

It's awesome and in the bass section

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I play it in choir. It's like playing bongos on stands.


Because crocs play them


An awesome instrument from India


Piccolo should be necessary to the band because it provides the higher part of the woodwinds.

Without piccolo, the band is gonna sound like an icecream without those little sprinkles. It can taste good but something will be missing.


Very important in an orchestra... Makes it more interesting dynamically and rhythmically...

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