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61In My Life

I wouldn't even expect this in this list!

My favorite song so understandable.

62Lovely Rita
63Lady Madonna
64Till There Was You
65Sexy Sadie
67You're Going to Lose that Girl

One of their best. Love John's vocals.

68Abbey Road Medley
70Only a Northern Song
72Long Tall Sally
73I've Got a Feeling

Paul and John singing. Let It Be - ShiftyMelon

74I Need You
75The Long and Winding Road

Love every version done by The Beatles.

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76Revolution 1

Rock heads tend to hate this because it has an acoustic backing while the normal Revolution is distorted. Well, both are brilliant in their own way.

77Octopus's Garden

Great song from Ringo. Give him some credit.

78Don't Pass Me By

An amazing song by Ringo Starr

79What You're Doing

From Beatles for Sale, great tune from Paul.

Great tune from Paul.

80She Said She Said

From Ringo Starr's legendary performance on drums, to Harrison and Lennon's outstanding guitar-work, everything in this song shines. This song also showcases The Beatles ability to combine two separate songs into one effortlessly by having the middle eight be in a different time signature. While Tomorrow Never Knows is the highlight of Revolver, and Here, There, and Everywhere is the highlight on side 1, She Said She Said isn't that far from being the best song on the album and one of the most criminally underrated Beatles songs.

No one really seems to care about this song. When I first heard it, I couldn't stop listening to it. It was also the last song recorded for Revolver.

Poor Peter Fonda. All he tried to do was reassure George Harrison that he wasn't dying from his LSD trip, thereby earning the ire of a tripped out Lennon, who made the song sound happy, even if Fonda creeped him out. Fonda's misfortune is our gain. This rocker and its twin (to me) 'And Your Bird Can Sing' have always been the two criminally underrated Lennom rockers from Revolver. Everyone remembers how different Tomorrow Never Knows was, but this and 'Bird' were more enjoyable.

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