Best Native American Rappers


Native Rappers make a great deal of social-political commentary on numerous issues from racism, to political corruptions and social injustice. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Supa Man is Native Hip Hop! There is no question about his Native Heritage. The lyrics are fresh and rez! No other rapper says I'm from the rez and I still point with my lips. That's keeping it real rez. If you want positivity. He has that as there are not cuss words in his music and he is good family Christian man. Drug and alcohol free. Preaching the word of God. Don't get no better then that! Much Blessings to Supa Man!
No one in the native American hip hop community can surpass Supaman and Red cloud!
He is the best! He is not afraid to share his heritage or his belief in God the Father. Supaman is one of a kind. Our native kids need his type of good energy.. Thanks to his family for allowing him to share with us all..
[Newest]By far the best native rapper

2City Natives
City Natives is a canadian aboriginal based group consisting of four members: Beaatz, IllFundz, Gearl & BnE. Originating from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, all four members whom are closely affiliated with one another, decided to form what they consider as an "unstoppable" alliance. Individually, they all possess certain styles and aspects of the hip-hop industry. From underground to mainstream, they have combined their talents together to provide an original and unique style of music that differentiates them from other artists. As solo artists, they've all built a solid resume for themselves over the years as well as gained numerous fans through-out all of Canada. Working together, the group found themselves nominated for Aboriginal Recording Of The Year through the East Coast Music Awards of 2013. Without a debut album, they've certainly done well for themselves and continue to represent their people as well pursue the dreams they've set out to fulfill. With your continuous support and unconditional love for real music and aboriginal talent, it's certain that they will succeed in time!
They are an upcoming success story. Their sound keeps getting better.
These boys are grinding! They all have their own style and lane. They're making the best aboriginal hip hop out!
[Newest]For a group to be together for less than a YEAR. And do the things they did, they deserve this spot as up and comers.

Cardboard House Records Supports J's Movement. Cut Glass Beads With A Braid Rolled Up!
J-rez! Much love from DNA STAGE we got some new tracks & music videos cooking up! Sounding pretty awesome!
Okay first I like to say keep up the good woe bro. Second we have to go up big hills and small hills. Third be your self and have fun all the time man. Fourth keep making them beats and rhymes we will make it to the top together. Tahoo! Annie! Quay! Much love. Oh yeah as that the fifth one? Laugh out loud
[Newest]Thank the preacher for teaching him his language because now he's more dangerous

4Red Cloud
Red Cloud, hands down the illest freestyle rapper ever. Heard his stuff and was hooked. He's doing a lot for himself as well as the rest of lightning cloud. He has my vote.
I've known him since the beginning, the boy cannot be stopped, he takes on all challengers and buries them where they stand.
I've had the chance to meet n speak with Red Cloud & Crystal Lightning while they were out in because last year.

Coped there cd, enjoyed it, heard him kill it in the freestyles, been hooked ever since.

One of the coldest Native rappers in the game!
What? Can I get put on this list or are you a hater?
My man is very talented and very determined to challenge himself to become better and better with each album he has. I'm very proud of this man, he deserves to be on top!
[Newest]One Kool Native Rappers of all times

You had change my life I truly believe in heritage back when the elders reallu cared about kids
strong message in the music. as an ndn its proud to hear this.
nia:wen and blessings.
Hey whatz up from G-FORCE northern Cheyenne and to proud
Eugene Whiteman
[Newest]Good music. Even got to work personally with this man, good man.

7Beat Vandalz
These guys should win the vote they are true souls and opening minds and showing what they got by there voices and showing it out to the world they guts are the bomb dare to be awesome
The progression of these guys are exemplary destined for greatness
The pioneers of KAHNAWAKE's Hip Hop Scene.
[Newest]I voted because they are selfless artists. Their drive begins with their love for music, and also members of the group use their gifts to help those in need.

8Chase Manhattan
Awesome lyrics I love your music!
Great vibes that rep the Twin Cities urban Native experience. More than a rapper... Always there supporting issues that affect our community.
Chase has got it down for all the nation's people. "My favorite hater" is unique and good lyrics.
[Newest]Chase is dope, and handling his biz with his shows, an booths at powwows, he's everywhere!

He doesn't just rap, but he sings from his heart and soul and sings about things that more people should be aware about. Amazing work
Love your music bro! Gets me in the vibe for more music on the way! You'll get the top 10 bro! Keep it up!
Halfsmoked is a talented Native rapper who has been featured on Alaska statewide television specials and has music available on YouTube, ITunes and Soundcloud.
[Newest]Boi boi brings that quality. Represents that positive in Natives. He did great for my tribes concerts. Halfsmoked holds it down.

10Brandis B. Knudsen
Hailing from South Dakota, one of the quickest rising Native American artists in the industry with his self-titled debut album featuring Hopsin, Spice 1, G. Baby Prince of G-Unit West, and platinum producer Lex Lucazi recording sales across five different countries and having been nominated for five music awards.
B. of Dakota South Records 2X WINNER at the 2014 RockWired Radio Music Awards for Best Male Artist and Best Recording by an American Indian/First Nations Artist or Band.
Hailing from motherf#%#in SiX OH FIVE soon to be first place!
[Newest]His self-titled debut album B. of Dakota South Records is a classic!

The Contenders

11Night Shield
This dude is a pioneer in the rap game mad respect homie!
Great vocalist and song writer - does not pretend to be anything he is not. What you see is what you get; Night Shield speaks his mind and does not let critics bother him. Very entertaining both on and off the stage too.
He been the only one making moves in so dak that's been making appearances or the younger crowds... Not afraid to show his people love and is still repping where he's from
[Newest]The illest in the game!

12Quese IMC
Dude is real and tells the truth!
Good Ol' Amerikka is the best song ever! I love it
Quese IMC! Is one of my favorite Rappers of all time! He came to my school Uintah River and talked to us about life and showed us one of his songs that I Love called "I resist" ft. Caspa I think? But it took me a long time to find that song because I forgot what his name was when he left? But now I know and wont forget! Best Native Rapper I heard of!

Niawenkowa R.E.D.D. For representing our Mohawk nation, teching our children to grow up with out drugs and alcohol sharing your talent with us! Showing our next generation how to make a honest living with out evil! Andy
These guys are awesome!
Love you guys... Lets everyone vote and help my brothers make the top ten.
[Newest]These guys are really talented and really cool

14Wab Kinew
Being a part of "Dead Indians", he was and continues to be one of the most important musicians in Indian country. His extremely conscious and relevant lyrics mixed with an unmatched flow makes him a threat to any wack rapper. This dude is legit and has lived what he reps.
Great voice for native youth
The best role model, positive message

15James Blood
His voice sounds like he is black
The hardest Native in the game!

16Maniac: The Siouxpernatural
One of the only Native MCs to make harder, darker hip-hop, super lyrical
Maniac is dope lyrics n flow on tact always got something new to bring to the table

MidWest Hip Hop Artist. Hails from, Cheyenne River, SD. Night Shield Entertainment.

17Winnipeg's Most
The best native rap group that just ain't categorised in the native genre


Great music and club bangers. Tons of personality and talent.
Charlie Fettah, Brooklyn, and Jon-C gotz the most skillz hands down. Flows are always on point, and they have classic beats or club bangers...
[Newest]They be bang bang

18Buggin Malone
Buggin Malone's music is great he has a lot of really meaningful things in his lyrics. The messages that he puts into his music is a welcome change from all of the other music out there. He is definitely an amazing artist.
Mid-West reppin! Boo yow! Thanks for the great sounds and inspirational stories.
The BEST EVER no matter what any of you haters say about him. At least he makes a difference for TRUE NATIVES! Who else is? AIM is proud as well as leaders throughout the country.

19Tall Paul
The only native rapper to incorporate his indigenous language into a song (prayers in a song)
One of the most influential unheard artists from Minnesota
True Hip Hop, True MC. Not a copy cat poser like majority of people on this list. Doesn't rely on being a "Native Rapper" like most of the people on this. He can hang with anybody on the mic in any circle.
[Newest]Try listening to a song and not agreeing with what he says.. Challenge.

20Rez Hogs
Hands down the most lyrical and diverse group.
YakaVegas all day everyday...

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