Top 10 Non-Album Disturbed Songs

Some Disturbed songs actually did not appear on their 5 primary albums. Some were released as bonus content, or B-sides...or neither. These are the top 10.

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I do agree, I could think of better disturbed songs. Lets just agree that they are all amazing!

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Run is 10 times better than hell! I love Hell, but I'd choose to listen to Run over Hell any day! The lyrics of both songs are great, however, I find that Run is much more catchy tune, that feels really empowering. It's a song that you just wanna start singing on the top of your lungs to a person you hate! Listen to them both, one right after the other, and you will see what I mean! "YOU BETTER RUN! "

This song is amazing. It's a bonus song on limited edition Indestructible, and it's just awesome. - thunder850

6This Moment
7Glass Shatters
8Fade to Black
9Two Worlds
10Living After Midnight

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This song is on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack. While it was sung by Johnathan Davis of Korn in the movie itself, David definitely did a much better job of it. Love this song!

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