10 Reasons to Hate Miley Cyrus


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She is a bad role model to kids
She is a HORRIBLE role model! I'm surprised that I actually ust to think she was the good butterfly type. And what type of person pole dances at the Kids Choice Awards!?!?! Oh yeah she does
Kids need to learn that people are gonna pole dance they need to go outside of their Nickelodeon sponge bob getting slimed comfort zone and learn what happens in the outside world and Miley is just teaching them.
Hmm she WAS a great role model. After Hannah Montana it seems like she can't stop acting crazy and control her life. Now she is a terrible role model for children and even teens! She will be cleaned up and back on her feet in no time
Yeah she is a bad role model even on her concert in 2013 you can tell she is bad role model and I bet robin's wife would of been mad when she saw it! This really needs to stop I mean change is good but this is way over change Miley cyrus has created a monster and she needs to kill if she wants a lot of fans because half of her fans are gone! We miss the old Miley well I miss the old miley
[Newest]She takes drugs, does inappropriate things, and smokes.
More comments about She is a bad role model to kids

2She only got famous because her dad was famous
This should be the number one reason. I don't hate her. I just dislike her music. The reason why I dislike her is because I think there are way more people with more talent. The only reason why she's famous is because her dad was. Another reason why I dislike her is because of her attitude. She has to have a different attitude in order to sell albums, which is stupid. I mean, I have nothing against different. I'm all for different. But when you're different just to gain attention, I think that's stupid. If she wants to be different, she needs to starts by making different music, not mainstream stuff. She changes her personality to be "different", yet her music is still mainstream pop. So, she's just being different to make money, not because she's actually a different person. I find it hypocritical how she's against society, but still makes commercial music. Her songs are just like every other song on the radio. Besides, it's not like having a different appearance is original. Every artist does it today. Nicki Minaj does it, Lady Gaga does it, Miley does it. It's not new or original. If you really wanna sell more, make good music like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles did. They're the best-selling artists of all time. And while Led Zeppelin did have a different attitude that drew attention, they're music was good and different. Pink Floyd stayed away from the media, but they're music was still excellent, different and original. Miley's music is just like every other pop song that has come out in the last 10 years. I could write a mainstream pop song. All you have to do is use a four chord, easy to listen to, good rhythm song with useless and meaningless lyrics. Now, I think her getting hatred for being a bad role model for kids is stupid. Sure she signed up for that when she was in Disney, but come one. She's grown now. Shw can't be a role model for kids her whole life. Many extraordinary musicians weren't good role models for kids, but that's not what they singed up for. Miley did when she was in Disney, but she's not in Disney any more.
The rest of the list is BS. This is the only one that matters.
Just like a lot of other trashy celebrities.
[Newest]Her dad was a one- hit wonder!

3She pole danced at the Kids Choice Awards
"She was just holding the pole or she would of fell hell bad" next time she should let go.
This is wrong in so many ways. Really, on a Kids Choice Awards! Yeah, I'm the dumbass that allowed her to do that!


She was just holding the´╗┐ dam pole or else she would have fell hell bad
[Newest]I never knew that, and I can't believe that they let her do that.

4Her 2013 VMA performance
She ruined the V.M.a's for me I will never be able to watch them again.
I know I agree you should've seen rhianna's face when she was twerking her face was like seriously get off that stage you're only embarrassing yourself and miley ain't got no butt!
That one performance has made you nver want to watch the vmas again? That's a little extreme..
[Newest]The worst performance ever, I would go into hiding if I were her. And the frisking tongue thing? Disgusting, ugly, un ladylike, trashy, more trashy, white trashy!

5Her voice is so irritating
Totally irritating voice. Why doesn't she stop singing? I think she should go away from Hollywood with her horrible and terrible voice and of course her dirty WIG. Nabeel
Hell, she just sings the same note the whole time. She just uses autotune.
Why would you do this to us, Disney? Why would you inflict one of the worst singers of all time onto your loving public?
[Newest]I like her songs, like her voice, but I hate her. I want the old Miley back!

6She thinks she is loved by every guy on the planet
News flash, Miley. There are other, BETTER, girls out there.
Goys only think she's hot because she is practically inviting every single guy on planet earth to see her body. I mean just look at the way she dresses now, they are all so short that the clothes are even showing her private areas. COMMON Miley GET A LIFE
Well, Miley used to be pretty.. When she had long hair. Miley, if you are hearing this, girl, go back to your long beautiful hair. Almost every guy MIGHT HAVE liked you BEFORE YOU CHANGED. But, now that you've changed, I don't think anybody should like you.
I'm still surprised that her old self is still on wikipedia
[Newest]How can guys love her? She is ugly, even for a pervert!

7She sticks out her tongue way too much
It's not sexy as she seems to think - at least the way Miley does it (a pose she is trying so desperately to make her signature one). As Kelly Osbourne said, "Put your (expletive) tongue in your mouth! "
Cut it off already!
Is something wrong with it? Is it her trademark? Seriously it has no purpose, sticking her tongue out is just like a state of encouraging sexual activities! Put your tongue back in where it belongs!
[Newest]Her tongue should be cut off

8She does drugs
Yep...she sure does...a very bad role model for kids and teens! Plus she LOVES sex.
I can't believe that I mean when she looks back to her life she would say I wish I never changed this way
DRUGS KILL YOU! Think about a snake bite it can kill you fast or
Vary slow but with physical or mental.
[Newest]She's an adult she can do whatever the hell she wants. She loves sex. Of course she does! Everyone does! It's human nature. It's not a bad thing. She's not supposed to be a role model. She's a celebrity! Celebrities shouldn't be role models. If your role model is a celebrity... well good luck. I'm not even a fan of hers. I don't like her music. I didn't like her when she was Hannah Montana and I don't like her now. I just think that it's silly to hate on her because she didn't stay 16 forever.

9Her Wrecking Ball music video
Never expected Hannah Montana did that stupid music video ever!
This should be #1 on this list, BECAUSE SHE WAS SO DAMN NAKED IN THAT VIDEO!
That song was horrible. But the music video was absolute trash. How on earth did this earn 700 million hits on YouTube?! That's what baffles me the most. It doesn't deserve all the attention it gets. To make matters worse, it just earned a VMA award for number music video of the year. Unbelievable!
[Newest]That's one of the most inappropriate videos on YouTube!

10She smokes
Miley Cyrus is a drug addict.
She sucks I hate that chick
Well I love her music (when I look at you) that's like my favorite song but her attitude ahh
[Newest]Over 1/3 of the world smokes

The Contenders

11She can't act in comedy at all
Needs to take her silly ass hair, her disgusting tongue and her "in heat" ass and get professional help. She's screaming for attention.
She has no talent for acting, and so she should stay away, but her greedy Dad and Agent will be trying anything possible to squeeze as much money out of her as possible. I hope she passes away in a car accident soon. Just an awful person, really.
How absolutely horrible of you. What you said is true she is an awful person who should just stay away from acting or anything entertainment related, but to wish death on another person? What if five people everyday wished you were dead and that you would get in a horrible tragic bloody life ending car crash? Not a good feeling I hope. Think before you speak. You must be 16.
She is an idiot
[Newest]Remember Hannah Montana? It sucked.

12She is a slut
She has always been one and she doesn't care about anything or anyone. Don't be tricked. She even hates her fans. One day she'll be a hobo
She is ugly white and is promoting drugs to our kids.
This girl is so parasitic because she is a major dumb ass who hates kids Justin Bieber and chicken

13She is going over board with not wanting to be known as Hannah Montana
It's one thing to not want to be Hannah Montana anymore but the way she's doing it is just...GRR
I used to love her and want to be her best friend but now I just want her dissappear or go back to what she used to be. It makes me want to scream
Wanting to be known as Hannah Montana? Hannah Montana is nothing like her
She should've stuck with Hannah Montana.


14She's number 1 on Maxim's Hot 100, which is stupid
She was the only person on the Maxim top 100 list to ask their followers to vote for them. It's certainly not a consensus of popular opinion. I'm a straight guy and I couldn't be less attracted to her.
She is not hot she is a skanky bitch
They must have had a bunch of blind people do the voting because she is anything but hot. and that's a fact
[Newest]They must of had people lacking hearing and eyesight for the voting


15She thinks she is sexy
She looks like a tween boy in drag
Miley thinks she is but she is not
Still. Even pervert wouldn't like her. She is just super ugly.
[Newest]First I liked her and now I hate her

16She wears fur
That's not true. Miley Cyrus doesn't wear clothes.
Studid girl doesn't give a damn about animal cruelty.
This should be up on list. Fur is so out and cruel. Only the truly selfish still wear.
[Newest]PETA won't like her.

17She can't sing that well
I will never understand why people like her. They are tone deaf. She sounds like a drunk cat. You have got the Best of both worlds because you are a star? I thought pop stars were supposed to be good at singing.
Because she had'nt taken any singing lessons till 2006


She sort of can sing. It's just her songs are stupid (Her newish newish ones) Wrecking ball, We can't stop and adore... Etc.
She does get people to write her songs! And... She uses autotune.
But I think you shouldn't tell her to die. Because that's really sad and rude. As much as you think that, keep it to yourself (Being nice) Not alloud cause... it hurts people.
Xox. Thanks.

18She lied to her fans
She does need to change back to a nice sweet girl

19She hates Justin Bieber
So what I haye justin bieber too not everyone likes him this is not a reason
Thought it was the same person, I also hate Justin Biber
Justin Bieber is even worse than Miley Cyrus.
[Newest]You hate Justin Bieber despite the fact you are actually twins (seriously. I found an image in the internet and they almost look alike)

20Her face just like Bieber twin sister
I hate justin bieber, because of that I hate miley either. They are like ugly twin, different dad, different mom, same ugly face

21She ruined her life
Yes she did ruin her life
She is not smart because she lost half of her fanbase with all the stupid stuff she is doing so she ruined her life and her career.
Just like her song, she should start over!

22She exposes her body
SO disgusting.
How can a girl feel happy knowing that her half-naked photos are everywhere on the net?!
Wear some respectful clothing, slut.
Like a gift for pervs, and I HATE pervs!
The way she dresses on stage she might as well be naked. I hate Miley Cyrus
She does it for attention. She is not a naturist, but she goes nude JUST FOR ATTENTION. Seriously Miley?


23She is the epitome of the recycled garbage produced by the entertainment industry, yet so many are still sucked into the hype.
Miley Cyrus is nothing more than another drama-filled teenager bred by the industry and fed lies her entire life. Now she believes that she is something special, and that she is "grown-up" (self assessed, by the way). So... As we all have seen since the 80's... She commits loud, boisterous, extreme acts in order to bring more attention to herself, thus appeasing her emotionally and increasing her revenue stream. It's a cycle; child actor/singer, then teenage actor/singer, then the "rebellion" stage (with the different hairstyles, outlandish attitude and actions, etc. ) then (some) actually grow up, get involved in serious projects, give it their all and see how their work is accepted by the general public. Not all make it that far, but usually that is the cycle. What pisses me off the most is the obsession over her; who gives a? I guess it's just my age, but I feel as if I have seen enough of these "pop culture sensations" since I was a child to the point that I truly no longer care. It is no longer important to me who they are dating, what they got arrested for, what media "cross-over" they are attempting, or when their sex tape drops; it boggles my mind when I see/hear someone over the age of 12 speak about Miley Cyrus in such tones as if her actions could change the value of the dollar on the global market, or solve the drought problem in South Africa. None of the above will probably never be accredited to her name, but I will eat my own foot the day it happens, you have my word as an educator. People should not care so much about someone else's life, considering that they have never met. That is called an unhealthy obsession. People need to wake up and realize that when Miley, or Nikki, or Selena, or the Jonas Brothers, or One Direction say "they love and appreciate their fans" that is just a nice way of saying "Thanks for paying us". And even armed with this knowledge some people let cognitive dissonance run wild and still follow a person who doesn't even know that they exist. So, Miley Cyrus is hated by me and many because she is a manufactured product used to stir up emotions and empty wallets, nothing more. So, in turn, the obsession with her is nothing more than a way to confuse and get money. I ask, why is someone like that so important to people?
Your said it without flaw
To the guy who posted that Miley is only famous because her dad was famous and called her a fake whiny B! %ch you are 100% correct and are the man or woman depending on your gender.
[Newest]I Agee! Enough said!

24She has horrible teeth
Really? You think that is a valid answer?! She can't help how her teeth are? But really, this is a stupid reason to hate her because her teeth. You are childish.
She is so ugly! Mi don't even think getting her teeth fixed would help. There something about the weird jaw, wow, no amount of money can fix this Hot Mess!
And Seriously Miley Has Real Bad Breath. She Extremely Breathes Extremely Super HOT SCORCHING 1000 DEGREE FLAMES.

25She follows the mainstream
Please can someone give me the definition of mainstream!
Mainstream is like when everyone does what's popular, like uggs and taking pictures of Starbucks coffee is mainstream. Or twerking
All pop artists follows the mainstream
[Newest]This is why I listen to more old music!


26She hates kids
She' said she " hated kids " & she is like -5 like she needs to get a life.
What she hates kids

27She never apologized after taking lesbian pictures
Well I'm not surprised that she didn't apologize!
What the hell is wrong with her
I thought this was interesting as I was asking myself the same question, until I read this... And now I'm 100% on her side. The fact that people vote being homosexual or displaying homosexual tendencies as a negative thing... And in the top 16 reasons to hate someone?!? That is sick. I had my best mate kill himself because he thought people would judge him for being gay. You will never know that anxiety, you are the bad role model.

Turns out he was right, you do judge that still, you make me sick. Miley is 20 something years old, working harder then any of you did at her age, earning more money, and she loves to make people smile, the fact that she does not make you smile, may just mean you do not know what you want for your own kids. She is a great role model. Have fun paying for your kids weed habit and education because you try and shelter them from this instead of focusing on the positives. Gfy..

28She gets too much publicity
I wonder why she gets so much publicity...

I think people like Demi lovato deserve more publicity
Why won't people for once focus more on the serious stuff like Angela Zhang. A high school student who created a Nanoparticle that KILLS CANCER! We might have found the cure for cancer!
Skylar grey is an pop artist too just with 90% better voice and she writes better songs with meaning but she only gets the 2% of Mileys attension

29All her fans are whiny little girls
Some of them are really rude. Sigh, well I guess some fans are always mean to people like me, which are reasons why I hate them. It's nothing new.

On the list of reasons to love Miley, some fans are quite rude to non-fans and haters (me being the former). I'm guessing every fanbase has these sort of fans, and I know not all are like this. But still, the immaturity...


Actually Miley Cyrus fans are teens they grew up with her half of fans 16_18 if you go to a Miley Cyrus concert right now you gonna see teens 16_18 male and female so get your facts right
She has lost half of her fanbase actually.

30She can't twerk
Her ass is like jelly, she is illuminati and looks like a prostitute.
THANK YOU! I don't see why she gets so much credit for twerking -_-
Nicki Minaj can twerk not Miley she works on twerk but never succeed! HAHA!

31Her hair cut is horrible
LNG not the hair cut. It looks as if it is from the bottom of my guinea pigs cage.even worse, his litter box
Yuck, come out already
White trash / gypsy.

32She is an attention whore
She has no conscious about her actions, only cares about herself
I wish she was Hannah Montana again.

33She licked a sledge hammer
Isn't that enough to hate her
I can't believe still how she actually licked that dirty hammer and am still confused why didn't it cut her way too long tongue
I'm not dying this. I can tell it's going to taste like dirt, rock, and nasty stuff.
[Newest]That was really gross.


34She needs to wear a bra
Seriously, Miley. Nobody wants to see your boobs. I don't think she even owns any bras. Miley used to be my favorite, but now she's wacko crazy. Miley, if you are reading this, please go back to being The Miley we know and love. And don't walk around topless anymore.
Look, Miley! Your breasts aren't sexy! Buy a bra !
O she has a bra alright all over the internet she has pictures of her wearing just a bra and a g string

35Her body is disgusting
I don't even think she's that sexy. Which is clearly my opinion! I'm not trying to shove down your throats.

36She is insane
Next thing we know, we"ll have two Lindsey lohans! No wonder Liam broke up with her! He made the right choice! I have a feeling she will kill herself from all the drugs she's taking! Bye, bye!
Insane in a bad pathetic way

37She hates cats
Quote from Miley: "But cats - cats are creepy. Oh my God, cats are creepy. Every time I see a cat, I think it's gonna turn on me. It's gonna turn for the worst. I don't ever see loyalty in cats. They're gonna scratch you, and then run away. Same with little dogs. Did you know Yorkies were bred to kill mice in the Queen's palace? I had a Yorkshire Terrier, and if I was a rat, it definitely would have eaten me. And Chihuahuas are the most scary animals on the planet. I'm terrified of Chihuahuas."
I think she doesn't have a life... I mean like she hates animals... And this is weird
Don't take it personal but she hates everything
[Newest]Let's show her some animal cruelty only in the movies

38She shaved her head
She has such awfull hair.. It makes me vomit
She does look like Malfoy from Harry potter

39She's a whore

40She doesn't care about her father
She had a drop in the relationship with her father
Unfair considering he's the reason for her fame
She really doesn't car
[Newest]Her dad should lay down the law and say no to her wild ways

41She's built like a young boy
Yup so true - looks like the typical lesbian as well (not that I have anything against them) just think she should climb out of the closet already

42Her father Billy Ray Cyrus is the worst country singer
We are talking about Miley Cyrus not her about her father


43She's disgusting
She makes me and my best friend want to vomit. In fact, we gag every time we hear her name.

44Her hillbilly mother stood and clapped like a seal on crack, after the VMA show

45She says bad words
She act's like Justin Bieber because they say bad things inersepaber

46This list is popular
That's the good part about this list.

47She twerked with a Mexican flag at a concert (during Mexico's Independence day)
Could you believe that The Young Turks, That show, praised her for what she's done? NO! And I'm not saying that people should be more serious over a symbol but I'm saying we shouldn't keep on glorifying her so much because she is NOT a role you ass!
I, I... I don't know what to say. I, feel broken from hearing this. Yes, I really have lost all faith in the music industry. I felt a piece of myself die after hearing this.
When I saw it I was SO mad! I cannot believe that she would do something like that! So rude! I guess that she just will not stop sex dancing...
[Newest]Wow, that's racist. I'm not even 0.001% Mexican, and I'm offended.

48She is dirty
Since hannah Montana... I am so tired of just hearing her stupid messed up name
Tired of hear her stupid name. I mean "Miley"? That's what I would name a dog! Oh! WHAIT NO! Not even a animal deserves a dumb ass name like "Miley"

49She is a big mess she needs to stop and go back to the way she was

50She changed
I hate this change of Miley Cyrus... Demi lovato suffered much.. Her eating disorders etc etc... And she also changed.. She gained weight and all that but she always had positive thinking and positive music... And I like demi.. Because of this
She's changed a lot! She's a lesbian now and she speaks like a boy because of her low or deep voice. I hated Miley Cyrus since on her old song 7 Things! I hate that song! She should stop singing!
That's why I like selena and demi instead of this hot drama

51Thinks it's cute to play with infant's toys
It isn't cute to be playing with infant toys she needs to be stopped. This isn't the first time I saw her playing with infant dolls onstage,

52She made a terrible cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit
My ears were bleeding when my friend played Mileys cover of Summertime Sadness

53Her movies suck
Laugh out loud, Hannah Montana: The Movie, and The Last Song sucked ass!
Lol was literally the best film in the history of the world I'm literally crying because you are so darn stupid
Actually I liked her movies when she was Hannah Montana
Only bad actress like her make that bad boring movies

54The horrible clothes she wears on the red carpet
I know right. All the other celebs wear beautiful dresses whereas Miley cyrus shows up in fur coat, barely any top half and ripped skinnies

55She thinks she is beautiful
She is the worst ever.
She was beautiful when she was a girl... Now shes a guy..
I don t know if this is true or not because I could care less about celebrities but if it, regan from the exorcist looks better than it (Miley Cyrus)

56Her songs have no meaning whatsoever
The only reason I hated her show.

57She didn't apologize to people who suffered or are suffering for depression or other mental illnesses
That's because she has no heart.
I would if I did because I want to be a psychologist.


58She thinks that she can make fun of other celebs (amanda bynes)
If I remember correctly Amanda said that Miley was ugly, and then Miley did not insult Amanda, but she said that she was acting childish, and handled it very maturely
Actually Amanda bynes is right

59She's a hypocrite
Almost everything she says, she will later contradict. Just the first one that comes to mind is:

Such a hypocrite. Miley Cyrus to ELLE UK...2013:

"Sex does sell, but you have to find a way that's not just showing your a**."

She's been showing it ever since.

Never gonna have short hair again= now I'm growing it out. I'm 100% on my music= until the next mag article where she's 100% on her love life and then back to the music again. She said she hated creepy wigs and weaves= then she says she loves a good weave. She said she doesn't have time to work out= but does yoga every day and 30 push ups... And on and on she goes. Says all this crap she's been doing is just an act=says she's finally able to be her real self! What?

That's just in the last 8 months.
Miley has discovered sex & now she thinks she knows all about it. The most tasteless things are what she does but a woman of class, young or older, knows much more than she does.
I agree with all the comments.

60She is stupid
Making those bad decisions every second of her life

61Not a role model
That's what's wrong with the parents of america today.
That's so sad because that was Hannah Montana. And every little girl used to look up to Hannah Montana.
She actually was sort of an inspiration back then.

62She dresses inappropriately
Occasionally she goes out NUDE
She doesn't even dress at all!

63She tried to French kiss Katy Perry
How could she do that?! Oh, right, she's Miley Cyrus.


Katy was a poor, innocent victim.
She's gross... A lesbian is what she is.
[Newest]I feel bad I am a huge fan of Katy Perry

64She looks like an alien without makeup

65She's a slut

66She makes porn videos for kids
I should really send her to a mental hospital for this.

67She's not a virgin
She is not a virgin she pay guys to have sex with her

68She's trying to fight Selena over Justin Bieber
And never will and that is bad
I don't mean no harm but he can't get him she's just thinks she's better than everyone and anyways he wants selen!

69She abuses social media

70She actually has fans
I hate to say this, I really do, but there's still some unfortunate stupid souls (especially on Facebook in the comment section below) that follow Cyrus and sight her as an influence. Anyone who really takes this chick seriously, You guys are idiots. She's a joke. She's a joke singer. She's not meant to be taken seriously.
I didn't know she had fans (sarcastic)

71She performed offensively at the MTV Awards

72Liam's birthday cake
Remember when she got Liam that cake and took a picture licking it off? Got me like dafaque?
Made me wanna punch her in the face.

73She can't act at all

74She gets on everybody's nerves

75She is pale

76She tries to make jokes and be funny, but is not.

77She's untalented and egotistical
Her only talent is to post silly faces and pets online while performing a porn Broadway show.
Yes true. She said music awards rigged when she lost!

78She is rude
She's always being so rude and she can't say one sentance without a bad word

79She hates children
She once said that she wants to go over to them and smack them herself!
This girl needs to get a live because she is the worst person ever the kids are cool and Miley is a dumb ass
If I ever meet her Isseriously might smack her in the face


80She trying her best to look like a bad girl
She a hill billy trying her best to get a bad girl image stop trying it it make me sick
She just want to be bad to get rid of that good girl image after she was on Hannah Montana

81She's who Justin Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez with
That's dam right she have no flavor in close selena looks far way better

82She's undeserving

83She makes people sick

84She is on every celebrity channel

85She was banned from a magazine in America

86She kissed Katy Perry on stage
Did Katy perry want to?
She is not shame ewh so disappointed my dad was so right about her

87Her former rivalries with Adam Sevani & Selena Gomez

88Bart Baker as Miley Cyrus
Why is Bart Baker acting Miley Cyrus a reason to hate Miley Cyrus? I liked his version better than hers.
That was a funny impression.


89She claims she doesn't care about what anyone thinks
News Flash, people are not hating on you, they are stating their opinions because you change their kids lives (even though you say that she don't want to be a role model, well she are ever since Hannah Montana and that's a huge responsibility that needs to be taken seriously). Also, we all know that you are not "being yourself" as you claim, you started to act in a bad way since 2012 because you wanted attention and money after people forgotten about your old work.
She threatened her father
I guess she's too stubborn to stop being an ass hole.

90She makes children cry
My baby cousin cried for the old Miley
Shes not herself anymore

91She looks like a man

92Her ugly blonde hair

93Her old look
She like lady gaga

94Is rude to her father

95Her face.

96She made fun of Sinead O Conners past mental issues
She claimed Sinead role model for wrecking ball video. Sinead responded with great advice and concern that Miley was selling her body and being exploited instead of her talent. Miley's response was to retweet Sineads tweets from ten years ago when she was feeling suicidal and make fun of her pain!
She has no heart. Heartless.

97She destroyed Disney with Hannah Montana
Disney Channel is teeny boppy today because of her

98She once said "don't do drugs" but now she's doing them

99Her fashion choices
She dresses crazy she thinks she's lady gaga

100Her Instagram pictures

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