Top Ten Reasons Why Animal Jam is Better Than Club Penguin


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1 You can trade with others

Can you trade on club penguin? No. - NoOreoForU

Maybe they should add trading on club penguin on the next update it would be pretty cool but I stopped playing club penguin and now play animal jam

My user on animal jam is zestygarlic123 I'm a member

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2 Better betas and rares.

Is there a spike in cp? There is but its not rare or beta. And it's ugly. - NoOreoForU

Can you all stop b I tching about rares? I mean why you need those? Don't make yourself a rare beta wh ore and it's HANG OUT role-playing game, are you all dumb?

3 In club penguin you can't transform into animals.

You can't transform into animals... Wow. - NoOreoForU

To be fair it is called club PENGUIN

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4 Membership is cheap on animal jam.

The Animal Jam membership is so expensive. You can say it's over 57 dollars, WHO WANT THAT?! YOU GET BORED FROM THIS STUPID GAME!

I have a membership and it's pretty awesome my mom sighed me up for a month and it's been like, three months it might not ever expire

My user on animal jam is zestygarlic123 I'm a member

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5 There are athros not mascots. V 1 Comment
6 More rares
7 In AJ it tells you if an item is rare.
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9 Pookies

I hate pookies. They suck. The adoption center bunnies are way better. And less annoying. And they speak English. - NoOreoForU

Gosh damn, on CP it's annoying and they only accept "rich mummies" and I was like "? ". Hell, it's even based on what they dress in by if they get adopted I swear its annoying as hell

10 You can gift people on AJ. And when you send people a jag you can say whatever you want. V 2 Comments

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11 Non members have more freedom and are allowed to purchase more items
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