Best Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs


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The Top Ten

Under the Bridge
Once you listen to this song, you just can't leave it. I'm sure you'll love as much as you do yourself
The Red Hot Chili Peppers career can be divided into two halves " the period before and after Under the Bridge.
I'm sorry but this song takes the cake I love this song even though a lot of there under played music is still very good
[Newest]Amazing bass and guitar riff
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2Snow (Hey Oh)
Not only is the guitar riff amazing, but the bass has a pretty catchy tune as well.
Snow is the best song of RHCP ever... Just listen to the riff, you'll understand exactly how good John Frusciante is...
Amazing guitar riff, I think this is the best of of RHCP, I really enjoy listening this song
[Newest]The start is the best start to any song ever, I know the songs about snow but reminds me of the beach before sunset
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Unlike anything the Peppers ever wrote. The intro and verses are haunting as hell, the chorus is really catchy, and the guitar solo is just beautiful. No wonder Flea said this is the best song they ever wrote! No. 1 for me too!
epic song by an epic band.
Better than their old stuff.
I believe this is where they matured into real musicians.
For me the best song of RHCP
A complete song with great vocals and lyrics and with equally good guitar and bass and drums too
[Newest]I like the tune and lyric of this song! Somehow they ringing on my ears
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Great Song! Once listen to then ever want to listening! Easiely said: one of the great songs ever produced!
A real gritty song. You can feel the pain and in the song.
Its one of the famous guitar riffs and also one of the most amazing!
RHCP best one ever! Live an unbelieveable thing!
[Newest]Electrifying and beautiful song vote for this because it deserves to be top 1!

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5Can't Stop
Epic vocals.. Electrifying guitar and bass.. Guaranteed to get your spirits up after every listen..
The bass at the beginning is just ridiculous and it flows perfectly into the rest of the song which is AMAZING! Definitely my favorite chili peppers song which is saying something because they have so many good songs
the guitar solo at the start is just incredible.... so refreshing

[Newest]I love the tune

6Dani California
The most awesome song I think is from RHCP. The more I listen, the more I want to hear it. The more I hear it, the better I feel. Its so exciting and its chorus is so cool. I thought it was pretty good
A very good, popular groovy hit.
The song is great and the video is even better!


[Newest]I Love the story

7Scar Tissue
Such a beautiful, mellow song. It's so chill.
beautiful song. you could just sit back and love this song no matter who the hell you are... the melody and vocals are so beast, and the guitar solo is really catchy
I have never gotten sick of this song since it came on the scene


[Newest]Best Chili Pepper song ever, truly relatable and meaningful, should be #1

8By the Way
Such a good driving beat, with a feel-good chorus.
My favorite song of all time. Just an iconic song that never seems to get old. It shows all sides of rhcp and showcases everything amazing about this band.
NO DOUBT THAT THIS IS THE BEST! Guitar palming impressive as well as John Frusciantes heavenly voice mixed in with Flea's fast funk bass skills. My favourite song since I was 8.
[Newest]Should be fourth or third.

9Wet Sand
This is one of the songs that will have its relevance and touch humans to their bones still in 30 years. It can stand any comparison with Let it be or Like a rolling stone. It is perfect in every respect.
Always going to remain as my favorite number along with "venice queen", "Don't forget me" and definitely "stadium arcadium"
Fruciante's genius, words cannot describe the emotion he must have out into that beautiful heart touching solo
[Newest]This should at least 1000000
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10Give It Away
My "favorite song ever" for the longest period of time!
What is this doing here!? I was expecting this to be right at the top of the list! This was their first huge hit and still one of their best songs to this day, I still listen to this nowadays.
One of their first and most recognizable hits.
[Newest]It's catchy and addicting.

The Contenders

11Soul to Squeeze
This is probably their most underrated song. The lyrics and the bass are just great.

It's bitter baby,
And it's very sweet.
I'm on a rollercoaster,
but I'm on my feet.

Easily their best song. I love the guitar solo and the overall summer feel to it. It really makes me feel good when I listen to it.
Its just perfect the opening guitar sound like oasis, and the bassline is very melodic, the way Anthony sings its awesome
[Newest]Superb... Can't delete from my playlist

12The Zephyr Song
The most underrated Chili Peppers song ever, This song really puts me in the best mood ever, I Could go on about this song forever, this song really just Explains why I love This band, its an amazing song and The lyrics are probably my favourite of any chilli peppers song, It has a tune which sticks in my head for days, and even after not listening to this for 4 years I Come back to it and all of a sudden I'm singing along, It Is really one of there best, And I wish more people could see this.
Amazing Should Higher Like Number 10 Really Good Song Love It


The chorus is so chill. I remember first hearing this song on vacation on a florida beach and instantly became addicted to it. "... And in this perfect weather, we'll find a place together"
[Newest]Great song listening to if you're high.

13Don't Forget Me
This song is incredible, you can't compare this song to some of the newer songs, simply because of the fact that it has so much deep emotion to it, that you know comes straight from the heart, especially when you hear some of the live ones such as the one at la Cigale in France, John completely nails in a solo and the intro is superb, seriously this song is amazing..
THIS SONG IS WONDERFULL... Such emotion that brings to the listener... This song MUST be on TOP TEN! This song is much better than Wet Sand and Soul To Squeeze together...
This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever listened to, and certainly one of the best the Chili Peppers have produced; I certainly won't forget it! Anthony Kiedis' vocals here are just effortlessly captivating, and the guitar is excellent - a perfect melding of the simplistic and the breathtaking (the second verse in particular).
[Newest]This song is the kind of which flows into my ears and right into me core and I can feel it is my guts. The kind of song which is so good it hurts.

14Around the World
The bass, the guitar, it is said the gods listened to this song and made the earth.. The bass intro in the beginning is fantastic and the guitar during the chorus is just so melodious.. Love this song
No comment is needed here, other than the amazing bass (especially in the intro and solo/end. :O
One of the BEST RHCP songs of all time-great vocals, guitar, drums and bass. Also, the lyrics are deep and really powerful. I love this song! It mos' definitely' deserves a spot in the top 10!
[Newest]Knock off Wet Sand! This should be there

15The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
What a name for a song rain dance maggie who would think of a name like that. I like snow too but this is third best. Dani California second
I think that this is the best song from Red hot chili peppers. It has a super bass and the music video is great I think it should be the number one. The song is kind of going back to their old style because it has some funk to it, which is good.

The song is so awesome! Josh Klinghoffer was a good replacement for John Frusciante.

The song is kind of going back to their old style because it has some funk to it, which is good.


[Newest]I absolutely love this song.. This song fits into every mood, I can listen to it all day..

16Suck My Kiss
This is one of the greatest songs ever, is has such a funky sound with a wondrous rhythm. This song honestly is so catchy I find myself getting it stuck in my head while running. It has such a raw bass and guitar together that is just mesmerizing.
I adore this song. Funky and catchy, you can sing to this one and dance to it. It is just an incredible song and it is on an incredible album.
How is storm in a teacup not even a contender?! It should be way higher than wet sand and soul to squeeze

17Higher Ground
Dafuq is wrong with all of you! Its a helluva song! Great riffs, great chorus damn great song! No wonder it was played in the movie The Karate Kid.
Awesome cover this song pulses with energy its nuts
Epic song! One of the best songs ever to dance to.

This song is just beautiful. Frusciante's backing vocals on the chorus just amplify its awesomeness... The overlayed guitars are arranged in a perfect manner, while still retaining the worn in feel that shows the humanity in his work.
Underrated as hell. Seriously, what other song has four guitar riffs simultaneously overlapping each other, doing completely different things, and yet creating this texture to the main melody that is unbelievable. There's no question that this song is dominated by John Frusciante, but so what? Definitely a masterpiece by RHCP.
My favorite song by RHCP. y isn't it on the top 10!?!?!


[Newest]No doubt the best Red song ever! I don't understand why is in this low position!

19Tell Me Baby
This song deserves top5 spot.. What is it down down here?
Awesome song... Crazy bassline, john's harmonics
The video also.. People hanging out with the band doing timepass.. Vote
I love this song! This song is definitely underrated and needs to be given a listen. When I tell people about this song, they don't know what it is. It's quite sad, as they are missing out on a great catchy song.
great song with good guitar riff


[Newest]Top 3 for me, awesome song!

20Venice Queen
That starting guitar riff is more beautiful than anything else.
Just watch the live in Slane version of this, changed my view on john Frusciante's guitar playing... Truly amazing!
One of my 3 favorite songs by RHCP. About Gloria Scott. Just so beautiful!
[Newest]Magnificent! Death is a transition to another station of life. A masterpiece.

21Parallel Universe
Vocals. Drums. Guitar. Bass... All perfect which means the song is prefect also...
I can play it on guitar! Awesome song! The vocals are amazing and fleas bass is as always sweet
He sings the verse softly and then belts out the chorus


[Newest]Come on! The drum part to this is killer!

22Desecration Smile
That's the best song of RHCP, only "snow" can be before "Desecration smile", but anyway, desecration smile may be in the top.
Its funny how nobody ever talks about this one. I can't stop listening to it - its got such a beautiful chorus and great, soothing musicianship. How is this not everyone's favorite, or at least one of them?
ITs just so peaceful to the ear. The harmony bring me to a better time in life. I listened to most they songs, but I like this a lot
[Newest]Such a beautiful, underrated song. The guitar, bass and vocals are all so beautiful.

23I Could Have Lied
This song heals wounds no band-aid in the world could heal. It really is an amazing song, the guitar riff is full of emotion, the lyrics are amazing and the drum beat is just right. Without a doubt, the best Chili Pepper's song out there. Incredible.
Best song they ever made. Almost every song of Blood Sugar Sex Magik is fantastic, but this one is certainly the best. Especially the last chorus with the guitar
Easily one of Frusciante's best solos and for that alone this needs to be way higher than it is. Very heartfelt song.
[Newest]Beauty at its best

24Road Trippin'
Amazing song to relax to no matter mood you are in it always makes you feel better best song to also get high to.
Best song to sing to while you are driving down the road! It reminds me of little vacations that I took when I was in high school with my too best buddies!
I cannot believe this one is rated so low. this is my favorite song. I think not many people who voted in this list ever heard this. please listen to this, then you may realize how great this song.
[Newest]The song was filled with great guitar and the melody was great to be listened especially when you are on the road.
It is so weird that this song is not on the top TEN!

25Fortune Faded
Amazing song! One of the best chorus of RHCP


My favorite one! The most beautiful guitar line, this sing is the reason why they need john frusciante!
Such an under rated song. The Chorus is so catchy! Musical GENIUS!
[Newest]This song should definitely be number one but it's so unknown because it's not on any of their big albums (I think it's only on their greatest hits) which is strange, but for real, it's the best

26She Looks to Me
One of the best, amazing melody and lyrics. Its just so calm and soothing. Should be at least in the top 10 :/
Beautiful song. One of the better songs of stadium arcadium
The great song from them

27Stadium Arcadium
Am really sad to see the list here. What on earth stadium arcadium doing at no.31? And the saddest part is its far behind the adventures of rain dance maggie.
Very good and underrated song. Should be in at least top 10. Great music and very pleasing. I recommend this 2 everyone 2 listen it at least once.
I really love this song is beautiful and gets excited! I wish they play this song in the concert in Barcelona in December!
[Newest]It's a pretty good song, similar to Californication, whats it doing all the way down here?

I don't know why but every time I listen to this song.. , I get nostalgic about my childhood..! very melodic n awesome n one of my favorite after under the bridge, give it a way and around the world.. flea is super insane son of a bitch.. anyway r. h. c. p are godfather of alternative!
another amazing navarro song that needs more attention is aeroplane, a song about how music helps anthony forget about drugs. amazing vocals by anthony and


BASS LINE. That's all that needs to be said about this song.
[Newest]Being #28 proves how underate this song is. Easily top ten

29Breaking the Girl
Very Under-rated. One of their best songs easily. Looking for a RHCP song to do in our band, and this is a serious contender.
a slow melodic song about anthony's girlfriend. this was one of the bands first proper slow songs and it works very well


Not only one of the best RHCP songs, one of the best rock songs. Period.

A very beautiful two faced song

31This Is the Place
Should definitely be higher. This Is The Place, lyrically, is probably one of the best Red Hot Chili Peppers songs ever. Has an amazing tune with a fantastic baseline and is unbelievably easy to listen to over and over again. Easily top 10 material
One of the greatest, most original Chilis songs ever written. It's actually amazingly underrated. Should easily be in the Top 10.
Amazing song, should be higher in my opinion

The band taps into an extraordinary/beautiful groove here. One of Flea's personal favorite basslines, topped off by a cool/jazzy drum beat and incredible lyrics/vocals. But John's guitar (in the verses and solo bits) alone should earn this one a spot in the top 10. In the likely case you haven't heard it, change that.
How isn't this up there at the top, the bass in this alone is so jazzy and the guitar solo is beautiful. Great combination!
I LOVE this song! It is EXTREMELY underrated. Deserves a place in top 10!

33Sir Psycho Sexy
Just the most suggestive song of all time, and makes you feel like a badass player, and is definitely one of their best along with Under The Bridge, Otherside, Dani California and Venice Queen.

Not to mention they were funk around this time and sounded so sexy.
How was this not added yet? This may be the most B. A funk-rock song of all time! The lyrics and bass line make me wanna go nuts! Give this one a listen


Their best song. It epitomizes all the things they did well, particularly the combination of Funk, Melody, Beauty, and Dynamics. This song has everything you could ask from the Peppers and more.
[Newest]Love this song, I can't sop playing it!

This song starts off like a heavy metal song, but when the chorus kicks in, it turns into something completely different. The song is amazing, I don't know why it's not even in the top 20 for crying out loud.
The jam session at the end is by far one of their greatest guitar/bass combo's I have ever heard and in my opinion is some of the best work they have ever compiled together. Song never gets old.

35Slow Cheetah
Clearly all you chili pepper fans aren't fans (or haven't listened to this song enough)... If you took the time to figure out the lyrics to this masterpiece you'd spend the rest of your living days... It's a brilliant piece of work! Most of the top 10 listed here are the top pop 10... Not the peppers' 10 best songs...
You haven't heard true beauty until you have heard this song; every time I listen to this song, no matter how sad I am it always stirs emotions deep within me. That acoustic guitar riff is hauntingly beautiful and the ending is just insane; so different from anything I've ever heard but still beautiful.
One of the greatest melodic rock song I've ever heard.. hats off to rhcp for dis one


[Newest]Not their best, but that's why it's my favourite. A perfect girl is not always the most attractive...

36Strip My Mind
This Song's very underrated. It should be up in top 20 or at least 30! just listen to the chorus and guitar solo and the intro!
1 of the best songs from stadium arcadium


Strip my mind is such a marvellous song and should be way higher on this list. One of my faves from stadiums arcadium

37Hard to Concentrate
This song is so underrated! I think it's one of the most beautiful love songs ever made, makes me smile when I hear it, and believe that I'll also find someone who will inspire me to write something like this :D love rhcp, they make such beautiful music
The vocals are superb, the emotion is so heartfelt. It is one of the most beautiful love songs ever! Extremely Underrated
Come on people! This song is beautiful, every time I listen to Stadium Arcadium I skip back and listen to this track about four times over, it's just so bloody brilliant!
[Newest]Such an amazing song..
And so underrated...

38Universally Speaking
One of the most underrated of RHCP, this song really makes me happy, with an awesome feel good tune, and a meaning that wont depress its one of my favourite RHCP songs, I remember buying By The Way thinking that this should be more recognized, And I don't find many lists with this being in the top 10, so I thought Hey, I like this song, This is definitely going into my top 10.
instrument playing that makes you say "ahhh how cute" and lyrics about making love make this a great love song


Why can't this be #2? I understand it being behind Under The Bridge, but seriously? #38? It's an underrated song on an underrated album.

39Purple Stain
This Is Such a Good Funky Song Why It So Low?!

40Monarchy of Roses
Great song... The best part of the song is the change in pitch of vocals.. And listen clearly to the guitar riff... Its melodious. The next 50% of song has cherubic tune.
One of the best/catchiest/most addicting choruses they've written. It sounds even better because it contrasts so strongly wih the dissonant verse. The solo is electrifying. Such a fun song with so much energy.
Amazing song... Best on the new album just sounds so good... This just sounds a bit like there old songs, Josh was a good replacement for John
[Newest]Great song and only reason its so low cause its a newer one so hopefully it ll get a higher position in the near future. Very addictive

41Shallow Be Thy Game
Purely the most amazing, motivating, and catchy song ever written by the rhcp.
If you've never heard of this song, please listen to it
Mind-blown. Why did I not know this song

42My Friends
I would say is the RHCP best song, but surely its a top 10 song, best song on One Hot Minute! Under the Bridge is rightly fully number 1 so I've voted for this instead it should be much higher up the list. Maybe fans forget about this because its a Navarro song, don't get me wrong Frusciante is way better, but Navarro did manage to contribute to some good songs, this being his best RHCP song
How can I describe this song? Well considering the tension going on, this is truly a light in a dark tunnel. This song kept their heads above water.
I'm surprised that this isn't in the top 10 or even the top 20 at least.
[Newest]I thought for sure this would at least be in the to 20.

43This Velvet Glove
This song pulls you out of reality and sucks you into it's gravitation. This is one of those songs where, as a musician, there are no unused parts in this song, every moment is taken advantage of. The vocals are beautiful, the words true, and johns part could not be any better.
its hard to forget this song even though it never came out as a single on a 7 singles album.
By and large, this song is one of their most coherent and concise pieces. The musical thoughts are very well thought out and are properly executed. The melancholy atmosphere is built to the fullest.
[Newest]I love this song

44Factory of Faith
The best song from the new album! Amazing bass-line by flea, silent by awesome guitar riffs by josh, truly a top 10 number from RHCP!
What? 59?
This one has the better bass riff's I ever heard
Deserves at least be in top 20 UP FOR FACTORY OF FAITH =]
This song is one of the best! Not so well known, so thumbs up so it becomes top 20 at LEAST!
[Newest]Absolutly underrated song 10 place for me

45The Power of Equality
First rhcp song I ever listened to. This got me into the band. Such a moving song and very powerful. Still one of my favorites today

Um, okay. As far as something that kicks ass goes, this song has to be number one. This is by far the most under rated song I've ever heard! It's so amazing, especially the solo. CLEAN IT UP JOHNNY! If you don't know this song, please please please listen to it.
Only in 60th place? Wow! Just give this song a listen "Clean it up Johnny"
Just another amazing song by RHCP.

47My Lovely Man
"I used to shout across the room to you, and you come dancin like a fool... " I love it! I especially love the bass solo -- gives me chills.
Just a compassionate tribute that's also bada**

48Knock Me Down
I wish they would make more songs with distorted guitar like this one. This was their first true hit.
The best song on Mother's Milk, should be much higher! Awesome bass work and one of their first mature songs lyrics-wise, this really should have been their first hit
WHAT?! 48TH?! Seriously? This is definitely one of their best songs. Sick bassline, pretty awesome riff, and don't even get me started on the end of the song. If that doesn't give you goosebumps, I don't know what will man.

49She's Only 18
Definitely underrated brilliant song


Really amazing song! Especially when they play it in live concert.. Beautiful reff..
Knock the world right off its feet and straight onto its head!
[Newest]The perfect blend of funky verses and nice melodies in the chorus'

Definitely one of RHCP's most underrated songs, should be in the top 5. The chorus is absolutely amazing.

Wow I knew this was an underrated song but not even in the top 25! This is possibly one of my favorite songs by the chili peppers I wish that it had at least a little appreciation! At least try and listen to it and see what the song has to offer trust me you will like it.
Beautiful... This is the only word needed to describe this song... Definitely deserves to be rated higher than this... What a shame.

52Brendan's Death Song
In my opinion best song they've written. Really mellow and makes you appreciate life and always puts me in a good mood. Absolutely love this song!
And who said john would ruin the band? This song is epic in so many ways and has a real meaning. There's a real sense of reflection in it and vocals are stunning as usual.
This Song Is Really Catchy And Makes You Be Greatful About Life. Just Listen To The Lyrics They Have A Beautiful Meaning. People Say Josh Isn't Good, Well You'll Think Again When You Hear This. Poor Brendan. :(
[Newest]This song is an absolute beauty! It gradually builds up tempo and eventually leads to the a brilliant end! The lyrics are so damn awesome too!

Great song, very touching tribute to Kurt Cobain

54Look Around
Great catchy lyrics. Perfect rhymes. And a chorus that makes you just want to jump up and start clapping your hands. Best song on I'm with you by far.
Best song on the I'm With You album. And that's a big compliment because their are some amazing songs on that album.
The style of this song kind of reminds me of Can't Stop.
Great Song This One Should Be Higher Up The List Please Vote This Song Up


[Newest]Very underrated song! Very catchy and one of my new favorites!

55Turn It Again
Definitely one of john's best guitar solo's it really blows your mind!
The fact that this is down so low here makes me want to scroll to the bottom of every artist's page to find the gems
The guitar main riff will blow your mind
[Newest]Best outro that has ever existed

56Death of a Martian
Love all of the chilli pepper's work but I feel this song is their most unique and happens to feature some amazing vocals, needs to be in the top 20 at the least!
What! What is this song doing down here! This song must be 15 at least

57Behind The Sun
Can't believe I am the first person to list this, Just listen to it, I can only wondered what would've been RIP Hillel Slovak
Oh my god, this should be top 10. Have any of you even listened to RHCP pre John Frusciante? Not that John isn't one of my favourite guitarists ever, but Halil Slovak really created the Chilies trademark sound and this was one of his best.

58Me & My Friends
The early Chilis are better than the current Chilis, not the same without Hillel rip

59Especially In Michigan
Chorus is amazing... Such an underrated song, lyrics are great. Guitar riff is really good as well.
This song keep playing on my mind! Really awesome song with amazing guitar riff and vocal with beats from a great drummer!
Chorus is just awesome... grt song...
An underrated song, must be on at least top 25


My fav #1 from Red Hot Chili Peppers


Most underrated song, this should be among top 10

61Pink As Floyd
This has to be one of the best songs in the I'm With You Sessions. So disappointed it did not make it onto the album. '... When You Shine, Shake If For Me Anyway... '. This needs to be heard.
This song is one of the new songs of RHCP of 2013, when I herd it, reminded me of the album Californication, it's a great song, I love it
Can't believe this didn't make it on to I'm With You. It's a shame it will never be as popular as the likes of Raindance Maggie and Monarchy Of Roses from that album. Great mix of funk and a massive chorus- classic Chili's. Bit of a Floyd feel to it too

an underated gem from dave navarro's era. it begins with a slow moaning start but then explodes with awesome guitar skill but then slows down at the end finishing beutifully


Dave's presence in the band was incredible and the discreet plea for help in this song deeply touches my soul.
Never forget that the best RHCP record is still One hot minute with one of the best guitarist ever, far above Frusciante... The post 90s era is for the easy fm listeners...

63Save the Population
This has to be a RHCP cult classic. Some amazing backing vocals from John Frusciante, really makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!
Seriously?! No one heard this song? The amazing vocals, backingvocals and that perfect ending?! Its not their best, but not the 89!
What the actual hell is this so low for? What. why. no. higher.

While some of the verses seem a bit overly poppy in my opinion, that ending guitar part is in fact amazing.
The guitar in this is so catchy even if the start is a bit dull, I guarantee you will be playing your air guitar at the end of this song.
One of the first songs I listened to. And in my opinion it is the best. The guitar part at the end is absolutely catchy and will get stuck in your head.

65Right On Time

66Funky Monks
That guitar and lyrics are the sex. There are no saints in this land. There are monks in my band.
Amazingly funky song one the best on blood sugar sex magik
Oh man this deserves a better position

67Love Rollercoaster
Really surprised it's not much higher in this list. It's a awesome song and upbeat.. My favourite RHCP Song.


Think the Chili's version is better than the original...

Best B-side the Chili Peppers have made. The lyrics are amazing and the simplicity of the guitar part really embodies Frusciante's great style.
Well, starting at the bottom of the list one of their B sides from Californication. If you haven't heard it do so cause it's their best B side and really should have beat out almost any song on the album.
This song would have been in the conversation for best track on californication if it was on the album. Vastly underrated

69I Could Die for You
Most underrated RHCP song in my opinion! Give it another listen and I promise you, you won't regret it!
This song will blow your mind when you listen to it for the second time... A beautiful song that deserves more likes!

7021st Century
Its crazy, its one of their best songs

This is what I consider perfection musically speaking. The bassline and the guitar are so simple and yet blend with each other as if they had known each other for years. An egg frog along the whole song keeps the rhythm, and Kiedis vocals are insanely relaxing and sexy at the same time. The chorus is so effective and makes the transition from verse to verse wich just keeps coming back because of how perfect it is. In my humble opinion it's the most funky song ever written by any human being on Earth. Thanks rhcp.
amazingly underrated song :/
cos I guess this song is what rhcp are all about.. so funky and relaxed.
and what an insanely cool bass! this is definitely one of the best imo.


So funky and groovy, plain awesome for chilling

72The Righteous and the Wicked

73On Mercury
Listen to just the start of the song and I bet you will already fall in love with it

74One Big Mob

75Throw Away Your Televison
great bass line, great guitar, great drum lines that uses the less used drums tom-toms for the


Such an underrated By The Way song.


76Emit Remmus

77Minor Thing
Its just a minor thing, and I'm a minor king...

The Outro at the end changes the direction of the song, giving a tone of contemplating. Very good.

78Fight Like a Brave
Agreed, every single song off of any of the 80's albums are better than any song listed above.
This is the BESSTT song the RHCP have ever wrote, when you hear it you will realize why frusciante idolized hillel Slovak
Real RHCP fans know this is one of the best.

79Torture Me
Flea has an amazing intro, and the vocals are insane. LOVE RHCP


Why isn't this in the top ten because it has such a sick guitar solo and great vocals
Massively underrated, my number 1 for sure.

80Rivers of Avalon
Awesome B-side. Can't believe no one has heard this. Do yourself a favor and go listen to it.

81Get Up and Jump
all with this song is good but really ,the bass cover is sick


Amazing song. I miss when they were this funky, super hard to pick a fave though. Love all of RHCP

82True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
Well you can't really get any more hipster-y than this song. But seriously, the whacky lyrics are awesome, the drums are awesome, and the guitar is awesome, but the all bow down to Flea's mighty bass playing.
79. What the hell, this song is my favorite, but I understand why most people don't rate it. Should at least be in top 20.
One of the first Red Hot Chili Peppers' song. Great guitarr.


83Make You Feel Better
Should be way up. A good song in which they tried something different from punk rock
Great text, great Chad smith, great backing vocals by our John Frusciante!
It really makes you feel better!
Should be in top ten. People need to listen, it's a great song

84Get On Top
How is this song on the hundred mark, this song makes the album it's in so exciting, it adds lots taste to the album, when it goes other side then get on top then Californication


What is this doing here haha I don't know why because it is such a exiting and thrilling song and it it adds flavour to the rest of the songs in the album
This song is way too awesome to be down this low on the list!

85Bunker Hill
John's background vocals make the song. These are also easily some of Anthony's best lyrics.


87Meet Me at the Corner
Very Pleasant song with great intonation
Maybe it isn't a top ten 10 song! But at least top 25!
This song should be TOP 11! :O

88Pretty Little Ditty

Amazing lyrics and a different tone to this song than their most songs. Should really have been higher up there for me.
Unique, should be higher for sure

90Blackeyed Blonde

This is their most hard song ever its totally awesome man when I first heard it I didn't think it was the red hot chili peppers


92Police Station
Such a haunting song about Anthony Kiedis' memories and losses

93Happiness Loves Company

94Havana Affair
Beautiful rendition of the ramones! I'm shocked that some of these are down here!
Great cover of the Ramones' original, probably even better

95Bicycle Song

96Gong Li

97Yertle the Turtle
Don't know why but easily my favourite Chilis song

98Nobody Weird Like Me

99Funny Face
A rather unknown B-side of snow, but no other song evokes the same type of emotion as this one

100Million Miles of Water
Good song. B-side of dani california


A shame it didn't make it to the album, definitely would've helped the sales
Hello it's a very great song

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