Best The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Songs

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The Top Ten

Face Down
No questions. This is the best hands down, face down, LOVE IT! This song be blasting in my room three quarters of the time. It's just that AWESOME! Amazing song.
Absolutely amazing, from the first part with the drums to when the lyrics carry the song without being overpowered by the guitar or drums.
come on this should be number one
its just awsum
[Newest]I love this song! Best by far!

2Your Guardian Angel
Amazingly superb...!
The first time I heard the song it felt really very good...!
™ I love this song so much, Listened to is so many times ) xx
This is definitely the best song, the first time I heard this my heart melted and I totally fell in love My best guy friend showed it to me
[Newest]Great song wow 10/10 magical

3False Pretense
Its very cool, and it has a very strong meaning!
It gives me much energy to go through life
Motivational one specially after watching never back down
Hell yeah! Its such an energetic song... I always get goose bumps
[Newest]Made me love the movie never back down :')

4Cat and Mouse
An amazing sad song with emotion and heart. I recently heard the song and loved it instantly. The song makes you appreciate the ones you love
Just overall... Amazing. Definitely the best song. So sad yet so uplifting.
Hey this should be number one... The coolest song eveer ya know..


6Damn Regret
Definitely one of their best, a close second to face down with cat and mouse very close behind.
The catchiest of all of there songs in my opinion. Great video!
This song must be one of the top fives. Such a good song.

7You Better Pray
How is this not higher in the list?
Boom Boom Boom Boom BOoom Boom Boom Boom
Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang
Oh yeah

8Am I the Enemy?
My favorite song by far. Awesome guitar intro and lyrics.
This is easily their best song.


9Angel in Disguise
Is this some kind of joke? Angel in Disguise is one of RJA's best songs, and it's at 19? Really? Damn, people, vote for this thing so we can get it higher.
I feel like more than half of the people on this website have only listened to their first album... They're so much more than "Face Down" and "Your Guardian Angel"
Damn Cool!
Both the title and the lyrics are so great and meaningful that I can't help listening to it all the time!
[Newest]The best song for me!

10In Fate's Hand

The Contenders

This song is so great to pump you up. And its got a lot of great meaning. An all around win.


13Pen & Paper

14Misery Loves Its Company
Haha! This is a joke right? I mean how is this song NOT in the top ten? Seriously, other than Grim Goodbye and Atrophy this is by far my favorite song.
This has to be at least in the top 5. This song is great plus it has deep and meaningful lyrics.
This is by far my favourite song ever

15Angels Cry

16Step Right Up
My god why it is so underrated please rate it. Listen it and you will feel really good
This is a very good song for me... So vote for it..
The lyrics are so sweet

What! This down? Justify remains one of their best songs yet... For all those who are reading this I request you guys to listen to this amazing song once... And then to come back and vote for it.
Man, that part at the beginning w/ guitar and drums... Sweet
Amazing song, should definitely be in the top ten.

18Grim Goodbye
EXCELLENT song I can't find a better song than this, if you do not like this song means that you have never listened to, and you better not comment, I do not know why from the start first heard this song I was like, even now I still like to listen to this song, my life I can not live without this song
I think that this song is amazing and is one of the best songs I have heard with metal vocals in it. This song should totally everyone's favorite. Its the longest song I've heard and the most amazing song I've heard. Screw the ones who hate this song.
I was shocked seeing this at #16... this song has some of the best vocals. The screaming is amazing, and the first two verses hype me up on a level only comparable to False Pretense... amazing song!

Pumps you up every time you listen to it!
This song should be in the top 10, it's by far one of their best songs

Its a very awesome song I automatically fell in love it should be at least at the top ten come on the song meaning really meant something and it's better than any other song I've heard
Why! Why this song still under the T0p 10? Are you guys lost your mind?

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