Top 10 Safest Countries to Live In 2013


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New Zealand
The best hospitals in the world.
South Auckland has such a diverse culture that invites everyone to be involved.
Best place ever to live
[Newest]I was originally from New Zealand and I love it.

No chance of War or Natural disaster (apart from volcano). Also an amazing country
No war, no suicides, booming economy, nice people, great food, winter is amazing, friendly smiles, virtually no pollution, hot springs everywhere, beautiful spring and summer, close flights to europe and the America's, beautiful people, enchanting music, amazing culture, and very safe!
Peaceful place to live. Although it can be very cold it can be warm and it has separated itself from wars and not many natural disasters. Also nice people.


[Newest]Iceland is also a safe country apart from volcanoes




I am Norwegian and I know that the country is rich and beautiful.

I'm so shocked that people think that Canada's not as safe as the US! What I wouldn't be surprised that seeing the US's crime rate, it would be the UNsafest country in the world. Shootings, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon...

Canada's the best place to live in, according to "TheTopTens", so.


Every Canadian knows that feeling when you cross over the US border and you suddenly feel like your life is just slightly more in danger. That's what happens when you have legalized ownership of handguns and assault rifles and a history of bloodshed (revolution, civil war, Vietnam, Iraq, etc). Although crime exists in Canada, it is generally well reported and people have faith in the judicial system. Even white collar crime doesn't go unpunished.
As a Canadian, every time I cross the border and go to the US, I'm a bit worried cause the US's so unsafe. Canada's definitely much more safe than the US.
If SK hadn't been as unsafe as it is, Canada would definitely be among the three safest countries in the world.
[Newest]This is the worlds safest country because there is less crime

With simple nature beauty and very silent place. Ohh what I love
Bacon and beers - what more do you need to feel safe :-)
A hamburger, Marshmallows, A gun for bad guys, A 3DS, And my parents.


No wars, god. Switzerland has stayed neutral for the past how many years? As far as I know, the Swiss government's tactic into keeping a good economy is by staying neutral all the time. No allies, no enemies.
These are the safest people in the world (in other words seriously boring! )
So quite and peaceful and safe :):-D

Southern hemisphere, small population, huge potential, most of the worlds troubles are in the northern hemisphere as well as the population. Beautiful country and people, safe free and the best country in the world.
I live in Pittsburgh, USA and I have been to Australia. It's really safe because it's rabies free, unlike where I live. Also it's got gun laws, also unlike where I live. I think it's great go Australia
Best place and best people

The people are the most friendly, always happy and very easy to start a conversation with. Amazing people with some of the most beautiful landscapes you'll ever see.
The people are amazing and the country side is absolutely beautiful
Really friendly people, lovely atmosphere everywhere you go. Beautiful landscapes- not to mention the house prices are brilliant!
Very welcoming and friendly


Girls in mini-skirts coming off the train and walking down dark alleys at 1 in the morning, without any obvious sense of fear/danger.
Most free and safe country.

The Contenders

Austria is the safest country on the world because in each city are average 1 policeman pro 24,8 person and also in each city are average 1 doctor pro 36,1 person. Any bourgeois in Austria puts a high value on hygiene. Thus, it was also named the safest country in the world.
I love Austria! There is some much amazing scenery and beautiful mountains. With music in every city, also the people who live in Austria share all there great and interesting traditions. Lastly, the food of Austria is just delicious over there and it's definitely worth your money! 😘
It is the most beautiful country I have seen. I have been thru Europe, Asia and south America, including all of USA and Canada. You are so beautiful Austria!

Sweden is a very safe place, the people are nice and there's not much crime.
Well, Sweden haven't had a war since 1850 or something and its just awesome
Sweden should be 1rst or2nd or 3rd because it's safe and the people are so nice no murder any where

13United States
I don't think so! More guns than people. Get serious. Replace the USA with Canada for this list, obviously; you know I am right!
This country is amazing. Every country has its dangerous and safe places. Glad its on this list. Places like New Hampshire, Maine, Utah, and even New York are pretty safe. There are even places in Tennessee that are safe.


People on this website are just jerks.U.S.A. truly is the safest country FOR ITS SIZE. It's wonderful here where I live, there is only like 1 murder every two years in my city.


[Newest]I live lived in the USA for 15 years, and NEVER seen a gun! NEVER, well I've seen two both locked in a cabinet for emergency's. But every country has its share.

India is also a safest country it is away from volcanoes and also from earthquakes. Hyderabad, banglore in India are away from volcanoes earthquakes and also from floods. India is the second most populated country in the whole world so, India can be the safest Country.
Culture; infrastructure awesome plains plateaus are amazing mountains in north just leaps our heart. But its Pakistan who had taken an amazing wonderful Kashmir from India as a azad Kashmir so our government is really shameless
India is a beautiful country

If there is any crime, then it is dealt with almost immediately.
The emergency line is easy to remember and is always manned.
You feel safe walking alone in shades areas too
I feel very safe here, everyone is friendly to eachother, no wars, we don't have guns (unlike other countries) I would say it's a really safe place to be!
My opinion is equivalent to all of those commenters above. I love living In England because of the free healthcare and pescriptions. It's such a great place to live in, the hotels and the food are outstanding!

I don't understand how America beats Finland :/
Seems a bit biased


Singapore is a safe country, has good facilities, good medication and good education. It's also a clean country and life is good in Singapore. Especially it's good for expats to live and work.
Singapore is my country. It has lots of healthy food, great hospitals, is clean and safe to live in. I am proud of my own country.

Naturally tropical paradise. No civilians have personal guns nor other person. Only military have guns, which makes Maldives safer than others.


It's more fun in the Philippines
Davao ranks as the 4th most safest city to live in and is also had a mayor with the title of 83rd most growing mayor in the world... How cool is that? AMAZING!
The Philippines is not expost to be here the typhoon duh? The typhoons name is typhoon Haiyan how do I know hers the answer I'm FILIPINO


Wow. Typhoons currently being ignored. Voted anyway

My sisters been in Italy before



Malaysia is safety country and clean country.. They president is very good, diligent and responsible.. Life there was so much fun and there aman. Di have natural vegetation, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, the cozy air and good people.. They country is so AMAZING AND FANTASTIC!.. I wants to travel in Malaysia again ^_<. ^_~

26Vatican City







Very cold but as far as I know it is a very safe and nic epeople



36United Arab Emirates
I added this because Dubai's not a country. It's called the UAE. Get your facts right. I actually think New Zealand is the safest, but the necessity to point out the truth was greater than the option to cast my vote.


Has a 0.01% murder rate, and you can only live there if you've had no previous criminal record

Safest for most of man kind.

Very safe and rich mos recently even the capital is very nice I don't know maybe I'm right
Very safe and clean. Mostly rich also maybe I'm right

41Costa Rica

42Trinidad and Tobago

Armenia is amazing, I am Armenia, they have some of the nicest landscapes (Lake Sevan and Mt Ararat. )



It is a very good country

Much safer than it used to be!


49South Africa
South Africa is not so save. I live in South Africa and the crime rate is very high. You cannot even walk on the street without worrying what is going to happen. There is also a lot of corruption in goverment.
The people are kind, loving and Safe

Before it was! But now it's totally changed!

51North Korea
Hell no they are going start ww3

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