Scariest Movies of All Time


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322Dead Birds
323Cameron's Closet
324Eden Lake
325Salem's Lot

Creepy as hell and scary. Watched this movie when I was a little girl and still scared to watch it alone.

326The Innkeepers

This movie here was crazy when I was little. it had chucky beat. now I just laugh at it but them some mean lil dolls though

328Spy KidsV2 Comments
329The Night of the Hunter
330Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Multi-realistic. The camera gives you a low-tech feeling and its like the real thing. Man this movie is so old that-AHH

331Lord of the FliesV4 Comments
332Horror Story
333Kung Fu Panda

Just like with Madagascar and The Smurfs, I couldn't sleep alone for a month!

The part with the feather gave me nightmares for years!

I was scared out of my wits with this one!

334An American Ghost Story

This movie scares me in the nighttime and the daytime especially when you're all alone I couldn't stop watching it.

335Child's Play 2

Not scary I find it funny

336White Noise
337The Echo

This was a fun movie, not really a scare type movie.

V2 Comments
339My Little Pony

This is the scariest movie I have ever seen I have nightmares about it every night

Nothing can compare to how horrifying this movie is

Holly help I will kill it if it was real

Spare our children from this dross.

V5 Comments
340Nine Lives
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