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Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Amnesia is the scariest game ever to be put out. You're in a dark castle, and each corner you have to expect a monster to be there. The atmosphere really does you in. By the way, your character is going insane.
I'm glad to see this at number 1, I mean why not? Your in a dark castle plus you have amnesia. The enemies are very creepy and at times terrifying

I played the demo, with headphones and the volume up and the breathing sounds droned in my ears with the sound of water dripping and foot steps and above all that eerie music boomed. I could not complete even the demo however above all that I would recommend this game to anyone whose looking for a new scary game
This game definitely outweighs other horror games with its consistent eerie atmosphere, bone-chilling suspense that forces you to keep moving forward, even though you want to run away. With psychological terror that still keeps you from opening doors at night, the horror definitely outweighs anything else out there.
[Newest]Please play the game.

Slender is a game where no matter how old or young you are you will always be scared by Slender. Creepy music followed be whispering in your ear and random blood all over the walls, you cannot argue that Slender will always scare the crap out of you!
You're walking through a forest at night. You pick up a page that says something like "LEAVE ME ALONE. " Then this ominous thudding music kicks in. The next thing you know Slender man is standing in front of you and it's game over.


This game is the scariest one that I played. And I like it SO much because its a different kind of scary, it's simple, and scares the crap outta people. The simplicity of it makes it scary.
[Newest]This is a terrible game. Wandering around in the forest looking for some paper stuck to a bunch of stuff isn't scary. When a pedophile in a tuxedo comes out and breaks your camera, people act like it is the most scary thing in the world.

3Dead Space
To be more specific, the game is set on a giant mining ship that has sent out a distress signal and you™re part of the rescue team that™s been ordered to investigate. You soon discover that every crewmember has mutated into a violent monster. When most of your team is killed it™s up to you to rescue the dark and claustrophobic ship while aliens jump out at you from every corner. It™s tense, bleak and immersive, thanks to a superbly designed setting and some truly creepy audio.


This one is all about atmosphere. And a sense of hopelessness. That is what makes is scary to me. Lighting, or lack thereof, and creepy/strange sounds all add to a truly absorbing setting, and make you feel as if you could be attacked from anywhere, at any time, by pretty much anything. Also, you can feel the sheer terror of the supporting characters, which only adds to your own. Fantastic game.


One of the few modern horrors that focus on atmospere, the creepy dark and flickering lighting, the corpses gore and blood pools, the disturbing enemies, and the hopelessness. These create tense and scary areas, and the enemy placement creates climaxes to keep the game from getting boring while creating jump scares, and intense and frantic firefights. I'm glad the other two sequels stayed true to the original.
[Newest]I played this game before, I wasn't at the scariest part and I was still scared!

4Silent Hill 2
As opposed to bland jump scares, Silent Hill 2 is disturbing as it is iconic. Games like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space just shove something scary in your face, but SH2 makes you walk away from the game mentally disturbed.
It's very disturbing & creepy. Scary pop ups will appear in your face. There are tons of unpredictable things coming at you when you don't know it. You'll walk away mentally disturbed. Dead Space & Slender have nothing on this.


Come on now dead space has nothing on silent hill 2 and re4 is epic but not scary This game one the other hand has PYRAMID HEAD it deserves at least no2
[Newest]Silent Hill 2 is a scary game but if you know this game it is all about the story and atmosphere

The only reason this isn't #1 is because it just came out and hasn't had time to be voted on like the rest of these. Trust me, it's definitely number one.
I watched my boyfriend play this game and it was so scary, we were screaming at every turn. I mean you can't go wrong with an abandoned asylum with crazy people running around. Plus you are unarmed, you run or hide and it makes it that much scarier and heart wrenching.
Got in on the PS4 and played it around 3am with a friend. Even with someone there this game was completely terrifying and has tremendous amounts of mental buildup before a single corpse (let alone enemy) appears. Story isn't anything special but as for flat-out horror, it excels.


[Newest]The scariest game I've ever played

6Resident Evil 4
I don't mind Zombie games. This isn't a zombie game, this is a what IS THAT MUTATNT DOING WITH A CHAINSAW, or, wHAT IS THAT THING CRAWLING OUT OF THAT BODY. Don't turn that corner. Doom or Manhunt were a little creepy, and what is Bioshock doing on this list.
I haven't played many of the titles on this list, so my opinion may be invalid. The amount of time that I spent wiping sweat off my controller during the first survival sequence in the village square added up to more time than I spent on the game itself.
Nothing makes you wet your pants more than a regenerator reviving itself after you have waisted all of your ammo shooting at its head only to see it completely healed just moments later.
[Newest]No where near as scary as the first game. This game is a very good game though. I loved every minute of it.

7Five Nights at Freddy's
Its sad that few have never, or even heard of this game. I think it should at least be in the top 100. When you first start the game, you will probably be confused about what to do. However, at the same time, you get this strange feeling that something is about to pop out and kill you. I never played the game, but this is what I saw when my friend was playing it at his house, and I came in once in a while to watch him: You seem to be a secruity guard watching secruity cameras. As time goes on, the teddy bears start doing strange and scary things. Then a bear appears in your room, and the lights go out. Then the bear jumps out at you from the shadows, and the screen gets all statically, and the screen then changes to words: Game Over.
That has changed, have you seen markiplier videos yet. He has 20,000,000 views!
Perhaps the scariest game I have seen in forever. just the feeling of paranoia can really freak you out and give you nightmares. the characters (Freddy fazbear, bonnie the bunny, chica the chicken, and foxy the pirate fox thing) are moving around in this haunted pizzeria stuffing anyone they find into a freddy suit that is filled with crossbeams wires and animatronic devices. as the night goes on the characters get creepier and more paranormal. they will start to move on their own. they even sometimes stare right at the camera... they KNOW you are watching them. and the backstory behind this haunted pizzeria (which this place is supposed to be a parody of chucky cheese) really gives a great scare
I don't know why this game is scary. Sure they make me jump a little bit but nothing to get excited about
This game really plays more with your paranoia than it does with suspense and jumpscares, which is not as prominent in many games. Although it does have plenty of both of those horror elements, you are just constantly paranoid of what the animatronics will do. The game also has moments where you are dighting to squeeze through a final stretch, such as the heart-stopping moment when you run low on power at 5:00, and have no idea how long you have left until morning.
[Newest]Lol I'm not scared of it but all my friends are
More comments about Five Nights at Freddy's

8Doom 3
Holy! @#$, this is terrifying! I've seriously never played a game that's scarier than this. It's ridiculously frightening, every single moment. There's not a second where you're not on the edge of your seat. Easily the scariest game of all time.
This is the scariest game list not a survival game list! Resident Evil 4 or any of the resident evil games were not scary like Doom 3's pot outs or scary demon images.
Holy God, I watched my dad play this, and I got scared to death.


9Silent Hill
Laugh out loud. This list is really sad. There are only a few actually scary games on here, and this is pretty much the only one I couldn't finish due to how scary it was. I really tried to finish, but I couldn't T-T
This game touched me deep inside, Besides the horror that scared the fritz out of me when I first played it at night and the down right sic monsters, the story showed so much! I stand to my answer, Silent hill is pure perfection!
Took me six years to get up the courage to finish this game. Even then, it took moral support: :"Open the door. No! OPEN THE DOOR! FINE! "
[Newest]This game made me crap my pants as a kid I had lots of nightmares I think it should be at lease in the top 5

10Fatal Frame 2
It is scary. What makes it even scarier is the fact that it was based on a Japanese urban legend that has to do with a haunted house, Himuro Mansion. You take pictures of ghosts and if you take a picture of a hostile ghost, it will pounce at you and grab the camera lens and you have to use a special camera effect in order to shoo it away.
Oh man its so creepy that there are little ghost girls saying wanna play?
Hell ya I wanna play
[Newest]I wanna play unless if I am manly enough to play it.

The Contenders

Because it sets out the feeling of fear with Alma's apparitions and tricks and when I first played it gave me shivers down my spine
Fear is such a great game, but the remakes are nowhere near as scary as the original. (extraction point and perseus mandate) Fear 2 and 3 are more action than horror and are never going to be as scary.


The best thing about this game is it has both ghosts and humans as enemies

If you saw the scenes with Sander Cohen, Dr. Steinman, and Suchong and the Puppy(an audio diary), you would be freaked out. Not to mention big daddy fights. But Sander Cohen having you photograph corpses of his students for his "masterpiece" is just creepy.


The ambiance is VERY creepy, and then add that creatures can appear behind you seemingly out of nowhere and that you can step on a metal tray and it makes you think something is creeping up behind you, etc. Just the whole game is very creepy.
I have played the demo and that demo is scariest demo ever first person games are freaky

This game gave me goosebumps!
My dad has this game and even the cover looks scary!


14Silent Hill: Homecoming
That's a very good horror game with amazing story. I don't know why it's so underrated. Maybe because of some retards who never played it and then judged it...
I've beaten it and was extremely disappointed, bad controls, Z-targeting, glitches galore, and a bland story

15Dead Space 2
Most beautiful graphics to see the blood & deads. Nice storyline to give you the adrenaline.
It's the future of horror.

16Resident Evil
The scariest in the entire series in my opinion. Plus I don't know if this is for REmake but that game was exceptional at what it set out to do and the additional scares from Lisa and the Crimson heads enhanced this creepy atmosphere while 4 is a good game, I really don't find it scary, at all!
In my opinion, this game was the most scariest game, and the hardest of the resident evil series. Have to survive on a limited amount of ammunition against insanely strong zombies.
Soon as them zombie dogs jumped through the window I was gone.


17Condemned Criminal Origins

18Left 4 Dead
The Hunter zombie is one of the scariest. It crawls and jumps on you and tears out your insides. The Witch is also scary. She appears out of nowhere and scratches you up with her long black fingernails. Sometimes she's just sitting down with her back facing you. If you walk behind her she will look behind her back and attack you if she sees you.
the - zombies come out of no where



20Slender Rising
This is more scarier than the original honestly

21Scary Maze Game
When my friend made me play this I hated him and gave him the cold shoulder for weeks, but I once saw a video of a guy who played this, and he punched his computer and broke it, hilarious!
The guy who punched the computer's reaction was hilarious. He punched the computer and he asked his friend why he made him play the game. He said that's not funny at all.
By the time you're on Level 3, you start to get scared in case you die in the second half of the level, because there is that scary scream.
That's Reagan Macneil from The Exorcist.

22Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Hail Cthulhu, lord of madness!

23Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal isn't scary.

24The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
The game always has a cheerful mood till the very end. Everyone is afraid at the end. This game does not allow time paradoxes, so there can't be multiple Links. Meaning even if you did all the quests in three days (impossible), when you go back in time, everything resets. And the game secretly adds the five stages of guilt (look on YouTube). This game is different from other Zelda's. While other Zelda's has some scary and sad moments. this game is either sad, scary, and rarely happy. This game is one worth playing if your up to it.
TWO WORDS:THE MOON! He's always so angry even if your trying to save him. Just staring back at with those dead eyes and that's still the REAL game! Not to mention the creepypasta with... BEN!
What makes this game fright ing is the dread, the hopelessness, the fact you only have 3 days before everyone dies. It's a overwhelming dread package

25Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
This game's purpose is to mess with you. I remember playing it at 11:00, and all of a sudden, the mute button was turned on. I didn't understand what was happening, but then I found out, this game is just getting on the edge of going insane. I had to stop that night.
Unlike most other items on this list, this game perfectly puts you in the game, and has lots of effects that make you think that actual things are happening to you. For instance, it can make you think you're turning down the volume.
I hate that bathroom!

26Silent Hills (P. T.)
Why on Earth is the Scary Maze Game before this?! This game is terrifying!
This NEEDS to be at number 1
Same here laugh out loud

27Resident Evil 5
Chris and Sheva are going on Missions that are deadly all the time this should be number one

28Alien: Isolation
This game makes me very nervous, creepy atmosphere, alien and it's A.I. ,soundtrack... This is very creepy horror game and it should be in at least top 5!

29Alan Wake
First horror game I ever completed

30Condemned 2: Bloodshot
this game should be no. 1! everytime you turn the corner there's some weird or creepy thing waiting for you it just gives you goosebumps way scarier than resident evil.


I watched another guy played it in full sun light and I was still... you know...

31One Late Night
The black widow (I think it's her name) made me scream run away

Who added this this is not scary just 2d Minecraft but just so cool. More orrs and gear and stuff

33Resident Evil: Revelations 2

34Silent Hill 3
When I saw dead space as number 1 I knew this list wasn't legit.


36Ju-On: The Grudge Haunted House Simulator
It's based on the movie series, The Grudge. You walk through dark places and if you walk slow or remain in the same place, Kayako will appear before you and attack you. You have to get away otherwise it's game over. But Kayako will appear out of nowhere without warning like if you open a door, her hand will come out and grab your arm and you can see part of her face from the partially open door. And her son, Toshio will appear too. If you're close to clearing a level, Kayako will fall from the ceiling, crawl towards you, and attack you and you have to get away otherwise it's game over. At the end of the game, your character will eventually die because she saw Kayako.

37Slender: The Arrival
This is a fairly new game. However, I can honestly say this is the scariest game that has EVER been made, and it has really good quality too. If you haven't seen it yet then you are missing out. Go look at it!
I vote for this game because of the mine level, the girl scares me every time but at least her attack isn't a 1 hit kill, but this game is scary


This is not sacre dude I've plaed it

38Radiation's Halloween Hack
This game was pretty disturbing, what with the zombie apocalypse and mind exploration portions. It tells a surprisingly detailed alternative "what if? " story for the aftermath of EarthBound while still creeping me out. It may be a very short and barely finished game, but it deserves to be in the top 50.
The most disturbing thing about the game by far is its backstory.
DAMN... This actually legitimately scared the s*** out of me

39System Shock 2

40Slender's Woods

41Eyes: The Horror Game
Considering that there are no Jumpscares, this game is very clever.


43The Suffering
How are the Suffering games not on the list?

44Luigi's Mansion
This game is not scary at all. WHO PUT THIS HERE!
The game is only scary when your little. Although the music and fact that Bowser's head comes off is still pretty scary
Playing it when you're little...
[Newest]Couldn't play it at night as a kid... enough said?

Try to walk around in a cave when you're not 100% awake and you will be awake after a while
I uh... don't think that Minecraft is scary at all. Sure, things sometimes pop out, but that just startles me.
Good game the only thing creepy is that you feel like your being watched

46Silent Hill Origins

47Dying Lights

48Mortal Kombat Armageddon
The scary thing about this game is that the war of light and darkness will appear
Totally 5 nights at freddys it should be in at least 10th

49Fallout 3
The dunwitch building is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. I was in a metro tunnel, I saw a baby's stroller, went near it, and this loud crying/screaming sound filled my headphones. Mini heart attack...

The metro tunnels are creepy as hell! The feeling of being alone in the wasteland, feeling like something, somewhere is watching you.

Oh god, those vaults! Almost as creepy as the dunwich building. Especially vault 108.
When you are in a dark vault or metro with ghouls coming out at you from out of nowhere you will know what I mean.
While not an official horror game, the dunwitch building was a dead space styled scare fest, and my first visit to vault 108 nearly game me a heart attack and I haven't yet gone back

Why isn't this game at least in the top 10? Its really less scary than Amnesia games, Majoras mask (seriously) And Mario Paint!


51Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Scariest game ever I played this game and screamed very very loud I did not make It to the end but I did my best.
Eh its scary but I like the others better



54S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

Siren was banned due to the creepy content in the game. The story in the game is great and right from the start it has the creepy atmosphere.

Any game that was banned for being too scary obviously deserves first place. I think that not enough people have played the game so that's why it is so low on the list.


56Dead Rising
Not that scary, but the human enemies are downright disturbing
Scary!? This game is kind of ridiculous laugh out loud

57Silent Hill 4: The Room

58Gears of War 2

59The Thing

60Dead Space 3


62Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue
Level 2: Falling into dam waterfall and die

63Call of Duty: Zombies


65The Evil Within

66Five Night's at Freddy's 2
I find this game scarier than the first game. When I began this game, it became fun. I knew what to do because my brother played it. Then Toy Freddy came. He's easily the creepiest character in the game ( aside from the Puppet). I closed out of the game because he's sooo creepy. Love it and hate it.
Will terrify you out of your wits, because the old animatronics and the new ones are there and you never know when they will pop up out of thin air and murder your face like crazy. The suspense is crazy and the jumpstart are sudden so you could probably faint after being attacked. You are paying for total horror when you buy this <:0
The horror is not jumpscares - it's the robot things themselves.

67Power Rangers Dino Thunder

68Call of Duty: World at War
Nothing is scarier than the reality of war.


Its terrifying when you realize this type of brutality was real and happened
How is it scary? It's just danger in a game. not scary. More just sad.
[Newest]Its not scary, its just dark.

69Half-Life 2

70S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
Oh come on guys this is the scariest game I have ever played and it isn't even on the list! Those creepy crawling mutants completely out of the blue were actually very scary. And when the huge tank jumped at me out of a dark corner I literally fell off my seat... Plus the realistic gun control and awesome environment make it a overall great game. I haven't seen a better storyline in a game in years. Although the rest of the game isn't as scary but the visits to the labs are the scariest ever in a game. You have to play the full game to realize the awesomeness of this game.

This game has... Secrets... Let's just say that something happens in the Dan and Phil play through that is never seen anyone do before. This is unique... the first. Exe.
If someone asked me for the one style of game that I refuse to play, then. Exe would be my choice.
This is not a game

72Alone in the Dark


74Until Dawn

75Clive Barker's Undying

76Cry of Fear
One of the best horror games ever created with amazing gameplay and a depressing story which can drive you to suicide.

It's a standalone game on Steam which is FREE!

77Team Fortress 2

78Super Paper Mario

This is a new game, so it will be down here, but man it is way scarier than all of the other games on this list.

80Dead Island
This game is not that scary. Gory above anything else.


81Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
I know this is new and all but this should be in the top 20 already
Scarier than the original

82Fatal Frame
It's a survival horror game where you take picture of ghosts in a haunted house. If you take a picture of a hostile ghost, it will pounce on the camera and grab hold of the lens. You have to use a special camera effect in order to shoo it away otherwise it's game over.

83Game Boy Camera

Not so scary but worth it


85Dying Light

86Zumas Revenge

87Clock Tower II (2): The Struggle Within
What why is this not on the top 10 list?

88Clock Tower
I agree that this game scared the heck out of me when bobby first made an apperance. what ever I expected from that game was blown away the moment he apeared.

89Aliens vs. Predator 2

90Conker's Bad Fur Day
Only zombies on the Xbox version who is having a look like John Marston from Red Dead Redemption (Undead Nightmare)
This game isn't scary. Except the zombies are kinda creepy.
That giant poo monster is pretty disturbing.

So there's a lot of debate over whether or not this is just a jumpscare... Trust me, it's not. First, you need to read the article on it (especially the expeditions down...). Then download the game. It's randomly generated, so you never know when something's behind you, and you never know when the end will come. All you feel is this building fear and realization that the further you go, the closer you are to it...

92SlendyTubbies 2
To be honest, I think the classic is scarier and more fun that the 2nd one. But it is definitely still scary.


94F-Zero GX
Fell into the deep waterfall off coarse

95Among the Sleep

96Metro: Last Light
Pretty creepy game. The monsters are scary, but I found myself more scared to be caught by humans. Maybe because of the super intense music that plays when you're about to be spotted.
This game made me yell while taking to my girlfriend on the phone hands down terrifying laugh out loud

97Mortal Kombat Deception

98Deep Sleep


100Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water's Edge

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