Top Ten Best Scenes From the Hunger Games: Catching Fire


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1 Poisonous Fog Scene

I was crying when Mags Died. She was so brave to die so Peeta, Finnick, and Katniss could live. RIP Mags!

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2 District Eleven Speech

This and the rest of the tour scene had me very impressed in the theater. Actually, this movie was such a huge improvement on "The Hunger Games," I'm wondering how "Mockingjay" will be. - dureckl

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3 Scene With The Mandrills
4 President Snow Announces Third Quarter Quell
5 Katniss Hangs A Seneca Crane Dummy

That is the best scene in the movie!

This shows she is a mocking jay just by hearing it!

6 Katniss Fires An Arrow Wrapped In Wire At The Forcefield

That part was so cool! I thought it was the best and one of the most intense parts of the movie! - hkhkcat

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7 Johanna Cuts The Tracker From Katniss's Arm
8 All The Tributes Hold Hands
9 Joanna's Elevator Strip

The look of Jennifer's face throughout this scene sums it up perfectly. -

10 The Cornucopia Rotates

It was so sudden

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11 Gale Gets Whipped
12 Haymitch Throws Liquor at TV During Quarter Quell News

So funny! Love it when he is drunk and angry.

13 The Beach Scene!!

Hunger games fandom you know what I'm taking about!

14 Morphling Saves Peeta

Man, this was sad. I wish she survived... Oh well. She jumped infront of peeta when the mutant monkeys attacked. RIP female morphling

15 Launch Scene
16 The Start of the Games

Katniss looks so sad when they kill him before the games start

17 Katniss and President Snow's First Talk.
18 Katniss Mockingjay Dress Transformation
19 Mags Dies
20 Cinna Dies
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