Top 10 Saddest The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Deaths

Saddest deaths in the prequel to The Hunger Games, Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Also, it's possible that Lucy Gray didn't die in the forest, though she's dead by the time the original trilogy takes place. That's why I didn't add her.
The Top Ten
1 Sejanus Plinth

Snow's ex-best friend from District 2. He was executed by the Capitol for joining the District 12 escape plan.

2 Jessup Diggs

The male tribute from District 12. He was killed by a fall after contracting rabies.

3 Arlo Chance

The origin of the Hanging Tree song. Hanged after causing a rebel explosion that killed three people.

4 Lamina

The female tribute from District 7. She was killed by Coral.

5 Teslee
6 Tanner

The male tribute from District 10. He was betrayed by Coral, who stabbed him with a trident. Mizzen finished him off.

7 Bobbin

The male tribute from District 8. He was killed by Coriolanus Snow.

8 Brandy

The female tribute from District 10. She was killed by the Capitol after she killed her mentor, Arachne Crane (who, by the way, had the most deserved death in BSS).

9 Marcus

The male tribute from District 2. He was mercy-killed by Lamina after he was caught escaping the arena, beaten, and then tied up.

10 Dill

I believe this was the saddest because even though she was going to die, it was still sad to see her unknowingly drink the water with the poison and die. It made me cry, even though she had low screen time.

The female tribute from District 11. She died of convulsions from tuberculosis. I mainly included her here because of how long she was probably suffering.

The Contenders
11 Mizzen

Yes, he did help betray Tanner and assist Coral in hunting other tributes, but he's 13. He's only one year older than Rue.

12 Wovey
13 Lucy Gray

Although no one really knows what happens to Lucy Gray, she has to die eventually, right?

During The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, Lucy Gray Baird was my favorite character. She was so outgoing and enthusiastic. I also loved how friendly she was to the Capitol citizens and the District. She is definitely the best character, am I right?

14 Coral

I get that she betrayed Tanner and killed Lamina, but this was the Hunger Games. She needed to kill to survive. If she hadn't betrayed Tanner, he would have killed her. And no one deserves to be bitten to death by snake mutts.

15 Sol

She was killed when Coral and Mizzen chased her with a trident.

16 Treech

He was killed by Lucy Gray with a snake mutt.

17 Sheaf

She was killed by shrapnel after the escape attempt.

18 Reaper

He showed respect to the fallen tributes. Should have died in the way he did.

19 Arachne Crane
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