Top 10 Saddest and Most Shocking Moments in the Hunger Games Trilogy

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1 When Finnick dies

Finnick was such a kind hearted person and he went through some hard times, but he survived and he deserved to be happy with his family. It was so sad because he had just gotten married and he was going to have a son. The poor kid will never get to meet his father, but I hope he gets to hear all the great things about him.

Really? Rue's death was not shocking she had to die for Katniss to win. Prim I don't like she is a weak poor brat. Finnick he wan the 65th hunger games, he survived the 75th hunger games and then he just died when I heard Finnick died I thought in Catching fire he died and katniss and Peeta win. Besides Finnick was a good person he saved Peeta from dying and took a knife in is calf for Peeta. Plus he just got married and his son needed him. What else ohh here it is Prim was 12 and someone volunteered for but Finnick was 14 still young and no one volunteered for and he won. Sorry Prim your weak. And also Prim had a sister and mother. But Finnick I don't see a mom or a dad. He had a mentor but died. He only had a wife who he and her had few times of happiness together

This was the saddest part of the whole trilogy. Finnick deserved to live. He had gone through so much and should have gotten a happy ending with his love of his life and wife, Annie, and son. Finnick was definitely my favourite character in the whole series. He was so smart, resourceful, and hot. He sacrificed so much to make sure Katniss and Peeta lived. He was such a good person. I was bawling when I read it for the first time, and the second, and third, and so on.

As much as I love and adore Prim, Finnick's death was just too much for me to handle (which is why I threw the book across the room and almost broke a priceless artifact at the museum). He shouldn't have died! Finnick had so much to live for and he deserved a happy ending. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go kill some lizards to avenge him...

2 When Peeta is hijacked and attacks Katniss

This part is so sad. Why did Snow have to hijack him!? Peeta is the sweetest most innocent character and they even tried to take that away from him. I cried for weeks.

This has got to be my least favorite part of the whole series. Trying to kill katniss with bare hands is probably the last thing peeta would want to do. Like he would even let himself die for katniss to survive. They ruined him. The Capitol took him away and used him as a weapon against katniss. Peeta was tortured, he lost his family and he lost himself. I seriously cried when this happened, and I'm so thankful it wasn't in full detail in the book apart from "and his hands closes around my throat" and something but I forgot. Anyway, at this point I wanted to kill snow for what he did to peeta.

It was so sad and I REALLY ship Peeta and Katniss so I was like nooo I'll never see their love again! When Peeta attacked Katniss I was all happy for them to be reunited but then I was like OMG Peeta what is wrong with you!

It broke my heart that he was too broken to recognise Katniss. Peeta gets so damaged throughout the book, not only the hijacking, but the lost leg, and his emotions. I feel so bad.

3 When Prim dies

She was such a sweet and innocent girl who loved her sister very much. She decided that she wanted to help as many people as she could and then the capital decided they didn't need all of the capital people. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time but she didn't care, she wanted to be like her sister and help people.

She was so young and innocent. Katniss sacrificed everything to keep her alive throughout the trilogy, but she ends up dying

I was soooooo sad. I didn't think that was going to happen. I thought once the war was over everything would be great again but ofc something had to happen. But like for real Prim was one of my favorite characters. My favorite line that goes with Prim is "Prim sounds about a thousand years old when she speaks. Whatever it takes to break you"

I was not expecting this. The book started with Katniss volunteering for Prim to save her from dying, yet she dies anyway. Katniss had done so much, though not enough.

4 When Cinna dies

He had an interesting life, he lived in the capital and didn't have to deal with the slavery in the districts, but he had to watch as all of the tributes he connected with die. And he didn't get to see katniss go on to win and be the best version of herself. And part of that was thanks to him.

I kind of knew they weren't going to let the whole Mockingjay thing go, but I didn't think they would beat him bloody right in front of her!

He was there for her when she didn't have anyone with her she could trust.

They didn't have to kill him right in front of her!

5 When the bomber crashes into the hospital in district 8

We had just spent a chapter knowing and liking the residents, and then they just...died. Their were mothers and CHILDREN in that hospital, oh yeah, and it's a HOSPITAL! They are being treated, and are so innocent, and then they die. Katniss' speech at the end was amazingly powerful, and truly captured the tragedy.

Those people didn't deserve to die. They had already been through so much.

6 When the Peacekeepers shoot an elderly man

That started a rebellion! You don't just kill a person that makes more people angry and I was happy they defeated the capitol.

He was raising awareness to the problem and the capital wanted to shut him up. At least he knew what he was standing for.

As soon as he whistled, I was like, oh no, but I didn't think they would shoot him right there!

7 When Katniss shoots Coin

I didn't see this coming at all and it took me like ages to figure out why. It all makes sense though,and is generally a really good twist.

I thought she would do something like that, but I didn't expect her to do it in front of everyone

8 When Gale is being whipped

It was so painful for katniss to watch as he was being whipped. All gale ever cared about was helping the people in his district.

I kept telling my book don't die gale please, please don't die and poor gale! sob You don't know how happy I was when he lived!

9 When the Jabberjays torment Katniss and Finnick

They thought all of it was real and you could see the pain in their eyes. And they couldn't get to the people they loved. The capital really are cruel people.

Katniss has a genuine care and sympathy for her family. (specifically prim) its hard to see her freak out like that knowing there is nothing she can do.

This was a horrible time in the book. Katniss and Finnick suffering like that, it was not nice. The poor people. The stupid birds.

They didn't know whether it was real or fake. Heck I wouldn't know if it was fake.

10 When Mags dies

She decided that she had lived a good life and she wanted the others to go on to win again so that they could live as good as she did. She was an old woman, she shouldn't have had to fight again.

I loved Mags so much. She did everything. The only one who wasn't useless. Rest in peace, Mags.

Mags is underrated. Peeta wouldn't be alive without her.

She was so willing to die. That is what got me.

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11 When the rebels destroy the dam while singing "The Hanging Tree"

In my opinion, this moment was extremely moving. Seeing how Katniss rallied the rebels and how willing they were to die for the cause almost made me cry. I never cried reading the books. Not at Rue's death, not at Prim's or Cinna's, not at Finnick's, etc. But while watching the movies, I cried at all of these points and more. I felt that this scene was extremely necessary.

That was only in the movie, right? But it was still good, and it was kind of sad

12 When Peeta announces the girl he likes came to the Hunger Games with him

It wasn't that sad, but it was a very important part in the book. It also introduced the love triangle. I was really shocked and suprised when it happened rhough.

I was shocked, because I didn't know, and he hadn't shown anything to suggest that!

He knew that either way he wasn't going to be able to spend his life with Katniss

13 When Katniss visits District 12

I really didn't see it coming that district twelve would be destroyed. I mean that was where katniss grew up and it all just gets destroyed. Imagine your home town just being destroyed along with almost all the population.

This make me cry, Her home was destroyed. Wrecked. I imagine going home to see where I belong bomed and destroyed, So heart breaking. At times like this I hate the capitol.

It was so emotional.

14 When Katniss kills the innocent capitol woman

What the heck Katniss! Wow I had to add this the woman was just minding her own business when Katniss breaks in and then the woman tries to run away but before she could take 2 steps she was shot by Katniss... WOW

15 When Peeta loses a leg

This part shocked me. I think it is soooo sweet the way Katniss cares for him in the Games tho and risks her life to get him the medicine. Best couple ever.

This was SOO sad because it showed how much Peeta suffered in the games. And also how hard it was for him to do other stuff as well. I also loved Katniss' s reaction to it. It was so pure.

Ok I was so sad for this cause I thought the Capital would be able to fix him and he didn't even get to tell Katniss before they went on stage.

16 When the tracker jackets attack
17 When Peeta announces Katniss is pregnant
18 When Thresh dies

So kind to Katniss

19 When Johanna Comes Back to 13

After everything that Johanna has been through she got dragged into the rebellion it was just a moment that she shouldn't have to have dealt with.

20 The Epilogue

I lived the epilogue. I loved how it had the song. It was short and sweet. Except I wish it had the children's names.

21 When Rue dies

She was a sweet girl who wanted to help katniss. Their plan had worked and everything was great, until it wasn't. She helped katniss be the woman she was after the hunger games. I am so happy of how katniss decided to rememberer her.

Katniss sang the poor child to death... She tried so hard to help Katniss. She was too young. And it was so touching, so emotional that Katniss sang her to death... Rue was just way too young... Too pretty, too small to die.

It was so heartfelt. Rue wasn't a main part of the book for very long, but she managed to stay in our hearts. Katniss singing made it so meaningful. Of course I knew it was going to happen but it still hit me hard.

I was really shocked and I thought they had a good plan but then uh oh she gets shot. Like why she could have done that berry thing like with Peeta. Just straight up SAD.

22 When Katniss talks about a girl who blew up in the games

If you step off of the platform before the games, you'll blow up... Which is what happened to her and they had to scrape her body parts off of the ground!

23 When Katniss visits District 11
24 Snow's death
25 When Mitchell Dies
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