Best Books in the Hunger Games Trilogy

The Top Ten
1 Catching Fire

Catching Fire is probably my favorite of the movies, but as a book, it's kind of meh. I liked it for sure, and it was written with phenomenal talent, but I guess it just took a while to really get going. The Quarter Quell was fantastic, of course, and the whole book showed how truly despicable President Snow is. I love the interactions among the victors and the element of "You can survive the Games, but you never really win."

I just adore this book. It wasn't that boring or aggravating, except for the love triangle. Every page, every minute, every second of this book was just amazing. I love Katniss, and naturally Johanna Mason! And every other character was just breathtaking. It was just emotionally moving. Four words: I love this book!

This is my favourite for some reason. I think it's because it had this really fast-paced feeling to the games, and when I read the ending, I couldn't sleep for the whole night.

2 The Hunger Games

This is probably my favorite because even though the story isn't really in full swing yet, it's still super interesting because of the whole survival element. Overall, I guess it just feels a lot more real than in Catching Fire, although I loved that one too! Katniss deals with legitimate hunger, thirst, heat, cold, and various wounds. It really shows off her ingenuity and talent. My favorites are (1) The Hunger Games, (2) The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, (3) Catching Fire, (4) Mockingjay.

This book is amazing. I will never get sick of it or its movies. I enjoyed this book compared to its two others because I felt more connected to the tributes. Cato's death, that's what did it for me, along with Glimmer's death. It was interesting watching how each of the tributes and their allies responded to the arena and how they bonded with each other, apart from just Katniss and her allies. I feel like that lacked in Catching Fire.

3 Mockingjay

This is my least favorite of the four, but it's still incredible! The development of Katniss' and Peeta's characters is so intriguing. Although there's not a whole lot of action, there's some intense food for thought. Come to think of it, everyone in this book has amazing character development.

I love that Katniss finds herself moving from being a puppet of the Capitol to being a puppet of District Thirteen, but she has to be that puppet if she hopes to save anyone she cares about. (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!) Prim's death was absolutely heartbreaking, and what it does to Katniss is gut-wrenching. And then, of course, Katniss bonds with Buttercup, which is adorable.

It provides a nice closure for the series. More authors should take Suzanne Collins as an example. Also, she managed to give a deeper sense to the series thanks to this book, in my opinion.

I stayed up all night reading this one. I think it's definitely my favourite. All the twists and turns and tragic moments make it a book you cannot put down.