Top 10 Saddest Deaths in The Hunger Games

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1 Finnick

Finnick was an important character with an unnecessary death. Once he allies with Katniss you not only see his lovably cocky personality but also his care for Mags, it really humanizes him and you know you want him to come out alive. You learn about his past and he was really so resilient through it all. It was in the beginning of Mockingjay, though, when you see what the loss of Annie did to him that he became my favorite character. Seeing them reunited was one of the highlights of the entire series, and you have hope that he will get his happy ending after all. He cuts his honeymoon short in order to fight for the rebellion, saving everyone, especially Katniss, several times as they make their way to the Capitol. We see him supporting Peeta while even other likeable characters like Gale argue for Peeta's demise. It all culminates in the sewers when Katniss is defending Peeta and Finnick, Katniss. The next thing you know, Katniss is detonating the Holo to put him out of his misery. Utterly heartbreaking. He had so much life left to live and in the past few books he'd gained so much more to live for. And he was never really mentioned again! Where was the mourning? The difficulty in breaking the news to his loved ones? What happened to the death of a friend motivating the protagonist to go on? That was infuriating enough, but realizing he never got to meet his child broke me. All in all, Finnick deserved so much better.

2 Rue

She died so young and could have lived so much longer. Her death surprised me and after it I ended with my eyes clouded with tears I think that if Katniss was there for help sooner she would have lived on but she still died Traumatically in Katniss's arms while she slowly went to sleep never to wake up.

Her death was a heart-breaker! She was shy but bubbly, sweet but mature and possessed such extraordinary skills. She sacrificed her own life, how cruel the Capitol was to allow such a young and innocent girl to participate in these cruel and Malicious events. Her death reflects everyone who sacrifices their life and die innocent in the hands of the cruel and the Malice. #rue4ever

3 Prim

This might sound bad but, I didn't cry when Prim died. I cried when Katniss old Buttercup. It broke my heart when I was reading, the poor cat. Poor Katniss, she had (apart from Peeta) no one when Prim died. No Cinna, no Gale, no Finnick, her dad was gone, she didn't even have Johanna. How lost Katniss, her Mother and even Buttercup must have felt.

Prim's death was #1 for me because it was so quick. You didn't even know Prim died when it happened, because Katniss was trying not to be engulfed by fire. You find out in the next chapter, and your just like what the hell. But, her death made me want to cry because it was so tragic the way that she died. I'm not saying that Rue's wasn't tragic, but I think Prim's was sadder.

I also really bad for Katniss after that happened. I mean, she went through the 74th and the 75th Hunger Games, and fought in the rebellion. Why did the author have to do that to her? Katniss describes how she feels nothing for a year, and that just makes me feel so despondent. Believe me, Rue's death was sad, but Prim's was sadder because Katniss was depressed for a year.

4 Cinna

Cinna's death was the worst because in a odd way, he had actually started the rebellion. If he had not made those amazing costumes for Katniss and Peeta in the books/movies (by the way, the books will always be better) then Peeta would not have said he had a crush on Katniss in the interview, two tributes would not be allowed to win, Katniss either would or wouldn't live (she would), and therefor a revolution would not be born. So you can see that, after many steps, Cinna really is the creator of the rebellion and died working for the project he started, which shows he was fully dedicated and that his death was the saddest.

5 Mag

Mags sacrificed herself first by volunteering for Annie (if Annie went into the Games, she could have been killed), then she was so friendly and kind towards Katniss. And in the Games, she walked straight into the poisonous fog to save Peeta and do a part in saving Panem from the Capitol's horrible rule. It broke Finnick's heart to see her do that.

Mags was just a sweet old lady. She knew only one person would walk out of the arena alive, she volunteered for Annie because of her mental state and the fact that most likely Finnick would be the male tribute. Annie and Finnick were in love and she didn't want that to end. then she walked into poisonous gas so Finnick could carry Peeta instead...

6 Boggs
7 Cato

Cato's death was the saddest, for me at least, and I think he should be higher on the list. I actually think that Cato's death was sadder than Rue's, and that's not just because he was my favourite character. Rue's death was sad, yes, but at least she died in the arms of someone who cared about her. Cato didn't get that; he just had hours of agony wishing it to be over, because there was nothing and no one left for him but death. I cry at Cato's death every time I read or watch it, because nobody deserves to die like that; and when you think about it, with Cato's final speech in the film, he was just a boy, forced to be killer. For me, a perfect version of the Hunger Games would have involved Cato and Clove winning as a team, but even if they did both have to die, at least Clove (like Rue) died with someone begging her to stay. I think that the last thing Cato should have seen or heard is the face or voice of someone who can't bear the thought of his death, rather than a tool engineered by the Capitol to kill him off. R.I.P Cato.

8 Thresh

I don't hate thresh for killing clove. Even though she was one of my favourites. He did what he had to do. Brutal or not. He spared Katness in kindness and some may say he started the rebellion. I read it somewhere and it makes sense that he, Rue and d11 started the rebellion. They light the spark and Katness ignited the flame. Threshs death I can imaFionna was brutal because of cato. But don't hate cato because of it. Didn't thresh kill Clove out of revenge for rue. Cato killed thresh for revenge for Clove.

Even though we don't get to see his death. It was brutal. It was cato. But most importantly it was probably really sad.

9 Clove

Guys.. I know these characters deaths were sad and all, but Clove deserves to win. I would vote for Cato too, but Cloves was way more emotional to me. Clove had trained all her life for the games, and when she finally volunteered she had one of her best friends by her side. I read into things like this. I know Cato and Clove were friends before the games. It's a fact. Clove always stayed by Catos side, and Cato volunteered to keep Clove safe. In the movie, they made it look like he liked Glimmer. This is NOT the Real thing guys. He loves Clove. He used Glimmer as a toy to get spencers because she was the "prettiest tribute" compared to the others. She had no skill, no talent, she only joined because she was full of herself. She didn't love Cato. She wanted him in dirty ways. Cato didn't love her, he used her. When she was attacked by the Tracker Jackers, he didn't go back for her, book and movie. He never brought her up again. The way clove calmed him down after the explosion, they were also obviously together when Marvel died. They say by each other. Looked after each other during the bloodbath. Everything. They had as much hope as Katniss and Peeta when they heard they could both win. But the main explosion of Catos love for Clove was when she died. Clove had begged him to kill Katniss herself, but Thresh got there first. When she was on the ground (book) and looked at the rock, she knew she would be killed. Her last words were "CATO" and Thresh threw the rock on her right temple. Cato was calling for her from the woods. He was too late. Katniss could tell the pain in his voice. He begged her to stay with him. And Katniss ran away before we could hear what else he did. But I have can assume he cried and broke things and hugged her and yelled. The pain I felt when I read these pages. They both wanted to win just like Katniss and Peeta had. People just don't want to consider the killer's feelings. I'm glad Cato avenged Clove. Killed Thresh. The bloodiest battle of... more

10 Wiress

She was incredibly smart. Wiress was overpowered by Cashmere and Gloss, and then...gone! Dead! Poof out of existence. I knew that there was no way both Katniss and Peet's would get out, so they needed to be rescued. They brought Johanna, Finnick, Beetee, and our favorites from district 12, but no Wiress. Still bitter about that.

She found out the trick to the clock. And her death was so sudden...every time I think of her, my mind goes "and the mouse ran up the clock..." Her dying words...

She was singing and then Gloss came up and slit her throat!

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11 Glimmer

I don't think glimmer was bad. I like her. Just not in the movie when she's put with cato. It's just not right and it wouldn't work. Her death is sad because she had no one similar to cato and marvels deaths.but also unlike clove and rues who at leaSt had someone. My opinion on glimmer and the rest of the careers is good. I liked then all. Of course they killed but that's what they were made to do. They had stories that we don't know about. And most likely glimmer and marvel knew each other and possibly trained together like Cato and Clove. Her death was painfull and slow. She was alone. It was one of the sadder and more brutal deaths

12 Foxface

This one has continued to hit me a harder than the other ones. It was suicide, from what I understand, and like everyone is pointing out, she could have won. But.. maybe she knew that she had a chance. The tributes never really 'win' anyway, right? They just survive. She was smart, she probably knew that. I just can't help but feel like she knew she could have survived but she didn't want to.

She was one of my fave characters. I was soo sad when she died! I am going to say it was suicide so that I can call her smart. Smart and sly people are the best! But I knew she couldn't live thanks to Katniss being the main character! I would think she could have one if Katniss wasn't the main character.

13 Female Morphling

Her death reminds me so much of rue's. Rue, Prim, her. That's who I've cried for. Not Cinna, one of my favorites. Not Finnick. Not even Mags. Just the way it was written was so sad and sweet

I cried when I read this in the novel like her dying action is to sacrifice for peeta. They were friends and also the male morphling. She drew a flower on peeta's face.

Was her name Morphling, or did they just call her that because she took Morphling?

14 Castor

It was so out of the blue...I mean, yes they were being chased by mutts, but I didn't think they would kill him. Although I was SIGHTLY, relived when I found out it was him...for a few minutes I thought it was his brother, who I had really bonded with. Now, before you get onto me, I have read the books. I know this doesn't apply with the books, since you know its Castor who dies, but I had watched the movie first, so it took me a bit longer to realize it was him

He's not the saddest death. I get that. But it was just so touching how he helped his brother out when they had to go underground, and how Pollux cried quietly after his death. Castor's death needs to be on here, and it's sad that some of these "little guys" are so underrated.

15 Madge Undersee

I always try to pick a minor character as my favorite character since - SPOILERS FOR OTHER MAJOR BOOK SERIES AHEAD - all the bigger characters die: Fred Weasley, Lupin, Finnick, Prim... Although, having minor characters as favorites doesn't work out that well either. For Harry Potter, it was Colin Creevey, which didn't work out well. For Twilight, it was Bree Tanner, which was also a fail. And then for Hunger Games, it was Madge. I always liked her personality...

Come on guys! I know it wasn't the saddest but she was Katniss' only friend! She was the one who gave her the pin that gave her luck to win the rebellion. That's all I'm saying

16 Marvel

I don't hate marvel for killing rue. It's the games and everyone wants to go home in the film he's aiming for Katness who ducks and it hits rue instead. In the books he Spears her when she's trapped in a net. Both ways I don't hate him for. He wanted to go home and I doubt he wanted to kill a girl so young. He died alone and most people overlook his death because it's at the same time as rue.

Tragically glanced over. This and Cato made the book for me. Screw katniss and PETA.

Wait,marvel killed rue? isn't hunger games NOT superhero film. if it is why did marvel STUDIOS killed rue? just joking. I think why marvel studios killed rue. she's the reason why their films have been unpopular.

17 District 11 Whistling Guy

He was just paying his respects...and, he was the start of the uprising, minus for Katniss's acts. The uprising grew and grew after his death.

President Snow: Don't start a rebellion Katniss
Katniss next day: I feel bad Rue died (exact opposite of what to say)
Man: whistles Rues song
Snow: How to stop a rebellion? Kill all rebels!
Kills man sooo helps stop rebellion (Actually make district eleven angrier)
Snow: That was so right!

He didn't have a name, but I still found it an extremely sad death, he didn't do anything wrong.

18 Leeg 1

While our time with her was brief, I got attached to this character. With her sister dying she must of felt insane guilt. Then when she was in the tunnels she had to live with her dead sister, along with her own family thinking she is dead. I had hope left for her, but then the lizard mutts attacked. She stayed behind and sacrificed herself to help to others escape. Imagine the father seeing the other rebels coming out of the tunnels hoping that his daughter would be okay, only to find out she died protecting the remaining survivors. RIP Leeg 1, you legend.

19 Cashmere

This death, along with her brother's, is really just Glossed over (see what I did there?). Think about it. She saw her brother go in to the 63rd hunger games, knowing there was a good chance he would die. Think of how sad she would have been and how relieved she would have been when he won. Then she went in the next year, knowing she herself might die. She wins. But now she has to mentor kids who are headed for the slaughter for 10 years, including Marvel and Glimmer. Then she has to go back in, WITH her brother, knowing one of them will definitely die. And she sees her brother die, suddenly and before she can do anything about, she has an axe in her chest. Then Finnick, Katniss etc, leave the island and she isn't mentioned again for the rest of the series. Add in the fact that she probably was friends with her killer (Johanna) or at least knew her, and this character has a really sad death.

20 Districts 8 Female (74th Hunger Games)

Guys, seriously.
Think about if YOU were her. A little girl all alone and scared in a forest and she makes a fire. Suddenly 5 large guys come towards her with a sword and she begs for mercy but they stab her. And she spends her last hours agonizingly stabbed.

I would like to use her mouth as my personal toilet and use her face to wipe my butt.
Then I will eat her arms slowly as she feels her arms being slowly digested and turned to crap. Then I will sit on her face and slowly poop on her face as she screams in horror.

21 Snow

Snow was an idiot. He deserved it. Haven't you guys forgotten the amount of innocent children he watched fight to the death, and all he thought was: "This ought to keep the districts from rebelling."

He needed to die!

He was the worst character but again I liked him for some reason. Alma Coin deserved it.

President Snow's death is less than upsetting and he definitely deserved to die

22 Noah

We don't know him well but I feel sad for his death. District 3 is like the best District and he was a brilliant tribute. I wish that he had made it farther into the games, maybe he would win.

I wrote a fan fiction where he survives and wins the Games. Wish it could be true in real life! District 3 is awesome!

Cato had a temper tantrum and killed him. Why do you let someone with anger issues into the hunger games? Why?

23 District 4 Male (74th Hunger Games)

His death was so sad. He was so cute, I wish he could have lasted longer. I loved his curly hair and his face. But stupid Cato had to kill him. I hate Cato and his friends. This has nothing to do with the district 4 boy but I love Katniss and Peeta. They are so cute together, I love them there my favorite characters.

This dude with awesome hair was so young. He should have hid until he heard the canons. Lots of screen time before the games. In the games, 15 seconds. If I was district 4, I would have volunteered for him. This should be in the top 10. District 4 female didn't care. SO SAD!

24 District 4 Female (74th Hunger Games)

This was my friends fave character! Even though she has never seen or read the hunger games my friend loves her! I showed her a pic of the tributes as she goes off about her death stare! She wrote three stories about her. One where she kills interviewer 1
2 where she gets killed by Katniss at interviewers 1 funeral and 3 her back story. My friend hates Katniss for killing her in such a gruesome way.

I mean, we don't know how she really was died, MAN do I wish there was a scene on her death! The book says she died cause of tracker jackers but in the movie she wasn't even in the career pack! But, I think she survived the first day, saw her in the movie running from Cornicopia unharmed, also had Injured MY favorite character! That's ok cause d.3 female faked death after that...just read my comment on her. -Thoress (this section was also by me, Thoress,)

25 Chaff

He was good friends with Haymitch and was good for a laugh. Him refusing to get a prosthetic hand shows he was modest and he was really nice to everybody.

Chaff was a sad death because he is one of haymithes friends and it must be hard for chaff to go in the hunger games against peopel that he knows that can kill him.

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