Top 10 Sexiest Men In the World

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The Top Ten

Jensen Ackles (Actor, USA)
Jensen Ackles is the best actor in the world! Love his acting because every role he plays is deep and sensual, he makes you laughing, smiling, crying, thinking... When you see his play you can't stay cold and marble because every thing he acts is so real... He is amazing actor and adorable person)))
He's the only man getting sexier and sexier year after year.
It's my wish to meet him one day! A great actor! Lots of love from Pakistan!
[Newest]Handsome, sweet, with a sense of humor. And best of all a very happy family man.
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2Jared Padalecki (Actor, USA)
Jared is super sweet and really adorable! He cares SO MUCH about his friends and his family! His acting is beyond amazing. He enjoys having fun with his co-stars and guest stars. His attitude towards fans is positive and he loves them so much. He bond with Jensen Ackles is so heartwarming, which is excellent since they play brothers. Jared Padalecki is my all time favorite actor!
Have you seen the pics of this man on the beach in Rio?!
He's my favorite actor. He's the main reason I watch Supernatural. I love the way he get's along with his fans. The way he interacts with them, his kindness, his sympathy. I love the fact that he's such a versatile actor. I think he can do anything, evertyhing. Also it's not the fact that he's sexy and beautiful, but the fact the he's not aware of his own beauty. He's simple, he doesn't show any kind of arrogance, even if he has all the reasons to be, he's not proud of himself, he's smiling all the time. He's simple, a genuine friend, he's a father, a passionate husband. He's my favorite actor not only on SPN but also in all current television. He has a great sense of humour. And because he's a "moose" and a "puppy"
[Newest]He's gorgeous inside and out. His eyes alone. Then his smile. Then his dimples. His muscles... He's amazingly beautiful!
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3Tom Hiddleston (Actor, England)
Has the best smile! A great laugh and hey, he is God in two movies! 6'2" of pure gorgeousness
He is wonderful actor, kind, sunny man
Tom Hiddleston is the most sensual and sexy man in the universe!
[Newest]The Hottest man in the whole world I just can't say anything else
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4Misha Collins (Actor, USA)
He is talented and gorgeous, and he does so much charity work that it seems he isn't just an angel on the show Supernatural, but he is also one in real life. Just a generally great guy and totally beautiful.
I just love him, he is amazing man, who does charity and help other people. His smile just brightens my day!
He's one of the closest things to perfect! He does his charity work, amazing sense of humor, he's a great father to his son and not to mention a great husband to his also wonderful wife. Also, on top of all that his acting is pretty damn good.
I just love him!
[Newest]He's our overlord, enough said.
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5Matt Bomer (Actor, USA)
Matt's so down to earth! He's got these most stunning blue eyes, the most gorgeous kissable lips, perfect cheeckbones. A body you would wanna hold on to forever and never let him go. Just like in the books fifty shades of Grey. Matt's has this beautiful personality. He cares a lot about the people around him, his nearest family, just like Christian Grey! If I ever had a chance to meet him, I'd also fall at his feet and Say "MASTER" It would be an honor! There's only one man who's capable to play this part and that's our Matt and NO ONE ELSE!
Well besides being one, if not the most physically attractive male on planet earth, there is so many more things that make him beautiful and sexy. If you watch White Collar you are instantly captivated by his sexy and some what of a mysterious eyed stare which is blue but changes from blue to gray, and all he has to do is show you that perfect teeth smile to make your heart stop and make you swoon like a 16 year old. Now, as for his acting he plays the memorable Neal Caffrey which is a sexy, confident, flirtatious con man but is also vulnerable and in search of his true identity at the same time. Of course everyone loves him in Magic Mike and he is the #1 fan chosen potential Christian Grey. He is beautiful, philanthropic, humble and perfect. You can't get any sexier than Matt Bomer.
There are not enough kind words to say about this man, but I'll try to list off the ones that I think make Matt Bomer stand apart from many of the other actors out there: Humble, Sweet, Caring, Kind-Hearted, Well-Mannered, Amazing, Amusing, Astonishing, Charismatic, Stylish, Funny, Witty, Charming, Multi-Talented, Dazzling, Positive, Upbeat, Down-To-Earth, Charitable, Sweetheart... Above all else, Matt Bomer, no matter what role he is playing, is BELIEVABLE... Not a lot of actors can convince you they're the character they're portraying---Matt CAN and DOES... BEST actor on the planet, hands down and I truly hope that Matt gets ANY role he truly WANTS because he DESERVES it :) Matty B For The Win!
[Newest]He is Perfection... He is prettier then most women... He was blessed with a beautiful face and heart!
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6Johnny Depp (Actor, USA)
So cute love his role in Pirates of the Caribbean.
"every girls dream man" god damn hot and sexy just adorable
I love Johnny Depp! Great actor and he's so sexy! Maybe the sexiest guy eve


Oh, where to begin with Johnny. Those eyes, Those lips, That hair. Can i be Mrs. Depp?
[Newest]He is so handsome
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7Shahrukh Khan (Actor, India)
No Doubt SRk the World Sexiest Actor...

SRK rocks...
No one in India is As Sexiest As SRK... The man who has known to 360cr people of World. ( More Than Half of World)... Beating TOM Cruise...
This was a the Poll Conducted By BBC
SRK Super great Man who has amazing sexuality in image or personality! Why? Cause he's very smart, unrepeatable dashing in fashion and incredible energetic! WE LOVE you KING! With Love fr Russia!
ShahRukh Khan is the sexiest man in the works. The way he carry himself, his walk, those dimples, his smile, sense of humor, great head of hair, the watt he interact lovingly with fans, his fantastic acting and everything is what make him the sexiest of them all. He is the King of Kings and the best actor. Love him lots.
[Newest]Without make it is only a old man of wrinkles
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8Jared Leto (Singer, Actor, USA)
Jared Leto, who else? He's the only man getting sexier and sexier year after year. The best choice!
Vote for JL. Why? Because he is my vegan vampire, and he taught me that we are a family, because he taught me to fight for what you believe in, "in defense of our dreams. ", taught me that the most important opinion is my opinion, taught me that being different is normal. I love you Jared!
I mean, really? Who can be hotter than this guy? No one. ;)
[Newest]Love all of him
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9Alex O'Loughlin (Actor, Australia)
Alex has everything and more like was said by the other fans he just has that way of drawing you into a character he's playing without saying a word. His face can show and tell you what the character is feeling and thinking just by looking at his eye's. Plus he does not flaunt his celebrity or his family he's very private about both. Which as a fan is great but kinda frustrating but as a true fan you respect that because that's why you adore him so much that mysterious side not many actors have. Wish he could do another movie or mini series but with only a small break between Hawaii Five O and a bigger family now not something that could be done but totally understandable. Hope he has a great and long career and will love following such a great actor and man because of his genuine kindness he shows outside his job to fans and people in general. Lots of Aloha and thanks to you Alex...
Alex O'loughlin is one of the under rated good actors who deserves to be noticed by big director in film history, he's such a telented actor, who can do drama, thriller, romance & action & specially ACTION like he does in Hawaii five-0, it doesn't matter that he is rated 95 on a world wide list full of big actors from all over the world, actually, 95 for Alex is good & hope he will be on top 50 than 20 than 10 soon :D because you can't hide the sun with your finger, his star will soon shine high
Can't say much more really, everyone has said what I wanted to say, except that sexyness is not just the way a person looks (and he looks mighty fine), it's in the way you carry yourself and how you treat people, it's about caring and being humble, Alex has all these qualities and then some, he is without a doubt the sexiest man alive, his fans are the best fans in the world, Alex doesn't need to win a poll for us to know he is sexy, but it would be great if he did win eh? Would love to see him in more movies but all his time is taken up with Hawaii five 0 especially now they have secured a fourth season, think more producers and directors need to take notice of him! We love you Alex xx
[Newest]No words can describe him. His smile, eyes, build, he is sexy from head to toe.
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10Salman Khan (Actor, India)

Salman is the great handsome and sexy boy in the whole world. He has a beautiful body. Also has a nice bicep. In the 2004 in usa hw was the most sexiest man in the total 7 person by the people magazine. And the 2oo4 he was the 1st sexy person in the whole india. He is the 1st bollywood actor. Who is the work 1st hollywood film. He is also a best human, he has a won charity, the charity name is 'BEING HUMAN'. He also help the poor people. When the tsunami was attack srilanka, in the iifa award 2008 salman donate a lot of money to build the 1oo house for srilanka's people. Its show that he has a golden heart. He always help poor child. He is support these people who is suffered by thalasamia, cancer and more diseases. He not only help general people but also help his co-actror and actress in the bollywood industry. If a person faced some problem then salman always solved her problem and also he rescue the people. Salman khan is the one and only person who is call that he is the "god gift child". Past 4 years salman get much success in the industry for his movie. He also get the more awesome award for his film. So that's is the reason.. I think that.. Sallu is the most sexy person in the whole world.
He deserve to be number 1. He has the most hot and sexy body and also the most sexy smile which I have ever seen. No doubt Salman is the most sexiest man in the world
[Newest]One n only Salman Khan, he is a complete man in the world
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The Contenders

11Robert Downey Jr. (Actor, USA)
He's on the list? Aww come on!
Did you see him on his movie? He makes all of the characters he ever played looks SEXY! And guess what, because HE IS SEXY!
I used to think that Johhny Depp is the sexiest man alive, but now I think ROBERT DOWNEY JR. IS THE SEXIEST!
His voice, his gorgeous deep brown eyes, or the way he staring people, everything about him is SEXY, no doubt


He has a doll face, an absolutely witty and funny personality. His is an extreme talent in his field of acting. His eyes are such a lovely shade of brown and just make your heart pound. He has a gorgeous body and singing voice. A prime example of what sexy is.
Most valuable actor alive. Come on. PLUS THOSE ANIME EYES.
[Newest]Eyes that go under your skin; a voice that melt you!

12Ian Somerhalder (Actor, USA)
Love his acting as Damon and he's hot!
Watch him as Damon in the Vampire Diaries and you'll know he's hot!
Ian is so hot but it was a hard decision to make... But my choice was still Ian Somerhalder...
[Newest]An angel in human form :-)

13Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Actor, Ireland)
Jonathan is the sexiest man on the planet. Is hypnotic eyes and sensual lips dement.
Jonny's the hottest man ever living on the Earth. Incredible combination: eyes of devil and lips of angel.
He`s adorable, sexy, charming, talented and lovely!
[Newest]Lets be completely honest here... This fool is number one
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14Richard Armitage (Actor, UK)
He's an amazing actor who takes his work seriously and you can tell that he loves his craft. Richard Armitage is handsome in every way possible and still humble about being in the spotlight. He also has an amazing personality and smart and funny and so much more and that's why he's one of the sexiest men alive!
Because he is simply perfect in every way. He is truly my model for how to live life the way you should and how you should see on things. I am not saying to replicate everything he does but to take aspiration from it. Besides, he is very sexy and his characters has great depth that everyone should study inti
He's so talented and awesome!
All his characters are noble and misterious
I'm crazy about his playing and love him a lot
He makes me happy when I'm sad and I hope to see more films with this fantastic actor.
[Newest]Handsome ever... I love you richard...
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15Leonardo DiCaprio (Actor, USA)
Really? No one voting for him? Titanic, anyone? Romeo + Juliet? Catch Me if You Can? Just to name a few. Leonardo DiCaprio is the epitome of men!
Loveeyou Leo you Are my Life
Did you see his bod when he was younger and older even cuter than robert downey jr he should be #1 robert should be #2
[Newest]Oh love him so cute and handsome

16Chris Hemsworth (Actor, Australia)
He's truly talented. His body is like, "DAMN THAT'S HOT". His Australian accent makes me melt, he's truly gorgeous.
He's so gorgerous in Thor, and cute - broken and tortured - in Snow White and the Huntsman!
Seeing him as Thor in The Avengers (and Thor) is what did it for me. Enough said. This man is a man of perfection.


[Newest]Its true he is

17Bill Kaulitz (Singer, Germany)
Bill Kaulitz has the most perfect face EVER. His bone structure is just amazing. His eyes are hypnotizing. His smile is simply breathtaking. His face is just a wonder to me: a phenomenal balance between feminine and masculine. But all physical things aside, he's also the sweetest person in the world too. He has a genuine caring heart and he's very appreciative of all his fans!
He is the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen, his smile melts my heart. His personality is amazing, he is sweet and nice but that doesn't make him less hot. Bill has absolutely everything a girl wants, irresistibly sexy.
Bill is beautiful. His smile and his shining eyes just saved my life. I was so empty before I see his eyes. They contain hope and happiness. Something I didn't see in other people eyes before I saw him. He made my happy, made me love myself, people and life. That's making him the most sexy! Much, his body is slim, but not too skinny, he has a little nose that fit perfectly in his face, his neck is sexy... What is beautiful is that he believed in his band and in what he was doing and tatooed the logo of his band on his neck because he was believing in it. Bill is vegetarian because he loves animals, with his band, they made pins to sell to the fans to give money for Japan when they had a big tsunami. They gave money for childrens... Bill is beautiful inside like outside. He has an amazing and original style. Everything suits him well. He is romantic, sweet, funny, always smile and has respect for people. He is open-minded and he care about what people have to say... That probably why he tries to not read all the stupid things on him in the magazines... Bill deserves to win because he is sexy, beautiful and kind. Authentic and honest too. I love him a lot and I would give everything to be at least his friend to know him better and have him on my sides to make my life more beautiful and funny. I miss the band and I miss to hear him talk in interviews. I miss the beautiful lyrics he writes. I want to know what he has to say since three years! Bill, always stay yourself...
[Newest]So sexy! I just can't believe he's A human! He is an angel! I bet!
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18David Tennant (Actor, UK)
Have you even seen this man? His face alone should earn him a place on this list, don't even get me started on his fantastic personality and acting skills. He truly deserves a top spot.
He is wonderful and so cute! And he is the best actor I've ever seen!
Absolutely gorgeous man and genius actor! He makes me laugh and cry and not so many actors can do this.
[Newest], I just love his accent. He is the best doctor ever!
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19Benedict Cumberbatch (Actor, England)
Benedict should be number one because he is perfect. He is perfect in how he looks but also in his personality. He's loving, caring, funny, cute and so much more he has the most loveliest pare of eyes the nicest pare of check bones the nicest nose and mouth his face is utterly perfect an what's under his shirt well there isn't a good enough word to describe what it's like. Benedict looks like an angel. And he is one he really deserves this to prove to him he doesn't look like a race horse. So please vote for him.
He's ridiculously talented, unbelievably kind, intelligent, and has a voice as smooth and rich as honey.


He is the sexiest man in England! Benedict is a great actor. And also he's really kind, funny and cute person! I like him very much, just like many thousands of his fans! :))
[Newest]I love him and He's so sexy

20Hrithik Roshan (Actor, India)
He is great in dance, look, body, acting. He is a perfect actor
Without a doubt, the most brilliant actor I have ever seen. He is amazing at emotional acting. He acts with every ounce of his being. No one moves me like he does. He is incredibly handsome, sexy and from what I've read about him, a very kind man. And he has the most engaging eyes ever. You can see right into his soul. If you've never seen one of his movies, I highly recommend you do!
[Newest]Sexiest man in the world
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21Taylor Lautner (Actor, USA)
He is so fine I would love to meet him in person he has a great body and when I see him on the telly he seems like a really nice guy
Cindy from ireland
He is amazing, not only is he sexy and has amazing abs he can also dance sing and he is an expert in martial arts and in movies he does all his own stunts. I love him so so much he's totally amazing
Hot, hotter, Taylor Lautner! I think he's really cute and handsome looking :-)
Lots of love
[Newest]Totally top 10 material that body those looks would love to meet him in person

22Zac Efron (Actor, USA)
I think he is really hot and I love d him in High School Musical.
One of my favourite actors
I just dunno why he isn't#1! I mean, he's like, perfection

23Chris Evans (Actor, USA)
Now that is a man I would spend the rest of my life with.
Another perfect creation of God. I love Christopher Robert Evans!

24Heath Ledger (Actor, Australia)
Hottest man I ever seen. Seriously. Have you seen him in Casanova or in A Knight's tale? Perfection!
I love Heath Ledger! 1 :3 HE IS A BEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD!
Also a fine actor (joker in dark knight rises)
[Newest]Best men and actor. Ever!

25Orlando Bloom (Actor, England)
He's gorgeous, funny, and an amazing actor! He has an amazing accent too. He's perfect in Lord of the Rings
He's amazing and boiling hot just like in Pirates of the Caribbean movies. And most fresh-faced elf in The Lord of the Rings movie.
He is os hot I love him so much in lord of the rings he is so hot his hair is so cute I love hm

26Enrique Iglesias (Singer, Spain)
I had never seen the person like Enrique iglesias. I feel he is the most sexiest man in the world. I like his face very much. I go crazy when I see him. I like the mole on his face too, in his before albums. I love you Enrique.
I just love Enrique Iglsias! He is of course the sexiest man in the world! His voice makes me feel so good, excited and relaxed at the same time! He sings with a passion and this is also reflected to the fans and audience all the time! ! I love you baby!
Enrique is not just hot he's also have a big heart. And there's always a big place for his fans in his big heart! Love him, his personality and his voice!
[Newest]He has the gift of making you feel that he is singing only to you. He makes me melt. I love to listen to his songs in Spanish -- and I am a native English speaker. Such a sculpted face and body. Anna kournikova is a lucky woman.

27Jake Gyllenhaal (Actor, USA)
He is extreme talented, he is very good looking and he is so cute and hot!
In which universe Robert Downey Jr. is sexier than Jake Gyllenhaal?
So hot! So talented!

28Channing Tatum (Actor, USA)
Chiseled cheekbones, rock hard abs, beautiful smile, amazing dance moves, etc... Channing Tatum had it all
This man is so HOT! He comes off a really down-to-earth kind of guy... Like someone you could hang out with... Which makes him even more attractive to me! His imperfections make hime so sexy!
Just Channing in Magic Mike it was all kinds of steamie hot dancig grinding flipping and yes it got all the women in the crowd hot. When went for the half lap dance and when he yanked those pants off one handed knew } had to see this. Second time. Laugh out loud in case I missed something. Love the other movies also and fyi we don't mind that you take your shirt off :-)
[Newest]Channing Tatum Should Be Number One Cause He Is The SEXIEST Man Alive. :) ♡

29Paul Wesley (Actor, USA)
I love him... He is so hot and sexy. He's also an awesome actor.. He's the best. He's hotter than ian somerhalder or whatever his name is.. He is so cool and again he is the best!
He is Beautiful and sexy. Vote for him please. He is best!
I love him and kiss him. :D
He is sexy and I love him. He is the best actor!
[Newest]He is really lovely and hood looking...

30Dylan O'Brien (Actor, USA)
He is just so damn sexy ♥

31Christian Kane (Actor/Singer, USA)
Christian Kane has the rare combination of looks, talent and intelligence. He is an extremely versatile performer as both an actor and a singer/songwriter and musician. He not only acted on the T.V. series Leverage but did his own stunts and fight scenes and was also one of the fight scene coordinators. He is also a first class cook. He remains a humble, down home country boy from Oklahoma who love his fans and shows them great respect which in turn makes them fiercely loyal and supportive of all of his efforts. His album "The House Rules" is a great country rock album for anyone who likes country music.
Aside from being a great Actor, Songwriter, and Singer Christian Kane is an awesome man. I am just a fan so I have never had the opportunity to see him in person, but the stories I have heard from friends who have had that opportunity have said that he is very humble and come off as very genuine. He openly acknowledges that his fans are a huge part of his success. Not only is he successful with his Acting and Singing careers, he also enjoys cooking. And all of this is wrapped in a very handsome package.
Great actor! Awesome singer/ songwriter! Very handsome, Hot really! Does most of his own stunts and actually coordinated a lot of the fight scenes when starring in Leverage! Very versatile! Thankful to his fans and extremely humble! And did I mention he's HOT!
[Newest]He is very talented and genuine in his acting. I'm surprised he isn't as well known as his talent suggests. Not to mention his killer looks. I don't really go for these kind of guys but dang girl he had me at hello
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32Christian Bale (Actor, Wales)
He's handsome guy... Also is the best actor of this time. His best movies he played not handsome characters. I love him too much in The Machinist and Rescue Dawn
He is the Best action superhero out there today on the big screen and in real life. He visited the CO shooting victims and hospitals to offer his support. Without him, batman wouldn't be popular or well known. The world does need a Batman and a bruce wayne, and he displays it beautifully.
Been a fan of his for over 20 years. I met him on 5-5-08 and he's more handsome in person. He was tired from filming and he came out to sign autographs for fans. He was surprised there were fans out there for him.
[Newest]He's awesome and talented.

33Robert Pattinson (Actor, United Kingdom)
Robert Pattinson is in a league of his own. He's literally the full package, stunningly handsome, incredibly talented and a nice guy. He's a true gentleman who conducts himself admirably in the face of the media hysteria that has become his life. Antone who's worked with this man, met him or attended one of his premieres can't fail to be put under his spell. Rob literally exudes sex appeal along with a quiet charm and a frinedly approachable demeanor. He's a true star and thoroughly deserves to be top of this list.
A very handsome and TALENTED young man who deserves to be seen as more than a glittery vampire!
Just go to one of his premieres and you'll see for yourselves how down-to-earth and just sweet he is, especially when he takes his time to talk to his fans and take pictures with them.
He is a rare breed indeed!
Without any doubt what so ever "Robert Pattinson", Is one of the most truely phenomenally hot sexy stunningly beautiful talented gifted Men to grace this mortal coil of our's, The world is a much more of a wonderfully beautiful and gifted place with him in it, Twi-love-hug's-kisses,
[Newest]I will give up everything just to be with this man for eternity!

34Tyler Hoechlin (Actor, USA)
He has an amazingly sunny personality in real life while brilliantly playing a tortured werewolf on the small screen. His gorgeous smile and body are just an added bonus.
Sorry, needs to be at least in top 10... not 34
His smile is intoxicating!

35Ryan Gosling (Actor, Canada)
This list is unfairly biased towards Americans. I don't really know how to decide who's hot and who's not cause I'm a man, but I'm Canadian so I chose Ryan.


He is so gorgeous and talanted, funny and cute! He really deserves to be on top of this list!
Canadian guys are always the hottest

36Brad Pitt (Actor, USA)
Brad pitt should be in #1 place
He was so pretty in the 90's
Woo, as a man, I think he is really glamorous

37Ryan Reynolds (Actor, Canada)
he's sexy <3 :) definitely should be number one who is this john abrahams dude?!
Great face great body great personality what more do you need to say

38George Clooney (Actor, USA)
A beautiful man, wonderful actor, and a man with strong ethics, empathy, and integrity. I find all of these qualities to be extraordinarily sexy.
George Clooney should be in the first place, he's the better and sexiest actor of the world!
#29? Give me a break. There's nothing NOT to like about George Clooney.

39Dingdong Dantes (Actor, Philippines)
He's the best! He's not only gorgeous but a man of substance as well! He's a good actor, a singer and a dancer, a producer, a director, a host... A business man, and owns a foundation... He deserves to be the sexiest man because aside from having those mentioned qualities, he has the LOOKS!... The BODY... That whenever he comes around, everyone would just turn his way... And hey, not just girls! He loves his woman and hundred percent a gentleman. Despite his success, he stays humble and never boastful... Just some of the qualities deserving of being THE TOP SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD!
A multi-faceted man (dancer, actor, director, producer, youth advocate among others); the most eligible bachelor around, a loving and loyal boyfriend to Marian Rivera, a loving son and brother to his closely-knit family; and physically - tall, fair and handsome, a hunk of a man... And on top of all these, A MAN OF SUBSTANCE...
Mr. Dingdong Dantes is all these:
Admirable, sexy, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, cute, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enticing, excellent, fair, fascinating, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, magnificent, marvelous, nice, refined, statuesque, well-formed, wonderful, attractive, bright, brilliant, centerfold, colorful, dazzling, delightful, dream, drop-dead, easy on the eyes, elegant, enjoyable, exquisite, fine, good-looking, handsome, impressive, knockout, pleasing, ravishing, stunning, sublime, sumptuous, superb, amazing, astonishing, astounding, awe-inspiring, awesome, cool, fantastic, fine, groovy, incredible, magnificent, marvelous, outstanding, phenomenal, pleasant, pleasing, prime, remarkable, sensational, super, superb, surprising, swell, terrific, etc. Need I say more?
[Newest]Dingdong looks so neat and clean... I saw him on MOA several years ago and he looks very very clean, neat, he's so quiet and humble... And a little bit shy... I don't know why he was so shy that time...
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40Matt Smith (Actor, England)
<3 <3 MY DOCTOR! Those eyes! And let me tell you, I'd start at his collarbone and go from there. He is just amazing. I've met several celebs, but I'm afraid this man would leave me a blubbering pile of goo laugh out loud... He is sweet, great with kids, and funny, so I've heard he likes to be a practical joker with his co workers. I am also big on Chris Hemsworth, Christian Kane, and Hugh Jackman, but somehow OH MY GOD, Matt has edged past Hugh as Wolverine on my list, I never thought anyone would unseat my personal "King of the Mountain" (to put it one way), but there just is no resisting those eyes and that smile- though I do miss the floppy hair! Matt has my vote
Oh, God, love him so much *-* The sexiest man!
That man can make even a fez look sexy! No ordinary actor! Love him!
[Newest]Have you seen that chin?! He is so sexy and I love his hair. He makes me smile every time I watch doctor who. His eyes are just so beautiful!


41David Beckham (Soccer Player, United Kingdom)
David Beckham is the true definition of HOT & SEXY.. I think he is way hotter than any movie actor around the world.
I like David Beckham. Sexiest means in my opinion healthy, true, famous and social person.
I like him very much.
Already married but so so sexy how could you say "NO" to him.
[Newest]David Beckham is the sexiest man ever to pull on a football kit and he can come to my house any day

42John Abraham (Actor, India)
He is hot as hell, sexy as sex, body like rocks, and a smile that melts my heart! I love you john, you are number one in my heart and number one in the world! GO SEXY JOHN! (;
Hey man, this dude is my inspiration to get fit. Of all masculine men in the world he is definitely got the looks and body. I can say envy his extremely sexy smile and body. I'm Filipino but I give vote for him.
Athletic body, tall, gentle and strong, alluring, bewitching, fascinating, ravishing, appealing... Intelligent gentleman
[Newest]He is sex symbol for us

43Ben Barnes (Actor, UK)
He's an amazing actor and has proven to be a good musician as well.
Smile, eyes and talent!
His black eyes are just irresistible. Amazing actor. His smile can changes the winter in spring, able to melt a iceberb.

44Cristiano Ronaldo (Footballer, Portugal)
Cristiano Ronaldo is the best soccer player in the world and should be the hottest person in this world I love you so much Cristiano Ronaldo! I have a necklace cleats 2 jerseys phone cover posters pictures shorts earrings bracelet, and keychain and more I hope I get your autograph when I go to see you play in Miami! Love you cr7!
This dude was born good looking, and he is such a hard worker, he has worked so hard to become the best football player on earth, his ex-team coach said that he would get up at 4 every morning to practice/train football by himself. He's now a model for Armani and he also has his own clothing collections.
[Newest]I just want to have coitus with him.

45Daniel Henney (Actor/Model, USA)
Well where can I begin? Well first off, not to diminish the fact that he is incredibly handsome... This is of course a good but sometimes subjective question that I feel should be more accurately titled "10 Men you most would love to have as your life partner". I think a man can be an Adonis but can be void of all else that can keep ones "attraction". You see my friend Daniel Henney is the Complete Package. Best kept secret (though, I am sure not for long) out there. If I could hand pick a man for my daughters, he would be a Daniel Henney, for sure. Why you say? Well because he has PASSION, PERSONALITY, CLASS, CHARM, CONFIDENCE (without being cocky) Oozes from this man. You can see it in his posture & mannerisms. The way he walks, talks and makes you feel like you are important enough to give you attentive eye contact when he speaks to you.

Then there is his ability to have fun and not afraid to be funny. He gets this from his parents (I hear). Having a SENSE OF HUMOR is a good quality in a man. He has the ability to make a woman smile/laugh.

He has a GREAT ATTITUDE, He finds the best in every situation. He takes lessons on the hard times by having the strength to get past them, and not let them keep him down. This is always attractive.
He keeps a POSITIVE ATTITUDE & PERSONALITY towards life, career & love, all the while never forgetting those without. He has a HUGE and caring heart for those less fortunate.

He always leaves a good impression, in public appearances eg. Fan meets, premiers, interviews, video blogs etc. Because he truly cares and appreciates his fans and supporters. It (I heard from those that meet him regularly)makes them want to be around him more.

He is loyal to family and friends. His fans feel like friends. He interacts easily with them by connecting with them. His social skills are impeccable.

He commands respect and can easily be the leader of the group, but what is even better is that he is a leader that will get in there with you and work as hard or harder to the goal. He is a good listener. Articulates well, with that awesome tone of voice of his.

He is good with animals. Really loves his pets (dogs).

Can't deny his social status, notoriety, wealth/successes that are growing... Fast but should be faster in my opinion.

He obviously has great sense of style from head to toe. He takes care of health.
Then there is his physique. Who can not help but notice his body. He is in great shape and works hard to keep it that way. What woman doesn't like a good to have a strong man to help you feel safe and protected. So it can't hurt that he is in top physical condition.
Adventurous, willing to try new exciting things. Great sportsman. Ability to be spontaneous. Romantic. Not afraid to be sensitive or show it. Loves and appreciates his mother and shows it.

Intelligence. He is educated, taught himself Korean, plays guitar, is culturally savvy and diversely so. Model/Actor which has done award wining performances. Trust me if you have not seem them... DO!
He has shown that he has made conscious, smart decisions in life. He is successful but doesn't let it get to his head. He has earned the respect of his peers eg. Hugh Jackman, whom he payed with in the Wolverine as Agent Zero, and recently played in a guest roll in Hawaii 5-0 in a recurring roll with Alex O'Loughlin, which he also played in Three Rivers T.V. series a while back.

You can feel his sincerity when he speaks about anything. This is so important in any relationship but especially long-term ones. I just know he will be a faithful man that respects the woman he ends up with. His parents (who he loves, and is loved dearly by) have been, and are, good roll models on how to build a loving long-term relationship.
He never forgets who he is and where he came from. You can tell he is comfortable in his own skin and not afraid to be himself. Know who you really are.

This brings me to…

Passion... He has plenty of it. He goes after what he wants. Has a keen sense of purpose for what is important in life, and is not afraid to stand up for what is right.
I know that whatever this man puts his heart in he will achieve it.

Daniel Henney is the model of someone who has charisma, confidence, leadership, social skills, decisiveness, influential, and other manly qualities many women find attractive

Well I better stop for now... But I am extremely indebted to his fans that told me about this man. I can't wait to see him get his due respects and love from the rest of the world.


Fans support will always there for daniel henney... He is capable for every act in the movie.. He has already made some wonderful movies with hollywood stars like hugh jackman in wolverien as agent zero, with arnold in the last stand. He have some amazing korea movies like seducing mr. Perfe. Some more movie one night. Surprise, shanghai calling, and his. Up coming movie"the spy" which is going to release in September 2013 in korea. Another movie one night surprise is going to release in and 9august 2013 in china. Mango is his girlfriend... Always supported by his family mom and dad. He belongs to michigan usa. But started his career in korean T.V. as role in. Sam.. As surgun... He also remember for his role I fugitive plan. Her mother is korean adoptie and father from usa. Daniel had said that he came to korea to find her morther family. When he started career as modeling and then acting he leared korean language. Most attractive things about him is that his voice makes us crazy, height 6.2ft dashing looking man. Don't only go for looks just once you watch the movie... I amsure every one wanted to be his biggest fan. I always wated that he always get his movie as he wanted... And more love support and blessing from his fans for his career.. God please give him some project so that he can come to india... He has done some negative role in movie but still as he is there that bad guys looks for me as good as he is... Guys please watch his movie I am dam sure that you will agree that why I have voted him as most sexiest man... Love are india
He has the sexiest pout and the hottest bod... Drop dead gorgeous... Awesome skin... Heart stirring smile... 'and definitely his single status'
[Newest]A Great actor, beautiful looking and a good man💝💝💝💝😘
More comments about Daniel Henney (Actor/Model, USA)

46John Barrowman (Actor, UK/USA)
Actually, his name is Mr. Perfection!
One of my favourite dreams!

47Bradley Cooper (Actor, USA)
He is known for his roles in the films The Hangover, The A-Team, Wedding Crashers, and Limitless. In 2011, People magazine named Cooper "Sexiest Man Alive".
Number 47?! You might be kidding me!
[Newest]Super hot love you Cooper❤

48Aamir Khan (Actor, India)
Because he is the mr. Perfectionist he is the best actor in india he has so much fans around the world and he is so handsome, sweet and cool also he looks so young too
He is the most sexy and handsome man in the world. He is so talented, his acting is perfect and he is perfect in every way. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with him.
Things that people dream, but this guy managed to be successful. People who gave the authorization to use the imagination. Charisma, won the admiration of people from all over the world.
[Newest]He's the most handsome. I like his eyes

49Hugh Jackman (Actor, Australia)
The sexiest and coolest guy on the planet. He can act, sing, dance and by God is he easy on the eye! He's also the nicest guy on the planet - he loves his wife and family and is always smiling and happy.
Simply he is a man no one in this world could match the wolverine character except hugh such a hot guy and he is exteremely talented he involves into his character and brings the character live
You are amazing... Love you..

50Shahid Kapoor (Actor, India)
He is the sexiest man alive.. A very good actor and a dancegood.. He rules my world and make my days.. Bollywoods sweetest man
Shahid everywhere... Good heart, great dancer, best actor, cute smile, sexy body... It's my dream man :))) Thumbs up if you agree! ;)
, I love him so much.. His face, his dance.. All of him is fantastic.. I think he is the next shahrukh khan ;)) keep it up shahidjii
[Newest]He looks like 16
More comments about Shahid Kapoor (Actor, India)

51Jeremy Renner (Actor, USA)
He is amazing in hs own way... I really love jeremy renner...
He's the best! <3333333

52Scott Caan (Actor, USA)
Scott is one amazing man aside from his looks. He is an honest, decent man. He helps so many charities, for example 'Surfers Healing' which tries and helps autistic children.

I love him for all that and also for his talent in both acting and writing.
Scott is perfect those lovely blue eyes and fair hair and his chest is oh so perfect
Scott is a great actor, looks hot, hot, hot, he loves animals and kids, and he's got a very kind heart, not just using his fame or money to give to charities, no, actually investing his personal time to get on a surfboard with autistic kids or kids with cystic fybrosis and giving them a wonderful day. Just a wonderful human being and to me that's very sexy.
[Newest]Scott is of course gorgeous but also a great actor. He is great with emotional scenes. I admirer his charities. I also love him for being honest about who he is and what he like and dislikes.

53Adam Levine (Singer, USA)
Why is he so low? What? He is the hottest guy ever
Why is he so low? Isn't he supposed to be the sexiest man of the year!
Why isn't he number 1?

54Colin Farrell (Actor, Ireland)
One of the SEXiest man ever walk the planet
Oh Colin is at the Top of sexiness! Way, way up there! I love him!
He is sexy and cute

55Michael Fassbender (Actor, Germany)
Hunger, Eden Lake, Shame, Prometheus, Xmen, Jane Eyre, Inglourious Basterds and more! All glorious movies with one common denominator namend Michael Fassbender!
The only one of the list who have talent for the moment
He is absolut amazing!
[Newest]God he is beautiful

56Ewan McGregor (Actor, Scotland)
Come on vote for him
Very hot and sexy!

57Alex Pettyfer (Actor, England)

58Gerard Butler (Actor, Scotland)
Gerry Butler very very sexy man!
Gerry is great actor. He can be so different in their films. He has magnetic gaze and a very sexy husky voice, he sings beautifully. His Phantom of the Opera - unforgettable. He played King Leonidas and showed a true warrior. He is kind and gentle to Dear Frenky, witty and charismatic in a Ugly truth. He is the best in the world)
King Leonid - what a greatest and sexy man!
[Newest]Hottest MAN on the planet! And I do mean "MAN" -- not "boy" like most of the ones on this list!

59Patrick Dempsey (Actor, USA)
Can't describe how is he sexy!
Is the hottest of all men
Love him... He is the best

60Joe Manganiello (Actor, USA)

61Sebastian Roche (Actor, France)
I love is accent and he can even make you like him when he is suppose to be playing a bad guy. I miss him him as baltazar on Super Natural.
He's a great actor and better person! And he's absolutely sexy! Love his blue eyes!

62Charlie Hunnam (Actor, UK)
Love him he's amazing he is such a could actor he brings the movie or show alive and every character he plays he has such control over the emotion. He is just so good at what he does hope to see him in more shows and or movies. love him
He is masculine but smart. Sexy but also romantic. He can protect you even in real life. He is the perfect proove that Dreams can come true
Hottest bad guy ever...

63Paul Walker (Actor, USA)
65 unfair vote for him he is handsome and hot and cute RIP
Very hot and very sweet

64Stephen Amell (Actor, Canada)
What 64 how? He should be at least in the top 5 he's number one sexiest man in my opinion
So hot, gorgeous and sweet the perfect man he deserves to be in the top 5 at least!

65Zayn Malik (Singer, UK)
He is the most beautiful male to exist on our planet... He is cute... He got the most beautiful eyes... Killer smile... Damn great personality... Best dressing sense... Voice like angels... He is an angel... Straight away from heaven to earth... No comparison for him... He is the ONE.. Only ONE
Zayn Malik is hot and adorable, sexy and cute at the same time. His eyes are the heaven. His smile makes my heart race. Every girl wants a boyfriend like Zayn. ♥
And he definitely deserves the number 1 spot
[Newest]He deserves to be in top 10

66Alexander Skarsgard (Actor, Sweden)
Beautiful. Manly. Sexy. The Viking God.

67Liam Hemsworth (Actor, Australia)
He is the best looking guy ever! His style is perfect! He's completely special in his speaking and looking. Exactly like a gentleman!
He is cute and I'm so impresed by his eyes he can just ruin a girl by giving a just a look by his eyes

68Choi Siwon (Singer, Korea)
O my God!
I don't know what to say to describe how sexy he is.
He is tall, good looking, he has perfect abs, he has sexy smile and sexy dimples. He can sing, dance, act and play many musical instruments such as: piano, gitar and drum.
And the most important is that he is a nice and friendly guy.
He is known as a son idol in south korea.


Sexy free and single I'm ready too bingo
He is a charming prince, same as 6JIB : "SEXY FREE AND SINGLE"
[Newest]One of very view men who is attractive visually and personality wise.

69Iker Casillas (Spain, Footballer)
Come on he is cute

70Juan Carlos Ferrero (Spain, Tennis Player)

71Chad Michael Murray (Actor, USA)
He acted in one tree hill, fraky friday, the cinderella story... And HE IS HAWT!

72Henry Cavill (Actor, UK)
Just gorgeous. Seeing him in orange tights in the Tudors was wonderful. Looking forward to seeing him in tights again as Superman!
He's the sexiest thing alive! Oh, so perfect! Talented, sexy and a real gentleman.
The Tudors, Inmortals, Man of Steel among others important movies! Really perfect!
[Newest]What is there to say other than he is "perfect" in every sense

73Shemar Moore (Actor, USA)
Absolutely, hands down the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. This guy couldn't take a bad picture if he wanted to, it just isn't possible. These other guys are lame in comparison.
I can't believe he isn't on this list anywhere!

74Martin Freeman (Actor, UK)
King of sass and adorable guy! His honesty and attitude towards everything is so perfect, not to mention his acting! I can never get my head around his acting. Perfect little life ruiner.
Just too much sass. I'm going to die of his attitude. He makes me laugh in Sherlock and he plays an amazing Bilbo Baggins.


Martin freeman is as cute as a hedgehog. He is very cuddely as well. He is perfect as well he is the cutest and cuddelyest 40 year old I know.

75Tom Welling (Actor, USA)
To me Tom Welling is the best looking man alive. He is a great actor
Ese hombre es muy guapo..!

76Josh Hutcherson (Actor, USA)
I will love him till the end he has always been number 1 he is cute funny and a amazing actor if you love him scream at the top of your lungs!
Ohh hi is one of the most beautiful man in all over the world. He might be flolest. But he has little flows. Josh rocks
P. S check out some of his videos on YouTube like sasquch!

77Justin Timberlake (Singer, USA)
Think about it Justin Timberlake has been around forever and even though he isn't as young as he used to be you have to Amit he is still extremely sexy
He is getting sexier as he gets older.

78Matt Damon (Actor, USA)

79Gerard Way (Singer, USA)
Vote for him. He's the hottest man ever. Lets go MCRmy. I love you gee
Every woman must get wet of him!
Come on 77!? He is very very very cute and talented

80Neil Patrick Harris (Actor, USA)
Not only does he own, what I believe to be, the most attractive faces in history, he also has quite the reputation of being a kind-hearted man. His sexuality aside, his acting career is by far one of the best of any of the actors of our age!


Neil emanates sexyness and hits of top of the scale of sexy

81Aidan Turner (Actor, Ireland)
Well and truly one of the nicest people you could possibly meet. You're a champion, Aidan. Keep on smiling.
One of the finest actors of his generation, Aidan Turner is sure to keep us entertained for many years to come.
Handsome, funny, intelligent and one hell of an actor. He's the whole package.
[Newest]Ray of sunshine! God bless you Aidan Turner!

82Jude Law (Actor, UK)
He is cute handsome and hot VOTE FOR JUDE because that's not fair

83Cillian Murphy (Actor, Ireland)
His eyes are incredibly beautiful! Good actor, very talented
His eyes, his lips, his freckles are perfect. His voice is amazing. He exudes male strength and magnetic charm.
Cillian Murphy most beautiful man in the world!
[Newest]This guy is Utterly stunning... When I say Most beautiful man in the world... Then I mean It!

84Daniel Dae Kim (Actor, USA)

85Michael Weatherly (Actor, USA)
HEY! He is a Canadian, and I love him in NCIS, and a show he was in every week, Angel? He was in a wheelchair, and she is a famous actress, oh, -Jessica Abel, not sure about the last name.
Love him in everything he has done
Michael Weatherly as DiNozzo oh so sexy and so cute

86Gale Harold (Actor, USA)
I know it sounds like ridiculous but I still want to say it is Gale who makes what I am today. Brian Kinney --the charactor he interpreted is the man I admire definitely, I love recklessly, undemandingly. He helps me know what is real love, what is reality. He helps me be strong, chase my life, my dream. Thank all the chances to make me meet him. I love you, I mean reality love as a Chinese girl~No apology. NO regret!
I just see the face of God. ---Justin Taylor.

Hottest guy whenever he is 18, 30, 40, or100.
Definitely the hottest man I've ever seen, he's so remarkble and talented
[Newest]Love him every day!

87Mark Harmon (Actor, USA)

88Tom Hardy (Actor, UK)
Once he takes that mask of... He is the most beautiful man! The most intense eyes and the most beautiful lips... And he's so talented and such a great guy!
He is my idol.He is not perfect but he is my inspiration.i love him and the way that he plays his roles.he is an amazing actor and an amazing person.he is very talented and he has the most beautiful eyes
Tom Hardy, very handsome, big heart & very talented actor!

89Grant Gustin (Actor, USA)

90Tom Petty (Musician, USA)

91Tom Felton (Actor, England)
Tom is a brilliant man, and is adorably sweet and kind!
He is very talanted and beautiful boy! (from Russia, Omsk)

92Keanu Reeves (Actor, Canada)
A great and talented man, who's more into doing his job than being a hungry-for-attention manwhore.
Sexiest ever, love him!
He simply the sexiest

93Norman Reedus (Actor, USA)
He is gorgeous. I love his portrayal of Danno. It doesn't get better than a five-0 episode where he is almost constantly on screen. Just amazing! And! You have to love the hair, the attitude, his eyes and his physique!
A really superb actor, a nice man and ruggedly gorgeous to boot. My vote is with Reedus
Nobody is better than that Norman!
[Newest]He portrays Daryl in The Walking Dead and he is AWESOME! I LOVE HIM! Norman defiantly is my favorite actor! He's SMOKIN'

94James McAvoy (Actor, UK)
Talented and smart with a sexiness that grows on you slowly the more you watch until everyone else pales in comparison.
Atonement, The Last King of Scotland, Wanted, X Men First Class, Becoming Jane, need I say more? Oh yes there is more! Wiki him, IMBD if you fancy. He's one of the best of the best!
I'm truly, madly, deeply in love with James McAvoy and he's a brilliant actor, the best I've seen in years - Gorgeous, handsome, beautiful Scotsman - he's definitely my number one!
[Newest]James is way, way sexy and very cool guy! Love him!

95Allu Arjun (Actor, India)
South indian actor, style star, supper dancer, look. Sexy man,8pack body
Cute and stylish star
He deserves a much better position. he's truly amazing.

96Matthew McConaughey (Actor, USA)
What? At least he deserves to be in top ten, this man is delicious


Vote for him because 96 is not fair

97Wentworth Miller (Actor, UK)
He is one of the hottest actors ever.
I just loved his eyes when I first watched prison break.
He is handsome vote for him please

98David Ferrer (Tennis Player, Spain)
Come on 97 is not fair hot man with pretty eyes and very handsome

99Brett Lee (Cricketer, Australia)
What I see and I scare because the audiance are doing injustice brett lee is on 83 no its wrong he could be at 6. And he is in my top ten sexiest people and at 6 number because he is the most smartest man of my life

100Chris O'Donnell (Actor, USA)

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