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61 Lava Barf Eruptor

He is strong and does lots of damge far range and close rang very useful #still_and_always_wil_be_favriote_sklander

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62 Zap

Zap is amazing his tesla dragon path is so powerful if you spam his lightning breath attack and his wow pow can take down huge mobs of enemy's at one time. His soul gem means in water areas he is literally invincible. And his figure looks great both his series 1 and 2. Get series 2 for his awesome wow pow

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63 Rip Tide
64 Fright Rider

I love this guy

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65 Countdown

Who likes this guy he is a stupid, stupid, STUPID bomb faced maniac thingy

Countdown doesent really survive that long. the enemies use him like a soccer ball getting poped

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66 Ignitor

This is my main character I use, And the legendary variant has doubled stats. Pure firepower to "Kill it with fire", if you know what I mean.

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67 Zook
68 Knight Mare

Knight Mare is SO cool! She can easily take out bosses and minions and is very fun

Who doesn't like a black centaur with a giant sword and darkness element he kan kill kaos with one hit and why not to love about her

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69 Spitfire V 2 Comments
70 Blades

Love his blades and deals high damage.

71 Eruptor V 1 Comment
72 Sonic Boom

My little sisters favorite character!

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73 Fire Shift

With his bottom, if you choose the batty coach path, YOU GET 3 LIVES

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74 Turbo Charged Donkey Kong

DK goes Bananas when you unleash the Diddy and then bring in your Barrel Boxing Gloves. The Kong's are Bringing Down the HOUSE!

He is really strong and can get diddy Kong wich makes him invincible

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75 Grim Creeper

Um... what is this one=)? I don't know sounds like somethin' from Minecraft?... I don't know...

Grim creeper on the 90 place really!

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76 Thumpback

So much health and really strong

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77 Ka-Boom

He's a big lava guy shooting fireballs from a cannon. Boom!

78 Stormblade
79 Prism Break

When fully upgraded his attack is powerful, and he's able to attack multiple enemies at once. Just a little slow is all.

He is okay and he should at least be in top 20 but #1 not a chance

He is pretty good why no one go vote for him

He's very good

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80 Lightning Rod
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