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This is my main character I use, And the legendary variant has doubled stats. Pure firepower to "Kill it with fire", if you know what I mean.

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62Double Trouble

Double Trouble is amazijg he beat all my giants in battle mode amd all my swap force characters in battle mode

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Love his blades and deals high damage.

65Fire Shift

With his bottom, if you choose the batty coach path, YOU GET 3 LIVES

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66Eye Brawl
67Turbo Charged Donkey Kong

DK goes Bananas when you unleash the Diddy and then bring in your Barrel Boxing Gloves. The Kong's are Bringing Down the HOUSE!

He is really strong and can get diddy Kong wich makes him invincible

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68Rip Tide
69Grim Creeper

Um... what is this one=)? I don't know sounds like somethin' from Minecraft?... I don't know...

Grim creeper on the 90 place really!

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So much health and really strong

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71Roller Brawl

She is OP. When fully upgraded she is absolutely unstoppable.

Who wouldn't like her. She is OP. Much better than the others.

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73Knight Mare

Who doesn't like a black centaur with a giant sword and darkness element he kan kill kaos with one hit and why not to love about her

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75EruptorV1 Comment
76Lightning Rod
77Sonic Boom

My little sisters favorite character!

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78Hot Head

This is my favorite giant so far, and I have 5! He is amazingly fast for his size, and his soul gem, which isn't hard to find at all, is the colest move ever. A giant fire lord with fire rain, flamethrower hands, oil slick, and a motorcycle mode is hard to beat


Bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce KA-BOUNCE - rexprice4

Bouncer can take down every giant (except Eye-Brawl)!

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80Knockout TerrafinV1 Comment
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