Best Songs From Bullet for My Valentine's Scream Aim Fire


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1Waking the Demon

In my opinion, I have to say Waking the Demon and Take it out On Me are my favourites on this album but waking the demon is way better! - Jetticus12

2Hearts Burst Into Fire
3Scream Aim Fire

This songs is awesome. It isn't only the name of the album it is also one of the best songs of the band. - tiagocowboy11

4Deliver Us from Evil
5Take It Out On Me
6Forever and Always

Great Song with beautiful lyrics!

7Say Goodnight

This is one of the best song of Bullet For My Valentine that I've ever heard! Love it

8Eye of the Storm
9Ashes of the Innocent

Greatest Bullet song hands down

10No Easy Way Out

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I'm in a minority here, but I think that this is the best bullet song. Everything about it is awesome especially the riff - wolphert

Dude this list blows! Yeah there's no denial the Top 3 is what is hands down the Top 3, but this song should come after. Reminds me a lot of SUWOS from The Poison but with the placement of Screaming/Singing inverted. A Bullet For My Valentine classic!

You can't rank these songs. They are all amazing

12Last to Know
13End of Days

What the hell going on with you all guys? This song should be at number 2 or 3 at least!

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14Road to Nowhere
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Top Remixes

1. Waking the Demon
2. Scream Aim Fire
3. Say Goodnight
1. Hearts Burst Into Fire
2. Waking the Demon
3. Ashes of the Innocent
1. No Easy Way Out
2. Take It Out On Me
3. Hearts Burst Into Fire



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