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Okay Metallica is the best Thrash metal band (first four albums} and best hard rock/ heavy metal band but Dragonforce should be able to steal the number one position in their sleep
No doubt about it! DragonForce is THE BEST! Fury of the storm, Through the fire and flames, Fields of despair, Storming the burning fields, Ones in a life time, if someone can that these song can be beaten I will no longer be a fan of them. But for now, DRAGONFORCE is the bets band ever!
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Listen to Holy wars. The riff has not only speed but it is one of the greatest in the history of speed metal. Sure there are bands who can play faster but nothing beats Holy wars! Even the solo at the end will make your house tremble! Listen to it at full volume
Metallica speed metal? No chance. Megadeth's first 4 albums win it for them. Speed metal at it's finest baby
The genesis of speed metal. Listen to megadeth's last rites demo, if you haven't already. Can't be touched - hasn't been touched - won't be touched
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omg people are stupid, metallica and megadeth aren't speed metal.. they are better than motörhead I think, but they're not speed metal, they're thrash metal..


Motörhead play hard and fast Rock n Roll and bluese. They aren't a metal band. Lemmy has stated that he generally feels more kinship with punk rockers than with metal bands: Motörhead had engagements with fellow Brits The Damned, with whom he played bass on a handful of late 1970s engagements, as well as having penned the song "R.A.M.O.N.E.S. " as a tribute to the Ramones. Motörhead, Lemmy states, have more in common aesthetically with The Damnedthan Black Sabbath, and nothing whatsoever in common with Judas Priest. Lemmy says he feels little kinship with the speed metal bands Motörhead have inspired:...
These is an article from wiki but is my opinion too. I'm my whole live a Motöhead fan and I'm a rocker not a metal head. Greaz
I have always loved Motorhead and I always will... I love Megadeth and Metallica but they are not even close to being speed metal. They are thrash metal so they should not be on this list...
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Damn right. What's that other lame (and slow) crap doing on this list?
Speed + metal = slayer
Come on slayer metalheads. Where Are You? No.4? Megadeth is good so BUT slayer is Godfather Of speed & Thrash metal... Listen to (Angel of death. Raining blood. Snuff. hell awaits. War ensemble...) Dragon force is just FAST? Their songs deserve to play in Kindergartens. Think About IT Then Do your VOTE. R I P jeff hannemann
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5Avenged Sevenfold
Is not speed metal, metalcore was in the beginning, then started to vary between its style to combine heavy metal with metalcore and finally, in their most recent albums is mostly hard rock and heavy metal.
Don't know why they're on a speed metal list, but what the hell I'll vote any way, 'because they are just that awesome.
This is not speed metal but they have speed and everyone knows it. But this band is all the way first. Every metal lovers should be listen this band... This band is just awesome. I just love this band.
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Helloween it isn't speed metal now...
But they played speed metal! It is such albums that Helloween(EP) and the greatest WALLS OF JERICHO!
-Keeper of the Seven Keys is an amazing record.
- A7X nor Dragonforce are even Speed Metal.
- Helloween has only failed twice, the others (besides Blind Guardian) have many times
What? Helloween the masters of speed metal in 6th, just listen to Helloween EP.
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MetallicA are a legend. there are a very few bands like them who have made quality music consistently for almost thirty years. they have definitely composed some of the greatest solos and riffs. they are legendary. m/
No one in the world can do fight fire with fire as fast as Metallica
A really godlike band both live and in studio, we r all a part of the Metallica family
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8Children of Bodom
A lot of people probably haven't listened to children of bodom. But they definitely should. All of their players have such amazing talent and have not only speed, but melody as well.
The great band and no competition with this band of any other band in this list. COB is the master of death metal just watch the video of angels don't kill live then you know how much this band deserves.
Children of Bodom for me are number 1! So many of their riffs have me thrashing my air guitar! For me no other band I've ever come across scream quite like cob! How can you beat "we're hate crew, we stand, and we won't fall"!
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9Over Kill
Elimination! Elimination! A lemon nation. Overkill defines speed/thrash metal. Ironbound only proves that sometimes the old ways are good to.
The green and the black... !

10Judas Priest
With Stained Class, they invented it, with albums from Killing Machine to Ram It Down, they perfected it and with Painkiller ^^ Angle of Retribution they made the best Speed Metal albums ever made. They are the best Speed Metal Band as well as The Greatest Metal Band that ever existed!
It seems like hardly anyone knows what speed metal is. Judas Priest probably invented it with Stained Class.
They are not called the gods of metal for nothing rob halford for the win
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The Contenders

11The Human Abstract

12Blind Guardian
Much more power metal than speed today, Guardian's two or three first albums sure had that speed metal sound to them. Try "Banish from Sanctuary", "Damned for all time" or "Fast to Madness".
Follow the Blind is definitely one of my favorite speed metal albums of all time!
Their music style is so unique, epic and totally awesome- favourite band! 1

13Grave Digger

Why is Accept in 14th place!? Refer to "Fast As a Shark, " it'll blow your mind. It's a song that was released in 1982. It was the fastest up at that point, no one came close to it.
They built the genre along Priest and Motorhead, actually.

Accept No Substitues!
I am nomber one!

15Gamma Ray
They ARE speed metal.
Actual speed metal, what is Hatebreed, Slipknot, and A7X doing on this list? They aren't even that fast


Seriously? They should be #1 because they pretty much are the inventors and kings of speed metal
Should be first for sure pluse there one of the big four

18X Japan
Beautiful songs, beautiful lyrics, beautiful instrumentals, beautiful voice. Their songs are filled with emotion like none other.

They are definitely one of, if not the, best rock bands in all time.
Band Altogether!
Beautiful songs:
Art of Life
Rusty Nail
I definitely vote number 1. Speed rock combined with the most melodic rhythm.

Come on, Vemon it's a legend. It's an excelent band.

20Agent Steel
Listen to their first album : Skeptics Apocalypse. The best Speed Metal album!

Avenged Sevenfold?! This is a metalcore band, NOT a Speed metal band! __
On this entire list I see two true speed metal bands. Agent Steel and Exciter. The rest is Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Power Metal. Dragon force is not Speed Metal and do not deserve to be in the number one spot. They are nothing more than Power metal.
Agent Steel is the only Speed Metal band in the list... Try listening Paradox, ADX and Violent Force.
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21Metal Church

223 Inches of Blood

A great band, originated in Canada, started with Justin Hagberg vocals at the time, now the guitarist and harsh vocals, Shane Clark guitarist and Ash Pearson drummer. Later, a new member was introduced to the band, Cam Pipes was put as the vocals and Justin was moved to guitarist and harsh vocals. One of their best songs, Deadly Sinner from the album Advance and Vanquish, appeared in three games, Saints Row 2, Tony Hawk's Underground 2, and Brutal Legend.

Exciter wrote the book on speed metal, guitarist John Ricci wrote the most crushing speed metal riffs I, ve ever heard, And they did it years before Metallica, anthrax or Megadeth. This band never gets the respect they deserve!

24Running Wild
Best speed metal band of all times. Period. Really, just watch their last concert at Wacken Opean Air and you will see that they are, indeed, the best of all times!

25Lamb of God
Best speed/ groove metal band ever! Should be in the top 3.
LOG are awesome!
One of my favored bands
Exactly I don't know why this thy do because lamb wa of god wa izz de most amazingly fantastical ban eve


This band so underrated






This is speed metal!

33Sonata Arctica
Deserves to be called mor speed metal than Metallica or the Nu- Metal ones up there.


35Death Angel

Listen to Agent orange or to Tapping the Vein albums after it you know who is the fastest speed metal band songs like Agent Orange or Deadline prove it
Sodom is so hard and speedy. I love the music.


Everyone is either putting in some Thrash band or some band that isn't even close to speed metal, I'll give em cred for voting Dragonforce #1 but Megadeth? Come on! Powermad is real speed metal, just listen to Absolute Power, It sets a standard to all speed metal!

39Wrathchild America


I wumbo you wumbo he she we wumbo.
Wumbology, the study of wumbo


43Suicidal Tendencies
Not sure how they managed to escape this list, but Suicidal Tendencies is definitely speed metal.


yngwie malmsteen in his younger years. He kicks complete and total ass and is really underrated.

Started in the 1980's in Auburn, NY with Eric Adams at the helm this band holds the loudest concert ever and their best speed song is probably house of death or fight until we die

Severely underrated, they perfected the metal subgenre, just listen to Speed Metal Symphony! Jason and Marty just SHRED!

48Motley Crue

49Iced Earth

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