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141 Andrija Ojdanic V 2 Comments
142 Hej

Very powerful if used with the right technique high dmg output lots of mobility and can even be tanky. The only downside of this champion is that it does not exist but this is the only thing wrong with this champion. Strongly recommended if possible.

V 4 Comments
143 Garagas V 3 Comments
144 Ursi

It's stronger than Annie, even it isn't a champ, it should be.

145 Kled
146 Teleport

Good escape, not much attack strong late game.

V 1 Comment
147 Lulu

Palm always Smith say always stringer league strong slang the sea mermaid

Just here to make the 1st comment: Tottaly so, but so, so, so weak champion, Lulu sucks

V 4 Comments
148 Soraka

If you don't kill her first, then you will never kill her entire team because of her absurd heals. She is so strong!

One of the best support, easy & funny to play. Highly recommended to all "healers"

If played right, the banana queen is great! Q can really damage opponents more than they think!

V 4 Comments
149 Urgot

Urgot is a mid-lane god if played right. His defense and range make him difficult for enemies to kill and hard for them to escape... especially those you typically encounter in mid lane. Furthermore, Urgot can poke inside enemy turrets, and easily keep most enemies away from home turrets.

It all depends I guess with urgot he can be good but then again he can be bad it depends on the player and what the like to play like I like to play AD carry so I play as him or ashe but overall I like him he's god for ranged attacks if someone tries to run away.

E + W + R = You have slain an enemy!

This champ is so GOOD! I have made hexakill with this champ! Build full ad urgot and there you go!

V 9 Comments
150 Skarner

Skarner rules. Only pros use him properly. just ULTI EM TO THe turret, e to slow, then auto attack plus q to fiinish em. Best champ ever.

Skarner is amazing if played well. His ulti got nerfed real badly that's why people don't play him too often. But he is a great duelist thanks to his Q and his passive. His W is a good way to chase enemies or to run away from them, also granting a shield. His E isn't too great but good to slow enemies. And his R pulls any enemy to your team to kill him. He is a great tank and fighter. SKAR SKAR SKARNER!

V 1 Comment
151 Karma

Powerful... Has Hidden Potential.. only High Tier Player Can Use Her Properly.

She gets stronger later on in game, but her ultimate can come in very handy

Really strong if played correctly

Karma is the best. My first play was 25 9 12

V 8 Comments
152 LeBlanc

LeBlanc is a strong character she can burst anyone she wants I already got a Quadrakill at her. She is so amazing vote leblanc because she can do kill champions in just 2 seconds, So think leblanc must be in 1. Thank You! This is just a an opinion if you don't want leblanc maybe you are blind of picking leblanc that's all! God bless!

LeBlanc is one of the best burst mages in 5.12. Her high damage and crazy mobility makes her a top tier assassin. I've personally maimed LeBlanc for about a month on my own and I have to say there are no mid lane match-ups that LeBlanc can't win.

It's the most op cham in all laugh out loud history and no one is better than her!

Great bursts

V 32 Comments
153 Heimerdinger

Very under rated, I thought he was easy to use. His fast regenerating health makes it so you don't have to recall for a very long time. I have almost always gone positive and destroyed all the turrets in my lane while playing as him. Its very easy to get some sort of multi kill with his ulti and his rockets are amazing finishers for when enemies hug their turret. And he is a troll.

He can kill when he is at turret in crystal scar he can even kill tanks

As said before he can stand on his own descent for tower, very good for damage minion farming, very nice champion slayer!

People always under-estimate the donger until they get near his turrets. By the end of the game people are terrified of the little guy.

V 31 Comments
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