Top 10 Terrible Movies That a Lot of People Like


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21 Mean Girls Mean Girls

A lot of people like this movie because it's a good movie. A lot of people find this terrible because they are stupid.

This movie is very good. Outstanding performances of the actresses ( especcialy Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert ). Do you know the meaning of " Terrible "? Because even if you don't like this movie for some reasons, you can't ignore the " quality " of this movie.

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22 The Lego Movie The Lego Movie
23 James and the Giant Peach James and the Giant Peach
24 Shark Tale Shark Tale
25 Zootopia Zootopia

No joke. This movie was just Disney's big fat cry of how in touch with the Tumblr and SJW generation they are. The jokes weren't funny, the plot was trite and unoriginal, and the "great timely message" was so loud it drowned out anything else.

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26 Treasure Planet Treasure Planet
27 Cinderella (2015) Cinderella (2015)
28 Frozen Frozen

I wanted to go do my book report downstairs, when this came along.

Should be number one and it's the most overrated movie ever and it's so terrible. - Metts

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29 Freddy Got Fingered Freddy Got Fingered

Really people like this movie. Umm what it's like featured on a lot of worst movies lists and I don't know anyone who has mentioned this movie ever. - DJSchollen

30 High School Musical High School Musical
31 The Secret Life of Pets The Secret Life of Pets V 1 Comment
32 Teen Beach Movie Teen Beach Movie
33 Lilo & Stitch Lilo & Stitch
34 Rio 2 Rio 2
35 Minions Minions

What happens when an animation company loses all of its creativity and sells out to the public for money? This movie. - SevenTreeTool

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36 Pan Pan
37 Shrek the Third Shrek the Third
38 Cars 2 Cars 2 V 1 Comment
39 Hercules (1997) Hercules (1997)

And people think Frozen is bad? Hercules is one of the worst Disney movies ever created! I have no idea what the writers were on when making this movie. This movie has my favorite Disney song in it but that doesn't make up for confusing plot, terrible jokes, and the other songs being terrible. Throughout this whole movie, there was only one part that I laughed at! There was this part where Pain and Panic had Hercules merchandise and Hades gets so mad to the point where he explodes with anger. That had me laughing very hard. The rest of the movie sucked! Still better than Home on the Range, though. - MegaSoulhero

How does Hercules have a confusing plot?! All of Hercules's jokes hit, especially Hades's humor!

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40 Planes Planes
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