Top Ten Things to Do With a Justin Bieber CD


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1Smash it in to tiny pieces then flush it down the toilet

This would be so funny, laugh out loud. - nintendofan126

How about giving it to Mario so he can repeatedly jump and destroy it - TwilightKitsune

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2Set it on fireV3 Comments
3Poop on itV1 Comment
4Sell it to a BelieberV2 Comments
5Smash it with a hammer

Yeah I'll ask my parents to get me a sledgehammer and get some kerosene and light it ablaze - TwilightKitsune

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6Cut it with a chainsaw
7Throw it in the trashV2 Comments
8Run it over with a carV1 Comment
9Mail it to ChinaV3 Comments
10Put it on someone's front door stepV1 Comment

The Contenders

11Break it
12Burn it
13Smash it into pieces, poop on it and mail it to AntarcticaV1 Comment
14Send it to Justin Bieber so he can realize how bad it really is.
15Use it to cut pizza

That would be a great idea! And later, when It gets pizza cheese covered In it, you wash It with the wrong side of the sponge and shred It to pieces(since you can't literally shove a CD to a sink). Like in the Amazing World Of Gumball also - MLPFan

16Leave it in a cat's litter box

That's animal abuse... Leaving such a horrible CD in a litter box.

The cat will pee and poop all over it

She can use it better than any one

17Throw in into acid
18Bring it To Mario, and ask him to smash it
19Hit Beliebers with it.V2 Comments
20Keep it safe

Keep it so you can devise the best torture device ever.

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1. Break it
2. Cut it with a chainsaw
3. Burn it
1. Smash it in to tiny pieces then flush it down the toilet
2. Set it on fire
3. Poop on it



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