Things Wrong With The United States

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This is bad, but racism is everywhere. The dude who wrote this article isn't probably American, that's for sure. This thing ticks me off. Why does everyone think the U.S. is so bad? The dude who wrote this article is the bad one. He probably wrote this article to be a negative, mean person. I've never met one so horribly, thuggish person where I live. I live in Texas. This is so horrible, when people like this should stop spending their time degrading countries. If he isn't American, then he probably wrote this list to make him feel better about his country. Sure, their are some bad things going on right now, but you don't dwell on it. You try to fix it. Plus, the U.S. isn't horrible at all. Take a look at Iraq and Iran and North Korea, for instance. Geez, I'm 13 years old for God's sake, and am I the only one who's positive here? A lot of people on here are probably older, and don't mind being negative, because they already have spent time on this planet. So, try to fix the States, instead of sitting around going, "Oh no, the U.S. is going downhill, let's eat McDonalds and play the Xbox, instead of helping it get better, let's feel sorry for ourselves. People, get some sense and go fix the U.S. I mean, a 13 year old has to say this? While you're the one calling other people dumb, or stupid. Now go fix the U. S!
Iraq, Iran, and North Korea are the way they are largely because of US intervention...
His guy below me says not to dwell in other countries yet he comments on North Korea Iran and Iraq as if it is only ok for him to comment on stuff and it isn't ok for other people to comment on us. That isn't fair to people like me who have a background from another country but was born here. And although we don't have as many things going on as them, we still have many problems so don't pretend that Americans are perfect when clearly some of them aren't. For example, youth in today's generation. Half of them are probably out doing something they're not supposed to. But you do get your point about Iraq and Iran and North Korea but don't dwell on them because you never know if somebody else on this site has a background from those countries it will really hurt their feelings if you do that to them. They will start thinking that their home country is a horrible place and might never go back because of what people say. So please don't dwell on others please.
If we looked past each other's skin and cultural background, we probably accomplish more as a unified front. But all the bottom of the totem pole people, in each race, are too busy being stupid and getting airtime for it, which makes us all look bad. Plus we're so caught up in stereotypes, myself included, that we don't take the time to give people a chance. We just judge them an move on. It's sad really because we're better than what we are portrayed to be and have so much untapped potential.
[Newest]Honestly, America is super racist, racism is a problem in America. Americans should stop lowering and say that people are still use steroids types to much and some are racists. Yes there is racism everywhere but that seems like every Americans excuse just cause racism is in that country doesn't mean you can have and also racism needs to stop period

2They Think They Are the Only Country On the Planet
This is an answer to all of these. The US does not think they own the planet. But for some reason THE US GOVERNMENT thinks they should have to take care of the planet. I do think our government sticks their nose in places it does not belong in the name of national security. Sure it should have been other countries going into Iraq and fighting a war. The American people did not want our troops to be in Iraq dying for nothing. A lot of the people in those Muslim countries were saying the US was there for the oil. Well the US did not take the oil which in my opinion after spending over 4 trillion dollars fighting in Iraq and Afgan they should have kept southern Iraq till they got the money back. And if it was up to me I would bring my eleven aircraft carriers and their battle groups and put 5 along the east coast staggerd from 500 to a 1000 miles off the coast and put one in the gulf of mexico. Then put 5 carriers in the pacific and I would protect the US and lock down the borders and stop letting people in this country since they hate it so bad but they love to come get free money and education. I never was racist till the towers were flown into by muslims and here in East Tennessee in the valley along the foothills of the appalachain mountains there is no racism except for Saturdays in the fall where collage footall fans are hating on fans of other teams. I do not live in a city so I see hardly ever any crime let alone violence but There is violence around I guess but not like it is in the cities like new York, los angeles and others. And as far as violence if they stopped letting in people from other countries and return those who are not US citizens. And overturn all non violent drug charges on users. The only ones who should be in prison are those who bring in all the cocaine and heroin into the country and rapist and thieves give all people who have been found guilty of murder or child molestation 10 days to get right with god or allah and then give them the chair. Do that and that would help the economy some since 60,3 billion is spent on prisons. Buy American and stop buying from other countries. Well over half of every thing you see on store shelves are brought from other countries besides food. The US government should make American companies be inside the US on American soil. And make them pay penalties so high that would cripple the company if outside the US. Only abortions that should be legal is if it would kill the women trying to carry the baby to term and if a women is pregnant due to being raped. Djh101 the American people does not like these bull crap companies that overcharge us no more than the rest of the world. Its like this Canada always got free satellite T.V. when Americans had to pay dearly for it when it is an American company. This melting pot has filled up to were it is not melting anymore.
The US reminds me of Microsoft. Just because their one good product [Windows] made them the largest company in the world, they think they can create their own retarded conventions and inferior products and force people to use them. Compare Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, ASP, Bing, and Zune to the imperial measurement system, #2 pencils, and "football."


At last! This really should really be the top option. I HATE America's arrogance; they truly believe that the rest of the world is jealous of them when they couldn't be more wrong. America should have a high-voltage electric fence built all the way around to stop them spreading their poison to more civilized countries. Give me charming, beautiful, historical ENGLAND anyday! It's American independence day tomorrow - the day when Britain broke its ties with the Yanks. Good riddance!
[Newest]Well, I know that there is more than 1 country, and I'm American.

3Gay Marriage Not Legal In Most States
Everyone should be given equal rights.
They are just like us. The should be given equal rights like us, and there's nothing wrong with them. Unless you count in there porn. All porn is bad but there porn is worse.
They are the same as anyone else


[Newest]I don't think that it should matter. So what if they are, it won't hurt you any any shape or form, yet many people think it will be like the end of the world if its legalized.

4R&B Hip Hop and Rap is More Popular Than Rock
I don't agree, I think that all people should be entitled to their own musical choices. I have come across some really good rap and hip-hop and some great rock, they are different types of music they can't be compared to each other.
Kids listen to Hannah Montana then they grow up and hear Lil Wayne and think its the best ever. They never get a chance to hear real music.
This is the only thing on this list that really refers to the majority. The other ones are really just stereotypes of Americans.
[Newest]How about metal? It's better than the genres above.

We've been waging illegal wars on countries since 1950. Do you think it's time we stopped? Drone strikes, bombings, the killing of innocent people in other countries who never did ONE thing to harm the United States? It's wrong! I'm sick and tired of this country being at war for sticking its nose in other people's business. America is a danger and threat to every country on this planet.
I hate hearing about violence & crimes on the news


If the money that was spent on wars overseas was funnelled into the American economy instead, the U.S. would be a shining example of what a country should be. Let other nations resolve their conflicts themselves.U.S. propaganda is just as rampant as the old Soviet Union's was back in the 60's.
[Newest]Yes I'm violent but I don't bomb people, kill, or do drugs!

6The Current Economy
People should not complain or worry about Greece. They have 500 billion dollars of debt. America had 16 trillion dollars of debt.
Whats the next part of the economy the current governemt is planning on taking over next? Come to think of it I can't find somthing they don't have there fingers in...
Did you know that it will cost less to terraform mars than pay off americas debt


7Lack of Respect
Uh, Ronluna, we are not trolls. Don't be such a jerk about it. I'm 13, and haven't been to too many places, but I know that I have met nothing but nice, considerate citizens. I'm an American, and me and my family donate to the poor all the time, we recycle, enjoy family nights, and have our neighbor community party nights, and we are not trolls. I respect every adult, as my parents have taught me. So, don't be so negative, and stop reading all these posts that say, "Oh, America sucks, blah blah blah. ", and go meet people and change your thoughts about Americans.
Just like every other country, we have our share of douchebags, unfortunatly our share is a lot bigger than everybody else's.
Doctors also have lack of respect in people's lives, lack of respect of beliefs, favorites, culture, etc.


[Newest]Our country is very "unpleasant"

8They still think Germans are Nazis, although there are more Nazis in the US than in Germany
That's so true!
I am from Germany and I don't know how often this dirty Americans have me considered as a Nazi, shame on you!
I am German myself and when I went to America the guy in the airport who looked in my passport said "don't go killing no Jews now" I was so upset! I had another incident when I arrived in New York where two men heard me with a German accent and proceeded to Nazi salute me!
The American attitude towards German people is so utterly wrong and Racist! I had nothing to do with the war! The people in the United Kingdom are so much more friendly it has never happens to me once there!
People don't understand that the war was over 70 years ago. It is in the past. Not all or almost any Germans are Nazis! And me saying this, I'm not even German! I just believe this is very wrong.
[Newest]I am sick of people calling me a Nazi just because I am German!

9George Bush Was Elected President
He sucked, enough said
How did he ever get anywhere near politics. When I look at george bush I think of an inbreed half retarded monkey running a country into the ground.


In fact both George Bushes... Neither of them was any good and they were the petrie dish for the crazy tea party people Yikes.
[Newest]Well it was either Bush or Al Gore. We were screwed from the start

10Fat People and McDonalds
How stereotypical. Not everyone in America is fat. These are all so offensive and not true. You say we americans are disgusting look at yourselves and stop judging a country that you are simply jealous of.
America is pretty much 50/50 50% fat 50% normal sized
Its not good for you
[Newest]They are so gross

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11Too Much Taxes for the Poor
They tax the poor more and the rich less.
I agree to much taxes for the poorer people. I live in the united states and it's just falling apart. I'm moving to England in a month. Way better country and the best place to live.. =)
At least uk is trying to stop the poverty. Also, the media in the us is corrupt, arrogant, and they have less taxes than the poor. They have become overrated and everyone wants to be rich and famous, all you need is your family or someone you love to have a good life.
UPDATE: the uk donate the most to charity but its only 0.1%


[Newest]I'm poor and I can barley get food!

The most basic and fundamental human right, the right to life, has been stripped away from our unborn children to guarantee a far lesser right for their moms, the right to not be pregnant.
I bet that none of you knew that since 1970, the United states has killed more than 40 to 60 million people through abortion, more people than Hitler could of ever dreamed of killing.


Imagine not being born, and missing out on all the adventures of life. Would you call losing your chance to live injustice? Abortion is not only unjust to the unborn baby, but it is also an injustice to God. God ultimately makes the decision about life. Do you think that God doesn't make plans for what He creates? "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." (Jeremiah 1:5 NIV). Over 50 million unborn babies have been aborted since 1973 when abortion was made legal. Those 50 million unborn babies have missed the opportunity to experience life. That is the greatest tragedy of all.
[Newest]I don't know what that is but it sounds bad

13Political Correctness
Political Correctness is a dangerous practice that weakens America because it is in effect a new, advanced form of censorship. America was founded on the bedrock of freedom of expression, and the proponents (liberals) of Political Correctness have developed a practice that targets & punishes those who express opposing viewpoints. The Constitution guarantees us protection from arrest and imprisonment with the Right to Free Speech, but the method of punishment used to suppress citizens' expression of a differing opinion is moot-- all that matters is if it's effective or not. Presently in America people are afraid to openly express their honest beliefs out of fear of reprisal. The reprisal may no longer be arrest, torture, or capital punishment as was the case centuries ago, but suppression out of fear of public shaming is an equally effective tool to threaten the disgruntled citizen with to keep him from voicing his true opinion.


15Too Many Liberals

16Obamacare and Other Things That Rob the Middle Class

17Death Penalty
I have mixed reactions on the death penalty. I'm not sure if the lives of criminals should be decided by law officials. Plus, a fraction of those on death row are actually innocent, but were framed. However, it ensures political control and gets rid of the murderers, spies, terrorists, and other people who are ripping society apart. Sometimes life in prison isn't good enough.


Life in prison is the perfect punishment, but whether someone should live or die is God's decision.
This practice is so hypocritical. Believing someone deserves to be killed because he or she killed someone makes death penalty advocates look stupid in my opinion. Plus, the fact that the law is taking someone's life doesn't make the death penalty morally acceptable.

18Barack Obama
Obama is ruining our country. I am not against the color of his skin and think it is wonderful that the blacks have moved up in society but he needs to focus on more important things in American and less on forcing people to get health care! 😋
Lets get something straight! If Americans want to claim that they live in the greatest most awesome country that has ever existed, then they need to wake up and realise that everybody else in the world has healthcare. Get real. Plus, Obama has less authority than the queen, so to sit there and criticize your helpless president who is at the mercy of your congress, is just not helpful to the situation, you can't impeach him so just deal with it. You probably didn't even vote either. Terribly sorry for the rant, but I felt I had to say something.


Wow don't you think your over exaggerating
Perhaps the anger should be directed at the do nothing Congress. We pay them a lot to be against everything.

19Government More Powerful Than People
Not to mention, the people FEAR the government. It needs to be the other way around! When the government fears the people, then America will have true freedom.
The government gives money to the rich and none to those who need it!

20The President
We talkin Bush or Obama here... hell, both are pretty bad presidents.

p. s. I think that if you take another's life yours should be taken if in an extreme circumstance... Hamurabi's Code people.


I really think that if any of us were presidents we would be worst than bush or obama and they aren't that bad do you know what stress and hard work it's to be president I don't think so
He's a great guy, but a terrible president so far.
[Newest]Hitler messed us up to bad there's the black guy to blame (Obama)

21Women Not Getting Paid As Much As Men
I agree, global warming is happening, and we must stop it, somehow the entire world needs to work as a team to build turbines, solar panels, and place them in the best places to power the entire world with eco friendly stuff, also everything needs to be recyclable, in the uk, 53% of stuff is recyclable.


It's 2009, why is it taking so long?
People don't realise that this is a serious problem, before we start trying to fix envrionmental problems and 'third world' problems as such, we need to hit these problems at the source, or society.
[Newest]We are hard workers to!


23Increasing Irreligion

24They Have the Worst Kind of Video Games
What do you even mean? How can they be bad? I guess I'll call the AVGN so he can check them out, and see if this is true.
Nintendo and sony are amazing, but there are way to many first person shooters in the market from American componies



26Troubled Youth
The problem isn't the "troubled youth". Find the source of their problem and more often than not, the problem started with the parents or guardian.

27Michael Moore
He thinks people care about him.


29Indian Reservations
They were here first, and now they have to live in certain areas to live how they want to live.
Are you talking about the red Indians or the Asia ones... Are they not different?
I have ultimate respect for them, too bad no one else does. We treat them worse than dogs.
Maybe! Someone is not getting the facts right! How did these people from Asia come about in the US and travel all the way to migrate to Asia? Did they use Greenland as "shortcut"? Common!
Do you mean the "red Indians" or the ones from Asia? Are they not two different race? Besides how did the Indians from Asia find themselves in USA and then migrate all the way to Asia (passing across Africa or through the Oceans'?
Did they use Greenland as shortcut? Common!

30They Think That They Are a Good Country and Criticizes Other Countries For Being Bad
And they conquered iraq,
Hated asians,
Proclaimed themselves being the savior and the japanese are bad but in fact americans are worse than japan and germany


I live in the USA, and I don't think other countries are bad. I do think the USA has too many stereotypes that need to end now. I don't criticize other countries. More people need to realize that we are not bad people! This country is only my favorite because I live here. And... Wait a minute. Are we really $14 billion in debt?


I think theyve never seen mirrors... :P
That's why they always criticisize others without looking at themselves...

31Being Born As American Citizen But Your Parents Are Both From Other Countries
Both my parents are born from a different country

32Illegal Immigrants
My cousin is a Mexican... But she was born in America
Americans hate them to

33They Don't Admit What They Had Done Wrong In the World
Yes absolutely there always pointing the finger at everyone else remembering what everyone else did ( yes some of these things were kinda bad) saying oh your a Nazis, oh your a terrorist just STOP! If you were actually a good person you would forgive I'm not saying you need to forget just forgive and what about you when you had all those slaves when tortured those people
They like to make fun of mistakes that other countries have made in the past, but never do they admit any of there own flaws. It's always perfect old America the greatest country in the world, We won vietnam (not) blah blah blah, the land of the free the home of the brave (bullshit you racist idiots). There so big headed that they made up their own religion about their country (Mormons) and some fantasy about a god given right for White Americans to own the land (manifest destiny). Yanks, your country may be bigger but your definitely not better.

34They Think That They Are Great by Bombing Japan, Iraq, and Joining With Other Countries Like South Korea In a War
What, okay where do I start, first Japan bombed us first because we stopped giving aid to them, we got mad and gave them what they deserved, they didn't surrender like all there other allies so we simply bombed them and the war ended at least on our part, second we never bombed Iraq we did our military on there land, third what is wrong with joining South Korea?
So not good I love Japan

35People Being Negative About the United States
I've read this whole list and I have one thing to say you guys listed 86 things wrong with America but it seems like you have given up on America. But that's not what America is about. We know our problems and we don't list and complain about it we try to fix it and make it better. I'll admits that around half of these are accurate but so only apply to the stereotypical American. I'm 12 and I and many others could said I don't think any particular race are nazis, I have won 10 respect awards over 6 years, that hip hop is more popular than rock in America because we are different. For instance, we do not use to same measuring system we call football soccer and vice versa. So please what makes my country worse is when people like you complain about whats a matter with it I suggest we try to make America I better place
This should be in the top five. Some people are saying that it is too religious or atheist. People have the right to practice the religion they desire. I'm saying this and I'm not Christian or atheist!
Some people in the U.S. have problems like every nation, but they are constanlly improving, they are racist speciallyin the south, but then they elected an African American as President. At leastthe people I have deal with have been very nice and fair. Like they say; if you are in Rome do as Roman do". Manytimes we go to their country and want to push our culture, our language, our religion. I wonder if you people posting all those negatives will allow peopleof other culture do what I see them doing in U.S. get the benefits they get, get a job etc. I have travel around the world and believe me, you willnever get the opportunities you get in the U.S.A. isn't that the reason you are there.

36They Change the Name of Asian and Other Countries and Nations Into American Names
Animes, T.V. programs, books, comics, video games esp coming from japan are changed into english ones. Of course, english is a universal language but changing the name is very annoying


Asian food is better then American food. And I'm not even Asian!
They import everything and americanized everything


37Getting To Choose Which Gender Your Baby Is
God made you how he made you you shouldn't change that


It's kind of like playing God.
If God made people how they are, didn't he also allow people to change the gender of a baby? Didn't God also create violence? Do we just choose to thank him for the good and not blame him for the bad? Here's a thought: What if God isn't a ruler?

38Girl Got Pregnant At Minor Age
Whats wrong with it? As long as they take responsibility and take care of their baby? Some of the younger girls are better parents then most 30 year olds. Age doesn't matter as long as they take care of their child and love them unconditionally.

39They Have Weird and Inappropriate Laws
True, they banned Kinder eggs and Crazy sour skittles for no reason. There is this stupid law in a state that you need neighbours permission to have a bath and use a fridge


In Ohio a fish can't have alcohol


40They Experiment With Their Own People
That should be illegal!

41Too Much Atheism
I'm not an atheist. I don't really have a religion, however I do believe in studying theories and respect other's beliefs. Most people don't like atheism because they think it means that that person hates God, which is not the case for most. Atheism is a religion just like any other. I don't think it is morally right to tell someone that God is or isn't really. Because that is my belief. However, if someone were to ask my opinion or I feel that they are trying to push their beliefs on me, I just say I think it's interesting, but I'm not really religious. Most people will just nod and be fine with that, but those that don't are just annoying and I try not to associate with them again. Some people just want others to think just like them and some people just want others to feel as good as they do spiritually. There is a difference between someone pushing religion on you and offering you an option to give their beliefs a try. You have to distinguish the two. I don't have religious beliefs, but I do believe in rights and morals. That's good enough for me.
Dude, that's unfair. Personally I feel there is not enough secularism, ; however my opinion is only my opinion. You have to accept everyone's views on religion (or lack thereof) even if you disagree with them
Who cares about the atheism? I am an atheist. Be thankful you can be Jewish, Catholic, Christian or whatever in America.

42United Nations Is In Their Country and It Favors United States In All Factors

43They Do Things Just to Be Known
So true! People all over know Armstrong for being the first person to land on the moon. Whatever! Do people know that the first person in SPACE was Russian? The USA failed even to recognize that!
We do recognize, an even learn in school that we weren't the first in space. But we were the first to put a man on the moon. Don't be jealous because you didn't. Yes, it is great that Russia put a man on the moon, but don't say we don't acknowledge it when we do

44They Hate U2, Bono and Other Political Bands Because They Want to Do More Bad Things
Bands? BANDS? Is that what makes us horrible? We don't like bands?! Wow, whoever added this is dumb.


45America Is Spoiled
No wonder other countries hate us. All we care about is ourselves.


Whose fault is that?
So true but I'm not

46It's Too Religious
I've gone over this a couple times with friends and all, but I don't think that religion is exactly the problem here, as Christianity isn't technically discriminating. As a Christian myself I accept homosexuality, transvestites and a whole lot of other things too. The problem with religion is that you can use it to your advantage. So, you take out most everything and just read what you want to. Technically there is always a message of love everyone in practically all religious texts. People just decide to ignore such a thing and so it becomes a problem. There are some areas though where these interpretations are taken seriously and without much leeway, like a whole lot of the south (Texas and other southern countries of the US)
I am happy to post a review about America being the only superpower
1: China is the worlds leading military and possibly economic superpower.
And 2: I understand the religion part, I really do, but its not the fact that they are religious, it's the religion that they follow. Christianity is the most discriminating religion that I know of.
There are so many Christians there. Religion is the biggest cause of war. And America is the only superpower. And its very religious. Not a good mix

47Lil Kids On Xbox Live Thinking They Have Skills
I don't know if this is true but its hilarious thank you
I mean really, go play Scooby doo or something. Jeez let the big kids have their fun, go to the park and be a kid of a day.

48Poor School System
Not free school for higher education
They need to fix that

49American Heroes Are Always Assassinated
Not to mention Martin Luther King Jr.
Abraham Linchon and JFK both got assassinated :'(

50Contemporary Music

51They Created Things That Can Make the World Worse

52Too Much Commercialized But Generic Music
They have bands that have the same sound esp in 2000s


53They Have the Worst Incidents of Riots, Accidents, Terrorist's Attacks, Etc.
No, we attack ourselves
Actually, other countries attack us.

54They Call You Dumb and Stupid If You Don't Understand Them
lots of people, not all does that
they are very proud and insult other people, needs to be stop


one of the worst attitude of many westerners that I've worst encountered


It is true no questions asked
[Newest]That's not true at all.

55They Think If You Are a White Rich Conservative, You Are Better Than a Poor Black Liberal
It's terrible the things I hear them say is just ridiculous they go on running there mouth filling people's heads with trash saying god was a white man and he created white fold to have black slaves ( seriously I heard someone say it and if that person sees this I hope they feel bad) just really I know a lot of great white people and those white people are just terrible

56More Incarcerated People Than Anywhere Else
Its funny because its true our courts are so backed up it would suck for you if your bail was more than $100,000 our prisons are sooo full I mean look at Sweden they had to close 4 prisons because they didn't have enough people yo fillem because their crime rate is so low

57They Think That They Are the Best and They Can Do Anything They Want

58Huge Credit Is Given to United States But the Fact Is It Doesn't Deserve Any Kind of That Award
united states are hugely favorized if you know what I mean

59They Want Everybody to Believe In Them As They Know the Best But Actually the Worst

60They Want Everybody to Think That Their International Language, Music, Etc Is the Best and They Hate Those People Who Said That They Are Not the Best

61They Blamed George Bush Because He Was the President and They Can't Blame Themselves Because of Their Pride
many of the people in united states are like that. they blame lots of officials including the current one, barack obama


62They Are Very Envious of Other Countries

63They Try to Help Other Countries In Order to Erase Their Mistakes
OR we help them to be nice.


64Lots of Hatred With Each Other
You know this isn't higher on the list because nobody wants to admit it. I'm an American and yeah, people fight a lot here about ridiculous things that don't matter. Can't we all just live together peacefully like God wants us to? Some of these "stereotypical rumors" are not true. The truth hurts sometimes---don't be like "Well, if America can accomplish that, it's a bad thing. " Other countries mess up too. Nobody's perfect and I am sorry.
Why do people do that? We are all the same.

65They Don't Research For Newer Things
Like if that's their favorite and that's it, nothing should change that


66Almost All Website Talks About United States Is the Best In Everything
Yes we are the best, let's people die with they jealousy crap.
Your country is the best because all you know is cheat your way to the top. When in fact, your country sucks and is the worst in the world. usa cannot accept defeat that's why they will do anything to be number one even if you idiots do not deserve it

67Democracy Used For Bad Purposes
I completely agree with this they attempt to force their government on other countries, leading to bloodshed, hatred, and violence. Elections are completely skewed.

68They Try to Sue Everyone Who Are Against Their Will
They think that they are the Law


69They Are the One Who Started the Atomic Bomb

70They Bombed Japan, Iraq and Other Countries Just to Stop the War and It Is Not the Best Solution
I LOVE Japan! So they have no right to do that!
If we didn't bomb Japan, more people would have died
Well that's ridiculous. It wasn't set a US decision

71They Want Everybody to Learn English Language Even If the Person Doesnt Want To
Are we really this bad? Come on I see things like"their bad economy affects others. "its not our fault people rely on the U.S. ! By the way its immigrants not ignorant.
And they insulted people who doesn't want to learn english by calling them ignorants


Yeah, they're world-class boasters, aren't they?

73They Just Slap An American Flag On Everything and Call It Theirs
They think they own the moon because they've dumped their rubbish on it (ie: their flag)
Obama needs to go back to Africa.

74The Kid's Best Way to Feel Better Is to Pick On Another Kid
First of all, that is bulling. Second, we need to help as many peeps as we can!

75Not Everybody Will Have a Chance of a Good Job In America

Get over it, homosexuals are everywhere.
You ass.

77Too Many Youtubers

78Justin Bieber
Justin Beiber is from Canada, by the way.
As an American I agree

79Too Much Gay Porn
Too much "gay porn"? They shouldn't have porn at all.

80They're Hypocrites
Americans are ignorant, rude, selfish asss! I'd much rather be Russian.

81Too Many Sensitive People

82The Reputation

83They Don't Give Chance to Asian Artists, Bands. etc.
In fact many asian bands are better than most american bands


Seriously! Bro'! Quit on this Asian thing. Why not European band? Why not African band? Etc I've been here for about 4 months and honestly, in that area/when it comes to showbiz, America is "the land of opportunities"... Just testify in the list of foreign musicians they acknowledge each year!

84They Invent Things That Can Harm People

85They Think That They Are the Savior and Mediator But They Commit Lots of Bad Things
War in Iraq, crimes, illegal acts, etc

86Underestimating An Individual That Is Not From Their Country
its a fact, many asians were underestimated in terms of music, sports and other aspects by these americans

87They Think That They Can Colonize and Monopolize Everybody
They think that everybody wants to buy their products and services with a seret motive to colonize nations like japan after world war II, iraq, etc


88Other Countries Are Affected When Their Economy Went Down

89They Put Others Down and They Are Very Envious to Those Who Are More Amazing and More Talented Than Them

90They Create a Riot Even If There Is Only Minor Differences

91Lack of Acknowledgement, Gratitude to Other Countries Like Japan, Great Britain, Etc

92They Fight For Their Country Even If Their Belief Will Cause Harm to Everyone In the World
AND WERE THE ONLY ONES?! I don't think so

93They Don't Respect Other's Beliefs and Cultures

94They Think That They Are Only People Using the Internet
This is going to be one hell of a shock to them...

95The Worst Example of Democracy
There is homophobia, the death penalty, racism, police brutality, and many more examples.

96They Fake Reality Shows
I want to punch them in there little stupid faces!

97They Think That They Are the Only One Who Can Invent the Best Technology
They think they invented everything whereas in reality they've invented very little. They didn't invent the car, T.V. , telephone, computer, etc but will claim they did.

98They Put Lots of Silly Things In Television, Youtube and Other Video Sharing and Streaming Sites

99They Are the Most Popular In Everything But They Contribute Lame Ideas, Music, Etc

100They Have the Most Dangerous People In the World
So people today are worse than Hitler mao and joesph stalin what not true


So people today are worse than Hitler mao and joesph stalin what


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