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This is bad, but racism is everywhere. The dude who wrote this article isn't probably American, that's for sure. This thing ticks me off. Why does everyone think the U.S. is so bad? The dude who wrote this article is the bad one. He probably wrote this article to be a negative, mean person. I've never met one so horribly, thuggish person where I live. I live in Texas. This is so horrible, when people like this should stop spending their time degrading countries. If he isn't American, then he probably wrote this list to make him feel better about his country. Sure, their are some bad things going on right now, but you don't dwell on it. You try to fix it. Plus, the U.S. isn't horrible at all. Take a look at Iraq and Iran and North Korea, for instance. Geez, I'm 13 years old for God's sake, and am I the only one who's positive here? A lot of people on here are probably older, and don't mind being negative, because they already have spent time on this planet. So, try to fix the States, instead of sitting around going, "Oh no, the U.S. is going downhill, let's eat McDonalds and play the Xbox, instead of helping it get better, let's feel sorry for ourselves. People, get some sense and go fix the U.S. I mean, a 13 year old has to say this? While you're the one calling other people dumb, or stupid. Now go fix the U. S!

Iraq, Iran, and North Korea are the way they are largely because of US intervention...

His guy below me says not to dwell in other countries yet he comments on North Korea Iran and Iraq as if it is only ok for him to comment on stuff and it isn't ok for other people to comment on us. That isn't fair to people like me who have a background from another country but was born here. And although we don't have as many things going on as them, we still have many problems so don't pretend that Americans are perfect when clearly some of them aren't. For example, youth in today's generation. Half of them are probably out doing something they're not supposed to. But you do get your point about Iraq and Iran and North Korea but don't dwell on them because you never know if somebody else on this site has a background from those countries it will really hurt their feelings if you do that to them. They will start thinking that their home country is a horrible place and might never go back because of what people say. So please don't dwell on others please.

If we looked past each other's skin and cultural background, we probably accomplish more as a unified front. But all the bottom of the totem pole people, in each race, are too busy being stupid and getting airtime for it, which makes us all look bad. Plus we're so caught up in stereotypes, myself included, that we don't take the time to give people a chance. We just judge them an move on. It's sad really because we're better than what we are portrayed to be and have so much untapped potential.

Mostly caused and perpetuated by Rap music.

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2They Think They Are the Only Country On the Planet

This is an answer to all of these. The US does not think they own the planet. But for some reason THE US GOVERNMENT thinks they should have to take care of the planet. I do think our government sticks their nose in places it does not belong in the name of national security. Sure it should have been other countries going into Iraq and fighting a war. The American people did not want our troops to be in Iraq dying for nothing. A lot of the people in those Muslim countries were saying the US was there for the oil. Well the US did not take the oil which in my opinion after spending over 4 trillion dollars fighting in Iraq and Afgan they should have kept southern Iraq till they got the money back. And if it was up to me I would bring my eleven aircraft carriers and their battle groups and put 5 along the east coast staggerd from 500 to a 1000 miles off the coast and put one in the gulf of mexico. Then put 5 carriers in the pacific and I would protect the US and lock down the borders and stop letting people in this country since they hate it so bad but they love to come get free money and education. I never was racist till the towers were flown into by muslims and here in East Tennessee in the valley along the foothills of the appalachain mountains there is no racism except for Saturdays in the fall where collage footall fans are hating on fans of other teams. I do not live in a city so I see hardly ever any crime let alone violence but There is violence around I guess but not like it is in the cities like new York, los angeles and others. And as far as violence if they stopped letting in people from other countries and return those who are not US citizens. And overturn all non violent drug charges on users. The only ones who should be in prison are those who bring in all the cocaine and heroin into the country and rapist and thieves give all people who have been found guilty of murder or child molestation 10 days to get right with god or allah and then give them the chair. Do that and that would help the economy some since 60,3 billion is spent on prisons. Buy American and stop buying from other countries. Well over half of every thing you see on store shelves are brought from other countries besides food. The US government should make American companies be inside the US on American soil. And make them pay penalties so high that would cripple the company if outside the US. Only abortions that should be legal is if it would kill the women trying to carry the baby to term and if a women is pregnant due to being raped. Djh101 the American people does not like these bull crap companies that overcharge us no more than the rest of the world. Its like this Canada always got free satellite T.V. when Americans had to pay dearly for it when it is an American company. This melting pot has filled up to were it is not melting anymore.

The US reminds me of Microsoft. Just because their one good product [Windows] made them the largest company in the world, they think they can create their own retarded conventions and inferior products and force people to use them. Compare Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, ASP, Bing, and Zune to the imperial measurement system, #2 pencils, and "football." - djh101

At last! This really should really be the top option. I HATE America's arrogance they truly believe that the rest of the world is jealous of them when they couldn't be more wrong. America should have a high-voltage electric fence built all the way around to stop them spreading their poison to more civilized countries. Give me charming, beautiful, historical ENGLAND anyday! It's American independence day tomorrow - the day when Britain broke its ties with the Yanks. Good riddance!

Americans, there are 100+ other countries in the world! - SM64Fan8

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3Lack of Respect

Uh, Ronluna, we are not trolls. Don't be such a jerk about it. I'm 13, and haven't been to too many places, but I know that I have met nothing but nice, considerate citizens. I'm an American, and me and my family donate to the poor all the time, we recycle, enjoy family nights, and have our neighbor community party nights, and we are not trolls. I respect every adult, as my parents have taught me. So, don't be so negative, and stop reading all these posts that say, "Oh, America sucks, blah blah blah. ", and go meet people and change your thoughts about Americans.

Just like every other country, we have our share of douchebags, unfortunatly our share is a lot bigger than everybody else's.

Doctors also have lack of respect in people's lives, lack of respect of beliefs, favorites, culture, etc. - ronluna

People don't say excuse me when they walk pass me, I'm black but your white dint treat me like trash and not have manners

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Has everyone gone nuts.

Almost all the gas stations, Midi Marts,Hotels,Motels and a lot of other businesses are run by Hindus. Almost all our jobs in the United States are being taken over my Mexican Illegals and they don't pay into Social Security or taxes and nothing is being done about it. They are going to give Welfare and free hospital care and free Social Security to all illegal Aliens. You make a call on a Cell phone and you end up talking to a Hindu that can not talk English. They are making it a standard procedure for all children to learn Mexican. How long will it be before our children have to learn Hindu. Anyone coming into this country is suppose to understand our language and speak it. Hindu woman can not be searched at Airports. Are you kidding me. What do we have security Checks for at airports? I would never get on a plane if it has a Hindu woman on board. She could be carrying a bomb for Terrorist's. Please do not tell me that it is not possible. We had children in Vietnam carrying explosives into our formations and setting them off killing themselves and our troops.

This country should start taking care of our own country first and keep there noses out of other peoples business. They are draining our money from this country, trying to fix there's when ours is in bad shape. The government is giving free help to people that do not want to work because they get everything for free. Take all the millions of no-loads and stick them on farms. No work, no eat and no place to live. Then you will see people going out and getting jobs, no matter what it is. I worked my whole life and had jobs that I did not want to do, but I did them anyway, just to survive and know I am barely getting by because the price of everything keeps going up. Know we have our own people arguing about a confederate flag flying from a flag pole. It has been flying for decades and it is there right to fly there flag. If it is okay for Muslim's to pray in the middle of downtown New York and stop traffic, I think that a confederate flag can be flown anywhere and at any time. Our Pledge of Allegiance and prayers are gone from our schools and the flag also. How long will it be before it is all taken away from us. People in this country should be trying to get all this back in the schools and stop complaining.

21 year Vietnam Vet

We've been waging illegal wars on countries since 1950. Do you think it's time we stopped? Drone strikes, bombings, the killing of innocent people in other countries who never did ONE thing to harm the United States? It's wrong! I'm sick and tired of this country being at war for sticking its nose in other people's business. America is a danger and threat to every country on this planet.

There are lots of disappointing people in America, but that doesn't mean we can't eventually fix our ways. If we focus on the things we can do, America will be a better place for everyone.

I've heard that 200 innocent civilians die to every terrorist killed by drone strikes. Not so good

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5R&B Hip Hop and Rap is More Popular Than Rock

I don't agree, I think that all people should be entitled to their own musical choices. I have come across some really good rap and hip-hop and some great rock, they are different types of music they can't be compared to each other.

Kids listen to Hannah Montana then they grow up and hear Lil Wayne and think its the best ever. They never get a chance to hear real music.

This is the only thing on this list that really refers to the majority. The other ones are really just stereotypes of Americans.

This is a good thing

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6Gay Marriage Not Legal In Most States

Everyone should be given equal rights.

They are the same as anyone else - egillaxelsson

They are just like us. The should be given equal rights like us, and there's nothing wrong with them. Unless you count in there porn. All porn is bad but there porn is worse.

It's not nice to call people idiots stupid

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7The Current Economy

Our current economic state is an utterly terrifying prospect. That's why we keep on ignoring it. As seen in the government shut down we only keep on raising the debt ceiling pushing the problem onto the generation after. We must do something now to stop the debt from piling up. When we perform diplomacy in wars such as Iraq or Afghanistan and if we have a good leader we should look at the general view. Our relationship after such a war, and what we gain from it. In Iraq we gained absolutely nothing except death and sad stories to go around. I to be frank cannot believe we even intervened to start it! Since we had gone we should have at least taken the oil which was there and set up a STABLE government. We should have used our ELEVEN aircraft carriers and a tiny bit less than half of our military during the war. We weren't very committed to it as it seems. We changed nothing and have only worsened the situation and how everyone views us. We need a strong leader to make the right decisions in the future. The onto reason why we aren't in Greece's situation is because of the fact that we are a "Super-Power". We have lost almost all of our hegemonic influence and we are struggling to keep hold of what we have. To restate we need a GOOD leader to take us out of debt and to act intelligently when we enter wars and diplomatic messes. We as a country need to do better on almost every aspect I can think of. I am fourteen years old and I from what I can understand is that we are a collapsing country and that if anything countries such as China and India may soon become the new economic and military powers of the world if we continue down our current path. We can do better than this, we just need a better leader and a good chance to show ourselves that we can persevere even though right now we are seemingly in duress.

People should not complain or worry about Greece. They have 500 billion dollars of debt. America had 16 trillion dollars of debt.

Whats the next part of the economy the current governemt is planning on taking over next? Come to think of it I can't find somthing they don't have there fingers in...

Did you know that it will cost less to terraform mars than pay off americas debt - Harri666

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8They still think Germans are Nazis, although there are more Nazis in the US than in Germany

That's so true!
I am from Germany and I don't know how often this dirty Americans have me considered as a Nazi, shame on you!

I am German myself and when I went to America the guy in the airport who looked in my passport said "don't go killing no Jews now" I was so upset! I had another incident when I arrived in New York where two men heard me with a German accent and proceeded to Nazi salute me!
The American attitude towards German people is so utterly wrong and Racist! I had nothing to do with the war! The people in the United Kingdom are so much more friendly it has never happens to me once there!

People don't understand that the war was over 70 years ago. It is in the past. Not all or almost any Germans are Nazis! And me saying this, I'm not even German! I just believe this is very wrong.

I'm German but I live in the us

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9Too Many Liberals

I am a liberal and I believe that this "democracy" is nothing but elites who decide on what the common thinls while not letting them think on whats right. I could go on on Americas parochial views but I cannot.

Liberals need to understand what theyve been given


See rap and hip hop promotes this nasty way and makes make men more dominate than woman. People need to realize that these music genreadd are wrong and should be changed now.

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?Lack of Tolerance for Other's Opinions
?Not Following War Laws and Taking 19 Years to Sign a Paper Banning Use of Napalm On Innocent Civilians

Why America, we are the good guys. Follow the rules.

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11Political Correctness

Political Correctness is a dangerous practice that weakens America because it is in effect a new, advanced form of censorship. America was founded on the bedrock of freedom of expression, and the proponents (liberals) of Political Correctness have developed a practice that targets & punishes those who express opposing viewpoints. The Constitution guarantees us protection from arrest and imprisonment with the Right to Free Speech, but the method of punishment used to suppress citizens' expression of a differing opinion is moot-- all that matters is if it's effective or not. Presently in America people are afraid to openly express their honest beliefs out of fear of reprisal. The reprisal may no longer be arrest, torture, or capital punishment as was the case centuries ago, but suppression out of fear of public shaming is an equally effective tool to threaten the disgruntled citizen with to keep him from voicing his true opinion.

12Fat People and McDonalds

How stereotypical. Not everyone in America is fat. These are all so offensive and not true. You say we americans are disgusting look at yourselves and stop judging a country that you are simply jealous of.

America is pretty much 50/50 50% fat 50% normal sized

Its not good for you

I think that's pretty much true

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I bet that none of you knew that since 1970, the United states has killed more than 40 to 60 million people through abortion, more people than Hitler could of ever dreamed of killing. - lolipop101

Imagine not being born, and missing out on all the adventures of life. Would you call losing your chance to live injustice? Abortion is not only unjust to the unborn baby, but it is also an injustice to God. God ultimately makes the decision about life. Do you think that God doesn't make plans for what He creates? "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." (Jeremiah 1:5 NIV). Over 50 million unborn babies have been aborted since 1973 when abortion was made legal. Those 50 million unborn babies have missed the opportunity to experience life. That is the greatest tragedy of all.

The most basic and fundamental human right, the right to life, has been stripped away from our unborn children to guarantee a far lesser right for their moms, the right to not be pregnant.

The problem is bigoted people thinking the acorn is the same as a tree.

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14Too Much Taxes for the Poor

They tax the poor more and the rich less.

I agree to much taxes for the poorer people. I live in the united states and it's just falling apart. I'm moving to England in a month. Way better country and the best place to live.. =)

The thing is that the no country I mean all shouldn't even give money to the poor because it's not their business and the government isn't supposed to get into others lives

You get less by working hard

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15Barack Obama

Obama is ruining our country. I am not against the color of his skin and think it is wonderful that the blacks have moved up in society but he needs to focus on more important things in American and less on forcing people to get health care! 😋

Lets get something straight! If Americans want to claim that they live in the greatest most awesome country that has ever existed, then they need to wake up and realise that everybody else in the world has healthcare. Get real. Plus, Obama has less authority than the queen, so to sit there and criticize your helpless president who is at the mercy of your congress, is just not helpful to the situation, you can't impeach him so just deal with it. You probably didn't even vote either. Terribly sorry for the rant, but I felt I had to say something. - Bturlik

Wow don't you think your over exaggerating

Perhaps the anger should be directed at the do nothing Congress. We pay them a lot to be against everything.

Hitler messed up America but now Obama is messing it up even more! All he wants is power, money, and control. And if you ask me, he should just go back to Africa were he belongs.

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16George Bush Was Elected President

He sucked, enough said

How did he ever get anywhere near politics. When I look at george bush I think of an inbreed half retarded monkey running a country into the ground. - Bturlik

In fact both George Bushes... Neither of them was any good and they were the petrie dish for the crazy tea party people Yikes.

I would like to see you do better

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17Death Penalty

Honestly, I have different reactions when death penalty is given. If it's a dude that made a stupid mistake, but didn't seem to hurt anybody, he SHOULD NOT get a death penalty. But, when the guy who did the Boston Bombings got death penalty, I wasn't really sure about it. I mean, he just went and blew up people and killed 3 or 4, but the choice was either life in prison or death penalty. But, I feel he should've gotten life in prison, because at least he doesn't have to take his own life - kaitlynrad11

I have mixed reactions on the death penalty. I'm not sure if the lives of criminals should be decided by law officials. Plus, a fraction of those on death row are actually innocent, but were framed. However, it ensures political control and gets rid of the murderers, spies, terrorists, and other people who are ripping society apart. Sometimes life in prison isn't good enough. - ethanmeinster

Life in prison is the perfect punishment, but whether someone should live or die is God's decision.

If anyone killed my family and got death penalty, they aren't going to kill them I am!

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18Obamacare and Other Things That Rob the Middle Class

First off I hate Obama, second I also hate Obama-care

19Increasing Irreligion

It's perfectly fine to be either religious or non-religious! We have our own beliefs and I stay away from religion arguments for a valid reason. Though I am a Christian, I follow the Bible very loosely. There's also different levels to how religious people are, like I'm religious, but not bound very deeply to Christianity. Some people aren't religious at all and that's perfectly fine, too. Everyone believes different things, and forcing religion on everyone is sort of like forcing everyone in the country to marry to the opposite gender beliefs and feelings in religion and sexual orientation are NOT choices people suddenly make. What we DO need is for people to stop bashing other religions because they're "incorrect". - Turkeyasylum

Honestly, I don't follow much of a religion, but I'm apart of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (Rainbow Girls) and we basically worship the Bible. And apparently, we according to some ritual we perform, we should "Follow some sort of religion". I just don't care about religion, even when I go to church, I get bored - kaitlynrad11

I don't see what's wrong with any religion or being non religious. It's the people that shove their beliefs or disbeliefs down others throats who are the problem.

The worse thing ever invented is religion. It was created to control people. I am a free thinker.

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20Troubled Youth

The problem isn't the "troubled youth". Find the source of their problem and more often than not, the problem started with the parents or guardian.

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