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The First KISS album, Dressed To Kill, KISS Alive 1, Rock'n'Roll Over, Creatures and Lick It Up are the best albums over all. Love Gun, Hotter Than Hell and Dynasty have great songs on them but they also have some filler tunes, so I rate these albums a bit lower. The Elder is very under-rated. Crazy Nights is mostly cheese and Revenge is over-rated. Carnival Of Souls is under-rated. Paul Stanley has always been the best songwriter in KISS, though Gene has a lot of great tunes and Ace wrote a handful of great tunes. Peter never wrote a great song.
This is definitely the greatest KISS album out there. There are 20 studio albums & I like most of the ones from the first album to the mid-80s, then most from the mid-90s to their newest one from 2012. There are 10 live albums & all of their live albums are great to me.


Destroyer is by the far the best Kiss album but Creatures of the night is really good and under rated!
[Newest]1 lick it up 2 dressed to kill 3 creatures of the night 4 revenge 5 rock and roll over

2Love Gun
I LOVE LOVE GUN! I don't know its something about Paul Stanley
Singing about his "love gun" that makes me love this album just a tad bit more than the others, just kidding ;)

This album is everything that KISS is about, we get vocals from all four members, Peter on hooligan, Ace on Shock me, Paul on Love gun and Gene on christine sixteen!

I mean every song on this kicks ass! And don't forget the awesome cover art! Just spectacular! #1
Best album EVER! Nothing can beat Love Gun. I Stole Your Love, Christine Sixteen, Got Love For Sale, Shock Me, Tomorrow and Tonight, Love Gun, Hooligan, Almost Human, Plaster Caster, and Then She Kissed Me are 10 of the BEST SONGS OF ALL TIME!
I love the destroyer album but I think love gun is number one... I mean were all kiss fans right? I mean listen to the starting song, THAT GUITAR and then paul stanley yells "alright! ", it pumps all kiss fans up.


Think about it. Cold Gin, Firehouse, Strutter, Deuce, nothing to loose, Black Diamond... How can this album not be the greatest.
Totaly underrated, Virtually ignored when released, "Kiss" is an exciting debut album from the soon-to-be superstars. While their image screamed glam, the music has a low-budget, garage-band charm that works wonders.
Their first and their best with every track a winner!
[Newest]So much better than the other albums!

4Creatures of the Night
The most unfortunate timing in the history of rock (OK, maybe an exaggeration). Had this album been released after Love Gun, when KISS peaked, this would have been a blockbuster. I don't think there's another KISS album that's even close. Too bad so few people actually listened to it.
This is, HANDS DOWN the best album that Kiss ever put out. Hard driving, Bass thumping tracks on each song (save one). Album is nearly 30 years old, but I still listen to it
Without any doubt, this is their best album. Not a weak track on the entire album and every song rocks with authority. This was the first KISS album I ever purchased so as far as I'm concerned everything was downhill from Creatures of the Night.
[Newest]Oh my goodness. This isn't just the best KISS album ever made, I'm gonna say it's the best album of all time. It reinvented KISS's lost sound after 3 unsuccessful albums. Although it's probably overlooked my many, it has the best song ever conceived by mankind: I STILL LOVE YOU

5Rock and Roll Over
After Alive! captured the best of the first three studio albums in stronger fashion, and the Destoyer experiment resulted in some of their most memorable songs, Kiss took another chance by recording this studio album "live" in a vacant hall. This underrated album was a return to the basic raw power of Alive! and gave us such classics as Calling Dr. Love, Mr. Speed, Hard Luck Woman, and Making Love. Ace's short, killer guitar solos stand out, as do Peter's drums (listen to the end of Makin' Love).
Man, when they had the mystique about them, they were awesome. They've put out some good stuff even into the 90s and 2000s but in the seventies when they were still "dangerous" this probably is one of their best. Some really kick as songs on this album. Great next album after Alive.
The momentum builds after the release of "Destroyer" and this is a band at the high of their powers. Packed to the brim of their best songs. Gene singing "Love 'em and leave 'em" jumps from the starting gates and slams down one of his best songs. The true legendary era is in full flight, and then came the T-shirts stickers, Kiss action cards, posters et al. What a great time.
[Newest]I use to think Destroyer was the best by far but after I listened to this album a few times it overtook the #1 spot.

Probably one of their hardest and best albums. Unholy, Spit, Paralyzed, Heart of Chrome Great songs and that's only 1/4 of the album. Also, The Great ERIC CARR's one & only recorded drum solo. Great stuff. #1
I have this and I love it. The best hits in my opinion- Unholy, Take It Off and God Gave Rock and Roll to You.
I love every song on this album. Very underrated I feel it should be top 5.


Still my fave live album. Perfect match between NYC sound and classic rock plus all the songs sound so much better and more vital than the studio versions. Simply Unique!
The Album that Started it all
Very essential


the best even with eddie kramer patching it up


[Newest]This album rocks socks and melts faces

8Dressed to Kill
Come on! This album has "Rock and Roll all Nite"
The song Anything For My Baby captures the true spirit of Kiss its explosive check out the demo version on you tube real rock Stanleys vocals are awesome

9Hotter Than Hell
Should be in the top 5, it's better than dressed to kill and crazy night and love gun in my opinion


I've heard Destrpyer many times and I'm convinced that it's vastly overrated. This one has my favourite track Parasite and together with the title track and the great other album tracks makes this the best with the debut coming in a close second.

10Lick It Up
Are you kidding me this should be in the top 3 with their big hits Lick It Up and All Hell's Breaking Loose. What about Eric Carr's great vocals.
Great album fer sure, kiss demonstrating a new lease on life.
Hows music from the elder above this? That's there worst album!

The Contenders

11Music from The Elder
Although it's totally different from all kiss albums, this conceptual album is an oddity by itself. Great story, music and line.
Very underrated album great songwriting and some really great tracks like the oath 'mr. blackwell as the instrumental escape from the island by ace. It was bad timing after releasing dynasty and unmasked I guess
Wonderful album. Greta rock classic except for Mr. Blackwell. A Shame the world was not ready for it.


13Alive II
Great album! Great live album that summarized the very best of KISS' early career! Best image of Gene ever on the cover!

How is this album not in the top 10? Definitely better than "Hot in the Shade" or "Hotter than Hell". Sure know something, I was made for loving you, Charisma, Magic Touch, 2000 man!
I was made for loving you, and sure know something. Both great songs!
I don't care if you admit it or not. I am a true KISS fan and a true kiss fan should know that I Was made for lovin' you is their biggest song, not Detroit Rock City, not Love Gun or other song.

15Sonic Boom
Great throwback feel in all the songs and really good songs that are catchy as hell. Who cares if Ace and Peter aren't on this, it sounds better the more you listen. For sure top 10 material!

16Psycho Circus

Better than crazy nights better than carnival of souls better than hottwer than hell

Heavens On fire! I've had enough (into the fire! Thrills in the night!
Not to mention the wailing vocals of Paul Stanley, the grooving bass of Gene Simmons, the pounding drums of Eric Carr and the electrifying guitar of Mark St. John!
Animalize contains some of the best KISS songs and some of the best songs of all time!

19Alive III

20Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions

21Hot in the Shade
The flow of the album is questionable but Hot In The Shade was an album that combined both Kiss of the 80's and 70's to impress the Kiss Army whom were scared of losing the soul of the band for commercial success. Sure the album would have been better if a couple of songs were cut but for Kiss's longest album it certainly did justice to the Kiss brand. Looking at the songs there's the loud arena rocking album opener of Rise To It, the smash hit ballad Forever, Betrayed (a song which see's Gene back to his writing best) and Eric Carr's first (and only) vocal duties on a studio album in the second last track Little Caesar. Love’s A Slap In The Face for myself is a favourite but many songs on Hot In The Shade are easy to skip but should be fairly listened to when trying to form an opinion on the album. Hot In The Shade is an enquired taste but like all Kiss albums you have the lovers and the haters and those who lie somewhere between heaven and hell. The fact this is Eric Carr’s last album before his death which itself is the biggest tragedy in Kisstory gives the album a sentimental value to any Eric Carr or 80’s Kiss fan. The solid line up of Simmons, Stanley, Carr and Kulick was the best in my opinion but Hot In The Shade will be looked over as another bad 80’s Kiss album by most which is a shame because it’s a great and possibly the Kiss Album. The sad truth is 80’s Kiss will always be overshadowed and shunned by 70’s Kiss but both era’s had their highs and lows and the 1989 classic is a high point in Kisstory and needs to judged not by the era but by the music. If one forgets the era any Kiss fan will be amazed.
This is the hardest vote I ever had to make on these sights. I've been a die hard Kiss fan since 1988 when I was 11 years old after being introduced to Smashes, Thrashes, and Hits (which I still love till this day) I now know the band very well especially there music. But for me to vote for their best album at this point in the game is extraoidinarily tough for me, like I said I know all their albums very well. Even though Dressed to Kill is very impressive (especially Two Timer), Unmasked is great from start to finish, (Naked City being my personal favorite from that album), Dynasty being an unbelievable album considering X-Ray Eye's and Charisma is from Dynasty, Lick It Up tends to be my favorite most times, ya gotta love Not for the Innocent, and Crazy Nights is also a truly impressive album, my heart tells me I gotta go with Hot in the Shade, for the simple reason that it doesn't get enough recognition when it is a truly great album of monumental proportions. Think about it you've got songs like Betrayed, King of Hearts, Rise To It, and my two personal favorites You Love Me To Hate You and Silver Spoon. This album deserves to at the very least in one of the top three spots. It's about time this album gets recognized.


23Crazy Nights
Paul Stanley's vocals were amazing on this album. People say Kiss followed the trends during this era. I say people were just copying Kiss. Crazy Night's is the best. Turn on the Night, My Way, Crazy Crazy Night's, Reason to Live, Hell or High Water, I'll Fight Hell to Hold You are all amazing Kiss songs. And the cover is cool too with the broken glass and the blue background.
I love this album!
It's my "reason to live"!
I wish they plated these songslive

This album is unbelievably fun from start to finish and not to mention has some extremely powerful songs as well like Naked City and Tomorrow, great album from a great band.
Shandi, Naked City, Talk to Me, Is that you? , What Makes the World go Round'.. All awesome tracks!


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