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101 Don't Lie
102 Beat It Beat It

Chris Brown would be a great voice for Pac-Man!

Sean Kingston would be a great voice for Big the Cat!

Wiz Khalifa would be a great voice for Bass from MegaMan!

This song is great!

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103 Shortie Like Mine Shortie Like Mine
104 Winner Winner

Winner is the best song because its saying that your a winner no matter what someone says to you you are a winner

This is a good song I can't believe its number 101 it should of at least be in the top 25 - JCchrom3

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105 Thinking Out Loud
106 Freaky I'm Iz

It's one of my favorites lmao

107 Diagnosed With Love
108 What's My Name What's My Name

This is a good song by chris brown in his own album. It is really good I have already bought it from the itunes store now its your time. This song was missing from the list so I just added it. Awesome dude don't think before buying it.

I think these good songs are not being voted because they are collaborations and not exclusively him

109 Free Run Free Run

Come on people this should be top 10

110 Oh Yeah
111 Get Down
112 Drunk Texting Drunk Texting V 2 Comments
113 Came to Do Came to Do V 1 Comment
114 Songs On 12 Play Songs On 12 Play

Amazing song with great lyrics which also refer to songs of the rnb king R. Kelly. This song is great if you want good vibes.

115 Add Me In Add Me In V 2 Comments
116 Liquor Liquor

This is so cool you guys.

117 Say It With Me Say It With Me V 1 Comment
118 Nothin
119 Boing
120 I May Never Find
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