Top 10 Female Sex Symbols Of All Time


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1Marilyn Monroe

Although Christina Aguilera is pretty and sexy, Marilyn Monroe in her day was much more hotter and prettier

The Christina Aguilera of her generation. often imitated, never duplicated.

One of the few women to be acclaimed the most beautiful in the world with no argument.

Extremely overrated and talentless.

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2Pamela Anderson

Second only to Marilyn Monroe. Not as beautiful but man what a body.

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3Sharon Stone

While Sharon Stone is certainly very sexy. She does not have the physical beauty is takes to be in the top ten. Pretty face, very average body. However she is a very good performer which makes up for some of the things she lacks.

4Kim Basinger

This women is a true bombshell! She exudes sex...dripping with sensuality. Her face are absolutely stunning & her body is flawless! A real classic beauty and sex symbol

Best 9 1/2 weeks of my life... She is an absolute beauty. Continuous elegance and vulnerability.

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Come on! We all know Marilyn Monroe is overrated! Madonna should be number 1. Listen to her album erotica and look at her sex book if you don't believe me.

6Ornella Muti

Incredibly beautiful and nice and humble woman. Ornella Muti è la numero uno della lista.

7Brigitte Bardot

I think her ass is fat and hot she's number 1 for sure she's so hot and sexy

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9Britney Spears

its britney bitch. he's the best singer, dancer of all time. she always be britney spears the queen of pop. she is sexy hook up with guys like justin timberlake, colin farrell and jared leto. girl you got game. love you

She is so totally hot - dirty, yet down home. Mummy tummy even better! Will never tire of holding up her picture with one hand

Britney was named the biggest sex symbol of both the 90's, the 2000's and 2010's.

10Angelina Jolie

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?Bettie Page

She's becoming a greater icon than Marylin Monroe. The most famous pin-up of the fifties.

Should be number one instead Marylin Monroe. She's the real pin-up queen of the fifties. She's also becoming a greater icon and sex symbol than the Always overrated Marylin Monroe.

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11Jessica Rabbit
12Michelle Pfeiffer
13Megan Fox
14Mila Kunis
15Claudia Cardinale
16Jessica Alba

Hottest woman on the planet

The hottest no doubt

17Emma Stone
18Agnetha Fältskog
19Michele Mercier
20Sophia Loren

The people than can push for more votes now is dead, jajajajaja she was the Queen at her times, sincerely Carlos Varela from Veracruz, Mexico 42 years old

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