Top 10 Female Sex Symbols Of All Time


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Marilyn Monroe
Although Christina Aguilera is pretty and sexy, Marilyn Monroe in her day was much more hotter and prettier
One of the few women to be acclaimed the most beautiful in the world with no argument.
The Christina Aguilera of her generation. often imitated, never duplicated.
[Newest]Hands down MM wins

2Ornella Muti

3Kim Basinger
Best 9 1/2 weeks of my life... She is an absolute beauty. Continuous elegance and vulnerability.
This women is a true bombshell! She exudes sex...dripping with sensuality. Her face are absolutely stunning & her body is flawless! A real classic beauty and sex symbol
Best sex symbol ever to take an an oscar kim is a godess

4Sharon Stone

Come on! We all know Marilyn Monroe is overrated! Madonna should be number 1. Listen to her album erotica and look at her sex book if you don't believe me.

6Michele Mercier

7Britney Spears
its britney bitch. he's the best singer, dancer of all time. she always be britney spears the queen of pop. she is sexy hook up with guys like justin timberlake, colin farrell and jared leto. girl you got game. love you
Britney was named the biggest sex symbol of both the 90's, the 2000's and 2010's.

8Pamela Anderson

9Jessica Alba
Hottest woman on the planet
The hottest no doubt

10Angelina Jolie

The Contenders

11Sophia Loren
The people than can push for more votes now is dead, jajajajaja she was the Queen at her times, sincerely Carlos Varela from Veracruz, Mexico 42 years old
She is the number one
Perfect, pure talent, pure style, pure beauty, these lists are 99 percent jokes anyhow, but any idiot to rank, whore kim kartrashion above Sophia deserves to get branded with the words "stupid and deluded".

12Claudia Cardinale

13Brigitte Bardot

14Monica Bellucci

15Michelle Pfeiffer

16Kim Kardashian
Yeah, so beautiful..maybe if she wasn't made of plastic! She constantly gets work done, whether it's Botox, liposuction, face lifts, butt injections, and MUCH more. Yeah, the epitome of fake is so very beautiful.
Have you ever seen anyone ooze sex appeal the way she does! Beautiful
She's sexy... Those big boobs and huge ass.. Amazing

Her hips don't lie

18Demi Moore

19Catherine Zeta-Jones


21Raquel Welch
Raquel Welch, I believe was exceptionally beautiful, one of the best built and proportioned women of modern times. She was also very charismatic. A fine actress that was extremely photogenic and posed for some of the sexiest photos and posters available to collectors.
Excelsior.. Hot.. Hot..

22Claudia Schiffer

23Sharon Case

24Mia Wasikowska
She might not be a big name megastar, but that shouldn't limit Mia Wasikowska's sex symbol status.

25Julie Christie

26Kate Upton

27Marlene Dietrich

28Gina Lollobrigida

29Catherine Deneuve

30Natalie Wood

31Jane Fonda

32Erika Eleniak

33Miley Cyrus
Who the hell put her on this list

34Lady Gaga

35Megan Fox

36Paris Hilton


38Cameron Diaz

39Demi Lovato

She is just so sexy!

41Jessica Rabbit

42Liv Tyler

43Elizabeth Taylor
She's the most gorgeous actress of all time.

44Rekha Thapa

45Tori Black

46Betty Boop

47Scarlett Johansson
1. That beautiful blonde hair
2. Amazing Actress
3. That ass, oh my god.
4. Just look at the boobs on her!
Case closed people.

48Sharon Tate

49Stevie Nicks
She's a timeless beauty

50Rita Hayworth
Rita Hayworth is a red-head. And red heads are a very popular hair color in the US. Therefore, she's one of a kind!

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