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I would say chocolate chip, but blueberry sets the standard! A good blueberry muffin beats any of these other ones any day!
I think a nice warm blueberry muffin is the best they are also nice and moist and not dire

When I was in kindergarten, during naptime our teacher use to sneak to Food Lion and buy us some tasty snacks and come back just the time we woke up. One of them were blueberry and corn muffins. I practically finished all the blueberry ones.


[Newest]It's the best! Heaven in a muffin! We always get them from the Tesco Bakery section.

2Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip is the bomb! Blueberry is pretty good, too, but Chocolate Chip is every kids favourite... I mean, come on, who doesn't like chocolate?
I love chocolate chip cookies, and muffins, so a combination is perfect! I love whoever thought of it.
AWESOME CHOCOLATE chip is number 1
[Newest]This is number 1. Blueberry. Uh huh! Chocolate chip is awesome and everybody loves it.

Very sweet and yummy.

4Walnut and Coffee
I saw this whilst watching Delia through the ages

Its amazing! And so nice...
Respberry muffins are like the best expectally raspberry and white choc a definitely try so try then vote for it

6Banana Chocolate Chip
Moist and sweet... What more can you ask for!
Mmm mmm good banana muffins
I would rather choose a simple banana muffin

7White Chocolate and Strawberry
Yum I love this but chocolate chip can beat it!

8Banana Nut
A Banana nut muffin packs in two of the most, in my opinion, necessary nutrients you need; potassium and protein! Not to mention that it tastes simply amazing too.
Ooo. Tough decision. It's kind of a three way tie between Chocolate Chip, Banana Nut (had to use the song to remember how to spell banana), and lemin (with poppy seeds). But... There's nothing like banana nut muffins in the morning.

9Triple Chocolate
Sweet Jesus this is the best tasting under the sun! :D
Should be number 2 or 3

10Mix Dried Fruit and Cinnamom
The worst muffin I've ever tasted. I'd rather eat garbage off the street than this.
Bleeeughh, I hated this and so did my kids

The Contenders

Lemon is like so the best muffin flavour ever! Its like... KA-Bam in a good way mixed with happy rainbow unicorns!


i love it, especially with poppy seeds also.

Gross! Just eat cake for a better taste

13Poppy Seed
Absolutely delicious! Lemon Poppyseed muffins... Mm... I've made myself hungry just thinking about them! I love cupcakes as well but I just seem to feel healthy when I eat a muffin. It's the best alternative.
Orange and poppyseed muffins are the bomb! If you haven't tried them then you better go out and get some today or else you have not treated your taste buds!

14Cinnamon and Chocolate

My whole family love to bake and eat them

16Oatmeal Raisin


How is this so far down... it is the native muffin of america and should be deserved to be at least in the top 10...

My opinion counts! Wooh
Pun'kin muffins are the orange ganstas of the autumn season


21Apple Cinnamon
Chocolate and blueberry are great but apple and cinnamon are always a great combination and delicious!
Amazing Muffins I love THEM


23Chocolate Rhubarb

24Cranberry Orange

25Passionfruit and White Chocolate
This flavour in a scone when it has heated up the white chocolate melts through the passion fruit and scone giving it a mixed mouth watering flavour. I recommend you try this, it sounds like this is a gorgeous flavour in anything you want.
Cake, scone, muffin, bun, biscuit and lots more.

26Peanut Butter and Banana

27Orange Sugar

28Cinnamon Streusel
Seriously?! No one has even added this yet?!

29Chocolate and Strawberry


31Chocolate Chocolate Chip

32Cinnamon Sugar Crusted
I would like this probably of ai could even get the recipe for it.

33Vanilla Buttermilk
Simple, moist and delicious, light and fluffy with vanilla bean scattered through it not the essence

34Mint Chocolate Chip

35Peach and Passionfruit

36Chocolate and Mixed Cherries
This flavour caught my eye. If you think about it you get that lasting chocolate in your mouth followed by a large juice of cherries, mixed together they create a lovely substance of flavour.

37Yogurt Muffin

38Apple Banana and White Chocolate

39Cranberry Raisin

40Cranberry Lemon Poppyseed


42Raspberry and Cream Cheese


44Red Velvet Muffin


46White Chocolate and Raspberry
The best muffin in the world bro!

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