Top Ten Military Generals of All Time


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The Top Ten

Tran Hung Dao
If the Mongolian Empire had the strongest army in the world during that period of time, then the one that defeated that army three times must be even more fearful. Therefore, 1 vote for Tran Hung Dao.
Under his command, Dai Viet (currently Vietnam) armies defeated 2 major Mongolian Invasions in 1285 and 1287. His victories over the mighty Mongol Yuan Dynasty under Kublai Khan are considerably the greatest military feats in world history with strategies of protracted people's war.
The greatest general ever. One of the famous hero I vietnamese history
[Newest]He's the great men
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2David IV of Georgia
In 1121 he, with his army of 55.000 men won against seljuks. Their army composed of 600.000 soldiers. The battle of Didgori is often regarded as battle of "miraculous victory". Before the battle David ordered his troops to block their way back addressing soldiers that they would either win or die there. Over 70 percent of seljuks were killed and rest were taken in prisoners.
He was very young when was crowned. He inherited not only political and economical problems, but disastrous results from earthquakes of previous years. But in several years he managed to gain victory on Seljuks, who were hazardous for Europe and thus he saved not only his own country, but Europe too.
His name was widely spread in contemporary world and in Europe he was compared to St. Peter. He was savior also of Armenia and Shirvan (territory of modern Azrebaijan). These countries were quite week by that time, they asked the king David the Builder, to take them under his protection. By the way, the king was the only, who managed to free Ani, former capital of Armenia, and give it back to Armenians. So, his strategic point of view was covering quite a wide territories and what's main - he was not an Emperor, but maintained national state structure in each country, who went under his protection.
He managed to begin the Golden Age of Georgia, which lasted almost 2 centuries. That's why he is called Saint King David the Builder!
He was the greatest!
One of the greatest Military General world have ever seen... King who rebiult from ruins his country and made it strongets in East Europe... He deserves being FIRTS!
[Newest]He is the best of all the time! Not the 2nd place! He start his own empire from cero
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3Võ Nguyên Giáp
He is one of the most prominent general of all time! Without him, Vietnam couldn't defeat French Colonial and America!
I come from Vietnam, I love my country and I love the World where we are living! Protect it - Make love not War!
Oh yes, the general who haven't ever been defeated. Even he defeated two capitalist empire - France and America.
[Newest]He is a real Hero of Hero
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4Alexander the Great
Alexander died when he was 32. He had come to the throne at 20. In 12 years he led a Macedonian army to the edge of the known world and conquered all in his path. If he had not died I doubt western Europe or Africa could have stood in his way and we would know look at his empire on par with the roman or British empire each of which took hundreds of years to build with countless generals.
No other general is even thought of let alone referred to as Great. Great because he took armies further, motivated his men from the front of the line and faced the enemy on their terran but always on his terms.

He took an army to the ends of the earth, literally, and from with that he brought hellenic culture, philosophy, and technology to the world.

He is legend.. Period.
He took a greek army to the far Indies there was nothing left to conquer, the world was his - Rome total war Greek intro
[Newest]Considering that he conquered the Persian Empire and defeated much of the known world before he was 35, I would rank him as one of the ten best.
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5Napolean Bonaparte
Simply a titan of military history. His enemies like his allies were all in awe of his boldness and talent. Sure, he lost battles, but a great general is not judged on the battles he lost, but the battles he shouldn't have won. And Napoleon from day one of his military career defied the odds.
Maybe the greatest soldier of all time.
This guy would have whipped all of these other generals in about ten minutes the only reason he lost was because he had all of europe and I mean all of Europe against him
First of all at least spell his first name right... He was a godlike figure whose amazing charisma and military genius brought him victory after victory on the European continent, and in Egypt. He was the Alexander the Great of his time, the modern Caesar, and none could stand against him. His great flaw that ultimately led to his defeat was his belief in his own invincibility, that grew out of previous military victories that he had won.

Napoleon has certainly done much more good for the world than bad. Many people label him a tyrant and military dictator, and in some ways he was. However he was the embodiment of the French Revolution. He was building an empire, but at the same time he was spreading the ideals of liberty, equality, and brotherhood, bred out of the French Revolution. He freed enslaved peoples in Croatia and Poland (so much that his name is mentioned in the Polish national anthem) and wrote a law code that remains with France to this day, and is the base for most other western law codes. Napoleon was a great man, if not the greatest man, to ever have lived.
[Newest]He Should Not Be 5 He should be 1 you idiotic fools
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6Julius Caesar
Very few generals can boast having one so many pitched battles at such damning odds. He was a brilliant tactician, able to make effective use of his troops to achieve various and often unorthodox tactical advantages. To add to this, he was able to wage and win a civil war against a powerful general with an army of equal discipline and greater numbers AND the weight of legitimacy against him. He could not have done just anything to win the civil war. The politics of civil war in Rome were extremely tricky, and only a brilliant man could win a war while acting within the socio-political constraints of Rome to preserve his popularity and establish his supremacy.

Most others like to mention Alexander "the Great" as the greatest general. Granted, he did some spectacular things, that should be remembered. However, we should not remember generals purely for the spectacular aspects of their leadership. Regardless, if we did, Caesar would still be near the top of the list, considering his frequent victories in extremely adverse situations, the tremendous feat of defeating an enemy of vastly greater size while besieging a town at the same time, and finally winning the tremendously difficult Civil War.

On this list, a Vietnamese general named Tran Hung Dao is named number one, but even the slights amount of research would show any historian why he was successful against the Mongol hordes: HORSES. Horses do not survive very long in the southern reaches of China, let alone in Vietnam... The Mongols were successful largely because of the way they used horses. Onc deprived of that, there is virtually no chance that a Mongol army is going to succeed in such different and unfamiliar (let alone unfriendly) territory. If the Vietnamese had marched into Northern China and defeated the Mongols in an open field, then I might reconsider.
Military genius who conquered Gaul and defeated the great Pompeii to become dictator of Rome. He was known as the destroyer of tribes, he killed 500,000 Germans who tried to cross the roman border. His siege of Alesia was a great military achievement.
Julius Caesar conquered modern day France, Belgium, the Netherlands and England. Despite being out numbered, ill supplied, and facing adverse conditions he was almost always victorious in battle. In addition to conquering new territory for Rome he defeated Pompay (and he optimate allies) and the Egyptian army.
He staged 2 raids only, into Britain not England never conquered it
[Newest]The all time best in my opinion.

7Khalid ibn al-Walid
Khalid bin walid (R. A) is not was the most powerful military general or commander of all time and in the history of mankind.
Every time with very little troops of him he conquered large and monsterous military like persian and romans. I would say one thing about roman military that roman military were the most powerful military at that time and if I ask which nation has got the most powerful military in this generation then every one's mind will have an answer either USA or Russia. If we guage or measure power of Roman military with todays USA OR Russia's military then Roman military was 7 times powerful than USA or Russia military.

And Khalid bin walid defeated Romans and persians...
He has been honoured 'The sword of Allah' and never got defeated even once in his military career.
he is the best undefeated against romans and persians most of his armies were small and he's never lost a battle in 100 against romans and persians
He should be placed at the number one position. He took the responsibility to protech islam at its early age when islam was facing all kinds of hardships and infliction for its existence. He not only protected islam from extinction but also expanded islam accross the globe... He took all the initiative to spread and protect islam simultaneously. His ilamic world is still existing, whereas others' have perished with their depurture. His martial spirit, skill, innovation, great morality, strict discipline and above all sheer dedication to truthfulness are the main aspects of his character... But we don't find all this altogether in others' characer... Nasser imran chowdhury, BD
[Newest]Never lost a single battle in his life.
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8Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan ruled the largest contigious empire in the world to date: The Mongol Empire. It pretty much covered almost ALL of Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe. The Mongols pretty much killed anyone who got in their way and nobody could've stopped them. Even the Abbasid Islamic Empire couldn't stop them. Of course they were defeated off by the Mamluks, but remember the only reason they didn't conquer Western Europe was because their king got sick. Otherwise, who knows how the history of the world could've changed considering that Western Europe pretty much took over the entire world.
The story of Genghis, at least from his perspective, is miraculous. Son of a Mongol chieftain, he and his family were kicked out of their clan and left to die on the desolate Mongolian plains when his father died without naming his heir and his bondsman took over and expelled the potential threats to his rule. Why did he not kill them? Because the plains should have been enough to do the job. But they didn't, Genghis' family survived, and over many years, Genghis managed to go from nothing to leader of a few outcasts like himself, to leader of a clan, to leader of his former clan and others, etc etc until he managed to fully unite the entirety of the Mongol steppes. This in itself was an amazing achievement.

Needing to solidify his rule, he invaded the Xi Xia of China. In a completely different terrain and facing stone walls most of his people had never encountered, as well as a professional army, Genghis brought them to heel. In his war against the Chin dynasty, facing the same problems but on a much larger scale, and this time heavily outnumbered at the battle of Badger's Mouth, he was again completely victorious. All his other campaigns, against the Kara Khitan Empire, Kwarizmian Empire, Volga Bulgars and Russians, were also successful. When he finally died in 1227, he had conquered the largest empire EVER conquered under the leadership of one man.

Genghis really was outstanding. He couldn't read or write, yet he devised a very fine decimal based structure for his armies, units of 10,000, 1,000, 100, and 10. He managed to unite tribes that for centuries had fought and killed each other, into one army, one nation. He brought down civilizations far more advanced and equipped than his 'hordes', he knew how to judge a person's character, picking the very best of generals as his inner circle (subedai and jebe among them) and, on the very few occasions that he was defeated, he managed to minimize the loss and strike back harder than before to achieve victory. Finally, he understood the usefulness of fear, and used it to a degree no general has ever matched in order to ensure swift capitulations. I'm not saying he was a good person. I actually think he was a shame to the human race, but as a military general, a leader of men, and a fierce warlord, not to mention empire builder, I believe he had no equal.
Any Guy who wins battles in conditions as different as Russian Steppes, Middle Eastern Arid landscapes and dense Urban settings is a genius. Add to that, that Genghis Khan's army was not the technologically most advanced even at that time; for example their armor was much inferior than the still plated armors or chain-mail armors used by his adversaries. And more often than not, they fought without any huge numerical superiority. Therefore Generalship becomes all the more important.
[Newest]I highly suggest people listen to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Wrath of Khan. Unbelievable.
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9Hannibal Barca
Hannibal Barka will forever be remembered as the man who brought Rome to its knees. Such a feat has seldom been repeated, and many of my friends would never have even heard of Carthage were it not for him. Every battle he fought, the Romans had every advantage, numbers, terrain, you name it, the Romans had it. But the one thing they didn't have was Hannibal. He was, defeated, it's true. But as I said, Rome still had every advantage. The general who beat him did not beat him purely out of military skill the way Hannibal did.
His strategies and tactics are still studied in most of the modern military academies
He spend 17 years with his army in roman territory, destroying one roman army being their armies outnumbered, worse equipped and tired in almost each occasion.
Traveled through Spain, France, and the Alps to reach Rome then fought outnumbered, without supplies, and with just mercenaries that he kept from killing each other. Winning almost every battle with opposition from his homeland and without naval support. Almost destroying Rome and forcing allies of Rome to defect. If only he could have brought siege weapons across the Alps then history would replace the Romen Empire with the Carthagien Empire.
[Newest]Hannibal was great he took on a nation that was very powerful... A man like that one must respect his heart and his way of thinking..
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10Nguyen Hue
Nguyen Hue or King Quang Trung was very talent in war strategies and tactics. He moved fifty thousands soldiers from Hue to Ha Noi (more than 600km apart) on foot in 3 days in the year of late 1780. He defeated Chinese Tang's army in 200, 000 soldier in one day. He defeated Thai's invasive army of fifty thousands soldiers also in few hours in another occasion. He defeated French's navy without a warship. He never lost one battle in his whole life.
Nguyen Hue (1752-1792), also known as Emperor Quang Trung is a military genius. He was known for breaking the 30 armies of China's Manchu (in 1789) and 20 Siamese armies (in 1785).
The people of Vietnam are respected him! Forever...
Because he had never lost to any enemies in his life
[Newest]Don't know what to say, he did something people can't explain now
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The Contenders

11Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox
Excellent leader as well as great human being. His army did not committed any war crimes. Under his command axis army was almost have have won north african campaign. With his small army and badly outnumbered he was able to pull out remarkable victories.
Erwin Rommel - easily the greatest military mind of the 20th century, with day light second, and certainly in the top few for all time. Many do not realise how incredibly close he came to single handedly winning WW2 for the axis, despite far inferior forces and supplies at his disposal.
Rommel should be #1 because the tactics he enforced in battle are what America wins with today. The allies did not break out of Normandy until he was wounded!
[Newest]By far above and beyond the Greatest military mind of modern history, defeated 500 British tanks with only 20 Tanks. Turned small numbers of men and small material resources into stunning victories that would be remembered for decades to come, possibly even centuries. This man was also the true father of the Blitzkrieg, being able to command the charge through France and Belgium, as well as the north African campaign.
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12Georgy Zhukov
27th REALLY?
He turned the tide of the ever-losing War in Eastern Europe. He is the greatest Soviet (and Russian, for that matter) to come out of the country.
In a Red Army rigidly controlled and even micromanaged by Stalin he was able to tactfully and deftly maneuver Russian troops in ways never before done and win battles where he was doomed from the start. I don't believe he ever lost a single battle as a commander and was easily the greatest military leader in a war that included many of our histories best.
[Newest]He should get more credit because he won so many battles that were crucial. if stalin or Moscow had gone the other way Germany would've won

humble and not a tyrant, even fed the enemies
Saladin planned his attacks well, only fought with reason and gave his enemies freedom after his enemies killed even his own family.
It's our wits that makes us man.
[Newest]Unlike the crusaders, he treated the people in jerusalem with a hospitality!

14George Washington
Very underrated. Defeated the most powerful nation on earth at that time. George did what he had to to archive victory, ultimate victory. Maybe he didn't have any great battles that he won but, he did win the war.
He at least refused to be king, America will be run as an empire at that is not a very good thing isn't that what Americans were fighting for being free from unfair laws the king was stating.


He at least refused to be king or else america will be run as an empire which is not good because that's what they were fighting for being free from an unfair empire run by george iii


[Newest]He commanded an inexperienced army against the most powerful and won!

15Giorgi Saakadze
He was really the Great general and warrior
He was the person who was fighting for his country! He had sucrifised every important thing what he ever had! And this on that time when Georgian people weren't aware of his huge work!

16George S. Patton
Sorry, can't agree with this selection. Great generals defeated foes who outnumbered them, or by employing amazing tactics. Germany was at the verge of defeat at the hands of the Russians even before D-Day. So the western Allies attacked France when much of Germany's armed forces were busy in the East. Patton therefore wasn't taking on a superior foe, but a half defeated and depleted enemy. In France the Allies had complete air superiority and harassed German ground forces incessantly. Patton had little Luftwaffe opposition. And for the most part, he was well supplied, unlike the Germans. Of course he accomplished many things and helped defeat the Nazis. But he doesn't belong on a list with Alexander the Great and Hannibal. Of course, we'll never know if he could have defeated Germany's best troops if they were well supplied, only had to do battle on one front, and had a strong Luftwaffe to support them.
Offensive in planning, attacking, and commitment. Even his logistical methods were far advanced than those he fought with or against. Decision in the heat of battle was something given to only those to whom it was in all human interest to succeed. A vision of the battlefield gained from the vision of the past. Patton used that vision to defeat his enemy. His lust for achieving glory was his only defeating quality. He fought Rommel on even tactics and won at every turn. Hitler was not affraid of Patton but his generals were. He was certain to reach Berlin if not for Allied political positions that held up the war and increased loss of life. Patton for the age and the moment in the world at war was the best leader and the best combat soldier to win.
Because no bastard has won a war by dying for his country. He has won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.
[Newest]In my eyes he was one of the greatest generals of all time and should at least earn himself the top 5 list. He was a great motivational speaker and a great tactician. Obviously the greatest General of World War 2
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17Sun Tzu
Never lost a battle, even when outnumbered 10 to 1. Put himself on Deadly Ground (read the book) with his troops, thereby leading by example. And my personal favorite, turned a group of hookers (read: king's concubines) into a fighting force just to pass the interview and get the job!
Wrote the Art of War which shaped military history forever and predicted the outcomes of many battles.
Creator of the Art of War, Grandfather of Guerilla Warfare, Changed the way wars are fought forever, And his strategies and tactics are still used today. Why is Sun Tzu not #1

18Pyotr Bagration
He was great, but he didn't fight for his country.

19Robert E. Lee
Lee was a decent defensive general, but poor when on offense. His offensive campaigns basically destroyed the Army of Northern Virginia by bleeding it to death.

How many enemy armies did he destroy? His famous victories are very overrated. Shortly after Chancellorsville the army he defeated was stopping him at Gettysburg with heavy losses.

His great strength was not defeating the Union armies he faced, but in defeating the enemy commander, causing them to retreat after taking a stinging but, non-decisive blow. All the Union armies he defeated were capable of fighting again, very soon after their defeats.

When Lee faced a general he could not intimidate (Grant) he was forced to fight a skillful but ultimately losing campaign. In that campaign he inflicted defeats comparable to his earlier ones, the difference was that the opposing general was not intimidated. Once that happened his army was doomed, since he was never able to inflict a decisive defeat tat destroyed the enemy army.

Overall Lee was a good general, but one of the best in history? Not a chance. Great generals do not have their armies destroyed
Lee was a master tactician, who lead a bare foot and half-starved army under rebellion. Every other general on this list had international recognition of his country at time of service. General Lee did not. So remember that when you a evaluate his deeds in the field
Great generals don't have their armies destroyed?! Well I'm sorry lets see what his army had... No railroad, no telegraph, and WAY LESS PEOPLE I mean what. Lee was definitely one of the best in history, I mean if the north had him the war might have been shorter
[Newest]Would have won the war if he did not lose Stonewall Jackson right before Gettysburg. He was also sick and bed-ridden during Gettysburg. It is the equivalent of being in the SuperBowl without your #1 quarterback and your coach.

20Attila the Hun
33? Really? The dude who broke the Roman Empire?
Attila the Hun should be in the top three. This placement is not correct.
Its retarded he's not higher on the list, the greatest millatary in the world feared him and he drove whole populations of scary barbarian warriors out of their homeland.
[Newest]This should be higher

Destroyed everything that opposed him, whether they were Mongol, Turkic, Arab or Hindu. Skilled diplomat when it was required. Died on the way to conquer the Yuan dynasty.
He didn't lose any battle he conquered many powerful kingdoms.
Defeated the Ottomans, golden horde, Delhi. How can Georgy Zhukov be 11th?

22Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
He was one of the best of a handful of staff officers who received education at Military Academy of Ottoman Empire. He was the fifth most successful student when he graduated with the rank of staff captain. (1905)

He was a great strategist, a military genius, a talented diplomat and a great statesman.

1. He defeated the Allied armies at Gallipoli (as commander of Anafartas Army Group). (1915)

2. As commander in chief of Turkish army, he defeated an invasion army of Greece, stopped their advance and drove them back to their lines at the Battle of Sakarya even though Turkish army was greatly outnumbered (1 to 3) and out of resources. (1921)

3. One year later, under the command of Atatürk, Turkish army came out of nowhere and started a surprise frontal offensive on Greeks. With a single blow, Greek army was cut into 3 pieces and they were in chaos. Turkish army completed surronding the Greek army at the 4th day of attack. At the 5t day, on 30th of August, 1922 Turkish army annihilated the Greek army (which was a puppet of British Empire) at the Battle of Dumlupınar.

At a time (in 1919) only 1/3 of Turkey was free (not invaded), he rallied the people around him, founded a parliament and rebuilt a regular army nearly from scratch.

Even though the country had virtually no resources, he started the War of Independence and he leaded the army and the nation during this war against the British Empire and French Empire from 1919 to 1922.

In the end, he liberated today's Turkey, started a nation-state building process in 1922. After that, he made revolutionary changes to modernize the state and the society, to educate the society, and to have a secular state.
Any leader who instills nationalism and identity by leading a peasant population to democratic freedom against the threat of extermination is a remarkable leader. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk not only was the only commander in the Ottoman Empire to not have been defeated. He was the only leader to ask his soldiers to die for their identity (against an invasion force hell bent on conquering and taking over the lands of the depleted Ottoman Empire) without hesitation did exactly this.
He must be NUMBER ONE. Seriously he saved our Public. He broke Ottoman and he made the most cooler country in the world. Turkey
[Newest]He is the best leader he must be number one

23Fredrick the Great
This man took the worst of situations and made the very best of them. Prussia had a strong military and that was about it. It had divided territory, a weak economy, a small population, and had a small land area compared to powers such as France and Russia. He proved to the world that Prussia was a force to be reckoned with and could easily contend with the larger European powers of the time.
He pioneered what he called 'The Oblique Attack', was studied and admired by Napoleon, and was able to defend Prussia against three European Empires allied against him with limited resources at his disposal.
He was losing for 6 years and still survived gaining more power in Europe.

24Cyrus the Great
The first to be titled "the Great". He also completely destroyed 3 empires against all odds. The Spartans themselves threatened Cyrus that if he were to touch any Greek city state that he would be attacked, after one of Cyrus's satraps conquered some more Greek territory, the Spartans did nothing.
He conquered Medes, Babylon, Lydia, Chaldean, Croesus and many greek nation states of his time. The empire he founded was truly the biggest of its time and many nations accepted him as their sovereign without a single shed of blood. What makes him great is not how many cities, nations, empires he defeated but how he governed them. His subjects were free to govern themselves, pray to their own god and have their own beliefs. The empire was stable, safe and economy and wealth flourished for everyone of his subjects. He was the first emancipator and truly the fist great general-king. If only other generals/kings followed his lead.
Founder of persian archaemenid empire. Before that, he destroyed the strong babylonian empire.
[Newest]Should be in the top 5. Sick people just sick

25Heraclius II of Georgia
Legendary Georgian King and commander, fearless warrior. There were fights in which with 500 warrior won more than 5000 army of enemy
He is called as "Macedonian of the East"
Lol he lost a battle with 250,000 men against only 40000 Muslims. really? Don't lie to the people and start getting your history right

26Joseph Stalin
In a time when he had every reason to be paranoid, He was, but he was the mastermind behind the Eastern front, He knew his Enemy and that their pride would get the better of them.

In Stalingrad a city He ordered to be built as the strongest city in the world, Indestructible and the perfect place to make a stand, Not a last stand but The Stand of the war. Russia under Stalin defeated 4/5 of the German Army in the Largest war EVER. If Tamerlane is not ruled out for his Tyranny Or Napoleon is not ruled out for not knowing when to stop then Stalin, should in fact be near the top (Hitler was a failure thus should never be on this list, Tyranny being irrelevant on THIS list)

He sought and alliance with France and UK but was turned down on Ideological terms, & Kept an unlikely Union together.
He was a clown silly and simply put! Your missing great Military minds and leaders too! What about Ethan Allen. Just because their war was small and obscure does not mean they were no good...

Stalin was a not General or military mind but a terrorist and bank robber who was able to secure power. As far as his defeat of Germany no way that was going to happen, if the US had not entered with its massive money and industrial might! Russia would have been beaten a second time by Germany!
Stalin is a disgrace to mankind. Actually, I apologize because that statement is very offensive to disgraces of mankind.

27Pham Ngoc Thao

28The Duke of Wellington
He had a tactical mind that was wider thinking than just the battle at hand. The Lines of Torres Vedras for example, he knew that he could not defeat the French Peninsular army in open battle, so under state secrecy had 3 defensive fortification lines constructed to protect Lisbon and following a scorched earth policy, forced the French into full retreat with them suffering numerous casualties through starvation and disease. Despite his many victories in Portugal and Spain, Wellington stated that his greatest victory was that at Assaye in India, 1803, where he had roughly 10, 000 men and 17 cannon against 50, 000 men with 100 cannon. A hard fought victory from one of Britain's greatest generals.
As far as I can tell, Wellington is the only General on this list to have defeated any of the others, and yet he is further down the list than his vanquished opponent. 60 battles undefeated over a period of fifteen years, where mostly he was hopelessly outnumbered, is an undeniably impressive record. This fourth son of a wealthy Irish land owner joined the military as it was believed he would never amount to anything - and yet he is the only one of the Wellesley family who has any level of fame. Simply phenomenal general and should definitely be in the top ten.
Excellent tactician & an expert at using the lye of the land. Perhaps the greatest defensive general in history eji mostly fought with outnumbered armies, often of different nationalities yet moulded them into a formidable force. True he was helped by Blucher at Waterloo, but he still held off the main French attack & forced the first ever retreat of the Imperial guard.
[Newest]The man who defeated the French armies in the Peninsula and played such an important role at Waterloo deserves to be one of the top ten.

29Vakhtang I of Iberia
He was best of best warrior king of all time! He was 2.4 metre. Vakhtang Persians calling "Gorgasal" - wolfhead. He can catch deer, when he running and take away with his sholder! He killed very much warriors in fight!
And he was very good and clever king of Georgia!

30Mehmed II
His name is Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh. Ruler of Ottoman Empire and conqueror of Byzantine Empire. He siege Constantinople, the most impregnable city in the world, for months. At the end, he ordered a European military engineer to develop a very large cannon, bring it across Bosphorus Straits, and bombard the city wall. He is a very pious muslim ruler.
Conquered Constantinople at the age of 21 bringing an end to the Byzantine empire.
Yup, but because the Byzantines were already on their last legs after centuries of conflict. The Ottomans were just the last group to attack them, and Mehmed the last Ottoman to. The Byzantines were ready for the plucking. Mehmed just mopped them up.
The conqueror and he is the greatest leader all time
[Newest]So cool he was.

31Pham Xuan An
He's a great spy. But I don't think he's a general.

32Leonidas I
With only 300 soldiers by his side he killed hundred of thousands Persian soldiers even he was killed with the 300 such accomplishment cannot be considered a defeat.
How is he at number 114... He is the greatest alongside his 300
Brave and tactical brilliance. What could he have done if Spartas 10,000 men had marched with him

33Erich Von Manstein
Probably the greatest strategic genius in WWII. He was able to fight many successful defensive battles against a massively superior enemy. If Hitler had allowed him freedom of action on the Eastern front, we may have had an entirely different outcome, At the very least it would have taken the Soviets far longer to push into Germany.
Compared to him Zhukov was a joke, who only ever won a battle by outnumbering the Germans 10-1.
The man who defeated the Allies in France deserves to be on this list
A professional, a strategic genius and bold. The Fall of France came as a result of one of Von Manstein's plan.
[Newest]Very professional general and an expert military strategist for both offense and defense

34Abu Ubaidah ibn al-Jarrah
People acknowledge Khalid al-Walid as the most brilliant military commander in world history and muslim world. But, during expansion campaign to spread Islam by Caliph Umar al-Khattab, many muslim generals worth to mention. One of them is Abu Ubaidah al-Jarrah. After Khalid was sacked by the caliph, Abu Ubaidah al-Jarrah became the commander in chief and led muslim army to many victories such as Syrian Campaign and Islam-Byzantine War. (Khalid al-Walid also serve an important role)
Abu Ubaidha was equal to Khalid Ibni Waleed in tactics and strategy. More cautious than Khalid, so his victories were long lasting. But kKhalid will always be remembered, since he was never defeated ib battle.

35Horatio Nelson
Greatest British admiral of all time hence the best naval tactician ever! Nile, trafalgar, when face by two different navy's both with superior numbers. Britain didn't the biggest empire in the world, for no reason. Navy was key for expansion and Nelson was at the fore front of Britain's navy.
The best british navy commander in british history. From spain to nile until denmark. He travelled far and win many major victories including the sea battle against napoleon fleet in nile 9napoleon not present though)
The victor at the Nile, Copenhagen, and Trafalgar cemented his great role in world history. The wooden walls of England were often held together by Nelson.

36Scipio Africanus
Might he have not win Hannibal Rome would have never existed, without the roman culture Europe, as we know it, would have never been born, without Europe this world would be totally different.

Without him our pilar stone of this world culture would be Carthage.
51, really? He is probably the best military commander of all time. He didn't JUST defeat Hannibal, who is arguably the 2nd best general in History. He defeated EVERYTHING and EVERYONE sent against him. Conqueror of Spain, and one of the few undefeated generals in history.
Because, Hannibal is listed in this website as number seven and Scipio defeated Hannibal. And he is a better general then Stalin who is ranked higher in this list.

37Hari Singh Nalwa
Who was the most successful military general
In the world. Some names which were much talked about
Then were Napoleon, Marshal Handenberg, Lord Kitchner,
General Carbuiser or Duke of Wellington. After mention of
The generals from European sub continent, Halaku Khan,
Changez Khan, Alaudin of Asia were also counted in. But
When the mention of S. Hari Singh Nalwa came, the British
Writer bowed his head in reverence to the most successful
Army General of the world. For his ability to triumph over
Afghanistan where the British rulers had failed despite
Unlimited resources of manpower and money available to
Them. If S. Hari Singh had so much resources, he could
Have conquered Europe and middle east. He was not only
A capable General but an administrator of high caliber, a
Man of very high and noble character, a scholar, a
Farsighted person endowed with unique quality of self
In 1798 captured the Khyber Pass. Hari Singh Nalwa, who manned the Khyber pass for years Firts and only Gernal to do
Hari singh nalwa is definitely the best general of all times as he was able to rule and control the raiders who looted the wealth of India. He was terror to those whom the three supreme powers of today US, Russiaand britain with their resources poured together are not able to control.
One more thing other rulers disrespected other religions or color or poor. But he believed in Sikhism which make him good by heart and love gor humanity. As earlier quoted by someone he use to spare children, women and elderly people.
Did not harm women, children or elderly after victories.
[Newest]Hari singh nalwa was most brave general in history ever

38Douglas McArthur
saved my country (philippines)


An egomaniac for sure, made blunders esp. after Dec. 8, 1941 but helped make the best of the approx. 15% of materials designated for the Allies against the Empire of Japan. Governed post-war Japan into the modern era. The landing at Inchon was a stroke of genius but, he unfortunately fell victim to hubris concerning how many Chinese Army regulars were in North Korea. Taught a lesson about war and politics-just like Westmoreland was in Viet Nam several years later
If it would not be this man

39Imam Hussein A.S
I love him for his Faith
I Salute his bravery who faced a large number of troops for eight to ten hours with 72 companions
He showed us that "The victory of blood over sword" is true.

40Nguyen Tan Cuong

He defeated a Polish and Hungarian Army entirely within two days of each other. He defeated 32 nations over the course of his military history which consisted of over 65 victorious pitched battles. He deserves to be in the top 10 at least.
I'm not sure how this guy isn't in the top 3. He was probably the greatest ever in my opinion. He swept through Europe and Asia against overwhelming odds, and used artillery to his advantage in normal battles.
Only defeted once. Was the first commander ever who combined indirect fire with movements. An extraordinary commander
[Newest]He was the most powerful general of all time. His war tactics are the best.

42Peter the Great
Pyotr Alexeyevich (Pyotr I) ruled the Tsardom of Russia and later the Russian Empire from 1682 until 1725. In numerous successful wars he expanded the Tsardom into a huge empire that became a major European power. He led a cultural revolution that replaced some of the traditionalist and medieval social and political system with a modern, scientific, Europe-oriented, and rationalist system.
The most successful Russian Tzar. He revolutionized Russia economy and military. He build St. Petersburg city on the swampy area and became major city in Russia. Under him, Russia became one of the European major power. He led Russia in battle with Sweden and Ottoman Empire even though his miliry tactic not really worth to mention. But he change transform Russia into a respected country.

43Ulysses S. Grant
Before confronting Lee's army, Grant was not known as a butcher. Statistics show that Lee lost a far higher percentage of his troops. The moniker of butcher arrived only as Grant was required to throw his troops against entrenched forces who were hoping that, in time, public opinion in the North would give way, that is, before Grant's army was successful.
Three enemy armies destroyed. Victories when having a larger army, victories when outnumbered. Immediately took the initiative away from Lee and forced Lee to react to him until Lee surrendered. Unlike Lee his victories were decisive. Unlike Lee he nurtured a brilliant group of subordinates and replaced incompetents. Unlike Lee he coordinated armies on all fronts, not just his own. America's best general.
Brilliant campaign in West to resulting in victory at Vicksburg cutting the Confederacy in two. Father of the American military strategy of bringing overwhelming force to bear. Shock and Awe before its time. Won the Civil War.

44Hoang Trong Bang

45George Marshall
George Marshall convinced Congress to increase the size of the US Army 10-fold before we entered WWII, despite strong isolationist sentiment. If he weren't so effective at operating BEHIND THE SCENES, he would be known as the greatest logistical general of all time. Churchill credited him with being the single person most responsible for Allied Victory and with "the most unsordid act in history"--the Marshall Plan, which was only so-named to get Congress to pass it. This act won the peace and prevented much of Europe from falling behind the Iron Curtain. Marshall is the only soldier to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize.
This was the general that led the allied victory from behind and was the mentor to the Supreme Allied commander Dwight Eisenhower.
Was responsible for the strategy that won WWII, more than any other office in our military

46Chandragupta Maurya
Defeated seleucus, Alexander the greats most powerful general, defeated the most powerful kingdoms of India and unified India, a street boy to have rose to such great heights is a amazing feat.
Created the base for one of the strongest empire of world
From a street boy he became the empire of India. His empire covered almost all of India Pakistan & Afganistan. He drove away greeks, dethroned mighty Nanda empire of Magadha & unified India with the timely advice of his teacher turn Prime Minister Chanakya. He also established an efficient administration.

47Muawiyah I
Under Muslim Second Caliph, Caliph Umar al-Khattab, Muawiyah became the governor of Syria in 640 and make Damascus as his base. In 647, he already developed a very strong army to oppose Byzantine Empire. He conquered Cyprus in 649 and Rhodes in 654. He also defeated Byzantine navy in Lycia in 655. By this time, he and his Syrian army under the order of Caliph in Medina became a very fearsome threat to the Byzantine Empire (apparently BYzantine only fell to Mehmet II). He siege Byzantine capital, Constantinople, several times. As a relative to Muslim Third Caliph, Uthman al-Affan, he demand the fourth caliph, Ali Abi Talib, to take action upon the assassination of Uthman. Fearing that the people will divide, Caliph Ali refuse to take action for the time being, and this led to Muawiyah dissatisfaction. Civil war occurred with Siffin War and Camel War. Regret by this event, the two rulers decide to negotiate and Muawiyah take this opportunity to conquer Egypt. After the death of Caliph Ali, the caliph's family acknowledge Muawiyah position as the next caliph to avoid any bloodshed even though people of Medina vote Ali's son, Saidina Hassan (grandchild of Prophet Muhammad saw), as the next caliph, led to the birth of Ummayyah Caliphate.

48Dwight D. Eisenhower
Held together a coalition as no one else could, long enough to defeat the
He defeated the Nazis

This albanian warrior king started a war were albania would crush any turkish army that came into our land for the next 40 years he was usually outnumbered 1 to 10
Great tactician, held ottomans back many times and defeated them even though he was outnumbered. Deemed "champion of Christ". By the pope. Ottomans only succeeded in conquering Albania after he died of malaria in his 60's
The greatest warrior who saved the Christianity in modern Europe from ottoman empire
[Newest]The greatest king of Albania

50Gustav II Adolf
In civilization V, he is simply just referred to as the "lion of the north", one of the greatest most prominent generals of all time. He was a soldiers' general who reformed, and modernised his army, all from a position of neglect and deterioration. Had at his point of death in 1632 at the battle of Lützen, built one of the greatest empires in Europe at the time, and secured for all future the protestant/reformist Christian church in Europe. His legacy still lives, unlike so many other so called "great generals'"
People are stupid. Gustav II Adolf easily make the top 10 list. He created modern warfare.
Napoleon looked up to this guy, Sweden wouldn't have been a power without him why is he down here?

51Ali ibn Abu Talib
HE is the best warrior ever born in the world...
Born in 599/600 AD in Mecca (Saudi Arabia), inside the holy sanctuary of Kaaba. Died in 661 AD in Kufa (Iraq) by the hands of one of his ex-soldiers. He is buried in Najaf, another Iraqi city, where his shrine still attracts his lovers.

The first cousin and the only son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad. His most beloved and the most faithful Companion. Revered as their first Imam by the Shia Muslims and as their fourth Caliph by the Sunni Muslims.

He was the bravest Muslim soldier of his time and considered to be unbeatable. He beheaded many people with his famous sword, Dhu al Fiqar (the two headed). He was entitled as the Lion of God by the Prophet.

Held the throne in 655 AD, after the murder of the third Caliph of Islam. He led three great battles in his era I.E. the Battle of Camel against Aisha (the wife of the Prophet), the Battle of Siffin against Mua'wiyah I (the future first king in the history of Islam) and the Battle of Nahrawan against the Kharijites (a sect of Islam).

He's still known for his humanism, his care for human rights and his sympathy for the persecuted ones. There are cases where he showed mercy towards his bloodthirsty enemies. He always insisted that he fought for truth and justice, not for personal benefits like his adversaries.

He was also a great scholar and the Prophet called him 'the gate of knowledge'.

He was a real legend and not only a general but a model for humankind.
HE is the best warrior ever born in the world

52Stonewall Jackson
His nickname says it all. He only died because his own man shot him in the arm. Who knows had he not died maybe we would be looking at there being a Confederate States of America.
Probably the best battlefield commander in US History. Lee was the best strategist. Marshall the best at operations.
His leadership and ability to lead men into battle, gave him an edge in battle. He gave everything to a cause he believed in. Who knows the result if his ideas had become a reality.
[Newest]Amazing general, god bless the South

53Cao Cao
Prime Minister of Han Dynasty in China. A dictator and founder of Wei Kingdom during three kingdoms era in 2 ce. He conquered half of China.

He is the best

55Isaac Brock
He served under Lord Nelson in the battle of Copenhagen and is known as the protector of Ontairio for defeating the Americans at the battle of Fort Michilimakinak, Fort Detroit and Queenston Heights during the war of 1812 he also made a alliance with Tecumseh and his native followers, in summary without Brock Canada would ruled by the Americans.
One of the greatest generals in Canadian History.

56Gaius Marius
Completely revolutionized the Roman military and won some of the most lopsided victories in military history. Defeated a quarter of a million German invaders with only a relative handful of troops (~30,000). Excelled not only at battlefield leadership but also at preparation and logistics. Brilliance included several inventions, such as the pilum that broke upon impact, preventing the enemy from throwing it back. He essentially completely changed the way war was prepared for and fought. That tremendous impact on military history, alongside his brilliance in the field, make him a shoo-in for the top 10.
Best romsn general ever - him vs hanniba would have been awesome

57Yi Sun-sin
Yi Sun Sin is the greatest naval commander ever. He battled the Japanese Navy and fought for his country, even if he had 12 ships and the Japanese had 333, and Yi still won the battle and only lost about 10 men. The Japanese lost over 18,000. Yi is extremely underrated, and other Admirals and commanders are often called better than Yi, but Yi Sun Sin won every battle he fought in, and had the best strategies and tactics. GO Korea!
He defeated the Japanese Navy single handedly while being out numbered on every occasion, and was able to end the invasion during his life. He was also an officer in the army, who defeated invaders from the north and some japanese that landed in Korea sometime before. He rose through the ranks of the army fast, and was very well educated in not just fighting and military strategy, but in literature, philosophy, etc.
He commanded one of the most successful naval maneuvers ever

58Suleiman I
Suleiman I, also known as Suleiman the Magnificent by the European, became a prominent monarch of 16th-century Europe, presiding over the apex of the Ottoman Empire's military, political and economic power. He involved and ordered many expansion campaign and also battle with European Kingdoms and Forces such as fell of Belgrade in 1521, the defeated of Knight Hospitallers of Rhodes in 1522, the collapsed of Hungarian resistance (Mohacs), the captured of Habsburg stronghold in 1541 and 1544 led to Habsburg sign a treaty, siege of Vienna 1529 and 1532 which he failed to capture the city, Ottoman-Safavid War 1532 until 1555 against Shiite Safavid Dynasty in Persia, Campaign in the Indian Ocean against the Portuguese such as capture of Aden and Muscat by Ottoman admiral Piri Reis, and also Mediterranean and North Africa campaign notably Battle of Preveza in 1538 which Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha defeats Andrea Doria of Holy League and Siege of Malta which Knight Hospitallers able to defeat the Ottoman with the help of late reinforcement from Spain also Franco-Ottoman Alliances in 1530s to face Habsburg led to the attack on Naples and Sicily and capture of Nice in 1543 by Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha, One of the Ottoman Great Admirals. Suleiman also made administrative reforms that earn him the title Kanuni Sulayman or Suleiman The Lawgiver from his subjects. He also made great contributions in art and cultural.

59Flavius Aetius
The last of the Romans

60Vladimir Vazov
An outstanding general whose victories are still studied in all major military academies in the world. He was victorious in many pitched battles, leading a small and ill-equipped Bulgarian army against the combined forces of Great Britain, France, Greece and Serbian soldiers in exile. In all battles he fought he was severely outnumbered (almost 10:1) and the enemy had a technological advantage. During the course of his victories he was promoted from colonel straight to liutenant general.
The greatest general in world war II. He led the Bulgarian forces into many victories mainly in the battle of Doiran (1918) against forces far greater and more equipped than his army.

Athens military commander. Not a favourite in Athens and even exiled once from Athens to Persia. Led athenian army to victory against Persian invasion forces at Marathon with 1 : 2 odds.

62Nguyan Ngoc Loan

63Theodore Roosevelt
Just completely badass, rode horses for miles with asthma when his men were complaining, won the Spanish war. Just completely amazing.
Was not a general, colonel of volunteers. Had a yard of guts, but was not a strategic thinker. His son Theodore Roosevelt Jr, KIA at Normandy was a fine example of a general, who lead from the front and inspired his troops.
Good leader but wasn't a general

64Hernan Cortes
Better placement for this guy, good Lord! NOT your typical genius general; read 'The Conquest of New Spain' by Bernal Diaz and you'll understand why this guy was something on the level of Caesar or Hannibal... Super genius this Cortes.
300, yes... 300 spaniards against a million warrior army (not all of them at the same time, of course) The cleverness of Cortes, his understanding of the field of battle and politics, his boldness... Tempered by amazing good sense. The result: 500 million people speak Spanish and feel in some way descendant of the conquerors... as they are... All the soldiers stayed with lands at Mexico and are the ancestors of actual Mexicans.
Cortes should be in top 5!
Not only handful of colleague... But with the support of Totonaca and Tlaxcala army who were oppressed by the Aztec... Their number in tens of thousand... Maybe Cortes's allies that actually went into fierce battle with the Aztec while the Conquistadors provided long range artillery using cannons and guns... But the history emphasize on the involvement of the Conquistadors...
[Newest]Genius is my middle name! Hernan cortes was a genius like me!

65Amru al-As
Another muslim military commander who produce many military feats is Amru al-As. He is one of the commander during Islam-Byzantine War. His greaest achievement is when he conquered Egypt and soon became he governor of Egypt. He is also one of the supporter of Muawiyah Abu Sufyan, first caliph of Ummayyah Caliphate. Amru al-As also involved in civil war between Caliph Ali and Governor Muawiyah Abu Sufyan of Syria (before he became caliph of Umayyah Dynasty), Siffin War and Camel War.

66Gnaeus Pompeius

67Lian Po
He is the greatest general in Chinese history. he had strength to fight an army by himself. in his time every country feared him

68Joshua (Bible)
Although he was awesome, Joshua won because God was with him. Example: the walls of Jericho. So, I suppose that this is more of a vote for God.
Leading the Israelite army and conquering every enemy in his way. He never lost a single battle in his life

69Andrew Jackson
I am hard pressed to find another man as tough. awesome leadership willed his way to victory Chuck Norris jokes should be replace his with Andrew Jackson he was the toughest SOB in American history.
My favorite American President

70Mikhaiin Cutudop

71Baldwin IV of Jerusalem

72Augustus Caesar
The first emperor of Rome, Augustus (Formerly Octavius) Increased the Roman Empire dramatically, finishing the Hispanish campaign, conquering places such as Egypt, Germany, Dalmatia, Pannonia, Noricum, and Raetia. Not to mention his leadership prowess, sending Rome into the Pax Romana.

73Alexander Suvorov
Soldiers are the lifeblood of the army. Suvorov promoted hygiene and self reliance among his troops. That lead to high moral amongst his men who were healthy and able. He spent much time personally training and teaching his men how to think, without relying on corporal punishment. Hygiene in an 18th century army he died of old age at 70 having lead a successful campaign against revolutionary France the year before.
Wow Eisenhower of all people is placed higher than Suvorov...
He saved Europe time and time again, only led defensive military movements, was extremely religious, equalized himself with the low-ranked Russian army up to a point of obsession. Crossed the Alps, never lost a single fight, not to mention he was a philosopher!
Since He is not the first one in the list I know that people voting for others don't know history.
[Newest]He is an example how to be a men, warrior, General and patriot.

74Han Xin
Responsible for the founding of China's Han dynasty. David IV win or die tactic was used 1000 years later than him. That's 1000 years later

75Kosrat Rasul Ali
Unknown be remarkable leader
He The one standing in The way Of isis on The ground
He is kickin Isis ASS was you read this

76Konstantin Rokossovsky

77Tran Tien Dung

78Oliver Cromwell
Took away the sole power of the crown and turned England into a democratic country as it is today

79Liu Yu
He defeat all Chinese at this period

80Marcus Claudius Marcellus
Nicknamed "the sword of Rome" Marcellus fought in the Punic wars and was the first person to defeat Hannibal, even after Cannae. He died on the field of battle like a true general, also he was awarded the spolia opima, a great Roman medal that is hard to get.

One quarter of American army was occupied truying to capture his 37 warriors. He was never captured but he give in willingly because his warriors were homesick.

82Vo Nguyen Giap
He defeated 2 super power in a row

83William the Conqueror
Also famously known as William the Conqueror, he led the Norman invasion of England which was the last time that England was successfully conquered by a foreign power. His army defeated the English army at the battle of Hastings preceding his march to London. English resistance was futile as he took control of England and his reign would begin. He would make many major reforms to the traditional Anglo-Saxon culture of England and bring into existance the Anglo-Norman culture. He also called William 'The Bastard' by his enemies.
He invaded England, Whales, Ireland and southern Italy. There is no doubt he is a Conqueror.
Should be in top 20.

A great general who retook Italy and won battles with poor resources. Also a good man. Easily the equal of those at the top of this poll.
When Belisarius' campaigns in the West were finished, the map of the Roman Empire looked like it had several hundred years earlier.
Thought he'd have ranked higher. Once you study his campaigns you'll vote him higher. Seriously, he changed the Maps.

85Raja Shivagi
He was the sole protector of the Hindu religion... and sowed the seed of the maratha empire.. greatest king of India
Shivaji Raje was a great person in the world than any other great pesons in the world.
Formed Maratha empire.Battled with mighty Mu-gals Adilshhi and Kutubshahi.Developed his own Navy (first time in India) founder of guerrilla warfare in India

86Zivojin Misic
One of the four Serbian Voivodas (Field Marshal) from WW1, and one of most talented commandant of that time. Particularly pointed out in the Battle of Kolubara in 1914, when the Austro-Hungarian army and definitely left Serbia, after which he was promoted to the rank of Voivode.

87Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
100 is far too low for Mannerheim... Deserves far higher for his work defending Finland in the Winter War against the Soviet Union which had overwhelming numbers against the ill-equipped Finnish Defense Forces.
Defeated Soviet Union in 2nd WW and kept Finland the only country not occupied by either germans or Soviets with common border with either of the countries
He was masterful as a ww1 cavalry general. Too bad he didn't keep himself on date with military matters. Old dog don't learn new tricks...
[Newest]I don't even know the guy.

Without him we would all be speaking FARSI

89Ngô Quyền
Wow! I just learned about him a few days ago. I heard that he defeated nearly 900 Chinese ships.
A great military leader. The Chinese navy feared him so much that they never returned until 500 years later

90King David of Israel

91Shi Huangdi
A king with high determination
Should be #100000000000000000000000000000000 dude!
1st emperor of China

92T. E. Lawrence
Highly overrated as an officer.
World war 1 would have been won by the central powers if not for him.

93Duke of Marlborough
This general, although from humble and scandalous origins in the courts of the British Monarchy, rose through the ranks of the Army to the pinnacle of his career: command of the European coalition against a king Louis of France (a generic French king). Stealing the coalition army without proper authority (but the backing of all allied generals) he used initiative and speed to launch a surprise attack on the largest French army on its campaign into Austria.
The battle of Bleinhem, was such a resounding success, that on the march back to holland French Armies did not strike - believing that it was a French army (due to the disarray and communication breakdown) Marlborough was ever a thorn in the French side.
Sir Winston Churchill (Duke of Marlborough) was born in Blenhiem Palace - and is a direct descendant of Henry (? ) Churchill.
Never beaten in battle, often against the odds, strategist and planner. Scandalously overlooked in this list, in favour of better known names who won more famous battles. Boney at 5? Marlborough wouldn't have lost Waterloo with boney's troops.
Best British general ever, bar none. How is Washington above this great man I'll never know. What a joke.
[Newest]Superb strategist as well as a brilliant field commander.

94Moshe Dayan
The one eyed General is king in a world of blind Arabs looking to invade Canaan
Overwhelmed his ennimies with brillance

The Enemy of General Spoor

96Albrecht von Wallenstein
Bohemian generalissimo (Supreme commander) of Holy Roman armies and a key figure during 30 years war. Known for his ability to raise and train an army very quickly. He defeated Gustav Adolf.

97Charles Martel
For his time his organizational skills were incredible considering Europe was a rat's nest of local petty nobles. He not only organized a viable standing army, supply lines but then laid a licking on the Islam expansion from N. Africa through Spain and into Europe. He did that with about a 5 to 1 numerical disadvantage plus the dubious loyalty of local nobles.
Europe today would be Muslim and Arab speaking if not for Martel.
He was a genius before any other general considered those tactics including the Chinese.
This man had a greater impact on world history than far most on this list. Deserves a much higher ranking.
Every European Christian owes their existence to him for stopping the Muslim invasion at Tours.

98Henry V of England
His stunning victory at Agincourt alone is a good enough reason for him to at least be on the list. Only his early death prevented him from becoming King of France.

A great general. Made a small tribe into a mighty military force. Considering where he was he was a genius. Cruel though.
To start from such a low position and found the zulu nation was a prodigeous feat. Should be in the top 20
Greatest of all times, he single handedly shaped the Zulu kingdom. If he hadn't been assassinated, he wouldve conquered the whole of South Africa

100Zhou Yu
A military adviser for Wu Kingdom during three kingdoms era in China. Even though people always hailed Zhuge Liang to be the best strategist during that era, he is worth to mention. Records stated that he is the best in naval battle. He also gave great contribution during Battle of the Red Cliff which Wu and Shu join forces to defeat the powerful Wei army led by Cao Cao (Zhuge Liang also involved in this battle but compare to popular belief, the truth is Zhuge not contribute very much).
Zhou Yu is the actual mastermind behind Red Cliff victory. Among the most well-rounded guy ever

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