Top 10 Cutest Names for a Baby Girl

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1 Lilly

My name is Lillian, but my nick- name is Lily! When I was young my mom would always sing Lily of the valley! People always comment that my name is beautiful! When I see other people's name is Lily or Lillian I get so excited every time! My best friends' name is Lillian, but people call her Lily too! P.S. -Thanks mom for naming me a beautiful name!

I love the name Lilly. It is an amazing name and it just sounds s great it is so cute and nice. My friend's name is Lilly and I love to use that name. It sounds so perfect and it is named after a beautiful flower! I Love Lily!

Lilly Is A beautiful name it reminds me of lily's on a lily pad in a pond with trees and flowers around with a bench at a park. Lilly is a gouges name and its not even mine I'm An Alexandra!

I'm gonna name my future daughter 'Lily'
One of my favorite actresses name is also Lily and my friend just had their 2nd daughter and they named her 'Lily-Grace' I'm so in love with that name!

2 Chloe

I like the name Chloe because it reminds me of this girl in grad 6 in my school and she's really funny she even tried getting a cupcake out of my hands using her tough! My friend (I won't tell you her name) is really close to her.

I like it because it's cute and it remind's me of my cousin/sister's, sister which is my cousin but she's not my real family we just call her our family because we love her so much and my little cousin/sister.

It's my demon character's name! I love Chloe! At first I didn't know what to name her so I named her Chloe after a girl that used to go to my old school.

There was a girl in high school with me, her name is Chloe, and she was the most popular girl in the middle school and high school.

3 Jasmine

Something about this name just sounds sweet and gentle with a flair.

My daughter's name! So sweet and totally fitting for her.

I like this name because it's a name of a flower..

When I was in Preschool my friend was named that.

4 Daisy

Daisies are the signature flowers of innocence. Nothing can really beat innocence when it comes to cute. This name gets my vote

I love this name it's so cute I would name my daughter this!

I love Flowers! Such as DAISY! If I have a dog, I will name her Daisy

Why isn't this in the top 10? It's so cute!

5 Ella

My sisters name is Ella she's the sweetest person ever and always makes me laugh my heart out when I'm sad. Shout out to ella I love you even when we fight. ELLA I LOVE YOU!

Because this is my long lost friends name...I... I miss her a lot... - CRIES - I saw her in kindergarten! I haven't seen her in three years! Oh ella! I miss you! I MISS YOU!

My BFF's name is ella She is the sweetest thing EVER she is such a cheerful and jolly person!

Ella is my sisters name, wow, never thought it to be on the list, but yes it's a adorable name.

6 Jazzy

This is such a great name alone, if your parents are music freaks.
But it is perfect for Jazmine or Jasmine
It could also be a middle name!

My female kelpie's name is jazzi. Her previous owners named her jasper but we thought it was too boyish so we shortened it to jazzi and we love it!

Jazzy is a very nice name. My best best friend is called Jazzy.

My name is jasmine, but everyone calls me Jazzy! I love it!

7 Amber

I so wish that was my name. It's a good name and an awesome colour too. We need to vote now. I amfinallu voting for a name that is not mine or any of my friends. Now that is some speacil name that I would love to have and I am sure the people reading this thinks the same... Please tell me you also think the same as I do... And I am not going insane now am I?

SO ADORABLE! # cutest thing on earth

I have 5 older brothers and an older sis and her name is AMBER love the name!

Can't believe my sis voted for lily when her name is Amber Duh# She is probably to shy to admit it! -Izzy


Amber sounds like the middle of fall when the leaves are falling and you are outside with your friends jumping in piles of leaves.

I can't say how glad I am that this name is in the top ten! This is my name and I can't think of a more beautiful name!

8 Emma

Emma is a beautiful name. It reminds me of the colour yellow. (god knows why. ) I write adults stories and Emma is a teenager. Youngsters.

Emma is the BEST name ever! No matter if you are a tomboy or what, it will suit you perfectly because it means "universal".

My friend is named Emma! She is sweet and some what of a tomboy so this name works for everyone!

Very cute name love it love once upon a time the show P.S. (the name is on the show) (laugh out loud) this name is a good nick name for Emily, emmalyn, emery, emillia*, and amara*.

9 Lucy

I love this name. It's sad that it's so common because it's beautiful and adorable. Anyone can spell and pronounce it which is awesome because no one can spell or pronounce my name.

My name is Lucy and I love it. one time at school we voted for best girl and boys names (I don't know why) and the boys was Adam or something but the girls was Lucy and that's why I love the name!

Lucy is my sisters nickname. Her real name is Lucinda. My name is Lillian, but people call me Lily. ALL real and nicknames are cute!

My name is Lucy. I am a HUGE Beatles fan and "Lucy in the sky with diamonds"is the reason my parents named me Lucy!

10 Hannah

I love my name it's the best and I fell like it is a brow hair name but it still supper cute it's my name and I am suprized its this high up on the list!

It's an amazing name. My best friend's name is Hannah, and she is just amazing!

My name is Hannah and if your planning to
Have twins Hannah and Anna and it's so cute!
I am awesome

Hannah is my best friends name. She is not exactly cute, but she is prettty

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11 Isabel

Why does my teacher pronounce this like Eesabel? It's SO weird. And also if my teacher is reading this - Mira C.

This is my friend's name. Only I just call her Izzy.

I spell it Isabelle

Isabel is such a cute name her nickname can be izzy is belle isa

12 Gabriella

I think it sounds like a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I think it sounds pretty cool beacause its combining the two names Gabrielle and Ella. I think their both beautiful names. Another name that is similar the you mite like is Breellella or Breaellella or Breellela. There's so many spellings but still the one beautiful name. I love them both! Hope you do too!

I am a Gabriella! Thank you all for your comments! It makes me feel so great, especially after numerous comments saying my names was bratty and spoiled sounding. I always think of Christmas because of Gabriel

High school musical who says we have to let it go? It's the best part we've ever known step in to the future, hold onto high school musical to celebrate where we come from, the friends who've been there all along, just like,... high school... high school musicalll

Love this name! I have been trying to find a good name for my fanfiction story. This is perfect for it.

13 Alexandra

I Love this name because it brings me closer to my family.
Because I am the only one in our family who has this name.
This name is cute because the nickname is Alex.
When people hear this name they say that it is an adorable name.
that is going to be my young sister who does not have a name yet name.

My name is Alexandra. It is awesome! People call me lexi. Trust me you ned to vote for this name. You also need to name your kid that nam. If your is more of a tomboy you can call them alex.

LOVE this name! I named my daughter Alexandra and use Allie as a nickname. I love how it will work in all stages in life; it's cute, elegant, and strong. Love love love!

My name is Alexandra too! I sometimes go by Alex but I like being called my proper name. I love it because it sounds so regal and lovely.

14 Gracie

My name is Grace and I totes want to say this should be number one, but the others on this list are good too.

I think Gracie is quite a pretty name but I prefer Grace. I also think Grace is a super cute middl name if you stuck with middle names

I prefer Grace with Gracie as a nickname but Gracie is an equally cute name.

My friends name is Gracie and she is one of the best people ever!

15 Christie

Christie is a very nice name. By the way it's also one of my favourite names! It's so cute! Love that name!

This name is cute because its sporty and sassy. Perfect! Its got tons of different spellings too!

My middle's name is Christina. Does that count?

My name is Christine, close enough, right?

16 Hallie

Hallie is my best friends name. I like the two of our names together they just sound cool together. Hallie and Dakota

I love the name Hallie its such a pretty and a nice name! It's so beautiful too! And its not too sassy and not too simple.I love that name!

Eminem's daughter's name! It's spelled Hailie though.

Because allie is my name

17 Charlie

My name is charlotte but everyone, including my teacher, calls me charlie!

Come on people this is a guy's name. Or at least a hairy tomboy's.

Charlie is NOT just a guys name! I am a girl and I'm not a hairy tomboy

Cute nick name for Charlotte, but not a cute regular name for a girl

18 Abigail

I really think this name should be first. My name isn't Abigail but I have a friend who's name is Abigail and she is really nice.

I vote for Abigail because my name is Abigail and it's amazing.

My friend is abigail

19 Kayla
20 Lacie

I'm a bit biased thanks to Pandora Hearts, but Lacie is a beautiful name.

I like the name lacie because it is very soft and elegant
I love it.

It's a very pretty name and I love the flowers lavender and lace.

Love it! My name is Lacie

21 Anna

I hate Frozen, A stupid girl named Elsa who ran outside of her Kingdom for NO damn Reason! She just wants everyone to feel Bad for Her and For anna To risk her life to Save her! STUPID MOVIE

Lovely! Means, cute and beautiful. I think

Thank you my name.

Finally my name!

22 Isabella

I Am so sorry what happened to your niece because my two brothers passed away. now to the name Isabella: Isabella is one of the cutest name someone has named their child all of the girl names should be Isabella thank you for reading this post bye this was posted by Alexis

This is my name! I personally think that my sisters name Alexis is more unique and a stronger sounding name but by graceful and beautiful probably my name...

I think that Isabella is a really pretty and kind nice name I wish my name was Isabella I think when I grow up I will name my daughter Isabella I also like the nickname bella that's such a awesome nickname!

Heh, From Phineas and Ferb, by the way, I really Hate that girl! She's Too Girly! But nice name thought

23 Acrone
24 Tiana
25 Belinda

Ugliest name I've ever heard!

Only for a middle name

What a lovely name!

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