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41 Gina Foley
42 Lady Hunk
43 Michaela Schneider

Resident evil operation raccoon city bertha is a main character who revives you gives you lods of first aid sprays she destroys spec ops when your infected she uninfects you and kills millions of zombies

44 Jack Norman

Norman's boss battle was easily a classic as soon as you fought it. His abilities to teleport, make copies of himself, and awesome super resilience make him instantly one of the best, no doubt.

He is Veltro a vengeful messenger from the depths of the inferno. Sorry for stealing that line but he is the embodyment of badass.

45 Quint Cetcham

Lets face it, he was a very cool character, and he was the perfect fit for Keith as far as partners go.

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46 Ramon Salazar

Can't believe this guy was 20. How often was he drinkin' out the fountain of un-youth?

47 Keith Lumley

Keith is very funny, and I love the way he talks to Quint. Also, I think Keith is very skilled when most people consider him a lady killer with no talent. In all, Keith is around no. 9 as top 10 lists go.

48 Josh Stone
49 Kirk Mathison

Same as Josh, not the star of the show, but without him, Jill and Chris would be dead.

50 Derek C. Simmons

Simmons was the entire reason why there was an outbreak in Tall Oaks, and I think if it wasn't for Leon, Helena would be driven insane by now. Simmons was in love with Ada, who happens to be the only girl in Resident Evil who is in a relationship. His luck sucked and I hope he finds peace in death he didn't have in life.

51 Hector Hivers

Beltway is badass he should be in like 7th

52 Finn Macauley
53 Morgan Lansdale
54 Osmund Saddler

Very strategic, smart, and knows how to overpower his own Parisite

55 Ashley Graham V 2 Comments
56 Dr. Isaacs
57 Brad Vickers

Guys, let's open our eyes! If Brad didn't exist there wouldn't be Residen Evil, the iconic Chickenheart abandoned his friends to give us all the Best Game Experience ever! This guy is a real legend, no matter what.

58 Spencer
59 Ustanak

The Ustanak... The revolution in Serbian, the best boss in Resident evil 6 was known for the mechanical arm, unwillingness to go down without a fight, and the uncanny ability to show up when Jake and Sherry were less able to fight or when you wouldn't expect it possible. This boss proved that Resident Evil isn't dead, but still on the rise as far as bosses go. Ustanak is the equivalent of Nemesis, just more amazing of a creation.

60 Vector

For me, he is one of the greatest character all the time.I like him because he use cool jacket, expert in martial arts and I like his gas mask

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