Best Romance Movies

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The Notebook
This movie touched my heart very much... Amazing love story I've ever seen in my lifetime
Fantastic... Awesome... The best on my list to date... Will never get tired of watching this one...
Hope I can find love like this... I cry every single time.. I would watch it every day. Hope my hubby will love me forever
[Newest]By far.. no love story compares to this one for me! LOVE IT!

It's awesome movie if you haven't watched it you should watch. I watched this movie every single night for a week.
I am speechless to tell anything about this movie. This movie shows us what is real forever love, I never forget the titanic.
Titanic is a very good movie. Titanic love scenes are extraordinary. I did not see a film like this. I like every one to see this film.
[Newest]I love this movie.
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3A Walk to Remember
this movie makes you believe in love
Oh I love shane west in this... Beautiful movie... Mandy moore is amazing.. I've watched this movie so many times! Just love it
this movie makes the ephemeral difference between dreams and reality. what a astonishing love story! Nicolas Sparks is simply the best!
[Newest]This movie is great, it shows that love is the most powerful thing ever! The boy in the story definitely changed throughout this amazing movie!
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4Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Not just the best romantic film... It may well be the best film of the last decade..

Amazing performances by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet...

Once in a lifetime script and as brilliant an execution...

But most importantly, the movie just feels so personal...

"Blessed are the forgetful:for they get the better even of their blunders"
Best romantic movie I've ever watched... Based on the sci-fi concept, really takes your heart away.. It's mind-blowing awesome and totally different... Hope that it reaches no. 1 spot soon...
I love this movie, it's one of my all time favorites. It shows that Jim Carrey can do other than comedy, and he does it GREAT! I seriously don't get why this is not in the top 10.

5Step Up
this is indeed a romantic movie. romantic movies are all about how the story goes and been played
OK, it wasn't the greatest Romance movie ever but it was decent one. Great mix of Drama, Romance, Music. I love it


It was a romantic movie in another perspective. The actors played their role in a fabulous way and made me believe their feelings and emotions!

6Pride and Prejudice
I love the romantic tension that just keeps on building up between the two main characters throughout the movie. She is pretty, intelligent etc. but it seems to me that she does not really believe in herself in a romantic sort of way. She puts up a defense-wall. It's not all based on the feelings of pride and predjudice... They are both a bit insecure and put each other to the test.
It was the best movie and I watch it over and over again
The amazing acting really made this movie what it is today- pure genius
[Newest]That's the most romantic movie I have ever seen more than perfect to me it's like A Beautiful dream :))

It's awesome... I like edward most... According to me it is the best love story I have ever seen... It is number one for me...
BEST BOOK AND MOVIE EVER! I completely fell in love with this series and I am so sad that she stopped writing Midnight Sun...
Apart from unexplainable love between the predator and the prey. I love this movie because it shows about friendship, faith, sacrifice, trust and beyond that the pure and divine love. Don't miss it. Taylor Lautener really is the best. YO TEAM WEREWOLVES.
[Newest]It's a really good movie! Has some love and romance in it and it's also pretty intense but it's so good too!

8Dear John
Why isn't this near the notebook? Its such a sad story and it is so touching
My number one, Channing is awesome. A man in love, it is so touching
It passionate and it taught me a lot, and how to deal with relationships
[Newest]Nice story. Thanks for changing the end. End in the original novel is also good. But such an end in the movie it would would have been unbearable.

9Romeo and Juliet
This version is so well done. And it's so sad, and Olivia Hussey was great... And so... Young! I am used to her being old, she was decently pritty!


At first this movie looked very very weird and kind of funny, and then it kept getting better and better until you were wrapped up into the story. I didn't even notice it had gotten so good until I had to leave with about ten minutes left of the movie and I really wanted to finish it
This is Romeo& Juliet for me. Perfect adaptation!

10P.S. I Love You
It's rare to find a movie that makes you laugh and cry; that's sexy, romantic and heartwarming all at the same time. Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler have amazing chemistry.
I just love this move so much. The letters and flashback memories of them are so nice and lovey how the meet and fall in love. Ending was very beautiful
Well, I would call it "The Best" movie of all times. I have watched it hundreds of times now and Iam never bored! I can actually relate with the movie and that's what makes it special to watch! Gerry is the kind of husband that every girl wants in her life... I strongly recommend this movie... Do watch it..
[Newest]Two words. Watch it!

The Contenders

1150 First Dates
It's such a romantic, touching and hilarious story! Even someone doesn't quite favor love movie like me can't help being moved.
I love this movie so much, but mo offense, I love Nicolas sparks ( especially the last song, love miley Cyrus.
This is movie about feelings, how an egg shaped hero wins heart of a gorgeous gal.. And that too daily...
[Newest]Funny movie I love it one of my favorite movies but on the other side needs to be more funny to be considered a comedy.

12Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump should be at least on the Top 3... I bet most people voted here had never watch this one... Forrest Gump is an amazing movie, when you don't know what love is, Gump explain the meaning of it through his action... for those of who says Twilight is wonderful, OOH COME ON! THEY'RE JUST SELLING SEX! THERE'S NO MORAL VALUE THAT WE CAN TAKE FROM IT..
Its truely one of the best movie I have ever watched... All the history events relived n all... Awesome work done by tom hanks... Just love him... Run forest run...
best movie I have ever watched, I will remember this film till the end of my life. "run forrest run"

13Moulin Rouge
This is a story about "freedom, beauty, truth, but above all things, love". The entire soundtrack is full of beautiful music and lyrics about romance and love. The acting is superb. The costumes are wonderfully done.

I think I listen to "Your Song" everyday. Then not multiple times a week there's: "Come What May" and "Elephant Love Medley".

The two protagonists are stupendous and gorgeous! This should definitely be ranked higher.
Best movie ever! Rock on with your version of "Your Song", Ewen!
I actually watched this movie every day! I love it! is the best way to show what is real love, should be in first place!
[Newest]My favourite movie ever! I loved how Ewan and Satine got together in the end, but the movie is very very sad. A real tear jerker!

14The Vow
Really? I would've placed it at number 2 at least! One of my favorite romance movies ever! I strongly recommend it!
Its so touching and it tells us to never give up
Beautiful, amazing and a must watch movie. Can't believe it is way down here. definitely deserves to be in the top ten

15Love Actually
Its a wonderful movie... True symbol of love is showed in it... So I request every one to at least watch once..
Every time I feel sad, I watch it to cheer me up!
More love than you can poke a stick at!
[Newest]Best Christmas and love Film

Easily one of the greatest romance movies and people just forget about it now.
This movie brought tears in my eyes.

17Pretty Woman
No movie is more romantic than this one!
Every woman, no matter who, deserves love.
I love this Movie... It shows every women deserves love.. Must watch movie,

One of my favorite movie

19Tristan and Isolde
I saw this movie by mistake... And I loved it and then I discovered James Franco is a great actor and I watched almost all his movies. He fought to win his king a wife and the prize was his lover... That was... So sad..
Their love story was better than Romeo & Juliet's in my opinion. This movie was absolutely moving. I've seen it at least 12 times & the same parts get me every time. When melo died, I thought about brutus & juluis caesar. James franco showed his true talents. Kudos.

20Love and Basketball
This movie is about what real love can truly endure.

21The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

22Notting Hill
How is this so down in this list! This must be in like top 5 movies! Love the movie...
My 2nd favourite ever romantic movie.. Should be in top 5!

23Dirty Dancing
Just an amazing film to watch

Better love story than titanic
WALL-E and Eve are in love. Get with it people.


25How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days
This is my No. Favorite. Movie of ALL TIME! Clever story line! Matthew is so HOT! And kate is so funny, they bring out the best of each other!
So humorous yet romantic! Kate hudson is so amazing, I just love that girl
This movie is full of romance and a slice of comedy ! WAY TO GO!

26If Only
jennifer love hewwit just rawkks!
In fact a friend fell in love by watching this movie. Am also very much in love. Thanks to the writer
First movie we watch on my first date with my ex-boyfriend now my husband, both cried after watching the movie..
[Newest]My favorite movie of all time. Sweet and simple love story.


27Gone With The Wind
Gone With The Wind is a must-see. It may be a bit long, but you won't even realise by the ending, how long it was because the plotline enraptures its viewers. This movie might not be teen's priority since it was set in the 1930's, however, give it a try, you'll like it, adults as well.

28You've Got Mail
I absolutely love this movie. You can watch it over and over again. The story is very simple and neat n you feel the chemistry between the characters so well.
incomparable... love you tom and meg...


Can't believe I am voting for this over Casablanca, but I thought this movie was so romantic from start to finish.

29The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

30The Last Song
Awesome romantic story... Says love between father and daughter... Father and son..
The best romantic movie ever..

31Edward Scissorhands

Its obvious that not many people know about this movie
But trust me this is possibly the best romantic drama I had ever show. Best romantic movie for me till this day.
One of the best movies I've ever seen. I have maybe seen it more than 50 times
Love it. I kinda saw my life in this movie.
[Newest]One of the best romantic movies ever!

33The Princess Bride
Well, duh! It's like the must see cheesy romantic movie of all time! Also, very quote able, hilarious, and fairly innocent.
This movie is romantic, humorous, and down right "inconceivable" (in a good way! )!

34Letters to Juliet
This shows the possibility of falling in love anywhere, any place, any time. Its all about fate. And we are the holders of our own fate. I loved it.

35The Love Letter
I love how the the story goes in this movie, a bit silly but yet so entertaining

36Pearl Harbor
So romantic and plus 2 hot guys! Ben affleck and josh hartnett!


I love pearl harbor...

37True Romance
This movie so underrated. One of Tarantinos early movies and had a great cast.


This movie has everything. It is my favorite romanit movie.


38Knocked Up

39Man In the Moon

I can't believe this isn't higher. Grease is a classic come on it's worth a lot. It's so romantic Olivia Newton John is gorgeous

41Blue Valentine
I didn't want to vote for the movie, but it was the only way to tell that this is the worst Ryan Gosling movie ever!
This movie is brilliant, raw, real, emotional. I loved it. Michelle Williams is fantastic, Ryan Gosling equally brilliant and tortured.

42The Bodygard

43Save The Last Dance

44(500) Days of Summer
Sweet, cute, sad, funny - I love this movie!
It is original and I love Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
I am almost wrecked to see this list this movie should be in top 10 at least
So sweet! Really touching, but sad at the same time! Zooey Deschanel makes life o much better! X
[Newest]My favorite movie ever

45The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

46The Wedding Date
It's wonderful romantic movie!

47Hannah Montana The Movie
It's Romantic but sad


48Never Let Me Go


50No Strings Attached
Wow... Love this movie to the max
Hmm its like an edge to love n relatnshp...

51Bright Star

52Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Yes, I know that it is primarily an action movie, albeit a fabulous one, but, if you don't think this movie is a romance, you are fooling yourself. It may be subtle, and it may be hidden in mond-boggeling action and color, but it is a Love Story, and in my opinion, a powerful one.


53The Best Man

54The Phantom of the Opera
so amazing makes me cry ever time and the music *gasps* breathtaking

55Music and Lyrics

56Something's Gotta Give
Love the chemistry among all the characters. It shows a real side of love: sometimes it takes time to grow and it isn't always easy.

57Sleepless in Seattle

58Top Gun

59The Back Up Plan

60Brokeback Mountain
COME ON! 53? This movie is easily the most romantic. Ledger and Gyllenhaal were awesome together and was really deep. I cried a lot as it was so awesome.
Shaking for two days after watching this. Unforgettable. Really, you have to see it, Heath Ledger should get an oscar for this. Or maybe two
The only movie that made me cry!

61Silver Linings Playbook

62Say Anything
John Cusack won't fail you on this one.. the boombox scene just melts your heart..

63A Cinderella Story

64Just Like Heaven
Sweetly Romantic and Romantically Cute Movie.. Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon's chemistry is simply fantabulous.. I've become an official Mark ruffalo fan after watching this movie over and over again.. Indeed cute romantic movie.. LOVE THIS MOVIE...
Its a cute love story...

65Sweet November
Love opens your eyes for beauties places in the world - your heart!
You can't miss out on this movie awesome story... Love watching it.. I bet you cry
Life is lovable when you near me
[Newest]MOvie worth a watch. Lovely movie, lovely music

Certainly a movie off the track.. different from the usual ones. I'm sure people in love would love it and suggest it to others
Cute love story... Destiny...

67Sweet Home Alabama
This movie is really cool, very often that we use to forget who we are and what we are, just for the sake of fame and glory.
I prefer the song
Great movie so cute

68My Sassy Girl
Great movie. Shows you that you that even the simplest plots can be enough to make a great big hit. A bit of advice; watch the Korean version because it is better than the remake.


Best romance I ever seen. Knocked out You've Got Mail from my #1 list. This is a move that will blow you away, with an ending you'll never imagine. what a happy shock. You'll end in tears. Definitely!
definitely a musT sEen movie.. sO cool!

69When a Man Loves a Woman

70The Girl Next Door
A good romantic with good with good humor, it's pretty funny, don't really get bored though it as it keeps you entertained, if your into your romantics, well this is well worth the watch.
An honest romantic for the modern audience. A good sense of humour but with a realistic romatic shell. Also nobody dies! And Elisha Cuthbert is so fit, Stunning!

71A Lot Like Love
A love story that makes you believe in forever.

72A Millionaire's First Love
Awesome movie... The movie shows how pure a bond of love is and what you can do to fulfill the desires of your dying love..
Should be on the top :( I luved it so much

73Beauty and the Beast

74When Harry Met Sally
This movie is so awesome.
i could watch it over and over again
you have got to watch it

7527 Dresses
A good with a good humor.. , inspirational one,! So great diff. Dresses... Diff. Wedding with a diff. Stories... Watch it.

76The Bridges of Madison County
A very amazing love story! Meryl Streep you're the best

77Warm Bodies
Really great story, and you can see love in all R's reactions, it's a funny love story but it's not a foolish one, Amazing movie.

78My Fake Fiance

79Only You

80She's The Man
This movie is funny, romantic, and dramatic. A girl and boy fall hard for each other during the time that she pretends to be her brother while he is in London for two weeks. Before that she was on the soccer player on the girls team in her home town and then the school cut the team because there was not enough girls to sign up. So they asked the boys team coach can they try out for the boys team the coach said ask the team captain which was her boyfriend at the time and he said boys are much stronger, faster, and more athletic than girls and she dumped him right on the spot. She had asked one of her friends that do hair and makeup to make her look like her brother which is her so-called twin. She went to her brother school while he was in London. Because she wanted to beat her old school team because what they said about the girls why they couldn't try out for the team.

81French Kiss
This has been one of my all-time favorite films since forever! So adorable, and so full of wit. Such a feel good film!
French kiss is I like every time but in nkd position


83The Holiday
Best of its kind, The Holiday shows that love doesnt always need to be expressed by words if two people are together!

A film that should be fighting at the top of this list. Just because this film isn't like an ordinary love story. It has so much better qualities. And you feel with them all from the beginning to the end.

I just think that it's one of the best love stories that I ever been told.
So this film should everybody see! I am sure it can bring out some tears even from someone that claims he/she never will be influenced by a movie emotionally.


85Love Affair
Annette Benning and her husband, this is the perfect romance.


Great action, also has elements of Romance in it!


87Lost and Delirious

88Imagine Me & You

89The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Jake- Bella romance is different yet beautiful. LOVE TIS MOVIE. Must watch

90The Way We Were
Probably the most strangest couple ever. When the very intelligent and very out spocken Katie Morosky(barbra streisand) falls for the handsome whitty Hubble Gardenrer(Robert Redford) they think it's a match made in heaven but it all seems to go wrong when their opposite personality's crash together.
The most fantastic love film in history

91Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights
the best romance between two dancers

92Chasing Liberty

"this was my the romantic film that I saw;and it takes me away"
"my favourite romantic movie"


94Beautiful Lies

95Garden State
None of this was cheesy hollywood bechness it was honest.


96Legends of the Fall

97Beautiful Creatures
I love this movie...
I watched the movie and it's so romantic #ethanandlena

98While You Were Sleeping
Perfect love story with Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman
Funny movie starring sandra bullock, must watch for its light hearted humour

korean movie... absolutely beautiful
It's really beautiful

100One Day
I think it's most amazing movie I've ever watched before. You should watch this movie! You bet that you'll love it! Also its more beautiful than Titanic! So you have to watch it!
You should watch it... You won't regret... It is the best one
I'll watch it.. Just watched trailer it seems so good movie

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