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61 Leni

It is very very very beautiful song, you'd better listen to it, sad and nice

62 A Million Little Pieces A Million Little Pieces

A courageous beautiful tragedy. One of the best songs from Placebo. "Please no grieving, my love, understand that I'm leaving". Brian brings a tear to our eyes in this love lost story. Amazing

This song is amazing! It has an affect that is undeniable

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63 Begin the End Begin the End V 1 Comment
64 Mars Landing Party Mars Landing Party
65 Dark Globe
66 Plasticine Plasticine

I can not hear to this song, just can't

67 Happy You're Gone Happy You're Gone

You can hear this when you break up whit your couple, then we will see if it really is a bad song. I beliebe you will love it, and cry while listening to it (with anger of course)

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68 Five Years

Great version of the Bowie classic

69 Protect Me From What I Want Protect Me From What I Want

It sums up their fears, their young times, lost loves, regrets, desperation, bus little hope of being saved and protected at the end.

A regular song, but then they made this French VERSION and it is just PERFECT

Just perfect, this is what Placebo are about.
Desire, not beautiful, but dirty, dangerous and yet attractive

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70 Rob the Bank Rob the Bank

This song it is about how you can do anything you want, but you have to come back home so we can MAKE LOVE

71 Second Sight Second Sight

Walk away to save your face, you never were an actor

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72 Hang On to Your IQ Hang On to Your IQ

There are of course Placebo songs which delve far deeper into darkness, perhaps even more melodic. For me though, this is an important piece of the bands work, just the bass guitar intro alone is one of the most wonderful ever, in my opinion. This song should be well into the top ten and makes me wonder who here really is a fan and who just listens to the radio.

73 Scene of the Crime Scene of the Crime

That techno intro, I just hate it from the first moment PLACEBO WHY

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74 Little Mo
75 Unisex Unisex V 1 Comment
76 Centrefolds Centrefolds

I do not why, every time this song sound I skip it, I just can not hear it 100%

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77 Long Division
78 Swallow Swallow V 1 Comment
79 Burger Queen Burger Queen

Such a beautiful song, I listen this every time I go to bed! So calm and kind!

80 Blue American Blue American

This song deserves a better rating!

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