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41 Zangief

Zangief is by far the strongest street fighter character I've seen

Zangief, create in film Street Fighter, his big and hard man, greate fighter, of red small trousers. Zangief is great fighter and guard Bison army. Zangief create in game Street Fighter 1, 2, 3, 4. Werry accelerated fighter with great power.

Zangief is rhe strongest street fighetr ever! He should be first. Ryu is like a bunny rabbit to me

42 Gen
43 Gill
44 Shin Akuma
45 Ibuki

This sexy ninja deserves to be way higher!

46 Charlie

He is low on this list because he died even dead Charlie should be in the top 10

Welcome to 2016 after a few days he'll be over Ryu.

He letteraly trained himself and defeated bison only to be killed by that damn chopper

47 Evil Ryu
48 Rashid
49 El Fuerte V 1 Comment
50 Elena

How can people forget about her? She fights with only her legs, and shes really fast. Elena is awesome

V 1 Comment
51 Hugo
52 Dan Hibiki Dan Hibiki V 1 Comment
53 Hokuto V 1 Comment
54 Hayate
55 Rolento
56 Oni V 3 Comments
57 Seth

Seth, final U.F.O. lord, blue body and great magic power, in blue factory of game Street Fighter 4. Action opponent his me big black power.

V 1 Comment
58 Sheng Long
59 Maki
60 E Honda V 2 Comments
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