Top Ten Ugliest People in the World


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Justin Bieber
Chin is too long and looks like a beaver :)) yeah right Justin Beaver


I really hate Justin Bieber.. Really, as in so much.. For his fans I am really sorry but he is really ugly inside and out... He is flirty, bad; even in his songs he put some bad words and he is a liar, a bitch liar.. I HATE JUSTIN BIEBER! I wish he is the number 1 ugliest person in the whole world... So thank you very much for letting me speak.. Damn hate him... Justin makes me bad because I kept on saying these bad words.. Uh so hate him!
Whenever I see his face I scream puke bleed and die
I don't know why I laughed when I read this. Maybe it's because I hate Justin Beiber so much, I laugh at every hilarious thing you people say about him.


[Newest]Can't keep out of trouble at all
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2Michael Jackson
He was such a cute kid. Too bad he got so obsessed with wanting to destroy his heritage. All the surgery and skin bleaching in the world wasn't going to make him white. We are who we are. Unique and beautiful as GOD made us. Not what a plastic surgeon does.
Awesome music, don't hate, but seriously he looked like voldemort with that nose.
The king of pop is so ugly that he makes even Chuck Norris run away screaming.

No offense Michael Jackson. Your a good singer but your look is kinda SCARY and UGLY
How could you say that about a person who helped people in need and he was the king of pop. You think Taylor swift is pretty open your eyes


[Newest]All you people are ignorant and stupid I you think he chose to be white. He had a skin disease you retards.
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3Miley Cyrus


Aside from her garbage music, the way she dress herself looks untidy. Her all over appearance looks like a cross breed of a horse and a monkey. Believe it she is proud of it.


Yeah, pretty ugly. She just lucky to make in the show biz cause of her dad.
Miley Cyrus is ugly, I'm serious. She needs braces and she thinks putting on blood red lipstick will make her pretty? Yeah right. All those years on Hannah Montana is what Disney made her wear. Her choice of fashion? White sports bra and white cotton underwear. Yes, very fashionable Miley. And to top it all off she gets a blonde pixie cut. Blonde isn't her color, you can obviously tell she dyed her hair a whole bunch. There are thousands of people out there who can rock a pixie. Miley can't. Her voice describes her face. Ugly and fake. Her head is too big and she's just so ugly I can't stand her. DIE Miley.
[Newest]I despise her as a person she is so nasty

She is so ugly that Neather Jacob or Edward wanted her on there team
! She is EXTREMELY ugly, that I will never want to see her face ever again!
she's probably the ugliest woman I have ever saw


[Newest]She was pretty when she didn't have plastic surgery, it's so dumb that she have plastic surgery. she's now ugh -_-

5Marian Rivera
She's a devil in human disguise! A very much ill-mannered, distraught lady, she reeks of self-deception and manipulative lies! A boyfriend-stealing cheat & a low-class Philippine actress, she's well-known for her blatant denial & concealment of her own child that's born out of wedlock. She has numerous enemies of her own around the showbiz circle. She is easily ticked off and her very ugly behavior is her trademark. And she's a grammatically-challenged buffoon also, not to mention that she can't even shed a tear in a dramatically charged shooting scene!
She's a definitive "wolf in sheep's clothing." She has no rein over her mouth that easily spouts unthinkable expletives, and her unpleasant demeanor respects no one, even in the midst of a very socially polished crowd. Whether an incident is real or made-up, she wields each opportunity that could put her in the limelight even if she gets caught or is proven wrong subsequently. The scandals surrounding her are an open secret, but she brushes them off without batting an eyelash. She could have very well positioned herself as a good role model if she's willing to improve her personality, but to her own undoing, she is empty-handed for three straight years of T.V. product endorsement, despite her good looks, due to lack of credibility and good moral standing. She must be agonizing too much about her own inner demons. She's very gorgeous physically, but her beauty stops there.
Looks beautiful? Ugly personality and attitude!
[Newest]You know just be quiet don't dare talk and backbite

6Osama Bin Laden
He looks like someone was about to make a chimpanzee sculpture out of a pile of dog crap, but got lazy and decided to make an elephant out of silly putty, mashed those together and stuck on a beard.
Come on his name itself tells Osama "bin" Ladin it means Osama as ugly as Ladin good thing thing is that he died now no one need to see his face
[Newest]He's dead I don't care about him he is a stone cold killer and I'm happy that navy seal killed him Osama Bin Laden deserved it

7Lil Wayne
Ya definitely Lil Wayne. I'll never want to have a boyfriend like him no matter how rich he is


You look so so ugly you are like book and a drawing
Why does he think he looks good? So Damon ugly.(girl commenting)
[Newest]He looks and sounds like a troll.

8Megan Fox
Why she on the list?!
She is pretty, and on the beautiful list so...
She is beautiful, doesn't she?
[Newest]Cosmetic surgery destroyed her face

9Jocelyn Wildenstein
Trust me, she's ugly. they only reason she's famous is because she's so ugly. not many people know who she is but if you looked her up, you would see just what a horror she is. when I first saw her, I didn't sleep for a week. she was hot before plastic surgery but know she's looks like a lion! Serously, look her up on Google images.
She used to be alright, now her face is ruined, while Donatella Versace is close to Jocelyn Wildenstein in appearance, Jocelyn just looks worse than Donatella
Jocelyn ruined her face. She was hot, now the's horrible. Seriously, don't look.
[Newest]She probably is a good person in real life... But her face... Ugh. Justin Bieber looks better and that's saying a lot.


10Kim Kardashian
Without her plastic surgery, she would be cute! Bit she made herself UGLY!
The ugliest woman alive
Kim is a rat face Bastard who didn't even do anything. The whole reason why she is famous is for having sex with a rapper when she was under age. Just have to put it out that I hate Kim Kardashian.
[Newest]You're stupid she has a nice ass

The Contenders

11Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga 2009 Style Lady Gaga 2013 Style
White ugly wig Yellow wig on Aura ugly!
Slutty eyes Non-queen of pop eyes
Ugly songs Poker face and applause
IF she's a woman


Just look at her! I love her music, but she's just so ugly.
[Newest]She's amazing

12Angelina Jolie
She's one of the worlds most beautiful woman ever!
Angelina is so pretty y'all stupid if you think she ugly. Get a life and stop judging others lives
I never understood why men drooled over her, I've never seen what is so attractive about her. She's really nothing to look twice at; attractive or ugly. She's just bland.


[Newest]I have complaints with her cheekbones and squeezed in cheeks..

Take him off this list right now -. - why is he on this list?! I bet half these people don't even listen to him or have all his albums or even one CD like I do

14Donatella Versace
I was just randomly looking on this list and copied and pasted Donatella Verace's name on google images and I literally almost puked my guts out
I just searched this person up on Google, and my immediate response was "$#! *#! $ what is that?!?! Kill it, kill it with fire! " So yeah, pretty scary stuff...
I am scared for whichever child happens to come across her. She may be a nice person, but whatever the hell happened to her face... Let's just say she isn't going to age with grace.


[Newest]I was going to vote Miley Cyrus but then I had to Google this... Thing... I think I'm going to grab a trash can to vomit in.

15Sarah Jessica Parker
You guys are big bullies! Sarah Jessica Parker is specail in the way God made her. Honestly, she was so pretty on Flight of the Navigator, she was my role modle because of her kindness and hospitality. I thought she was the prettiest actress in the Universe when I saw her on that movie. Maybe things have altered a bit since 1986 (I wouldn't know, I'm only twelve) but that doesn't give you the right to literally judge someone you've never even met by her appearance. I even think her name is pretty. I've always wanted to be called Jessica or possibly Sarah. So please take care in saying kind things. She is human to. (so stop calling her a horse! )
A lot of the people on this list aren't annoying Sarah Parker should be higher. She looks like a horse. Not to be mean, but if you saw her face, you would know what I mean.
How is she not even on here? Maybe the one person on the planet who truly looks likes a half human, half horse!


[Newest]Wow, her face may not be attractive but her hands are so old!

16Taylor Swift
WHAT NOO WAY. Taylor is beauutiful I love her songs and her. If you guys don't like the way she writes her song or her singing there is no reason to say she is ugly. I don't really like Selena Gomez but she is cute I can't say she is ugly. So stop saying she is ugly. She has a beautiful heart and face.
Think your so cute, huh?
For all of you blind-bats, TAYLOR IS THE WORLD'S MOST HORRID UGLY PERSON! Geez, how many plastic surgeries did it take you for your forehead to cover your eyes, people?

17Rebecca Black
What? SERIOUSLY she is a 14 year old girl! You shouldn't put pressure on people like that?
Yes she's terrible at singing but she is still very beautiful
But she has a nice bust :-)

18Janet Jackson
two jacksons on one list? what a family catastrophe!


Whoever put Janet on here should be cast into the fiery pits of hell! This woman was a sex symbol in the 80's and 90's! She got all the good genes that the others didn't. In fact she stole some from Michael, that's when he started looking like a pancake.


Whoever put Janet on here should be cast into the fiery pits of hell! This woman was a sex symbol in the 80's and 90's! She got all the good genes that the others didn't. In fact she stole some from Michael, that's when he started looking like a pancake.


19Paris Hilton
She's actually not that good-looking yet she's so vain. She's just a vain and spoiled rich brat with no talent. Nothing to be jealous of. And she's a ditz.
I think they miscast her in Hottie and the Nottie.
She's not that pretty and is ugky on the inside, enough said.

Damn those lips are just too big... What was queen B thinking... Like seriously there are a lot of other fish in the sea you know. At least he has something BEAUTIFUL to show for... Which is his rapping
Beyoncé is beauty and Jay-Z is the beast.


How did JAY-Z get Beyonce
[Newest]Your but is to big for her body!

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