Most Underrated "Box Office Flop" Movies


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Good movie with the strong feelings in it. Orlando Bloom is so touching in this role. Good job!

2Deep Rising
3Starship Troopers
4Imaginary Heroes
5I Dreamed of Africa
6Anna and the King
7The Shadow
8Swept Away

I will go to my grave always thinking that this movie never received a fair shot. People were dissing this movie before anyone had ever even seen it. Once I finally saw it, I found it to actually be one of Madonna's strongest performances. The first half of the movie is quite funny and witty, and the second half is quite emotional and thought-provoking. People talk bad about this movie all the time, but I believe that most of them have never even seen it or given it a chance.

I agree, but I feel her best most overlooked movie is Who's That Girl. I was in 1st grade when it came out and watched it all the time with my mom. I love that movie. Her acting is perfect playing the wronged convict Nikki Finn. She is hilarious and cannot believe Madonna didn't focus on comedy films she has a gift she never really used in comedy. I still watch Who's That Girl today and hope more will check it out. HBO plays it quite a lot. But I have the DVD. Please release a bluray pleease. Laugh out loud.

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9I Know Who Killed Me

Beautifully shot... gorgeous use of blue... the dancing scenes are amazing.

10The Quick and the Dead

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11Tears of the Sun
12Snakes on a Plane

One of the best fairy tail stories I ever saw. There are not many adult fairy takes out there, and this tale outshines most of them.

Epic, epic, epic movie. Based on Neil Gaiman's genius book and a mesmerizing spectacle all along.


Waterworld wasn't half bad. Sure, It flopped, and sure, it ran way past its budget. But in the end it was a decent action flick, flaws and all.

This movie reminded me of Mad Max in the ocean. I think it was much better than it was given credit for.

15Freddy Got Fingered
16The Real McCoy
17Body of Evidence
19Dante's Peak
20Nothing But Trouble

Seriously underrated! I think that the cool kid from school went and watched it while drunk, puked on his girl's dress and then blamed the whole night on the movie. Then, because he was cool, everybody else didn't see it.

Ok, seriously, this is a damned funny movie and didn't leave us owed a thing. Even the ridiculous parts were well done and completely original. Of all the one liner quotes that I fling around at work, I'd have to say that more than any other movie, I've lifted them from this one.

"Sell pork bellies. Buy gold. "
Hugh thanks to Dan A. for this, and a big posthumous shout-out to John C!

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