Most Underrated Songs of 2013


Is there a song you only heard a few times on radio then it seemed to disappear even though you loved it? Or maybe there's a song that didn't peak as high as it should've on the Billboard Hot 100! Vote here for what you think is the Most Underrated Song of 2013! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

True Love - P!nk
I hear this song all the time but that's because my mom is a massive Pink fan and always plays this album in the car


Has there been a more up lifting song, EVER!

2Closer - Tegan & Sara

3Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia
I like this song


4Go Gentle - Robbie Williams

5Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift

6The a Team - Ed Sheeran
It's hard to imagine this song is about drug-taking when he sings it so beautifully. It doesn't get much air-play that's for sure. I love this song and agree - it's underrated.


Yes, This song isn't played much on television, maybe because of the reason you mentioned. So sad because of that..


7Red - Taylor Swift

8If I Lose Myself - Onerepublic

9Give It 2 U - Robin Thicke

10Slow Down - Selena Gomez

The Contenders

11Madness - Muse

12Bridge Over Troubled Water - Jackie Evancho
This song sucks! It is the most overrated song of 2013!
Great performance by Jackie.


Performed only one time, at the "One Drop" charity event with the Cirque Du Soleil troupe.

13Gorilla - Bruno Mars

14Go to Hell for Heaven's Sake - Bring Me the Horizon
A great song that gets overshadowed by the album's bigger hits like Sleepwalking and Shadow Moses.

15It's A Beautiful Day - Michael Bublé
I want to pinch Mr. Buble's cheeks. He's so cute! But my fantasy aside, it's not just this song that's underrated is Mr. Buble himself. Oh, those cheeks...sorry, wishful thinking again.


16Safe & Sound - Capital Cities

17Replay - Zendaya
It's not underrated or overrated. This song deserves what it already has.


18Not Like the Others - Robbie Williams

19Stars - Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

20Running Inside My Head - Status Quo

21Next to Me - Emeli Sande

22Different - Robbie Williams

23A Case for Shame - Moby
This track is astonishing. Just play it before you drop asleep tonight. It's velvet silky across your ears.


24Stay Out - Nina Nesbitt

25Almost Lover - Jasmine Thompson

26Hell to Pay - Deep Purple

27Half of Me - Geri Halliwell

28Come With Me - Ricky Martin

29Big Freeze - Muse

30Supremacy - Muse

31Panic Station - Muse

32Unsustainable - Muse

33Treasure - Bruno Mars

34Hey Anna - Owl City

35No Freedom - Dido

36End of Night - Dido

37Spread a Little Love - Havana Brown

38Crazy Kids - Ke$ha

39Alive - Krewella

40Sweet Nothing - Calvin Harris Ft. Florence Welch

41I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding

42Leader of the Broken Hearts - Papa Roach

43Our Story - Mako

44The Perfect Life - Moby

45Fall for You - Kings of Tomorrow

46Perfume - Britney Spears

47Gas Pedal - Sage the Gemini
Without Gas Pedal, this list is garbage.
Most underrated song ever!
The most popular song among convicted felons.

48Worst Behavior - Drake
No Worst Behavior here? WHAT?

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