Top Ten Video Game Characters

I only have a few that really matter to me. The rest are just fill ins.

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1Mario (from the Mario Series)

Italian, Obsessed with mushrooms, wears a red hat, wears a pre-schooler uniform, saves princesses every time, has a similar, but green partner, who is he? HE IS of course MARIO! - IGN

A preschooler uniform? They're called overalls, and plenty of people wear them! - PeterG99

Who doesn't love the Italian plumber that is obsessed with mushrooms. - vidirg

Snake is not good, vote for Mario, he is the best.

Mario is the best in everything.

He should be number one.

Mario s US is the best, Mario forever.

He is better than Lara Croft.

Mario is number 1!

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2Link (from the Zelda games)

Well, well, well. This is certainly a surprise. I honestly thought that Link would be top. Aside from the obvious fact that The Legend of Zelda is undoubtedly the greatest game of all time, let me just tell you why. First, Link is portrayed differently through each of the games. Whatever you like, be it the 16-bit Link with his hat bobbing in the wind, the gorgeously stylised Link from The Wind Waker, or the awesome realistic Link from Twilight Princess there is a Link for everybody. Secondly, unlike thug Mario jumping on people's heads, Link is a true Hero. He isn't big or strong, but he is truly courageous, and can think in the direst of situations to solve problems, and fool his enemies. A truly rare personality.

Lastly, the greatest thing about Link is this. He never speaks, but he can do anything. No matter what is thrown at him, he will always rise to the challenge, and will succeed. Link is defined by his actions. Your actions. The reason Link is the greatest gaming ...more

Link is a unique and passionate character. He may not say a single word, but you can still understand his thoughts, emotions and feelings by his facial expressions. He's like a novel deep, thoughtful and a true hero.

These r all good video game people and have got them self a one way ticket to the video game hall of fame from Mario to Lara Croft this web page has got them all ya Sonic and Master Chief have found a way into r harts but alien lasers and speed is not going to cut in the 3 most honorable characters here r #3 Snake y because unlike some people he can blind in with shadows I mean were not looking at his newer games but if you look at his older games Snake was a work of art! #2 Master Chief through all the halo games 1-4 this one man army has been blowing the face off of alien scum he's got the skills to revenge the earth from floating in the blackness of space to his first mission on Reach Master Chief has kicked alien tail.#1 Link someone who never backs out of a fight he swings his sword like a paint brush painting the micro scopic blood of evil plants pigs bats and more on the ground he has a epic ride a horse name epona and can do almost anything with the mask in his giant pocket ...more

My favorite is his incarnation from The Wind Waker

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3Sonic the Hedgehog

Mario may have saved the video game industry and to that I applaud him, because without him there would be no Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic burst onto the scene in 1991 with Sonic the Hedgehog for the SEGA Genesis and hasn't quite gone yet. In his early years he was popular around the globe for his speedy platforming, something most games couldn't provide at the time. While his venture in 3D hasn't gone as smoothly as he would have liked, his legacy lives on and with the arrival of Sonic Colours and Generations as well as Sonic 4, people are starting to realise that the Blue Blur is finally back!

Truly the greatest. He's so cool and has simple yet awesome abilities. He has nearly unlimited bravery and a strong heart, he's a true hero.

Idiots even with your gaming, huh? You are funny. The greatest speed, the sense of duty he has, his cool grin and the trademark thumbs up! The definition of cool. The definition of hero. Plus he's the first character to have a company carrying his name (Sonic Team) and is a legend. Happy 18th birthday, Sonic! He was voted as the greatest character of all times in the video game festival in England. Learn why. And I don't wanna see that stuff again in lists! Never! And certainly not the omission of Shadow, Amy, Knuckles and Silver. Get out of here. - TheNextGreatestRockStar

Back then, Sonic the Hedgehog was a popular video game mascot to rival the Mario franchise, but we all know what happened. Today, Sonic the Hedgehog is not recognizable like Mario. Nobody cares about Sonic the Hedgehog anymore. It's a shame for someone to fall from grace & just keep doing that. There are two options for this guy. Either go back to grace, or be put out of his misery.

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4Master Chief (Halo Series)

1) Is always cool and collected, never lets anything go to his head,
2) Never loud mouths and makes himself look like an ahole
3) Not an emo, like cloud,
Definitely deserves to be #1, Though everybody above him is good to, the good thing is that kratos is below him, I can not stand people talking about how great a guy is that dies in every game.

Enough with past Master Chief is one of the biggest badasses in the gaming world, Although I respect Mario as one the Characters who paved the way, with all due respect he's old news.

Master Chief redefined the term one-man army. Let's see Lara Croft or Mario save the universe single-handedly and revamp an entire video game genre. Oh that's right they can't. Master Chief should be #1

I would give Super Mario Galaxy 4/10 stars, Super Mario Galaxy 2 7/10 stars, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga 7/10 stars, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time 9/10 stars, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story 3/10 stars, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 2/10 stars and Super Mario RPG 10/10 stars.

I would give all Halo games (and Master Chief himself) 9/10 stars.

Two words for him, THE BEST!

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Master chief is by far my favorite character, but Kirby simply needs to be higher on this list. Don't let his looks fool you, Kirby is a stone cold murderer who will not let anyone get in the way of his quest. Look at Kirby Squeak Squad. He takes out countless innocent victims, defeats Meta Knight, and even Dark Nebula (AKA Satan), all for a slice of cake. Wow. What a hard-butt. Imagine when the fate of the universe is at stake. Kirby is a hero like no other.


By far the best character ever invented. Kirby games are like mario games, but actually make sense. And that loser Ash Ketchum isn't even in any video games. If you are talking Kanto, he's RED, not "Ash".

Why are people talking about Ash Ketchum? This is about Kirby!

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6Solid Snake (Metal Gear Series)

Snake is definitely one of the manliest characters out there. He's saved the world on multiple occasions and almost commits suicide when he realizes his existence could pose a threat to humanity. So please, stop voting for that neanderthal Kratos and vote for a real man.

Snake screams badass! He is just badass in every way! He got that deep raspy voice that just screams rugged and tough, he is charismastic, he has great courage, and he has strong determination and he will do whatever it takes to make sure the world and its inhabitants are in safe hands! He sacrifices so much for the betterment of the world! Truly a noble, brave, and tough-ass character!

"Killing is just one of those things that gets easier the more you do it"- Solid Snake.

Snake is the only one so far that has some character

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7Ezio Auditore (Assassin's Creed 2)

Brilliant character, combined with the odd bit of humour! He needs to be in the top 10. Unfortunately Altair is before him, because Ezio is funnier, epicer, deadlier and downright entertaining!

Ezio's story is more interesting than any of these characters in the top ten. Mario's story is about fighting a giant turtle on steroids, links is about saving a princess (cliché), Sonics is about running or something? Master Chiefs story is really good, but it still can't compare to the depth and emotion of Ezios. I don't even know what a Solid Snake is, and Lara Croft is just known for being the girl on Tomb Raider. The thing that sets Ezio apart from these other characters, is the pain that he feels throughout his journey. His emotions in Florence when he witnesses his father and two brothers are hung are unmatched with the other characters. Then the transformation from cunning teenager to master Assassin is one that I'll personally never forget. Ezio Auditore the Firenze is without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest video game character in video game history.

It's not fair to compare this character with others in this list, Ezio and Altair are more than main game character they are completely alive and sensible...

His Italian accent, story, character development, emotions, depth, evolution from a brash teenager to Master Assassin, speech, quotes, personality, combat sense etc. Everything is so damn perfect! Ezio is so iconic and motivational. Requiescat in pace, Maestro Ezio...

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8Samus Aran (Metroid)

She's like Master Chief, except that she extinguished two breeds of dangerous predators, she blew up an entire planet, she was able to sneak into the mother ship of the space pirates only with a paralyzer (without her armor) and she's just so cool. She decided to not give a damn about the Space Federation sending reinforcements and to blow up the whole place she was in because there was a major threat inside. She was about to sacrifice herself.

Come on it's samus she defeat a entire planet alone, she made think a entire generation that she was a men nly to show that it is a woman

If you are sexist towards Samus, then you would die. Go Samus! I'm surprised Rosalina is so low on the list though.

She kicks serious ass. I mean, seriously, she's better than L ara Croft will ever be. She should be number one! 1#! SAMUS ARAN RULES!

I like Samus, but Link can defeat her.

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9Luigi (from the Mario Series)

Luigi is nice and generous and has a heart and daisy helps him become better than mario. Luigi is very caring I hope he has a kid one day and he saved peach from Peasly! Yes he risked him to help Peach. Superstar saga should give him credit and peach should bake him a cake he saved her!

He walks on water, fights against his fears, slows down time, is able to find a hot-air balloon in the Mushroom Kingdom (seriously, where did he take them from? ) and many other awesome stuff. And he never gets attention. He's like Link from the Faces of Evil! ("I saved you from Ganon! " "You did not...")


He he strongest thing alive!

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10Shadow the Hedgehog (from numerous Sonic games)

Shadow the most badass and the baddest boy in the sonic series he's cool, has guns, can reach up to sonics speed and has powerful chaos powers like chaos spear, chaos rift, chaos blast and chaos control

Come on! Shadow is by far the best sonic character. Even though his own game was not so good but I can overthink that and I think Shadow should be in the top 15. His speed is enough to match sonic. His abilities are epic. He even has an epic theme song! Shadow is awesome! He rules!

Shadow is so amazing I don't see why he is not higher I mean he even has his own gameand it has really good graphics and is very fun

He's my favorite video game characters - Txdinoboy89

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The Newcomers

?Master Hand (Super Smash Bros)
?Paper Mario

I Voted For Paper Mario In the Smash Ballet I also Voted For Dry Bones Koopa Troopa and Mole Miner Max so Check Them out

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11Cloud (Final Fantasy VII)

I am something of a Final Fantasy veteran, myself, but I've never really met another protagonist I've liked as much as Cloud Strife. I really connected with Cloud. I felt and shared his pain. All the time, I see people on the internet calling him "emo" or otherwise undeserving of the mantle of hero. He was never happy in life, sure, but if you went through what he did, you'd know better.
He starts out arrogant and aloof, only really trying to save the world for the sake of a profit. As the game progressed, you really find out just how screwed up this guy is. To wit, this guy is a psych ward that walks on two legs. There's the obvious multiple identity disorder sure, but as I played further into the game, I picked up hints of post-traumatic stress disorder, some slight bipolarity, and (in the follow-up film especially), depression that he's been stewing in since he was sixteen or so years old. And I felt sorry for him. If Square wishes to continue that Compilation of FFVII, I wish this kid the best, even if he did sound like he was getting better in DoC.

EPIC! #1 should be him, Vincent or Sephiroth. - CyraxQC

He certainly has a lot more depth and character than some of the other characters on this list (Master Chief, Mario... I'm looking at you)

I love anime and one word to describe it is anime I'm just shocked sora from kingdom hearts

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12Kratos (God Of War)

Kratos is by far the coolest most awesome homicidal maniac of all time I mean how can Mario or Lara Croft compare, he killed a whole pantheon of Greek gods, doesn't get more badass

All hail kratos, the most badass character in gaming history!


I don't think he should be Number One, but he's pretty powerful and badass, I mean, He killed Zeus, it doesn't get much better then that.

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13Yoshi (Mario Series)

As cute as Kirby, Pikachu, and Sackboy combined. This guy gets to you every time.

Yoshi is not just the best video game character. He is just the best character from anything! He has the likable personality of Mario and Luigi, he is the cutest video game character, and he is the coolest. He save's crying babies and islands everyday. He also is relatable because he like's to eat like everybody. He isn't afraid to have a different body size and he doesn't follow any anorexic fads.

Yoshi is my favorite Nintendo character. Yoshi's are really cute and they can fly and eat stuff to help you. Baby yoshis can do a bunch of awesome stuff too. Me and my cousins used to often fight about who gets the yoshi if there is only one or who gets the pink yoshi. Yoshi is an awesome character and like I said before my favorite character in Nintendo. - Imreallyboredrightnow

Yoshi is the bae in the Mario series

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14Pikachu (Pokemon)

Pikachu is one of the most famous characters. He's the star of more products than sonic will ever be. By the way, pikachu is a he, his tail isn't in the shape of a heart.

What the heck Pikachu is the best video game character by far... He should be number one I tell you.

You choose one Pokemon out of 700, and it's the one from the anime. Not even classified as a character, characters have feelings and personalities.

My suffering began over 400 years ago.

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15Pac-Man (Pac-Man)

Pac-Man was so cute & funny in Pac-Man World. Chris Brown wold be a great voice for Pac-Man, especially if Pac-Man has his Pac-Man World/Mario Kart Arcade GP/Super Smash Bros. 4 design. He would be a great partner towards Princess Daisy, NOT the bossy & stupid Princess Peach.

167?!?! WHAT?! Pac-Man is a classic! He should be in the top 10. - Garythesnail

Pac-man can eat big yellow thig and eat everyone for being that down on the list

Chomps up ghosts. Enough' said.

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He's certainly iconic, he's right up there with Mario, Sonic and Pacman, speaking of which, Is Pacman on here at all?

Come on! Its Megaman, What The HELL!

Come on megaman is like sonic the hedgehog anime series against evil man with robot army's he should at least be number 7 replacing that assassin creed dude or whatever he is

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17Ellie (The Last Of Us)

Ellie taught me how to be brave. She taught me that no matter how miserable our life's are, there is always something that keeps us going. Something to fight for. Something that's worth for living. For me she is this one character that I care about. Ellie was a girl that never asked for anything. Even though she was the girl that deserved everything.

Not even words can describe how awesome Ellie is. She is probably my favourite fictional character of all time. Ellie is brave beyond everything, determined, funny, sarcastic, and strangely optimistic, even though she basically lives through hell. It is physically impossible to play the whole game and not completely love Ellie with all your heart by the end of it. Every single one of her lines are so quotable. Not to mention, all this and she's only fourteen!

The definition of a teenage badass, and immune to zombies! I'm 14, and if someone wanted to take me over halfway across the country on foot during a zombie apocalypse with a complete stranger, I'd be like "HELL NO! " But Ellie just went with it. That girl deserves everything. Not to mention she had all the funny lines.

This little girl is 14 years old and in a zombie apocalypse she is the bravest character ever.

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18Dante (Devil May Cry Series)

What could be more righteous than a badass half- demon that has fire and lightning
swords which he slays monsters with, and probably listens to Slayer?
I also love Jak(Jak and Daxter) and Prince of Persia (Sands of Time, Warrior within,
Two Thrones) - Crash

How the hell is Crash Bandicoot and Mario above Dante? I mean come on, what could be
more righteous than a badass half-demon that slices monsters and bloody puppets in
half with his sword, has fire and lightning swords and probably listens to Slayer? - Crash

Hail Dante! Dante could kick these other guy's a$$es!
- MegaToolica1

Mario Can Never Be Better Than Dante

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19Altair (Assassin's Creed)

Ezio is a Marty Stu, that's it.
Sure, Altair doesn't have much of a personality in AC1 because at the time Ubisoft didn't know what to do that's why the first game wasn't as good as the other games, not to mention the terrible American voice BUT believe or not he was more human than Ezio, how? Well, he made a lot of mistakes and got punished, Ezio, on the other hand, is worshipped by the other characters, causes a disaster, surprise! You are our mentor!
Also, the codex pages reveal another side of him, his emotions, his thoughts and that he was an artist.
Ubisoft did know that they made terrible mistakes with him, that's why they finally made things right, they gave him a perfect accent and a great leader's personality. I don't care if Ezio was more "charming" and had a sense of humor, Altair rebuilt the Order, spread it, killed Genghis Khan, had the apple for over 60 years without allowing it to currupt him, invented many weapons including the hidden gun, all while raising a family.

Altair should be second on this list. And Ezio should be the first. Assassins Creed isn't like any other game... Its an epic in itself..

Yeah I think He and Ezio should be at the top they are like the most popular assassins out I mean everybody loves dark figures in the hoodie

The words can't say anything if play with this character you will see

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20Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot Rocks Hes A Great Playable Fun Character - NuMetalRocks

Crash is my all time favourite video game character, pity activison screwed him up.

Crash as such a playful guy and even though he was mute and was kinda of dumb, he always meant well and could clearly express his emotions. - CopycatTheUnknown

Even though he doesn't talk, he's still awesome

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